I Can’t Possibly Be Out Of Money. I Still Have Cheques Left!


I Can’t Possibly Be Out Of Money. I Still Have Cheques Left!

BFP reader “Akabozzik” provided the above caption to the photo of the Father of First World Barbados, Prime Minister Owen Arthur.

Robert and I laughed till the tears came.

Thanks Akabozzik (what kind of a name is that?)


See the original BFP article and photo here.

UPDATE: BFP Readers Provide Additional Captions To Prime Minister’s Photo

See the comments section of this article for some other photo captions provided by BFP readers. Perhaps you have an idea for a caption too?


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43 responses to “I Can’t Possibly Be Out Of Money. I Still Have Cheques Left!

  1. ross

    You all in for real licks, boy!

  2. Anonymous-

    With regards to the original story to which this silly caption refers, I believe that BFP’s stories would be much more effective if they divulged the source of their information and proved beyond a reasonable doubt that what they assert is the truth. I have no doubt that even some die-hard BLP politicos would be forced to ask themselves questions if they could be given more that sensationalism and hunches to go by. Superficial stories and enticing headlines are only good enough for tabloids and the idiots who believe them – real facts, real proof and real investigative reporting is what counts in the final analysis. However, I’m sure that once your daily hits are in the thousands, you’re contented.

  3. Jason

    Anonymous the BLP hack say…

    “I have no doubt that even some die-hard BLP politicos would be forced to ask themselves questions if they could be given more that sensationalism and hunches to go by.”

    Ha ha ha ha ha

    What a joker you are anonymous! There is enough factual grist in the past stories and reader comments to keep any mill going for a long time. Your comment is to just try to say “nothing to see here, move along people”

    ha ha ha

    You are so transparent… unlike your government.

    By the way: What was said at the secret meeting between the Prime Minister and water park developer Matthew Kerins?

    A hundred people heard Matthew Kerins say he met with the Prime Minister and that Barbados couldn’t back out of the agreement.

    So let’s see the agreement, let’s have the truth from the Prime Minister.

    Start with that and then we will go to number two question and then number three and so on.

    There is enough factual grist for this mill for sure!

  4. Jason

    Caption to the photo…

    “My pen is mightier than the news media’s sword!”

  5. Jupiter

    Caption to the Photo

    Santa this is what I want for Xmas – a fourth term so I can finish cleaning out the treasury.

  6. ross

    Caption to the Photo

    Do as I say and not as I do (and do not ask me any questions)

  7. Pat

    Anonymous, dont get your pants in a knot.

    We enjoy satire and some parody once in a while. A laugh a day is better than an apple. Or so my doctor says.

    When you comment on everything on this blog, you leave yourself open to criticisms and hilarious comments.

    I told a poster on another site to just ‘sigh’ and go their merry way. Remember when you referred to my comments as ‘vapid’? I followed the same advice.

  8. Anonymous-

    I refuse to let this site kill me. These idiots took off enough years from my life already but from now on all I would do is sigh, before I leave – shortly. I’m too old to keep up the fight, especially against headstrong D’s and vehement anti-BLP/Arthur conspirators. I will let the fools run amok.

  9. Jane

    Anonymous, what is that all about? I think you have judged this site wrongly. I do not consider this blogsite a DLP site because I have seen no reason why I should.

  10. Hants

    Anonymous be patient. After the DLP wins the next election they will get “licks” too. Then you will have to deal with the anti Thompson conspirators like RR and SG.

    When you come on this blog you will not believe how the tables turned.

    The party in power always get the licks.

  11. Biscoe Ince

    Ain’t that the truth Hants. You find malcontents everywhere who sit on the sidelines and criticize but seldom do anything worthwhile to change or improve things and this site sure reeks of them. Must be a personality flaw. So double sigh.

    I gone to do more productive things.

  12. Jupiter


    I believe it’s not only that the party in power gets the licks,but that this government had the people so scared to say anything for about 10 years and now they are deservedly getting criticised for the huge,huge amounts of wastage and corruption.

    They are indeed the worst administration ever to take office in Barbados and we the citizens will be feeling the heat long after they have left office and hopefully are enjoying the facilities of harrisons point or church village hotel.

  13. Rumplestilskin

    ‘David, look boy. Come over and I’ll give you Attorney General. Don’t mind Dale, I’ll find another pick for him.

    No? Awright, Awright. I’ll give you finance then. Clyde going gotta suck salt.

    No? Aw…c’mon, don’t make me beg’.

  14. Rumplestilskin

    Biscoe said above: ‘You find malcontents everywhere who sit on the sidelines and criticize but seldom do anything worthwhile to change or improve things and this site sure reeks of them.”

    Hmm. You dont like things you read, against your own opinion, so your approach is to insult, rather than just agree that persons may have different opinions than yourself?

    I guess one method of attempting to distract readers from opinions is by attempting to discredit others.

    Unfortunately, insults are a rather feeble and low form of debate.

    However, it is evident that name-calling is a rather popular pastime these days.

  15. passin thru

    Photo caption:

    “Conflict of Interest Legislation? Thanks, but no thanks!”

  16. Jane

    Biscoe Ince says “I gone to do more productive things”
    A very good idea. Bye!

  17. Hants

    Biscoe think of a blog as a rumshop or fishmarket or a pavillion at a cricket ground.
    In Barbados a lot of us argue about politics and that is a Bajan tradition.
    Now “overseas Bajans” like me can join the “politics” even though we are a few thousand miles away.

    If some of us appear to be malcontents it is because we care about Barbados and the present Government is doing things that must be criticised.

    We all have a right to speak freely.

    We have to ask why the roads in st.Phillip haven’t been fixed in 12 years and now $34million is going to be spent. What about the roads in st.John and St.Lucy?

  18. Rumplestilskin

    I usually have no time for those like Biscoe, who resort to insult.

    However, I will make one attempt to make a point to those who do so and who are so pro-party that any criticism turns them ‘inside-out’, unlike the rest of us who are just after what is best for Barbados, without favour re political party.

    There are obviously serious issues in our island today. These should be recognised as such and any criticism on this, or any other blogs, whatever, would best be taken as instruction toward improvement.

    Do not hesitate to believe that what is being voiced here is being voiced ‘out there’ on the street and indeed in homes. You know that Barbadians complain, but do not usually do so in a ‘public forum’.

    Well, I can tell you that there is a lot of consternation about the current situation generally and specifically and this is why, from a political viewpoint, it would be unwise to disregard or to foolishly attempt to discredit what is being presented here as issues for resolution.

    If indeed there are persons here who closely support the current administration, then whisper in the right ears that Bajans want these issues resolved. Do not get feathers ruffled and attempt to discredit for the sake of it. Use, do not abuse.

    Finally, in respect of what I have said above, from what I have heard the past couple weeks, I am even more convinced than previously that the next election will be VERY interesting.

  19. Rumplestilskin

    re caption:

    ‘These detailed accounts for the GEMS Project are still being looked at by Cabinet’

  20. Littleboy56@caribsurf.com

    I confesss that I am not happy; i.e not contented. The situation in Barbados vis a vis health, crime, housing, cost of land, debt etc.
    causes me to be unhappy;i.e not contented. If that makes me a “malcontent” then so be it.
    Do I not have the right to complain?
    The BLP’s avid supporters (the late Sir Frank Walcott called them “yardfowls”) would prefer that I do not speak about the plight of so many of us…tough luck !!!!!!!

  21. Economix

    I quote from an article on (Trinidad’s)Foreign Exchange Reserves,
    in the Business Advocate supplement of Nov.6 -page 17.

    “T&T’s public debt is well below the regional average..”

    “Average public debt in T&T is about 25% of GDP, which is well below the regional median of about 57%.”

    God Alone knows what Barbados’ public debt is!
    How much do I,personally
    owe to the rest of the world??
    How much does each and every Bajan Citizen
    owe to the rest of the world??

    Do I even really WANT TO know??

  22. honeybee


    We will pass this amended Physical Development Plan in Parliament when we are good and ready, forget the law, we know what we are doing!

  23. John

    It was said back when GEMS got going that after GEMS there would be no more Yard Fowls …… only Yard Turkeys.

  24. Hants

    I am malcontented because I hearing that something seriously gone wrong at CBC Barbados.
    Anybody know wha going on?

  25. Jupiter


    We eatin we sunday food now hants,and we doan want tuh get no indigestion tinkin bout owen – minister for broadcasting and the goings on at CBC.Thank yuh very much.

    Check back later o.k.

    Sorry yuh so far and yuh cyah get none uh this lil rice and stew and sweet potato pie,um is go down too sweet wid a glass a mauby.

    Maybe xmas we gine see yuh down here enjoying some uh we local beverages and food.

    See yuh.Ah gone.

  26. Yam P][e

    Hi Hants,

    apparently a Catastrophe.

    Dr. Leacock the managing director of CBC has handed in her resignation, shortly after the manegre od Radio broadcast also handed in hers.
    This causes a person to think three times, even four about the situation at CBC- – –
    Quote from Dr. Leacock: “I told the board I would hand in my resignation any time I felt I could not be true to myself”

  27. Yam P][e

    Hi Hants,

    Apparently a Catastrophe.

    Dr. Leacock the managing director of CBC has handed in her resignation, shortly after the maneger of Radio broadcast also handed in hers.

    This causes a person to think three times, even four about the situation at CBC- – –

    Quote from Dr. Leacock: “I told the board I would hand in my resignation any time I felt I could not be true to myself.”


  28. Hants

    Thanks Jupiter. Just reading what you having for lunch is great..

  29. Hants

    I just read the Nationnews.com front page that says CBC probe.

    They should change the title to this.

    “CBC in trouble”. UFO on its way. Batman? Spiderman? No Look its SUPER OWEN to the rescue.

  30. Hants

    BFP “CBC” could be the hottest topic of the year.

  31. Bajanboy

    The world famous illusionist, The Mighty Seymour, says: “With a stroke of my pen, I will make the international reserves increase by US$65 million.”

  32. Spooky

    Hants said “CBC in trouble”. UFO on its way. Batman? Spiderman? No Look its SUPER OWEN to the rescue.”
    You got that right. This is classic cunning Owen Arthur. He rides in as knight in shining armour. Although all this crap is taking place under his administration. Its teflon time! Where is Mia Mottley the former CBC minister in all this? I look forward to more gory details a la Jamaica’s Transfiguira(spelling.)
    What too has that loser Clyde Griffith got to with this? There must be a reason that the ultimate BLP yes man and apologist is deputy chairman. I would not work at CBC for all the tea in China with Griffith, Allan Fields, Arthur and that crowd running things. Miss Leacock please tell us why you cant be true to yourself. We waiting.

  33. Pat


    You take life too seriously. At least, you take this blog too seriously. Fact is, I am a 4th generation BLP supporter from St. Joseph. I sat down and ate dinner across from Owen at his parents house in St. Peter, when he was in form 5 at C&P. My sister is still very close to his sister Valmay. Does that mean that I agree with everything he says and does? Forget it man. I have a head, with something in side, which I still use. I will NOT say, it is my party, right or wrong “correct”. That is how you come across on this blog.

    Look across the nation man. Talk to the proletariat. They are suffering man. With more suffering to come with devaluation staring them in the face and tourism falling off.

    We, that are over and away, worry about the folks down there. We may be gone from the shores, but our hearts (well, at least our navel strings) still down there.

  34. Economix

    Malcontent becoz yesterday wife and I walked out of Big B supermarket with four bags of their stuff.
    Cost: $250.

    A year or two ago, four bags of their stuff woulda cost around $150.
    (I’ve always kept an eye on what a bag of their stuff works out to,basically)
    Thank God there’s only “minimal” inflation in Barbados. riiiight!
    I feel like I’m being deliberately squeezed out, economically.
    Simply can’t afford to live here any more!
    Must leave the island for more economically-friendly shores,
    in order to simply grow old,if I may be allowed to do that,
    but in Barbados, this proposition seems less and less attractive.
    Stay here and die a PAUPER!
    Leacock (and others!) simply found the new Board of Directors to be v.difficult to deal with.
    Allan Fields custom selling rice and tangible stuff:
    – knows little about marketing intangibles like radio waves and music. Leacock simply got FED UP.
    and no she din’t steal any money..doesn’t need to!

  35. Royalrumble

    Hants, you know if the two leaders of the last DLP adminstration had rushed in like a UFO, spiderman, Batman or Super Owen, our treasury would have been millions of dollars richer and Barbadians would have bee spared the agony of having to deal with the high level of corruption at CARSICOT, Kola Syrup, St. Joseph Hospital, NHC, St. John Polyclinic, Sherbourne and the long list of theft in almost everything that the DLP had put it’s hands on.

    By the way Hants, is it true that the BFP is the brain child of the Nation Newspaper and Clico, set up solely for and on the behalf of the DLP with their propogandists Hartley and Jones overseeing it’s management? And wouldn’t that not make it a political blog? So what this I am reading about the blog being politically fair and it only puts lashes in the governing party? Please tell the bloggers Hants that BFP will cease to exist if the DLP accomplishes the impossible task of winning the next election.

    Hants, do you have any info on how Velzo is doing in Canada?

  36. Spooky

    @ Ecomomix, I hear what you are saying about Fields and selling corned beef, rice etc. But you know the bajan merchant class believe they are the be all and end all of business. They see the non merchant class and you know what ‘plexion that class is as incapable of running anything. That includes selling toffees, mints and sugar cakes. But spare a moment for Dr. Leacock having to answer to a man like Clyde Griffith. Damm! Lord have your mercy! Reading that man columns it seems he is the final authority on everything under the sun. Leacock has a Doctorate what is Clyde’s claim to fame? Dont answer that just ask any BLPite. I am waiting patiently to hear Leacock’s side of story we already heard from the merchants and BLP spin doctors. Come in Dr. Leacock.

  37. Hants

    Royalrumble you are paying too much attention to me.Your “before 1994” is sounding tired and I don’t know who Velzo is and whatever he is doing in Canada has nothing to do with me.

    Focus on 1995 to 2006.

    Also BFP will continue to exist in one form or another regardless of who is in power.
    Barbadians will always have a blog forum to dicuss
    whatever they want. There are too many of us living overseas.

    Royalrumble what do you have to say about CBC ?
    And dont start with “before 1994”.
    What about the 140% increase in Airport Tax?
    let us hear your views.

  38. ha ha ha ha So RR you think Robert is Ronald Jones? I tag him with an email address from his old site http://www.politicsBarbados.org. He has been dodging me eversince. 😀

  39. Anon

    Royal Rumble

    Does that make sense?That the Nation newspaper which is a BLP outfit will get together with the Dlp to set up a site that will threaten the very existence of the Nation.

    Why they are regularly criticised on this site.

    I will like BFP to do an assessment of the electronic media also.

    BFP do us a piece on the radio and t.v. stations sometime and how you rate them in their coverage (or lack of) of national issues and their kow-towing to the G’ovt.

  40. Spooky

    News this morning that there is more kadooment at CBC. Fields and board member Debbie Hughes at each others throats. I understand she been fired. Is that so? Was she deputy Chairman? Anybody can shed more light? Looks like the dirty linen and bewsing getting worse. They are accusations that board members been talking directly to staff and not thru CEO as required. These statutory boards are not populated by Barbados finest, thats for sure.

  41. Jupiter

    Can you imagine anonymous smeared that woman Ms Leacock’s name by saying she stole $300,000.

    The truth is the BLP is falling apart,and they will do anything to distract the nation’s attention.

  42. Hants

    The BLP has its Spin machine in high gear.
    from the Advocate Editorial titled”Facts versus propaganda” BFP should read it.

    “We find it difficult to agree that ordinary Barbadians are not feeling the benefit of record high employment; removal of tax on the first $125 000 of a propertys value; no income tax payable by workers earning $25 000 or less; the ability of thousands of lower income workers to go on shopping trips or take holidays abroad; similarly, this category of employee is largely involved in the phenomenal rise in purchases of consumer durables.”

    Now I understand why a Police Constable is expected to live on 26000 a year.

    However when I visit Barbados, I see a different picture but The Advocate Editor lives there and he should know better than me.