BLP To St. Philip Parish: We Have Purchased Your Votes And Don’t You Forget It!

Government Minister Anthony Wood Lets Guard Down – Openly Shows That Government Spending In St Philip Was Intended To Unseat Opposition MPs

The BLP says that after all the “millions and millions” of tax dollars they “unleashed” throughout St. Philip Parish in the last few years, they “deserve” to represent all three parish seats, instead of just one.

The other side of that coin is the implied threat… “If St. Philip residents don’t vote BLP, government will keep on taxing but “unleash” little. Make your choice wisely, folks.”

Government Minister Refers To Tax Dollars As “Unleashed” By BLP

During a public meeting last Sunday, Government Minister and MP for for St. Philip South, Anthony Wood, listed the nitty-gritty of how much tax money the BLP government has “unleashed” in the last seven years throughout the parish and how much they were continuing to spend. Minister Wood also declared that because the spending was throughout the parish, not just in his seat, residents of St. Philip North and St. Philip West should elect BLP candidates and not return their two incumbent DLP Members – MPs David Estwick and Michael Lashley.

Candidate Lynette Eastmond Declares She And BLP Love “Soup Kitchen Politics”

At the same Sunday meeting, BLP Candidate for St. Philip West, Senator Lynette Eastmond, also reminded residents that Prime Minister Owen Arthur would make sure that St. Philip West is not neglected. While she didn’t add “if you are all good little girls and boys”, she did her part to make sure the theme of the evening was delivered loud and clear.

Eastmond also laughed and criticised Opposition MP David Estwick for declaring that he would not engage in “soup kitchen politics” – the trading of government spending for votes.

Tax Dollars Spent Strategically For Votes – Not For The Greatest Need

Obviously, Senator Eastmond, Minister Wood and the BLP government have no problem openly acknowledging what is obvious to everyone… The high level of government spending in St. Philip Parish has been part of a strategy of targeting DLP seats for the next election.

While the government was installing 700 streetlights in the parish, other constituents suffered for 12 long years with pit toilets, no running water and no streetlights in areas already represented by BLP members.

Yes… the BLP Government spent tax money strategically for votes in St. Philip rather than where the need was greatest.*

* See our previous article Barbados Government Triumph! Plastic Water Drums Are Blue, With Faucet!

Story Links

Our sources for this article were two Nation News stories published about the same BLP Sunday night meeting. Read them and let us know what you think, folks…

Eastmond: St Philip West Won’t Be Left Out

Wood Wants All Three


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23 responses to “BLP To St. Philip Parish: We Have Purchased Your Votes And Don’t You Forget It!

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  2. Anonymous-

    You can interpret it that way..if you’re an idiot with a DLP agenda. A predictable story by the BFP.


    Meanwhile, poor people are unable to get assistance with repairs etc through the Welfare Department, Social Transformation UDC, RDC etc.
    “Mottley Soup Kitchen” politics is back with a bang.
    Cats Castle, Greenfields, New Orleans still flooding and living in stench, while the Lewis/Wickham boardwalk and Independence Square enjoy a $10 million dollar makeover, vendors are prevented from making a living in the Lower Green and Billie boasts about 25 years of “representation”.

  4. reality check

    Welcome to the subtleies? of Barbadian politics!!!

    brazen in your face threats similar to those African countries that the PM often refers to such as Nigeria. You will get the idea if you go see “The Last King of Scotland” at the Olympus Theatres,
    which is a good example of what power and money does to people who have never had it before and don’t have the greater good and respect for basic human rights as part of their everyday makeup.

    This movie is an extreme example to be sure but a very real and horrific situation which comes into play when societies tolerate vitimization and threats as a way of carrying on their political business not to mention the maxim that ” power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”

    Even the US limits Presidential powers to eight years which appears to have been four years to many in the case of George Bush. Barbados has had a minimum of four years too many with the same party and needs to change as a matter of principle.

    Perhaps Thompson could start acting like a leader by not just promising integrity legislation but by actually introducing it to Parliament now. This would show that his party is truly in favour of and committed to fundamental change and not merely more of the same.

  5. Out Dey in Bim

    Reality Check

    Not a bad idea for Mr thompson to propose integrity legislation in the House now.Although they don’t have the numbers to pass it,at least it will force the Gov’t to discuss it.

    Is this how business is done NOW in the house though ?,because I remember David Thompson complaining that when they don’t have question time,where ministers are interrogated on their ministries and when they raise questions independently they are ignored.

    Velzo also told us at another post that Lynette eastmond and erskine griffith were the ones responsible for blocking the effective operations of the Public Accounts committee.

    Lynette has now gone ‘missing in action’ since questions were raised about the rural development house she is renting so as you can see they answer questions conveniently on this site.

  6. Mountie

    Out Dey—-see if you can find Lynette Eastmond and ask for her views on Barbados having an opposition in Parliament. I know her views from last elections. I want to know if she still of the nihilist persuasion as far as an opposition is concerned.

  7. Andrew

    Well we all know that that the BLP is coming with all the politricks now, but in doing so, continue to shoot itself in its foot.
    Take for instance in the house yesterday: According to todays Nation page 25A, Mr Mascoll is reported to have DENIED telling THE NATION on May 19, 2004 that “excessive borrowing by the Owen Arthur Administration threatened the country’s fixed exchange rate position”.
    Seeing how that article was published more than two years ago…
    My four questions are :
    1 Has Mr Mascoll ever denied making the statement before yesterday??
    2 If so, where?
    3 If not, why not?
    4 Why do politicians think we Bajans are stupid?

  8. Velzo

    Mascoll is so pathetic that he blamed the reporter! Two years later he says that he never said what the nation said he said.

    Mascoll is a child.

  9. Troubled

    So when are Elections? – Lynette, as being one of your cinsituants, are these alligations about you true?…..i would like to know as i need to make an informed decision about my vote…..As for the rest of the politics….yes barbadians are idiots – because every election they vote the same people back into power after complaining about them….we need better opposition!

  10. Mountie

    @Vezlo—-pathetic is the kindest word possible to describe mascoll. This fellow who Billie likened to Malik with fangs has disgraced our beautiful island like no one has ever done before. Luckily very few people outside Barbados ever heard of Mascoll. Its that fact that has minimised laughter and derision at us and him. I hope he is soundly beaten when the bell rings.

  11. Hants

    It is one thing for a member of a Party to “cross the floor”. It is far more profound when the Leader of a party does the same thing.
    A leader helps to formulate and execute the philosophy of the party.

    The DLP should publish every thing they have recorded that Mascoll said when he was leader.
    They should search the Archives of the Advocate newspaper and remind the public what he said.

    It stands to reason that he deceived the DLP and the people of Barbados by espousing DLP policy when he now says those policies were wrong and the BLP policies are right.

    Politics of inclusion is absolute Male bovine excrement.

    You should stay in your party and fight for what you believe in or quit Politics.

  12. Philipean

    I hope the people of St. Philip prove that they are truly sensible when the bell rings. Those roads were horrible too long.

  13. Economix

    Here we are, broke as ram-goat,
    and Owen promises thirty four million dollars worth of road works for an ignored parish.

    Where’s the money coming from??

    YAL ? = Yet Another Loan?

  14. Velzo

    I heard the debate in the House on Tuesday on the borrowing and the opposition leader dealt masterfully with him just by quoting what he said in 2004 and 2005. Mascoll is crazy to believe that Barbadians would respect him after his political deceit. I don’t think that anywhere in the world would he survive. Let’s wait and see!

  15. Pat

    I dont know how young/old Mascoll is. Maybe someone with more years should remind him what happened to Coward when he crossed the floor from the BLP and joined the DLP. That was the end of his political career. The people of St. Joseph didn’t care one damn for all the promises he made under the DLP banner. Then, again, not everyone has the principles of the Josephines.

  16. Jupiter


    I don’t know what you’re up to but you come on this site,post stuff and don’t answer questions put to you unless it’s dugid or royal rumble.

    Questions were asked about the 2 senators you said prevented the public accounts committee from working – no answer

    Questions asked about who j.s. price is who got a rural house – no answer

    Clarification was sought as to whether dugid had a contracting company – no answer

    After a while velzo as much as I enjoy your contribution its like talking to a glass wall.

    Please don’t let your credibility be ruined this way,if you have something to say come out with it,not in drips and drabs and then provide no further explanation when sought.

  17. Pat

    Yes Velzo,

    It is time you came clean with the answers to dem dere questions.

  18. Dizzy Bajan

    Imagine that Owen Arhur could anounce that he asked a firm for a package to fix the roads in st. philip and that cabinet would approve it in the coming week.

    Was there a tender?
    Does cabinet approve on his command?
    Are road repairs the best way to spend 34 million dollars?

    I for one as a small business operator, who would like to export, would prefer if Owen Arthur could provide my business with a $50,000.00 grant that I can use to earn foreign exchange. I wonder how many US$ the roads will earn!

    Owen Arhtur has now reached the point of “stink” politics – Go Owen GO! Please leave us in Barbados.

  19. Ronin of the Void

    You dizzy fuh real doah! if Owen goes who will replace him? David Thompson? Commie? woe betide us! I will vote for the LESSER of two evils, thanks. Thompy and them couldn’t run a piss-up in a brewery. BTW ‘Dizzy’, the kind of assistance you seek IS available. Get off your *** and get it.

    **** edited by Robert for language.

  20. Yam P][e

    Out Dey in Bim and Reality Check-

    Would be real nice for Thompson to espouse some political behaviour and actually bring things to the table in parliament- or does he ‘fear’ that if he lets out his so-called action plan all hope will be lost for his ‘victory’ ? (however possible that is.)

    On this issue of them not being taken seriously at question time with Ministers is in my solemn opinion- that when asked to par-take in discussions the opposing part has nothing to contribute, far less say- BUT yet, have a million and one questions to ask.

    How dare the opposition want to be taken seriously when they do not take the politics of the people seriously?

  21. Yam P][e


    Did Velzo answer the questions?
    I am interested in the second one in your summary.

  22. Jupiter

    Yam P

    No Velzo hasn’t answered the questions posed to him,but I’m sure he will in time.

    I enjoy his contribution and like you will like to know abput this J.price who got a rural house or house renovated by rural for free.

  23. Pat


    It was quoted somewhere on the net, either this site or one of the many I frequent in my retirement, that the PM’s wife, Julie Price, when she was a single parent and secretary, got some kind of house through government. Apparently this house is located in Arthurs seat. (Dont know who, what or where this Arthurs seat is either.) How many J. Price are there on Bim who got houses from, by, with or through government?

    Dont be surprised if/when Velzo confirms.