Barbados Soup Nazis – “No Soup For You!”


No Soup For You!

I couldn’t help it. I was looking online for a photo to illustrate Senator Eastmond’s reference to “soup kitchen politics” in our post…

BLP To St. Philip Parish: We Have Purchased Your Votes And Don’t You Forget It!

…when I came across this photo of the “Soup Nazi” from the American TV show “Seinfeld”. It must be ten years since I saw that show in New York City, but I still chuckle when I think of the “Soup Nazi” episode.

Keeping the Soup Nazi company are Barbados Government Ministers Lynette Eastmond and Anthony Wood – two leading proponents of “Soup Kitchen Politics”.

Click on the photo for the Wikipedia reference for “The Soup Nazi


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  1. Pope

    Wait is that Wood in pic? Looks like he has gotten younger. Last pic I saw of Wood he was fast asleep in a chair behind Fidel Castro. He looked quite old in that pic with his neck brekking off wid sleep. Wait didnt Mascoll at the time demand Woods immediate firing for embarassing Barbados? Where on earth does Barbados find people like Wood, Lynette Eastmond and Maskcoll? Lord have your mercy.