Barbados News Media “Part Of The Problem”

The Barbados King of Letters To The Editor, Carson Cadogan, delivers a full broadside to the Barbados media in his latest letter to Caribbean Net News.

Well done, Carson…

To Caribbean Net News (link here)

Dear Sir:

Your reporter here in Barbados, Dawne Bennett, was quick to report “Barbados least corrupt country in the region”. That might be easy for her to report.

However any good journalist should do some digging before running with a story as she obviously did.

The Barbados government and its supporters no doubt feel good about this report, but it is my considered view that we have nothing to shout about. The country of Barbados is governed by some of the most draconian libel laws in the universe.

People at all levels of the society are afraid to speak out publicly about bad practices and corruption in Barbados. Everyone is petrified of being dragged before the law courts and being heavily fined or imprisoned for making statements, even if they are true, about individuals, government ministers, civil servants, private sector officials.

As a result, incidences of corruption are constantly being swept under the carpet because people who know about them are too afraid to speak out publicly. Practices for which people would go to jail in other countries nothing is ever done about them in Barbados. Bad practices will be discussed privately but no further than that.

As a result of more liberal libel laws in other Caribbean Islands the press highlights corruption routinely, not so in Barbados. They are silent in Barbados. The impression is then conveyed to the gullible that all is well. Hence headlines such as “Barbados least corrupt country in the region”. That is laughable!

Another point worthy of note is the fact that at all the media houses in Barbados here are riddled from top to bottom including directors with members of the ruling Barbados Labour Party which forms the current Government. That alone speaks for itself!

The Government owned Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation is tantamount to the public relations department of the Government and the Barbados Labour Party. Your reporter needed to point out these facts.

When the Barbados Labour Party was recently in opposition they campaigned, among other things, on a ticket that when they came to power that they would relax the libel laws. They also promised to privatise the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation because they felt that it was too much in the hip pocket the ruling Government.

They felt at the time that the libel laws were being used unfairly against them. That they was a lot of cover-up which they could not expose because of the draconian libel laws which exist here in Barbados. Of course they were in opposition then.

When in opposition you say one thing, when in government you do the exact opposite. They have now been in Government for about twelve years and they done nothing to ease the libel laws as a matter of fact they have used them with telling effect against all and sundry. That is just another reason why I have little respect for politicians!

The so-called press in Barbados should have been hammering the Government to make them keep their promise with regards to relaxing the libel laws but they too have become a part of the problem and not a part of the solution.

Please ask your reporter before writing these flowery pieces do a bit of digging and present stories with balance instead of public relations pieces for the current Government.

Carson CO. Cadogan
Eagle Hall


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24 responses to “Barbados News Media “Part Of The Problem”

  1. Jane

    Congratulations!!!! Mr. Cadogan

  2. Jupiter


    You get Barbados highest award – the Barbados Free Press Citizens Award.

    Wonderful letter and to think some of them really think they are journalists.

  3. honeybee

    Thank you BFP!!! This is getting very interesting.

  4. Jason

    Thank you Carson! I hope the govm’t don’t come after you now that you have signed your name in public.

  5. Jupiter


    I know readers abroad will not understand when we talk about the strategy of fear and intimidation used by this adminiatration here in Barbados, since all they see are the lovely beaches and people smiling,but Jason’s above comment says it all.

    Jason says:”I hope they don’t come after you now that you have signed your name in public”

    Even on this site we have the long arm of the Blp trying to intimidate us,first with anonymous suggesting that the Gov.t knows who we are and will soon shut us down,then to informing us that in a week we will be closed.All this was designed to make us look over our shoulders every time we did a post and wonder do they have our names?will we get victimised? – well bad luck for them we kept right on posting and I think the heat was even turned up – after all how dare them?

    Then we had lynette eastmond suggesting that we should post under our names since she admires the brave party loyalists who wear their blue and red tee shirts openly letting everyone know who they support.

    In jumps anonymous again,suggesting that if we are really interested in finding out about cost over runs and corruption etc we only had to attend the town hall meetings held to discuss the national strategic plan and ask owen arthur and mia mottley all the questions we wanted – hello? – yuh mean the fadder and mudder of political victimisation?
    cuh dear we might be poor but we ain’t ignrant.

    Just ask Joe Goddard and Dennis Clarke from the NUPW about supercession and all that is taking place in the civil service.

    If you are a D,or you mammy or pappy was a D, or you sat down at school next to a D well your dogs dead.
    If you are a D stand back,while some unqualified nincompoop comes in and get the job you should have been promoted to,while of course you show them what to do,or better yet – you do the wuk while they laze around and tell everybody how nobody can’t touch them cuz the minister put them dey.

    Enough said about this first world Barbados that is the least corrupt country in the caribbean.

    That’s why I admire Carson Cadogan and his cahones – to say:’I will boldly tell you how I feel ,do what you will about dat.’


    Remember the FBI report that Owen promised would be conducted “within the 4 corners of the law”?
    The local media allowed that to die a natural death once Mia contradicted Owen and boldly declared that there was no investigation.
    No probing investigations are done by the media. It is a shame that they cannot do the job other media the world over seem to be able to do.
    Thanks for BFP!!!

  7. Hants

    This is what can happen in a small Capitalist country where the population has gone from rags to riches in 3 generations.
    $6000 a month salary, $1/2million house, $150,000 Toyota and trips to Miami.
    If you dont want to lose it keep yuh mouth shut.
    That is the pervasive threat to a persons right to Democratic freedom.
    Bajans have accepted this as “the way things are bout here”.

  8. Jupiter

    Just like I said earlier there is anonymous posting on one of the other subjects and telling BFP that if they want to be part of the mainstream media they should come out of anonymity and ask questions like the Nation & Advocate.

    See what I told you,they desperately want to know who are the people at BFP and the contributors.

    P.S. Hello Shona we haven’t heard from you in a little while,how is that new addition coming along?

    I think it was Robert who let the cat out of the bag,hope’s that’s o.k.

  9. Anonymous-

    So ‘Jupiter’ what does BFP gain by remaining behind a veil? Moreover, what do they have to fear? Absolutely nothing. This talk about ‘threats’ is what they use to legitimize this dangerous blog and it stops you from questioning why you should believe stories from people you don’t know because you feel they have ‘good reason’ for hiding. This doesn’t make Barbados look good, and purporting the idea that this government would seek in any way to harm the editors or contributors of this blog is just a cop out on their part to keep the secrecy up.

  10. Troubled

    Anonymouse: Why do you ask the same questions over and over but fail to answer the ones that have been posed to you?

  11. Anonymous-

    The questions asked of me are best posed to the Ministers under whose portfolio those issues fall. When you can find fault with foreign affairs and trade, let me know.

  12. Troubled

    I figured….you still have not answered the question…. all have been asking why do you critisize other for writting anonymously but yet you yourself are guilty of the same thing….why will you not reveal you identity? – that was the real question, but nice try avoiding the question!

    p.s do you really want us to get started on foreign affairs and trade?

  13. Troubled

    cat got you tounge?

  14. Anonymous-

    You Dees may not understand ‘principle’, but I’m a man of principle and I refuse to go at any further lengths to identify myself when the editors here don’t have the courtesy to do the same. The people of Barbados deserve to know who they’re taking their news from. That’s the #1 priority.

  15. Troubled

    Now you have given an answer, but in doing so, you have completely contradicted yourself….you are critisizing people for being anonymous but the same time you do it also….I think that you have just painted yourself into a corner my freind….as for political agenda – I have none….i am a young impressionalbe citizen that has the right to vote – you have done nothing to gain my confidence!!!

    As for #1 priority, why dont you let others form their own opinion? – thats how these blogs work!

  16. Anonymous-

    Troubled I do believe that you’re the stupidest commentator I’ve encountered thus far on this blog. With your demonstrated lack of comprehension and your inability to understand those things which are based on principle, it is no wonder that you are a fan and avid supporter of the BFP.

    Notwithstanding that I urge you to vote wisely and not go on hearsay and the ramblings of anonymous people (be it me, or BFP) and realize that these stories, though they make for good scandal, are all yet to be proven. Have a good night.

  17. Troubled

    And you expect to win votes for you party in this manner, by attacking people?…my friend, you too are on cuffs of comprehension and intelligence…as I said earlier….my, my, you are getting rather personal, maybe because I have hit the nail on the head – I only pointed out that you are critisising people for being anonymous while being guilty of the same crime, whatever you angle maybe. Is this true or not… can you be so hypocritical? … or perhaps its part of the scare tacticks that you are accustumed to? …. anyway, want to increase my comprehension – get some tax dollars spent on the government school system – we dont even have proper text books to use. I would by my own if the cost was reasonable; but then again the MINISTER OF TRADE may object to the taxes being waived – at least this edutec computer is working…..

  18. Rumplestilskin

    A poster noted above: ”The people of Barbados deserve to know who they’re taking their news from. That’s the #1 priority. ”

    In your opinion anything written as news is gospel?

    ? Oh, please, what nonsense. As with any writings, it is up to the reader to assess, analyse and form their own opinion on what they read.

    The internet is here to stay and blogs too. Get used to it.

    Be aware that any attempt, for whatever reason, to identify the editors here or posters here will be seen as a threat on civil rights and freedom of speech.

    Such attempt would thus be far more damaging to any administration, whether BLP, DLP, PEP, MLP whatever AND more damaging for Barbados than any posting here could be.

    If you cannot see that, then your vision is clouded by reasons known only to yourself.

  19. Rumplestilskin

    By the way, much of what is written on this blog are opinions (which is what blogs are…in case you did not know).

    You have a problem with persons stating their opinions?

    Strange that. Ever spent time training in the Eastern Block before the wall came down?

  20. Rumplestilskin

    And finally…”’A poster noted above: ‘’The people of Barbados deserve to know who they’re taking their news from. That’s the #1 priority. ‘’

    No….as per the writings on the BFP, the type of subjects discussed (whether to your satisfaction or otherwise),

    THE number one priority is to ensure that Barbados is governed properly…..
    whether BLP,DLP,PEP,MLP

    and that we all contribute to the country’s development (again, whether the means are approved by yourself or not).

    or does what is issued as news and perception come before good governance?


  21. Jupiter

    I believe main stream media outlets must envy the poularity of BFP but they only have themselves to blame.

    The Nation newspaper and the Advocate seek only to ensure that they don’t rock the boat,and that their advertising dollars remain steady.

    Note where Carson Cadogan sent his letter,not the nation,nor advocate,not starcom network but Caribbean news network.

    I pray God everyday for a self made bajan businessman of integrity to start a newspaper that will genuinely be about journalist.

    The history of the nation newspaper’s begining shows us that this can happen.


    Diversionary tactics are common among dictators.
    Please do not allow Annonymous(e) to divert us from the script.
    If he can name a competent Minister in this government I will eat chalk!

    Economy…(debt trap…borrowing to prop up foreign exchange…etc)
    Housing…(houses looking like patch-work sheets…NHC etc)
    Lands….cost beyond our reach (except for Minister’s “special” friends)
    Health..KILLING YUH
    Tourism…nuff talk and less tourists
    Labour…PAINS…no wuk…strikes
    Transport & Works…brek down buses and dug up roads
    Need I go on!!!
    Other readers can add their own woeful experiences.

  23. Anonymouse- 😀
    November 15th, 2006 at 7:40 pm
    The questions asked of me are best posed to the Ministers under whose portfolio those issues fall. When you can find fault with foreign affairs and trade, let me know.

    …are you suggesting that
    1: you are the current Minister responsible for these ministries a minister of state perhaps?

    2: That you were a former minister responsible for these minitries?

    Pray tell who could it be? 😀

  24. Anonymouse- 😀
    November 15th, 2006 at 7:40 pm
    The questions asked of me are best posed to the Ministers under whose portfolio those issues fall. When you can find fault with foreign affairs and trade, let me know.

    …are you suggesting that
    1: you are the current Minister responsible for these ministries a minister of state perhaps?

    2: That you were a former minister responsible for these minitries?

    Pray tell who could it be? 😀

    I would hazard a guess that you are a former somebody, since you alluded to your age and escapades in some constituentcy in some range of years?

    This reminds me of situation in my early years at the corner of a Redmans Village. The BLP had on a political meeting and Tom Adams was speaking when someone in the crowd made some negative comment to Tom, to which Lammie Graig jump with Gun in hand visually searching the crowd for the person, while exclaiming “whey he is, whey he is” . Nothing came of it as Tom calmly said “Lammie leave de man alone i don’t think he serious leave him alone.” I would never forget the coolness with which Tom reacted I have always tried to react with this such calmness while under pressure of any kind. 😀 I saw that calmness again when a crazy person snuck into parliament and snatch Budget papers from Tom. BTW did that crazy man ever leave parliament? evertime i see David Estwick in there i does wonder 😀 maybe the crazy man’s spirit live on thru Estwick. 😀