Not Quite An Election Promise – Water Standpipes For Belle

Surprise, Surprise! Wouldn’t Be An Election On The Way, Would There?

After 12 years of hauling water and using pit toilets under a BLP government, Belle residents have been promised communal water standpipes – just like some parts of Barbados first had over one hundred years ago.


Government Minister of Social Transformation Trevor Prescod didn’t promise water standpipes to the residents of The Belle – he said that he has “urged” the government to put in three to six communal water standpipes.

Meanwhile, on the cusp of an election, the government has decided that maybe all those Barbados citizens out there who have lacked water and flush toilets for the last 12 years might not be inclined to vote for another four years of squatting over holes in the ground.

What to do? What to do?

The answer was delivered a short time ago with the announcement that the government “promises” to spend $120 million to provide Belle residents with piped fresh water and sewage treatment.

Will the residents of Belle take another bad post-dated cheque from the same scoundrels who have given them so many in the past?

Stay tuned, folks. This coming election is going to be full of surprises!

Prescod: Put temporary standpipes in The Belle

ADMITTING IT MIGHT sound like a step back in time, Minister of Social Transformation Trevor Prescod has urged Government to put a few standpipes in The Belle,
St Michael.

The measure, he said, would be a temporary one to help the many people without running water in their homes until Government launches a multi-million-dollar relief programme, he told the DAILY NATION last Saturday.

Prescod said that until the programme was launched, residents of The Belle would continue to face problems accessing drinking water and ran the risk of having water contaminated after long storage periods.

Adding three to six communal standpipes in hard-hit areas like Licorish Village, near the Barbados Landship’s office, Odessa McClean Drive and near the Belmont Primary School, would not increase the risk of contamination of the national water aquifers beneath the ground in The Belle area, he argued.

The minister spoke against the backdrop of plans by Government to invest $120 million in two projects to tackle water problems for thousands of residents in The Belle…

…Continue reading the article at The Nation News (link here).


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5 responses to “Not Quite An Election Promise – Water Standpipes For Belle

  1. Velzo

    standpipes in 2006? Come on Trevor!

  2. What Trevor Prescod and B L P think the residents of St Michael East for fools that there can take drums to put drinking water in why governmant is wasting million in cost over runs and corruption.


    Plastic drums…standpipes… all for the Belle…”roughneck from Deacon’s Farm…accustomed to men fighting for turf…”
    Get the story?
    Their perception of our people from the depressed areas, and their intention to constantly remind those people , smacks of arrogance. It is also a way of trying to gain respect as ” one who has risen above you” .
    How disdainful!!! God created us all, and lack of money is still not a crime.
    Hang your heads in shame, Prsecod & Maaassscoll!

  4. Velzo

    Millions being spent right next to the Belle on flyovers and stand-pipes is the best the MP can promise. Why doesn’t Prescod have a conversation with the people he represents?

  5. Jason

    Brilliant article. Just perfect.

    Love the part about “squatting over holes in the ground” for 12 years because it captures the situation exactly. 12 years where the Barbados government could have done something. 12 years of big fancy projects and still no water for thousands of people.

    I will not be taking another “bad post dated cheque” from these people! I don’t believe them anymore.