Owen Arthur Delivers Severe Tongue Lashing To Largest Financial Supporters (Wink, wink… Know what I mean?)


With A Wink And A Nod…

About a week ago, Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur delivered a severe tongue lashing to BLP supporters – telling them that in future, they will actually have to deliver the goods and services that are paid for in those juicy government contracts that Owen’s government tosses their way. (Owen didn’t say “… in exchange for your continuing support” but everybody nodded their heads and understood everything immediately.)

Big articles in the newspapers about what the PM said. Video on the tely. My, my, my!

BUT…. no in-depth articles by the newspapers or the CBC about how government contracts are awarded and the lack of transparency or accountability, though. That would be asking a little too much of the “real” Barbados media.

Hartley Henry wrote a piece in the Nation News, which is pretty good even if you factor in that Hartley is an old DLP hack from way back with a partisan axe to grind. Never mind that… the article is still a good read…

Excerpts from The Nation News…

Under the Microscope – By any means
by Hartley Henry

IT IS MY HOPE that rank and file members of the Barbados Labour Party did not take seriously and to heart the comments of their leader in relation to his no longer sharing the economic pie with them if they do not behave responsibly as businessmen.

That tongue-lashing, as some would describe it, was not meant for consumption by party members and supporters. It was a classic piece of political posturing, targeting the emotions and sensitivities of floating and objective voters, who were supposed thereafter to say to themselves “I applaud that move by the Prime Minister. He is doing the right thing …

Do members of the public really believe that in the lead-up to an election, 12 years of loose and lapse management, in relation to the award and administration of vital contracts, will change? … Come on, this was all political fluff for public consumption.

It is remarkable, when a leader becomes so confident and comfortable that he believes a simple turn of phrases can spur a people.

Where, once he says it was wrong to do something, the actual commissioning of the sin is now expunged from the record and, automatically, preventable systems are put in place to avoid reoccurrences

Major changes in governance are taking place before our very eyes. The use of bare knuckles and the berating and ridiculing of individuals are now replaced by moral and spiritual teachings, all geared at achieving the same result; a fourth term in office by any means necessary. I wouldn’t miss the next 12 months in Barbados for nothing!

… read the entire article at The Nation News (link here)


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145 responses to “Owen Arthur Delivers Severe Tongue Lashing To Largest Financial Supporters (Wink, wink… Know what I mean?)

  1. Jane

    What sort of picture of the PM is that at all? Why do they publish unflattering pictures like that for people all over the place to look at?

  2. BFP

    Hi Jane

    We found it on the net and used it for this story because he looks like he has an inside joke or a little chuckle in his eyes – which we thought went along with the story line.

    Would you prefer that we removed it? Seriously…

    If you were making the editing choice, would you have used something else?

  3. Jane

    Honestly, I think the picture is perfect.

  4. Jane

    Speaking of “tongue lashing” – The PM, the press and I go back to the days before BFP was born. It would have been great if you had been around in those days.

    BFP we are very glad you are here now.

  5. Littleboy56@caribsurf.com

    A picture is worth what???A thousand words… this one is worth more. It is the perfect picture !!!
    But who would believe that for years now the Democratic Labour Party has complained about the “contractors”, many of whom did not know the difference between a hammer and a nail, yet were told that these people were “competent”.
    The complaints from the public about shoddy work are legend.
    Frankly, Owen is just putting up a smokescreen, especially since elections are around the corner.
    Just like his new-found morality!
    Maybe journalists will be hugged and kissed in public soon!Ha Ha!!!

  6. Green!

    Perfect picture. LEAVE IT ALONE.

  7. Velzo

    We can now see why his members say he was just huffing and PUFFING!

  8. Royalrumble

    Littleboy56 did you see the picture of thompy when he was thrown from the back of the truck in St. Philip by OLD BRIGAND? I wonder what you felt the cost on that picture was. I am certain that you would put that cost at more than a thousand words. The picture became even more valuable when he was seen canvassing on crutches. I await your costing.

  9. Velzo

    None of these photos would be worth what morally challenged Royal Rumble a-k-a Sylvan Greenidge (PM’s Press Aide) had to pay Evelyn Greaves for painting in words on a political platform a defamatory image of an honest man.

  10. Hants

    You have got to be kidding Velzo. RR is really Mr. Sylvan Greenidge the PM’s press aide?

    I thought they were two different people.
    If you are right that explains why RR bestowed the title of “Father of First world Barbados” on the PM.

    Don’t forget the first one he posted which included “Prime Minister for Life”.

    The PM must be a very good Boss.

  11. ross

    “economic powerhouse of the Caribbean”

  12. Green!

    The economic powerhouse of the Caribbean is TRINIDAD
    and will always be TRINIDAD,
    much to the aggravation of the envious Bajans
    who fancy deyself ‘big-up’, wishing they were Trinidad.

    How on Earth can a country eternally in debt(of survival necessity)
    aspire to be an ‘economic powerhouse’?
    On other people’s money,I guess,
    kinda like how Bankers are economic powerhouses,
    based on the sum total of OP’s money!

  13. Royalrumble

    Wrong again Velzo. The late Marson Gibbs has already spill the beans on that Evelyn Greaves issue. Stuart, Connell and a host of respected Barbadians are now fully aware of the truth on that matter. That is what makes his promised integrity legislation is a sham.

    If there were not one law for the Jews and another for the Gentiles under the last DLP administration then thompy would have joined that young man now sitting in prison for pergury. But the People’s court will be the judge of thompy and we all await their verdict.

  14. Hants

    Since Stuart, Connell and a host of respected Barbadians are now fully aware of the truth on that matter, why don’t you tell us the truth RoyalRumble.
    We would really like to know the truth.
    You can’t get sued for telling the truth.

  15. Jupiter


    So you are indeed Sylvan Greenidge.Your above posts confirms what Velzo was saying re the Evelyn Greaves affair.

    Why don’t you do like William Dugid and post under your name now that you have been out – ed.

  16. Hi everyone – good to see that you have all really committed yourselves to this Blog and are keeping it going.

    We have recently updated the St. Philip West Community website and would be very happy if you would all pay us a visit http://www.lynetteeastmond.com

    We are celebrating 40 years of Independence for this wonderful country and our equally wonderful people.

    May God continue to bless all of you good citizens as as you pursue transparency, honesty and accountability for the good of this country.

    By the way why don’t we all publish under our real names – why wait to be outed – somehow all of this cloak and dagger stuff seems inconsistent with honesty, transparency, accounatbility …. …. and the Barbadian way!!!

    … … but remember the real reason that I posted was to inform you about the website … …. so don’t get your knickers in a twist … …

    God Bless Bim!

  17. Jupiter

    Very convenient how these Blp politicians disappear when there are charges to be answered,but then pop up on this site asking us (ie BFP and the contributors) who they accuse of being rumourmongers – to visit their site.

  18. Anonymous-

    I love this post.

  19. Anonymous-

    … by Lynette.

  20. Jupiter


    Don’t feel too lonely because you might be the only one.Then again you might get royalrumble and josephine to join you.

    I suppose some people can tell us a lot about ‘knickers getting twisted’.

  21. … …. so u r gettin ure knickers in a twist … … oops … sorry gals & guys … …

    ” O Lord how happy we should be if we could cast our cares on thee … … if we from self could rest”

    Only 4 Bs on this site & the res is Ds … … interesting … … 🙂

    visit muh site nuh … … u can keep ure knickers as is!!

  22. Jupiter


    You have found religion for this election lynette.I am happy for you,honestly.

  23. … always had religion my dear child of God … … my mother was sitting in the pew at St. Patricks Anglican Church when I was in her belly … … and my earliest memories include doing recitations for the Church Harvest … … most of us brought up in Barbadian households have it … … I’m glad that you are speaking honestly on this one … … God and religion are not to be taken lightly … … this is why I was shocked that your colleague David Estwick would bring the fact that I am a regular church goer on to the political platform in Six Roads…. …. none of us is perfect and fall short … … but God requires that we try …. … … he will do the rest … … but tampering with God and Church to win a seat … … God is not dead …. …. neither is he asleep … … a number of people have asked me about it …. …. and not all on my side … … but what can I say … … it is a blemish on all politicians not just him … … sad but true

  24. Jupiter


    So that you know,most of us on this site consider ourselves Independent o.k. So less of the’your colleague Dr Estwick’.

    In addition I never trivialise anyone’s relationship with their God,however I just can’t comprehend how persons who say they abide by the christian prinicples find ease and comfort with persons who are malevolent and unscrupolous,and can be part of a gov’t which practices such injustices on its people and yet they say nothing.
    Yes all of us have sinned and fallen short,but the scriptures tell us:’In times of ignorance God winked,but man who now know the truth and deliberately sin will be justly punished’.

    As for me I look at your fruit – ‘for by your fruit you shall know them’.

  25. … … and to think all I wanted to do was to promote http://www.lynetteeastmond.com … any who – here goes … …

    I have been told that this is a DLP website and that some of the very senior members of the DLP drive the site – maybe this was not always so – but I understand that this is so now.

    As I said I could very well be wrong about this since none of you actually say who you are.

    This I always find quite laughable since there are so many ordinary men and women out there both Bs and Ds who readily say who they are and their reason for supporting their party or their candidate. These people I admire for their loyalty and honesty. They would not be caught dead calling themselves Jupiter, Royal Rumble, Velzo or other such names.

    There are often caught on camera wearing their blue or yellow shirts – they are the back bone of this democracy.

    You were right when you said that you should not trivialise any one’s relationship with God and you should stick to that.

    Remember that God is the judge and you are falling into the same David Estwick trap by questioning my Christian beliefs – whether I take communion or not – now you are questioning them because I belong to a particular party.

    You are suggesting to the world through this site that I have “deliberately sinned and will be justly punished” because I belong to the BLP.

    Carry your argument to its logical conclusion and I could not work in the private sector either – I could not work for any company because some of the employees might engage in immoral conduct – actually you argument would suggest that I should not be in this world.

    If you follow the teachings of Christ you would see that the people that he chose to associate himself were not perfect. Was not Jesus Christ aware that he would be betrayed and be denied by those closest to him – yet he could see some good in them in terms of the work that was to be done after his departure from this world?

    You believe that you have a serious role to play in promoting honesty, transparency and accountability in Barbados – you must do what you must do and help this country in the best way possible by the use of your God given talents. I will not judge you as you seek to judge me.

    I will do my best with what I have been given – God asks for no more and neither should you.

    I will not look at your fruit and judge you for I am not the Lord your God.

    … …. clearly you seek to arrogate this power unto yourself.

  26. BFP

    Hello Lynette…

    Please do not confuse readers who comment on this blog with the blog editors/writers.

    As far as “senior DLP” people driving this site, as we have stated before, none of us have ever belonged to any political party, nor do we now.

    This claiming that BFP is driven by the DLP is a defensive position on the part of the BLP as they just don’t want to accept that the site is citizen-based.

    The BLP has been in government for 12 years, so it is only natural that they would come into our target sights more often than other political parties – however, an examination of BFP will show that we have been consistent from day one in also targeting the DLP.

  27. Jupiter

    My dear your example about the private sector buggers belief.

    The Blp is akin to a private members club,you choose to be in it and you align yourself with all of its principles.

    Haven’t you heard of whistleblowers?The same could apply in a political party yuh know.

    Remember Ronald Toppin?Although he was not brave enough to completely withdraw from the party and publicly speak out,he resigned his ministerial position because of unsavoury happenings from on high – clearly there was intimidation and a desire by the prime minister to put his own people in place.Right Lynette?
    So what happened the chairman left,the CEO left,the legal officer left,board members kept resigning – they refused to be part of the nastiness.Yet you say ‘this is similar as working in private practice with a few dishonest people?’ Give me a break please.

    When Ronald toppin resigned and you came in, the evidence of corruption and conflict of interest was not as great as it is now which should give you greater incentive to do the christian thing – but say what – I suppose the sweets are too good for you to make that decision.

    P.S. Interpret this as a senior Dlp party member’s view at your peril,because you will be missing out on how a wide cross section of the bajan public feel.

  28. H.E. Humphrey

    Jupiter, I think it’s tea time at George Street. Take a break and come back.

  29. Jupiter

    Feeling the heat fictitious H.E. Humphrey?

    All these false names like the ones you all use in your letters to the editor don’t fool us a bit.We know they come straight out of Bay Street.

  30. BFP thank you for your intervention – you should however be careful about your sight being highjacked (I was going to change that to site but I think I was right the first time).

    Here we have Jupiter who started a thread based on my religious beliefs suggesting that I had found a relationship with God only since the last election. Then in a truly estwickian fashion he proceeded to arrogate unto himself the power of God – and would see me judged and have damnation visited upon me because I belong to the Barbados Labour Party.

    You know when people talk to me about the DLP in that fashion I don’t join with them … … my philosophy is to build up …. …. to be better …. not to tear down …

    My understanding of the Scriptures is that we are forced to be in this world but should not be of it – this includes all of our affilliations.

    Jupiter does not understand this so he can not see that his argument would be extended to all membership organisations, businesses etc – this is why some religious organisations such as “the closed bretheren” do not join political parties or work in business with unbelievers or visit their homes.

    That was the issue – not the other stuff that he/she has written – I don’t know where that came from … …. I think the Americans say out of left field.

    … … but I could here DEM saying … … man tell she bout de FTC … … tell she bout how Ronald Toppin resign … … here wuh she gine say

    … …. but how can anyone have any credibility that calls himself/herself Jupiter … …. I wonder if it was a toss up between that and Mercury? … …. I think Jimmy Cliff had a song about that … …

    … … for an ordinary member of the public Jupiter/Mercury has a lot of insight into what comes out of Bay Street … …. very strange … ….could he be a mole …. …. sorry I saw the Departed recently …. great film … you should all see it …. ..maybe one of these days we can talk about our favourite films …. … and I was not suggesting that he/she was part of the top brass … … at least I hope not … …

    … … they say the DLP is going to make this a nasty election … …. the estwickian lie, steal and/or cheat approach to politics has started across St. Philip West … … I was wondering after doing nothing – not even a game of rounders -in the Constituency for close to four years what he would come with …. … but I am not going there with any of you … … I still have a basic respect for Barbadians, Errol Barrow’s legacy, my family, my Church and myself

    … … Big Up the George Street Massive …. …. every time!!!!

  31. Littleboy56@caribsurf.com

    Good try Lynette! But we are too clever to reveal our true identities for the likes of Owen to call us up at 2 & 3 a.m to cuss us out.
    By the way, how come you have to resort to BFP to publicise your website? Is the BLP blog deficient/ineffective/insufficient?
    Says a lot about your party does it not?
    BFP is obviously more widely read than the dailies!!! I wonder why!!!!!!

  32. FORTY YEARS OF INDEPENDENCE: I really thought the Ds on this site …. and by Jupiter/Mercury’s admission there are many of you … … would be speaking of our national hero R.E. EW Barrow – especially at this time – it is left to me a member of the BLP to raise the matter of his legacy 😦

    … … but then you would have to know what it is to talk about it … …

    … … Big up the George Street Massive … … yet again!

  33. Little boy sweetheart – if ure promoting something u go to where most people would be – this is supposed to be an independent site and is visited by both Bs and Ds – some Ds and some Bs would not visit each other’s site – basic – marketing 101!!

    … … stay focused little boy …

  34. .. … too clever to reveal ure true identities – what a larf – about to sign up for neuro surgery classes then are we? … .. brilliant!

  35. Little boy … … Jupiter a.k.a. Mercury … … Royal Rumble … … Velzo … … 🙂

  36. Jupiter


    I don’t intend to be doing a back and forth between us,so I’ll try and restrict myself to this comment unless you or any other make a comment worth responding to.

    However I will respond to the following:
    1)In your earlier post you said:” none of us are perfect and we all fall” – this in response to my charges of corruption in your party.
    My response in a later post was:”Yes we have all sinned and fallen short,but according to scriptures in times past when men were ignorant(ie uninformed) God winked,but now that we have the truth sin will be punished.
    But like a true Blp politician who seems to have learnt well at the feet of her guru – the spin doctor -lynette has twisted what I said earlier and is now spinning it to say that I am suggesting to the world:”that she has deliberately sinned and will be punished.”

    I suppose Ms Eastmond is hoping to get some sympathy this way.

    For me all it does is confirm what I already know about these Blp politicians;when they are boxed into a corner they will lie or do anything to get their way out.

    Remember people they are the citizen’s elected representatives.
    This is what we get for the money we pay them.

  37. Oh no Jupiter a.k.a Mercury u have erred – u commented on my Christian beliefs within the context of my being a member of the BLP – u made a judgment – this is incontrovertible (where is spell check when u need it?) – now uve gone all soft and tender … … saying that uve been misunderstood … spun …. stirred … shaken … and I … … well I’m a softy myself … OK so let’s leave it at that … ….. friends right?:)

  38. Littleboy56@caribsurf.com

    I am focussed!! Focussed on removing the albatross called the BLP from around the necks of Bajans, and you fall into that category.
    FTC has now become bogged down in so much beaurocracy that it is as insignificant /obsolete as the Ombudsman and Auditor General.
    Your party is side-stepping the concerns of the people. You are so caught up in the mud that you fail to listen to us.
    Answer our questions please. We pay you!!!
    Why is the cost of living so high. Cost of land prohibitive… Tourism falling… QEH malfunctioning…need more???
    I am not leaving here but I want a better future for my children and grands…see it from their side for God’s sake!

  39. All of the issues that you raise are real issues they are issues that need to be addressed in Barbados and many other countries – your solution is to remove a BLP Government and replace it with a DLP Government – fair enough!

    Clearly I do not agree with you – within my portfolio I am doing what I can within the parameters that have been framed over several administrations – economic decisions made to support a particular development ethos. Can I do more? Yes … … I am always striving to be better at what I do – more effective … more efficient.

    Any suggestions that you have would be most welcomed.

  40. Jupiter


    Just ignore Lynette and the rest like her because she is deliberately ignoring the thrust of our arguments and the questions we raised,all she is concerned about is petty name calling jupiter/mercury,Dlp party members etc and typical spin.

    I just want to see the back of these people fast,fast fast.

    And owen tell us he replacing the grassroot politicians like hammie-la with this crew of intellectuals.Lord help us.

  41. West Side Davie

    I’d be awful careful about saying who is a Christian, who is not and how people should translate their faith in Jesus into real works in this world.

    Something about a log in my eye as I recall.

    And something about peopel are going to be surprised when they get to Heaven about who IS there and who IS NOT there.

    There are also those good people who maybe see their organization going wrong and want to stay to change it. Work from the inside.

    It is ok to say the DLP have done this wrong, and the BLP have done this wrong. They are organizations. We should be careful about saying that people are bad or not Christian because of their membership with a certain political party.

    Such wild statements lead to much strife. After the coming election all good people in all parties have to work with each other in politics and business and church and all around.

    Let us not forget that we are all neighbours on this very small place, so calm down peopel.

  42. Littleboy56@caribsurf.com

    “Intellectuals”!!!The word is bandied about these days to mean those who have a university degree. Truth be told, the real acid test comes when the individuals speak. Listen and analize, and the substance is missing.
    A politician must be able to answer the questions that are posed. Unfortunately Lynette et al are so caught up in being defensive, that they ignore us.
    Please ask Owen to call the elections soon. maybe then we will get some answers.
    Meanwhile please try and answer our questions.

  43. Jane

    Lynette, please see if you can get any answers for us on the following:-

    Rumplestilskin wrote on the topic “Missing Financial Papers” In Barbados Government Funded Organization – We Can Guess Where They Are!”

    “Audited Financial Statements for the GEMS project, including detailed income and expenditures, valuations for all properties BEFORE the purchase by Gov’t (dated before the purchase, not post dated), price paid, expenditures, to whom paid and income and expenditures of the operations to date. Current Valuation also.

    – Detailed reports of engineers on Greenland, expenditures to date (audited again please), projected cost to completion, proposal by Canadian company to run and expected cost to taxpayers per annum going forward. What will be done with Mangrove….a National Park? Or is this destined to private ownership?

    – detailed analysis of expenditures on CWC. To whom paid by category of expenditure. This will be preferable to a global statement on the cost, amounts being lost in the ‘mire’.

    – detailed analysis of operations of NHC. Details of land appropriated by Gov’t and detailed listing of lots aquired by citizens and their income categories. This information will assure the citizens that purchases are all to those citizens unable to afford their own ‘market value’ lots.

    – detailed expenditures to date on the Warrens building, including the contract with original builder, his detailed list of costs, costs of the Chinese to date and cost to complete. Engineers reports and to settle any confusion, correspondence between the original contractor and Gov’t. Copies of any tenders given…were any?

    Adequate information to the public to assess the Gov’t mis-management of this project is preferable to the typical modus operandi of this Gov’t of not accepting the responsibility, instead passing the buck, in this instance by alleging in the paper a few weeks back that the arbitrator had awarded too much. So, let us see the documents.

    – detailed projection for the cost of the flyovers, and to whom amounts will be paid. Engineers reports and reports of any traffic specialists consulted.

    – details of all those companies in which Gov’t Ministers have a stake and are doing Gov’t business. Are there any? If so, details of projects undertaken, how awarded and the amounts paid.

    – details of the proposal given to the Gov’t for the waterpark and what transpired.

    – details of the oil surveys conducted on behalf of Gov’t and the result. Cost and future expected cost of the oil platforms and to whom amounts are being paid for the operation of these. If there are any agreements with oil companies, details please.”

    Details of the prison and proposed ethanol factory financing and tender.

    Details of the status of the FBI investigation.

  44. Jupiter

    Well done jane.Well done

  45. Anonymous-

    November 8th, 2006 at 10:14 am

    Feeling the heat fictitious H.E. Humphrey?

    All these false names like the ones you all use in your letters to the editor don’t fool us a bit.We know they come straight out of Bay Street.

    Alas, when I post as anonymous you call me a mouse. Then, when I put my station and name, I’m fictitious. Well no WONDER D’s could never be in government – you people don’t know what you want!

  46. Jupiter

    Good try Annymous.At least you provided some comic relief.

  47. Anonymous-

    You are clearly an unhappy individual.

  48. Mars

    I watching from the sidelines this ‘Big Ups’ squabble. Lynette gone quiet since Jane repost Rump’s Xmas list. Since she and others on this thread got so much God talk, I would like to quote a song.

    “God Shuffled His Feet”

    After seven days
    He was quite tired so God said:
    “Let there be a day
    Just for picnics, with wine and bread”
    He gathered up some people he had made
    Created blanket and laid back in the shade

    The people sipped their wine
    And what with God there, they asked him questions
    Like: do you have to eat
    Or get your hair cut in heaven?
    And if your eye got poked out in this life
    Would it be waiting up in heaven with your wife?

    God shuffled his feet and glanced around at them;
    The people cleared their throats and stared right back at him

    So he said:”Once there was a boy
    Who woke up with blue hair
    To him it was a joy
    Until he ran out into the warm air
    He thought of how his friends would come to see;
    And would they laugh, or had he got some strange disease?

    God shuffled his feet and glanced around at them;
    The people cleared their throats and stared right back at him

    The people sat waiting
    Out on their blankets in the garden
    But God said nothing
    So someone asked him:”I beg your pardon:
    I’m not quite clear about what you just spoke
    What that a parable, or a very subtle joke?”

    God shuffled his feet and glanced around at them;
    The people cleared their throats and stared right back at him.

    Lyrics By: Crash Test Dummies

  49. Anonymous-

    Why do Bajans think they know more about the inner workings or misworkings of Government than Government itself?

  50. BFP

    Anonymous says
    “Why do Bajans think they know more about the inner workings or misworkings of Government than Government itself?”
    That is self-evident to everyone except to you and your government, anonymous! 🙂

  51. Anonymous-

    You D’s are so cute.

  52. Jane

    Anonymous does not live in Barbados so would not understand. Give him/her a break.

  53. Happy Independence!

    We have no quarrels to pursue and we particularly insist that we do not regard any member states as our natural opponent. We shall not involve ourselves in sterile ideological wranglings because we are exponents not of the diplomacy of power, but of the diplomacy of peace and prosperity. We will not regard any great power as necessarily right in any given dispute unless we are convinced of this, yet at the same time we will not view the great powers with perrenial suspicion merely on account of their size, their wealth or their nuclear potential.

    Rt.Ex. E.W. Barrow
    First Prime Minister of Barbados

    The challenging times that currently confront us allow us no place fro the whimsical, the timid or the tentative. Barbados must be confident. Barbados must be brave.
    Barbados must be bolder than we have ever dared to be at any time in our history.
    Survival in an increasingly harsh international environment demands no less.
    Success in that environment demands considerably more.
    Small and faltering steps will not serve us on the daunting road that lies ahead.

    Rt. Hon. O.S. Arthur
    Prime Minister of Barbados


  54. Anonymous-

    Here, here, Owen.

  55. Mars

    The demiurge doth emerge. The messianic proponents do expound! Hear! Hear!

  56. Anonymous-

    Wait until Thompy start posting as Uranus. Or, perhaps, that’s best left for Estwick.

  57. Bajanboy

    What a wonderful website you have Lynette. Better than most companies. Clean design, concise information. All MPs should follow your example. Kudos to you.

  58. Mars

    @Anon – Brilliant! LMAO!

  59. Troubled

    So is this how the elected MP’s spend most of their time?…..and the laugh about the head cheese in the USA!!!!! – carry on, its entertaining! – good luck in elections to all of you!

    p.s. when are they coming?

  60. Jupiter


    So true this is how this high – paid MPs spend their time.Not looking after the people’s business,nor going to their constituency office,but to engage in corrupt,loose,immoral behaviour and then try to spin their way out of it.

    Take Lynette Eastmond for example:She is the Minister responsible for Consumer Affairs.We had a situation where cement price in B’dos was going up and this was pushing the cost of cement in B’dos over 50% of the same cement (ie same producer) in the other caribbean islands.People appealed to the minister ie Lynette – You know what her response was?She is not sure what other caricom prices were and she has to research it.End of story – the price went through,the minister didnot get back to the public with her results,and the cost of building yul lil bungalow went through the roof.

    Now again we have the problem of skyrocketing supermarket prices.Day in,day out working class,middle class – almost everyone crying out for the prices,what does the minister do?Nothing for a very long time,but now coming close to election the minister springs into action to tell us they were going to investigate these high prices and they were going to deal with price goughing during narural disaster e.g.storms.N.B. the above statement re investigating the high prices came as an aside during which the minister’s substantive point was dealing with labels with foreign writing.Yuh notice the priority?

    You see lynette eastmond has been a thorough failure as a minister especially where consumer affairs are concerned.Check the FTC and the Cable & Wireless rate increase,,quality of products being sold etc.

    All this minister is good for is going to lunches and openings and giving speeches and of course lecturing bajans.If you don’t believe me just check her earlier post where she remonstrates with us that we should be speaking about Errol Barrow because this is Independence time.So in effect stop all this complaining about corruption concentrate on something else.

    See wha I tell yuh.

    Waste of time.

  61. Anonymous-

    Jupiter is VERY acid though. I know the Dees are going through some rough times but oh God, it can’t be that bad that you have to bite limes. Go to Trevor and see what Social Transformation can do for you.

  62. Dear BFP Readers

    First Jupiter suggested that I developed a relationship with God only after 2003.

    Then Jupiter suggested that because I am a member of the BLP that damnation should be visited upon me and that he had appointed himself judge over me and had condemned me … … for he has now usurped the role of God.

    Jupiter is now accusing me of being involved in loose and immoral behaviour. Where is all of this coming from and where do all of you that participate in this forum intend for it to lead us?

    You said you are interested in accountability, transparency and honesty … …. clearly not all of you but the Board is now descending into smut because Jupiter a.k.a Mercury is a tad upset.

    [George Street Massive … man ask she bout de cement prices … she mek all de prices guh up in Barbados … … she say dat she din know wha all de prices is in Caricom … she is de Minister]

    On cement prices – I remember the matter clearly where I was asked for cement prices in the region – I said that we would have to research it. When you are in Government you can not just go on hear say.

    At that particular time one of the moderators on the call in programme said that he phoned two CARICOM countries and got the prices.

    As a Ministry our economists are taught to do proper research. Cement is not a product that is under price controls so there is no fixed price.

    When we did our research in Barbados in order to ensure the integrity of the data we did not just phone and ask the price – we relied on specific original documentation from retailers and wholesalers. The prices varied from shop to shop. This was not an easy exercise.

    You can then imagine how much more difficult and time consuming this would be over 15 member states of CARICOM. We therefore had to rely on the relevant Ministries in the region – many of which have a very small staff complement.

    I really saw how our small states struggle with providing information when I was involved in negotiating trade agreements and when I was involved in the OECD Initiative on Harmful Tax Competition.

    I am never afraid to say that I do not know – and my training does not allow me the luxury of flippant responses when I know that it is appropriate to do proper research.

    The Director of Commerce Mr. Terry Bascom did do the research and did deal with the matter publicly – however we can not control what the media will highlight for the public.

    After doing some research we found that there were a couple of outlets in the country (Barbados)that had low cement prices and others started to come down in order to compete – not all – since some of us do not shop around.

    Then cement took a turn for the worse with the cement crisis that developed in Jamaica. The demand for and shortage of the product has caused increased prices.

    In order to alleviate this the Barbados Government along with other members of the CARICOM have agreed to waive the CET – Common External Tariff to allow the importation of cement from non-CARICOM sources without the imposition of high tariffs. NB CARICOM sourced items are usually duty free.

    There is always a balance to be struck between getting the cheapest prices in the world and partially safeguarding your economic independence and maintaining jobs in the manufacturing sector.

    The monitoring of prices in Barbados is an on-going process. The task force was not set up with elections in mind it was to estabalish long term mechanisms similar to those in developed countries where you have a more rigorous system of investigation in the absence of Price Controls. Short term initiatives are more conducive to electioneering.

    I think the most important issue is actually the investigation of the entire structure of the food sector beginning from the sourcing of food in foreign markets to the horizontal and vertical relationships between wholesalers and retailers in Barbados.

    We are going to do this investigation in a serious fashion. We must understand that if we are going to question established norms in a society we must do so efficiently – not use the slash and burn approach. Often we just fly of the handle, keep a lot of noise, feel good – and then wonder why nothing has happened. The pursuit of economic enfranchisement and freedom is a long, hard struggle.

    This is why very often politicians can not be social engineers or change agents because often a careful systematic approach to serious issues is scoffed at by many as indicated in Jupiter’s last post.

    In my view labelling is extremely critical – you probably do not know that there are many cases of people who die from ingesting traces of certain ingredients. Can anyone here not consider this to be serious? I heard of someone who died simply because someone took the knife that they used to spread peanut butter on a biscuit to mix a salad without wiping the knife properly.

    I am invited to many openings and to speak at many lunches and launches – and you may be right that might be all that I am good for – let us forget that you are now all present, all seeing and all knowing. I sometimes wonder if I should refuse some of these invitations since the fact that I am invited seems to be upsetting to some of you.

    Let m explain why I attend. I attend them because they are often people who believe that the presence of my Office will make a difference and that they might get some additional media coverage.

    Last night I attended the launch of Barbados Authentic Treasures – a company of about five business people who have come together to market their products through one company. How could I say no to this? It is an attempt by who we would call ordinary Barbadians to improve the way that they do business in order to compete internationally.

    I was most impressed with packaged local sweets – different types of sugar cakes, fudge, tamarind balls – packaged in the way that chocolates are usually packaged.

    One of our young artists J-Co is launching his new album on Saturday. He is only 15 yrs old – if my going will encourage him just a little bit – should I not go? And you know I am going to do my best to research his music, his website and make sure that I make the best speech possible. Sometimes that’s 50% of what our youngsters really need to see – that someone other than their family believes in their ability to be successful.

    If any of you would like to raise any additional issues about the work of the Ministry I shall do my very best to respond.

    As with most people in this world I am just trying to do the best I can with that with which I have been blessed.

    Thanks for the positive response on the website.

    God Bless.


  63. Anonymous-

    You’re a woman of class and integrity, Lynette. These people here don’t have a clue what goes on in government, they don’t seem to even begin to understand that Ministers and the PM himself operate within the confines of a larger international system in which Barbados is almost seen as a non-entity, and to get even the slightest thing go in our favour takes blood, sweat and tears. Give them a seat in Parliament (if the Bajan electorate could ever be so foolish to take on the Dees), and they’ll see what it’s about. I can say without fear or favour that this government is among the best in this region, if not this hemisphere, from the work I’ve had to do and the assignments I’ve been placed on with the Foreign Affairs Ministry. Bajans truly don’t know how sweet they have it – and websites like this prove it.

  64. Jupiter

    I will leave readers to dissect that rambling bit of nothingness.

    While you are at it Lynette,could you also respond to jane’s post above – November 8th 2006 at 3.06 p.m.,as well as littleboy56 on November 8th at 12:43 p.m.
    They are addressed directly to you but I’m sure you would have noticed other questions being posed by Rumplestkin et al.

    Thanking you in advance
    Your humble servant
    Voter aka Jupiter

  65. Dear Voter ak.a. Jupiter a.k.a. Mercury

    No I will not respond to those issues – it would be highly inappropriate for me to deal with specific matters outside my portfolio.

    I tried to respond to the issues that you raised concerning the carrying out of my public role in a serious fashion and this is your response – you continue to amaze me!

    Truth, honesty, accountability, transparency ….. ….. what about responsibility??

    Absolutely remarkable.

    Best regards to you.

  66. Jupiter

    Very strange.You ain’t touching it (I mean Jane et al queries),Dugid ain’t touching it,Gline clarke refuse to touch it when asked on this site about a specific matter and the Prime minister ignores us.

    Wha goin on people?

    It seems that you ministers apply the principle of only speaking of matters in your ministry very conveniently.

    Is Clyde Mascoll minister of Housing?How come he giving out policy on housing?

    Remember when Liz Thompson was Minister of housing (I think it was housing) and she had to chastise you for sending out flyers to members of the st phillip west constituency for matters which came under her portfolio,when you weren’t even the elected M.P.?

    So I find it very convenient that you can’t answer these probing questions asked by Jane,Littleboy and Rumplestkin.

  67. Anonymous-

    Estwick is unrelenting tonight.

  68. Mars

    Lynette, I agree with Anonymous, you appear to be a woman of class and integrity and your candour is appreciated. Anonymous, on the other hand appears to be arrogant, condescending and manipulative, even though he made my day with his ‘Uranus’ comment. I too am a voter (non-partisan), and if your colleagues faced up to these accusations in the same manner that you did, it could only be good for your party and Barbados. As I alluded to by quoting the song above, party silence on these questions forces people to there own conclusions and adds to a sense of confusion in the public perception of the current government. You all know BFP has wide readership or you wouldn’t be here, so why not have a representative of all your colleagues address these questions?

  69. Jupiter


    You mean only politicians are interested in raising the questions Jane,Littleboy and I raised?

    Why try Lynette, to suggest to the readers that Jupiter and David Estwick are one and the same.
    Typical Blp politics – Name and Shame,
    whether the name they call is right or not.Why not deal with the issues.

    This entire discussion just makes me sad because it is obvious to me that you as a minister and prospective m.p. is more concerned about playing politics.

    It seem to me that the Blp politicians have now woken to the fact that ‘thinking barbadians’ are clicking on to this BFP site,so they are all trying to portray themselves as ever so nice and caring and going over and beyond by responding to the contributors.

    Can you imagine it readers both Lynette and Dugid both complain that even though they do the nice thing by responding to readers they get harsh treatment from some bloggers.

    Say what,isn’t that what they are there for.to answer our questions? and if you re-read their response they never really answer the probing questions,just the soft balls ones and they spin their way out the rest.

    Rest assured madame minister there are some of us thinking out here and no amount of calling me a Dlp,or BFP a DLP site etc will detract us from our mission to get answers on how our funds are being spent.

  70. Anonymous-

    Anonymous, on the other hand appears to be arrogant, condescending and manipulative, even though he made my day with his ‘Uranus’ comment.

    This, I admit, was funny.

    And, Jupiter – how can you honestly expect a Minister to speak on issues that have no relation to their ministry whatsoever? Would you expect Billie to speak on Agriculture? Or Prescod on Finance? That is the reason we have Ministries my friend. Lynette responded to what she could have as Minister of Consumer Affairs and, poor William, doesn’t even have a ministry, so what could you have expected of him? Demonstrate some semblance of rationality (if Dees are at all capable of such a feat), and recognize that you’re being remarkably unfair and unreasonable to Lynette. Posing questions on a spurious tabloid like this will not get your questions answered, my friend.

    Also, if you really were the concerned citizen you fictitiously portray yourself to be, why did you not avail yourself of the opportunity to meet the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister in the public town hall meetings dedicated to discussing the National Strategic Plan? You could have raised all of your questions there and gotten the answers you so desperately need directly from the horse’s mouth.

    I find it curious that you would rather spread all this speculation and misinformation on a website rather than avail yourself of the mechanisms that Government regularly put in place to solicit feedback and discussion from the general public.

    When will George Street donate its computers to the Salvation Army and spare the public from this propaganda?

  71. Jupiter


    The above comment just added one more nail to the Blp coffin.

    We will not be silent.Who you trying to fool?You really think OwenArthur and Mia would answer questions about corruption/infelicities at a Town Hall meeting?
    All that you Blp politicians want is to find out who your critics are so you can victimise them.

    I see you all have advised Lynette to stay quiet while you all answer for her.

  72. Jupiter

    1) I can not imagine where you would have got the impression that I think you are David Estwick. The thought never crossed my mind once … … honest … and he crosses my mind even less!

    2) I do not think I am being nice by answering your questions – I believe that this can actually be a serious forum and if you ask specific questions about my portfolio I would answer … … just doing my job Sir … and you can keep the harsh treatment coming that’s OK – doesn’t actually reflect on me … … just thought you would be interested in a discussion on issues. My mistake … sorry …

    In fact I should point you to the Ministry’s website http://www.commerce.gov.bb Our telephone number is 246 426-4452 as I indicated before the Director of Commerce is Mr. Terry Bascomb and the Permanent Secretary is Mr. Cephas Gooding.

    On the website you can see our ICT Strategic Plan which is out for comment, decisions from the Consumer Claims Tribunal, legislation and other matters about the Ministry. It’s not perfect but we continue to work on it. I have good people in the Ministry.

    We also produce an e-letter which contains some very interesting articles.

    I should be very pleased if you would browse and raise any issues. My schedule might not allow me to answer every question immediately but I shall certainly try.

    3) Whatever the world may think of me there are certain principles that one should stick too – would it be sensible, especially on sensitive issues to make comments on the portfolio of one of my colleagues? I really don’t think so – doing so would simply result in chaos – so if you think I’m afraid – so be it – you will not goad me into doing what I know in my heart and my mind to be wrong.

    4) Have you noticed that no one is chastising me now about sending out letters or flyers to Constituents about Government’s programmes now. As long as the programmes are made public there is no issue about publicising them.

    There was a little misunderstanding in terms of the definition of Constituent. There are some who believed that I could only refer to the people of St. Philip West as Constituents if I were the sitting M.P. In fact a well respected media person tried to argue this.

    Constituencies are not linked to M.Ps in this way – the laws of Barbados create political divisions called constituencies. As long as you live in the Constituency you are a Constituent.

    Anyone could write “Dear Constituent”. The difficulty was that Dr. Estwick became upset that I had written to Constituents to tell them that NHC was making their units available for purchase. He seemed to feel that as M.P. only he could do these things.

    [Dr. Estwick also got upset that one of his supporters invited me to present runners’ up trophies at a cricket match in Chapel – paid for out of the supporter’s pocket. Dr. Estwick was given the privilege of presenting the winners’ trophy. This is a tradition long established in that part of the Constutuency to invite the two potential candidates. Dr. Estwick felt that as M.P. he should present all the trophies. Dr. Estwick brought a No Confidence motion against him in the DLP branch. This match occured in November 2003 a few short months after the general election after this particular supporter had been walking’bout in the hot sun and raising money to help Dr. Estwick win the seat 😦 ]

    Since then I write to inform Constituents on an ongoing basis of issues that I think that are important.

    I have also been providing information to Constituents through a monthly newsletter and through my website. If you go on the DLP website you will hear Dr. Estwick on the political platform saying that I must be a librarian and tearing up the newsletter. This is the example that he was setting for young people … … to be destructive.

    I guess every politician decides how best they should communicate with their constituents and the rest of the public. There are many who do none of the things that I do and will win their seat very comfortably. I am therefore not suggesting that my approach is correct. Right now the Constituents seem appreciative and I feel happy about that.

    My very best regards to all of you.


  73. Jupiter

    Readers I hope you all are taking notes.

    Lynette says “…I thought you were interested in a serious discussion on issues …oops sorry”.

    Are you telling me Lynette that my queries on FTC resignations and accusations made by a member of your own party,the cable & wireless rate increase decision,the skyrocketing food prices etc are not serious issues?

    Are you also telling me that you don’t have an opinion on the sale of land to foreigners,the question of whether or not integrity legislation should have been introduced ever long time since,or the status of the FBI investigation,how you feel about these large cost over -runs on every gov’t projects and on and on?.

    You mean yuh doan even have an opinion?
    Alright not your position wha is de party’s position?
    At least Dr Dugid tried to give an explanation in the Glyne Clarke Lower burney land issue by telling us he spoke to the minister and the minister said the house belonged to his special friend.

    But all of a sudden now you gone defensive and trivialising points I and other contributors raise and sending us to your ministry’s website.

    I really tired of you lot.

  74. Rumplestilskin

    Dear ‘Lynette’ if you are indeed the good Minister (forgive me as I do not accept everything I see on the web..or elsewhere , just so),

    It is admirable that you seek to come on and relay your own beliefs in relation to questions which may concern your own Ministry.

    At least, you have recognised a few things:

    – that the internet is indeed very powerful, and the channel through which people with ‘free spirits’ may have an avenue to discuss/ vent, whatever

    – that citizens of Barbados are seeking answers and only by discussions with ‘those that be’ can answers be received (depending on the candour of those with the answers)

    – that we count…at least to you, or you would not be here

    for this, I say, Thank You.

    Let me re-iterate what I posted elsewhere. I have no political affiliation. Indeed, should the DLP win the next election, do not think for a minute that the questions posed here will be any less if their candidates do not live up to promises, do not live up to our expectations of what is required of a Minister, of an administration.

    Questions posed are genuine concerns raised to seek genuine answers to real issues.

    While you certainly are in no position to answer many of these, which I fully understand, there are those who can.

    There are also those who can put the wheels in motion to get these questions answered.

    As such, these questions remain, maybe not at your doorstep, but at the doorstep of the Administration.

    Unfortunately, bureaucracy sometimes wreaks havoc with efficiency. However, this can be no excuse when the good of the Nation is at stake.

    Maybe I am being too philosophical, but I do not think so.

    Best Wishes.

  75. Rumplestilskin

    Anonymous SAID: ”Give them a seat in Parliament (if the Bajan electorate could ever be so foolish to take on the Dees), and they’ll see what it’s about.” AND” Bajans truly don’t know how sweet they have it – and websites like this prove it. ”

    Would be funny if twas not so sad. Firstly, making assumptions that just because many here are asking responsible questions re the management of this administration, all are automatically paid up members of the opposing party.

    Alright, now we know where YOUR mind is.

    No, we are NOT as dedicated to party politics as you are, please do not insult us.

    We will see what it is about? Yes, I guess ‘like it or lump it’ does have the effect of getting some quite upset. To do so with the aim of protecting the long-term interests of Barbados is probably not appreciated by many, who would rather be told that the streets are paved with gold and pink champagne flows from the taps…..yeah.

    We do not know how sweet we have it?

    Now THAT is funny. No, I do not. I quite welcome land prices going so high that I could never buy another lot, let alone get a mortgage to build a hose on it. I quite welcome that it looks as if one of the only free enjoyments , beach access (in real terms), will be swept from under my feet, even while our forefathers must be grinding their teeth where they be. I quite enjoy going into a supermarket and wholesome food has an inflationary factor of one third in a matter of months.

    I really do not know how sweet we have it.

    But then, are you saying that it could really be worse, much worse? If so, what aren’t you telling us. Is the proverbial gunk about to hit the fan?

    Are we scraping the bottom of the barrel and living on sand? Fess up.

  76. Anonymous-

    I was told that I come across as being partisan. My apologies.

  77. Littleboy56@caribsurf.com

    If there was a cabinet reshuffle tomorrow would you still answer questions on commerce?
    Are you saying that you and your colleagues are “one-foot” politicians? What happened to the so-called “intellectuals” that Owen fought for?
    But then again, I do not blame you for keeping quiet about the dirty laundry in the BLP wardrobe!
    The DLP has got you guys following them around trying your darndess to recover lost ground.
    Tell your colleagues we want answers please.
    The lowest form of wit is sarcasm, and you do not even master that.

  78. Jupiter

    What are the precise questions that you would like to have answered about my portfolio? I will answer them to the best of my ability.

    Please proceed.


  79. Little Boy

    It isnt whether you have the capacity to answer or not – that is not the issue. It is a principle understood in most organisations.

    For example the Treasurer of an organisation would not answer questions to be appropriately directed to the CEO.

    Responsibilities are assigned to individuals in organisations and they should respect the right of the other individuals to handle their resposibilities as they see fit. One could offer advice to them but no more than that.

    I believe the Prime Minister does have some latitude but even he should for the most part respect the right of the Minister to handle his portfolio as he sees fit.

    I am a firm believer in good order.

    If I were no longer Minister of Commerce I would no longer comment on the issues that I responded to earlier unless they had to do with my conduct at the time or if there were very general comments.


  80. Anonymous-

    The lowest form of wit is sarcasm, and you do not even master that.

    And the lowest form of human being is a liar. Wasn’t it you who emailed BFP saying that William Duguid was behind a burglary at George Street? You stinking scandalmonger. I have not a word to say to you.

  81. Jupiter


    I am obviously not a politician since its clear I can’t play your stupid games.

    You have been reading all of my posts and fudging in your responses or twisting and distorting some of what I’ve said and now you ask me what questions I would like to ask you about your portfolio.

    It is clear that you want to use this site to promote yourself and your bid for a seat and I won’t be party to it.

    I know there are other times you have spoken on issues outside your portfolio in the past and you know it too,so its up to the people to make what they will of your responses.
    I see in the earlier post you did acknowledge that you were interfering in another minister’s ministry (ie Liz thompson & Housing).

    When someone is asking the citizens to put their trust in them and give them their vote then we are entitled to know what that candidate’s position is on major national issues;legalising homosexuality,land issue,the large number of non-nationals in the country,integrity legislation,Gov’t spending,moral issues etc.

    Liz thompson came out and said she was against the dump at Greenland albeit after the fact,so did George Payne.Ronald Toppin was against what the P.M. was attempting to do at the FTC he said so and resigned.

    Last budget debates;Joe Edghill,Toppin and Rommel Marshall gave their opinions on certain gov’t policy and cricise it,and we know Prescod has done it in the past and now Hammie is doing the same – so who you trying to fool?

    One contributor feels happy that you have responded,I however believe that is expected of all M.Ps, and that your answers tell us nothing.

    A person convinced against his/her will,is of the same opinion still.

  82. Jason

    At least she is here Jupiter. She may not be willing to dance to your tune, but at least she has the guts to be here and expose herself directly to us.

    Same with dugood. Nobody else has come

  83. Hants

    How does a Senator find time to post on a Blog?

    I think someone is pretending to be the Senator.

    It would be nice if the”Senator” were to post on the BLP blog. They need hits over there.

    I hope all you BLPites will support Mascoll and stop eating lunch from wayside vendors. (see Advocate today.)

  84. Dear Jupiter

    I have told you to ask specific questions about my portfolio and I will answer.

    I did not admit that I was interfering in Minister Thompson’s Portfolio. The Government under Minister Thompson decided that it would sell NHC homes to current tenants.

    It was agreed that as members of the Party – not even Ministers that we should encourage Constituents to purchase. I decided to write to those Constituents in St. Philip West. I also visited those individuals at their homes in Farm Gardens.

    Indeed I was simply doing what it was suggested that we all should do. The issue only arose because Dr. Estwick became upset, flew off the handle, went to the Nation Newspaper and then raised it in the Lower House.

    Is that how you define inteference – your definitions are becoming more and more peculier ….. … deep sigh.

    I do post on the BLP Blog as well. In fact this is not a new thing … … I’ve been doing this for years now. There are actually several blogs out there dealing with different issues from movies to politics.

    Best regards to all of you.


  85. Hants

    By the way posting on a blog is like having a conversation – you don’t hunker down over your computer for hours.

    I don’t know how long it takes you to get your thoughts together … … I dont know how fast u can type

    You should still be getting things done – clean your house – walk your dog – travel from one country – have meetings – deal with the work on your desk – and still comment as long as ure connected.

    !The Magic of the Internet!


  86. Littleboy56@caribsurf.com

    You obviously have some difficulty understanding English.
    The post from me to BFP made reference to the break-in at DLP HQ, and it (the break-in) coincided with a post from Dr Duguid on …”working on something big that will discredit David Thompson…”.
    I stsaed then that …”memories of Watergate…hope it had nothing to do with the (burglary)…hope I was wrong”.
    How in heaven’s name can you interpret any of the above as saying that Dr Duguid burgled DLP HQ?
    “O” level institute is still open…Patrick Todd, Ronald Jones and Undene Whittaker among others still give basic English lessons. I suggest you take up some.
    Meanwhile, I am not going to allow your obvious bad manners to rile me!!!

  87. Anonymous-

    I don’t have difficulty understanding English…what I have difficulty with is respecting a scandal mongering dog like you. O Level Institute?! When you work in The Hague, knock on my door and let me know. In the meantime, you might as well join your DLP friends Todd and Undene teaching English… after all, those are the only ‘seats’ they will ever get in Barbados. Run off and put your tail between your legs, but if I were you I would be ashamed to come back here after even the BFP called you an idiot for suggesting that William was in any way related to what happened at George Street. With vile and disgusting dogs like you in the camp, the opposition is safe on their side of the House for a very long time.

  88. Littleboy56@caribsurf.com

    You do understand some English!
    Evelyn Greaves must be smiling!!!
    Good manners prevent me from sinking into the gutter.
    Check Lynette, she remains polite even under pressure.
    By the way, can you please point out where BFP referred to me as an “idiot”?

  89. Anonymous-

    You are already in the gutter. ‘Good manners’ only prevent you from admitting it.

    Our chat ended with my previous post. You are a waste of my time.

  90. Littleboy56@caribsurf.com

    3 & 4 letter words have no place in polite conversation!
    Still cannot say when & where BFP referred to me as an “idiot”.
    Typical of you… avoid the truth…but that is the same as lying eh!

  91. Littleboy56@caribsurf.com

    I have more serious queries. Did anyone hear Mr Craigg argue with Mr Ralph Jemmott as to whether “Barney” stated that Hilton Hotel was for sale?
    “Barney’s” statement was made in St Philip at aBLP branch meet.
    Is Hilton for sale or not???
    Is this asimilar case to the FBI report???

  92. Velzo

    Thanks Linette for being so accessible. But overbearing is another matter. All of this chatter about Linette – whether she is a Christian or whose pew she sat in – bores me. But there is a question that might solve all of my doubts about her suitability to represent St. Philip West.

    I have one question for Linette: is your Constituency Branch Office situated in a house built by the Rural Development Commission for an elderly citizen (who just happened to be the deceased father of the Minister of Rural Development)?

    Let us start there. Then we will get to Toppin, the FTC, the cost of living, etc.

    Advice BFP: Get a photo of the piggy at the trough’s branch office. It is the first house after Foursquare factory…

  93. Jupiter


    Thanks for that bit of information.I know lynette will be exposed eventually when the Dlp starts becoming more vigilant.

    If those ladies at the FTC could speak publicly ie the CEO and Legal officer,and the chairman magistrate Frank King et al then people will get the real picture.

    What I’ve heard so far doesn’t paint a very flattering picture.

  94. John

    On a lighter note, have you heard of the new political party that has recently been formed?

    Early this morning, The Lowdown carried an exclusive on the formation of the MLP in the Daily Nation.


    It is based on the principle that if one monkey could shut down a country, one must be can get it run.

    Seems logical and we await their manifesto, not that it will get read by anyone.

  95. John

    Guess the MLP will now have to come up with a slate of candidates. Should not be difficult as monkeys can be seen all over Barbados nowadays and so the MLP should be represented in every constituency.

    When I find out the identity of the monkey who the MLP will put forward in my constituency, he/she will have my vote.

  96. Velzo and Jupiter I know this is an issue that you have raised elsewhere.

    Despite the fact that people say that politics is not about truth but about rumour and scandle and I am betting on truth. I am going to stake my political future on it as you have your entire political future riding on lies.

    I don’t mind you attacking me but I think if you are going to try to discredit the memory of Mr. Griffith you really shouldn’t. In politics we must have some moral minimum.

    Let me tell you who Mr. Griffith was. He is now dead. He was a strong, erect proud black man – a plumber. He was one of the stalwarts in the catchment area of Foursquare/Marchfield/Woodbourne/St. Patricks.

    In 2002 I needed a Constituency Office – which I still have by the way. I promised at the end of the last election that I would have a place where Constituents would meet me even though I was not the M.P. I made a promise that I would help where I could.

    The office is not funded by Government. We pay the rent and the utilities through my family’s funds and through holding fund raising events such as Barbecues.

    On November 25 we are having an independence dance to help in raising funds for our 1) senior citizens lunch, 2) children’s party and 3)hamper distribution programme 4) paying our day to day expenses in the Constutuency such as contributing to various events.

    … … but I digress

    I wanted an office that was easily accessible. Others are strategically placed outside of the reach of the most needy Constituents.

    My father decided that he would ask Mr. Griffith who was then in a nursing home as he was more his contemporary. My father made arrangements to rent the house. My ftaher’s name is Clive Eastmond. He continues to pay the rent to one of Mr. Griffith’s sons.

    Any other issues that you might wish to raise that fall within my competence to answer I will do so.

    I should tell you however that this is the only time that I will engage in any discussion that will discredit one of those ordinary Barbadians that all he ever did was to try to build this country.

    I will not participate in any thing that will drag his memory through political smut. He honestly does not deserve this.

  97. Before you misrepresent what I said I don’t mean that he was a political stalwart – I mean a pillar of the community.

    When the old DLP was in operation with the likes of the highly respected Reynold Weekes most of the people in St. Philip supported the DLP so I don’t know how he voted.

  98. Jupiter

    I know Velzo can handle his own scenes,however what I recalled is Velzo saying the house was built by Rural Development Commission and his son is the minister for rural development.
    I suppose he means Senator Erskine Griffith.I was however, hearing this for the first time and thanked Velzo for the info.
    Surely those funds are to be used for the indigent.

    However as is your trend you didnot answer those questions but when on to tell us about fundraising you’re holding for children’s party,senior citizens etc.

    Are you any different from any of the M.P.s?

    As far as i know all prospective candidates who are nominated by their
    party but are not elected representatives must look after the expenses of their constituency branch office.So what’s the big idea?You are no different.
    But just like I thought you use this site to promote yourself and what you are doing ie handouts of the bread & fish kind,and of course the usual tear jerker the ‘poor,proud black man’.

    Cuz you can’t tell me he wasn’t poor,cuz then I would have to ask why did he get a rural development house as Velzo said?

    Carry on smartly my dear,big brother is watching.

  99. Jupiter


    Have you noticed Dr Estwick is not a minister but he gets on with his work.He does a lot of research and informs us the information hungry bajans about the state of the economy,and about future trends.

    To me that’s more useful to the nation than playing a game of rounders with his constituents as was earlier suggested.

  100. Anonymous-

    Have you noticed Dr Estwick is not a minister but he gets on with his work.He does a lot of research and informs us the information hungry bajans about the state of the economy,and about future trends.

    He also wastes no time in cursing and carrying on like a tawdry whore at political meetings. Calling Owen Arthur a “****”, insinuating that he will sell his backside to save the economy, and that members of his cabinet would buy it. Yes Sir.. “Dr.” Estwick really gets on with his work and provides much intellectually sound information to Bajans. Long may he stay on his side of the House.

    Edited by Robert

    Anonymous – 1st formal Caution for language. Twice more and you IP will be placed into the spam list.

  101. Jupiter


    Order please,Order please.

    Would contributors please respect the rules of this honourable blog site and refrain from cuss words.

    Anonymous,you really expect us to believe that Dr Estwick got up on a public platform in a political meeting and use cuss words?


  102. Anonymous-


    Scroll down to the laughable headline “Dems impress in Christ Church” and click on David Estiwck’s video.

    The truth shall set you free my friend.

  103. Anonymous-

    I guess the fool has your tongue. A word of advice Jupiter…. you can only trust a jackass to bray. As such, you musn’t swear for David Estwick.

  104. Littleboy56@caribsurf.com

    Not only does he not understand written English, but he also has a problem with spoken English.
    R-u-n-t- is the word Dr Estwick used in Ch Ch.
    Poor Mousey, any excuse to display bad manners.
    The old folks would call it lack of “broughtupsy”!!!

  105. John

    I rather fancy the chances of the MLP this time around.

  106. Velzo

    Linette, why don’t you answer the question? Your reply has gone all over the place. Maybe Mr. Griffith (father of Senator Erskine Griffith – current Minister of Rural Development and a former PS in the Ministry of Finance) was proud, black and upright but that is simply not the issue. If he was so prominent, why did the RDC have to help him? Seems strange to me.

    His son was a Permanent Secretary, on retirement he got his gratuity and two pensions and then became an Ambassador and was paid a third source of income. He is now drawing the same two pensions and getting a Ministers salary. He is a prominent member of the same church you say you pewed and your navel string was buried in. And that church teaches family responsibility.

    Why would the elder Mr. Griffith need RDC help?

    His legacy – whatever it is – will be tarnished if it is true that the house he was supposed to be living in – while in the district hospital as well – was built/refurbished by the RDC and since his death or during his life is rented by some two-bit politician sliding on a gravy trail funded by taxpayers as a branch office.

    Aren’t these houses for the indigent? I am getting mad about this. Wasn’t that taxpayers money? Is there no one else – other than you – in need of a house in St. Philip West?

    And why were other elderly persons who were helped by the RDC made to sign documents giving the property back to the RDC at death but not the poor, black, erect Mr. Joe Griffith? And why won’t his son have the integrity to give back the house to the RDC instead of allowing thos awful corruption to persist?

    Linette, you are too full of yourself with little to be full about. I heard David Thompson in the House two weeks ago speaking about the two Senators – you and the same Griffith – who played a big role in stopping the Public Accounts Committee from interviewing Mr. Trotman from the UDC. I now know why!

    BFP: go and take a picture of the RDC house. It is right next to Foursquare Factory. This is the real piggy-torough award of the century!

    Shortly I will give you another picture. It is of another RDC house for one Ms. J. Price. Sound familiar? I hope they don’t lick it down. Its famous.

  107. Jupiter


    You notice how Quiet Lynette has become?Watch and see she will not tell us if those charges about her consituency office being a rural devlopment house etc is true,but instead she is going to talk about personal attacks,or what barbecue she is arranging to raise funds etc.

    Waste of Space,that one.

    Velzo,are you in a position to share more about that info on the Public accounts committee and the 2 senators obstructionist behaviour,because I was cussing the DLP left,right and center saying they were falling asleep on the job?

    Also,does Dugid own shares in a construction company is that what you are saying?

  108. Anonymous-

    You people should be ashamed of yourselves, gossiping and bringing trash talk against elected officials. If this is what Barbados is becoming – a bunch of conspirators, rumour mongers and blatant liars – I feel ashamed to be Barbadian.

  109. honeybee

    Velzo, accusations and inuendo without evidence are no good and not worth responding to. They make you lose you credibility.

    I enjoy reading what you have to say but threats to expose achieve nothing.

  110. Littleboy56@caribsurf.com

    Wonder what Owen will say to his supporters after last night’s fiasco at 6 Cross Roads?
    Such a paultry gathering!can;t call that turnout a “crowd”, can we?
    I hope elections will be called now!
    “Mousey, tell the boys to call ’em nuh!

  111. Anon

    I think the BLP brigade is finally recognising that this the last hurrah for them.People are not even turning out to hear them,not even the party faithfuls.

    What we have to watch carefully and be vigilant about is any last minute big projects where money can be siphoned off,or last minute legislation designed to help special interests groups that are special to them.

    I always thought that this administration that came in on such a ‘popular wave’ according to the media would in the end turn out to be the most hated administration.

    And as events unfold they are proving me right.

    The arrogance of these elected and non-elected representatives,the sheer greed and bold-facedness,the ugly spectre of immoral behaviour – prominent lesbians in the party making bold play for youg women,the homosexual party members holding high office and according to reports cruising well known gay pick-up areas looking for young male meat,the father of first world status himself and other high officials allegedly fathering children with multiple partners,women holding certain positions who got there by sleeping with the right head honcho etc etc.

    As plastic bag sings:”this country ain’t well,this country sick”.

  112. Anonymous-

    Will BFP allow the post above to remain? Is this what we have to resort to, lads? Slandering the cabinet? Shame.

  113. Anon


    You must be really desperate.You have taken to pleading with the same BFP that you cuss and malign everyday to now remove posts that are offensive to you and show your Gov’t in a bad light.

    Oh how the mighty has fallen.

  114. Anonymous-

    Might I also remind the ‘expert’ commentators that this is not election season, and as such turnout at Six Roads can hardly be seen as indicative of any loss of favour for the BLP. When the election campaign begins, then the true numbers will show. I challenge you to take a survey of the average Barbadian and I can assure you that the vast majority will resoundingly support the BLP. Why leave sure for unsure? Owen Arthur isn’t perfect, but Bajans enjoy a standard of living that is the envy of the Caribbean and the toast of international organizations everywhere – and any Barbadian outside of George Street knows this.

  115. BFP

    Anonymous – you said that you couldn’t wait until one of us got killed over this website.

    You are hardly in a position of moral authority such that we would be concerned about your feelings of being offended by another anonymous commenter.

    Have a nice day.

  116. To :Littleboy@56caribsurf.com

    I am glad that you have made mention of the BLP’s meeting in Six Roads last night. A friend of mine who lives nearby, said she walked up to the top of her gap where she noticed some persons gathered, she thought it was a car accident, but some one indicated that it was the BLP public meeting. Her response was, but a couple weeks ago there was a meeting up here and I could not get out of house, cause the cars were parked all over the place and people had all of the road blocked. I told her that was the DLP meeting.

  117. Littleboy56@caribsurf.com

    Poor “Mousey”…”this is not election season…”. You are contradicring Owen.
    He was the one who declared the start of the battle.
    Admit it ,the public does not want to hear your party anymore.
    I know Bajans well. When they have had enough they blank you out.
    …”Slandering the cabinet…” What a laugh!
    Ask Maasscol what he called Jerome. And Mia was the one who talked about the possibly legalizing homosexuality. Remember when Owen asked the public to ease up on her, since she was “wounded” as a result of the criticism that followed?

  118. Anonymous-

    Anonymous – you said that you couldn’t wait until one of us got killed over this website.

    And I still can’t wait. However, it wasn’t me who was slandered, so the fact that I pointed out a moral infraction does not negate its validity. But then… if you ever censored slander and lies, you would have nothing to write about. How silly of me. My mistake.

  119. Anon

    Have you noticed that the politicians who come on this site cannot come on now and deny the charges being made against them?

    Lynette is not responding to the question about the rural development house her constituency office is in that belonged to the father of a current minister of Gov’t , and Dugid can’t say whether he is a contractor,or has interests in a contracting firm.

    They have sent out anonymous to do their pleadings for them.

    BFP is quite right to ignore him.The nerve of him,only a day or so ago cussing on the site and now adopting this righteous stance.Shame.

  120. Anonymous-

    I operate by the simple creed ‘to whom much is given, much is expected’. I am not a press attache for the government, and even if I were, I would be highly insulted if I had to be appointed to this bootleg version of political ‘Pudding & Souse’. I merely state my opposition to the lies I see printed by BFP and its contributors about the Government, and I see it as my duty not just as a party member, but as one who has to interact with Government members daily in my profession – and I know for a fact that the charges laid against this Barbados government by the BFP and its contributors are blatant, falsified, sensationalist, garbage. I can not, in good conscience, see it and not comment. The DLP has the editors and the commentators on this site in its back pocket… and what a sad, sad place that is to be.

  121. BFP

    Anonymous said… “…I merely state my opposition to the lies I see printed by BFP and its contributors about the Government, and I see it as my duty not just as a party member, but as one who has to interact with Government members daily in my profession – and I know for a fact that the charges laid against this Barbados government by the BFP and its contributors are blatant, falsified, sensationalist, garbage.”

    Please tell us, Anonymous, which exact charges against the government are false?

    Specifically…. which charges?

    Please provide the details of any false charges, including what you know to be the truth from your knowledge of the government and the individual members of your party.

    Perhaps we could start with the meeting between the Prime Minister and the Caribbean Splash water park developer Matthew Kerins? Did the meeting not take place as Mr. Kerins stated? Are we mistaken? Did Mr. Kerins lie about the meeting?

    Please also let us know if Mr. Kerins has a written memorandum of understanding concerning locating the waterpark at the Graeme Hall watershed and if the Prime Minister was party to that agreement.
    Perhaps Mr. Kerins has spent some four million dollars as he claimed – without the benefit of a written agreement.

    Please let us know about this first matter, and then, I guess, we can address the next of your complaints of falsehoods by BFP.

    You choose the next one after you’ve answered this one, ok?

    And have a nice day.


  122. Kathy

    BFP, I don’t think you should take The Mouse too seriously. He writes disdainfully about your site, but obviously reads every word avidly, and seldom fails to comment on any political topic. Maybe it is his job to report on this site for Mia or somebody like her, but I think he secretly LOVES BFP and can’t stay away!

    Seriously, though, your site is great! I read BFP everyday.

  123. Anon

    It finally dawned on me who annonymous is – Ezra Alleyne.

  124. Out Dey in Bim


    Here’s an article you might be interested in – See tues.14th Nov. 06 Trinidad express article by Cynthia James on Blogging as an educational Tool (opinion section).

  125. West Side Davie

    Is this the same Ezra Alleyne?

    Slippery little fella!



  126. Hants

    Anonymous accuses BFP of “blatant, falsified, sensationalist, garbage”

    Like the possible devastation of the Offshore Banking Industry? The Canadian Government is intent on shutting down Barbados as a Tax haven for Canadians.Read the Canadian news. BFP is not making this up.

    BFP it is time to list the things that are wrong in Barbados.
    Just write what the PM,Mascoll and the Central bank Govenor said.
    Lets hear what Anonymous has to say.

  127. Anon

    Have you noticed Anonymous has not said a word about his revealed identity ie Ezra Alleyne?We are probably coming too close to home.

    Have you also noticed that neither Lynette,nor any of the other Blp operatives have come on to explain,deny or whatever the ques. of the rural Dev.house lynette office is occuping?

    David Thompson I’m calling on you and your team to expose the wrongdoing by any of these elected representatives and then seek to get them prosecuted.

    I’m wondering if its possible to sue the gov’t for action that worked to the detriment of the citizens.I know the administration of justice Act allows legal suits for specific action under specific circumstances.

  128. Anon

    West Side Davie

    Thanks for that case http://www.lawcourts re Ezra.I am always amazed at the information we get on this BFP site,despite the naysayers and detractors like anonymous.

  129. Anonymous-

    Anonypuss above, I am not Ezra Alleyne. I’ll be sure to tell him you think so highly of him however.

  130. ananymous2

    Anonymous, you lost this round so bow out gracefully and save face. They provided the evidence to prove the point about Mr. Alleyne “Slippery little fella!” that he is.

    It is a good thing you are not him.

    Recharge and come again.

  131. Anon

    Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.Mr Ezra Alleyne I’m reliably informed is the one behind those nasty letters to the Editor in the newspapers.

    Acc.to Sen Freundel Stuart at a political meeting at Quakers rd,this same man was coming to him and secretly suggesting he,instead of David Thopmson should lead the Dlp.

    Yet look at what we found out in this court case.

    This same Ezra Alleyne I’m told, holds a post as consultant in the Prime Minister’s office on parliamentary matters, can someone tell me what his role is?and was this job advertised? or is this another case of paying tens of thousands of dollars for another job for the boys?

  132. Anonymous-

    Why the hell don’t you mind your own business and stop being so loose with other people’s names?

  133. Anon


    That IS my business.I am a tax payer remember?

  134. Alcolado

    @Anon & West Side Davie, speculate no more. Read this entire thread, or the following excerpt from it, then do your homework… or is this ‘admission’ false? We’ll never know…

    H.E. Humphrey
    November 8th, 2006 at 9:35 am
    Jupiter, I think it’s tea time at George Street. Take a break and come back.

    November 8th, 2006 at 10:14 am

    Feeling the heat fictitious H.E. Humphrey?

    All these false names like the ones you all use in your letters to the editor don’t fool us a bit.We know they come straight out of Bay Street.

    Alas, when I post as anonymous you call me a mouse. Then, when I put my station and name, I’m fictitious. Well no WONDER D’s could never be in government – you people don’t know what you want!

    So Mouse could be a top diplomat representing our country in The Hague. Whoa! Whatever.

    None of this dirty mudslinging means anything anyway, just more of the same. You D’s aint any different from the B’s when it all boil down. Ask Davie if Sonpicky & Co. still sponsoring he so large, and why all the best agricultural land in St. John lies fallow while our food import bill skyrockets.

    The story is the same the world over, politicians are bought and sold by big business, the media & religion controls our thoughts and behaviors, and wars are fought with the blood of innocents for a tidy profit. Welcome to the New World Order. Same old story, reprised.

  135. Anon


    The only foreign diplomat I remember with that surname is Errol Humphrey who I think worked at the BIDC and was posted to Canada.

    But I won’t be sidetracked I believe Anonymous is Ezra Alleyne who has lots of time during the day from his office in Bay Street to post on this site.

    Don’t worry we will be equally as vigilant when the D’s get in,however I believe this Gov’t surpasses all others in their corrupt practices and other nasty behaviour.

    I could just imagine how they are sallivating just at the thought of getting at BFP and some of the commentators on this site.

  136. Velzo

    Honeybee, what evidence do you want?

    The house is right next to foursquare factory with a big, bold sign, a barbecue stand and other party paraphenalia? You mean a whole house is not evidence? Do you want a photo of the RDC crew at work?

    The house RDC moved and refurbished for Ms. J. Price is in St. Thomas. Do you want location, telephone number and a list of those who were visting seven years ago? That’s easy.

    I am giving BFP a chance to investigate these things because if I provide the evidence you will say I’m partisan. I am sure Anonymous knows about all of these infelicities.

  137. ross

    Velzo E-mail the evidence to BFP. Tell out on them.

    Look how Willie showed us that document. Doan mind he still forgot the others he told us about re Clico.

    Doan mind the partisan talk. I want to see the real, hard evidence. I believe everything and doan believe anything these days.

  138. Anonymous-

    If there was any doubt in anyone’s mind that Velzo was a stark raving D, I hope he clarified it for you. These RDC/UDC stories are a mainstay of the George Street Posse who – lacking proper evidence or material- seek to rile up the public with the salacious and sensational accusations. The public is right not to believe you. Give it up and find a real issue to bring to the table, D.

  139. Out Dey in Bim


    Is this Ms J.Price – a former Ms Julie Price who is now the wife of Prime Minister Qwen Arthur?
    I can’t believe it.You mean to tell me not only was she given a wuk in his office but she got a free house from the rural development corporation?

    Look,my blood starting to boil.Velzo if this is indeed so we the citizens here want all the facts.

    These stinking,nasty corrupt people.No wonder we got to borrow out we soulcase and mortgage we pit toilet and all.

  140. Out Dey in Bim


    Please tell us if ms j. price is the same person who is the current wife of prime minister owen arthur.
    Also are you saying she got a free house from the rural development corporation?

    Please give us some more details.

  141. Out Dey in Bim


    If you raise issues on this site and we the readers ask questions please do the polite thing and answer.

    I have asked for clarification on the rural development house for J.Price.

    Like Ross,I will like a little more detail,it helps us when we go to the polls.

    I don’t see it as any partisan matter,I see it as a public service that you are providing.

  142. Velzo

    Ross, Willie didn’t e-mail anything spectacular. The entire list of concessions given to golf courses was laid in the House of Assembly in 1994. Read the letter, it is headed “Golf Course Concessions” not concessions to Sandy Lane. These concessions were a broad policy decision by the then government to all golf courses.

    No doubt they are the same kind of concessions Owen Arthur promised to the Water Park developer at that private meeting which excluded Willie – or so he says!