Caribbean Splash Waterpark Developer Kerins’ Insulting Advert


Waterpark Developer Blows Brains Out In Public

On Friday, October 13, 2006, Caribbean Splash Waterpark developer Matthew Kerins published a newspaper advertisement titled Let The Truth Be Told – in what I presume was an attempt to persuade the citizens of Barbados that opponents of his water park project are “snakes in a cane field” with a hidden agenda to (I guess) commercialize Graeme Hall themselves and do all sorts of evil.

While Mr. Kerins’ obvious intent was to assist his own water park project, the response to the advert was such that he must now realize that he effectively put a pistol into his mouth and pulled the trigger.

For a week or so, everybody was talking about the advert – even up here in Grape Hall where I am visiting today – and the response was not kind to Mr. Kerins…

“We all be snakes to him”

“Who does he think he is telling us what is democracy and ours is no good…”

“He park his truck in Grape Hall, he be walkin’ back fu sur!”

And even the most damning condemnation of all… “Typical American think he can come here an do as he please. Push peoples around…”

In my experience, Mr. Kerins behaviour is not typical of most Americans – but he certainly does lend credence to the stereotypical image of an American on foreign soil. Mr. Kerins might want to take a week or so and read The Ugly American by William Lederer. Here’s a passage from that book that always stuck with me…

“For some reason, the people I meet in my country are not the same as the ones I knew in the United States. A mysterious change seems to come over Americans when they go to a foreign land. They isolate themselves socially. They live pretentiously. They’re loud and ostentatious. Perhaps they’re frightened and defensive, or maybe they’re not properly trained and make mistakes out of ignorance.”

Kerins Calls For Truth While Hiding The Environmental Studies

Mr. Kerins’ call for “the truth” rings a wee bit hollow considering that he refuses to publish the Environmental Impact Assessment on the web for all Bajans to see. ONE COPY was placed in the library to fulfill the “letter” of the law, but when interested citizens wanted to photocopy passages or even make notes, Mr. Kerins’ corporation claimed “copyright” violations and forbade this. (See BFP’s previous article and associated comments Caribbean Splash Waterpark – Excerpts From “Secret” Barbados Government Report)


The Most Insulting Statement In Kerins’ Advert…

I can just picture Matthew Kerins angrily hammering away at his keyboard to create this advertisement. Working late into the night at his New Jersey mansion – surrounded by beer bottles and empty packages of Cheeze snacks and potato crisps – taking a swig of watery American beer and finishing with a triumphant howl “There. That will show those snakes in the cane field!”

In his mind, Mr. Kerins has come up with the ultimate threat – put the fear of God into those lowly illiterates in Christ Church. What would those Bajans fear the most? What could turn them against the Nature Sanctuary?

“I’ve got it!” he cried, “Septic Tanks. That’s it. That’s what they fear. Septic tanks!”

And so, knowing that Bajans prefer to live with untreated human waste going into the water table – to have their children play in the foul green rivulets that weep from cracks and under rocks – Mr. Kerins included the threat in his advertisement: that homeowners might be forced to “install costly septic tanks in the future”.


Quite right, Matthew. Bring on the water park. Anything to avoid civilized sanitation standards on Barbados!

We couldn’t print what Auntie Moses said when she read that part of your advert, Matthew. Good luck with whatever country you force yourself on next. Perhaps you will have learned a lesson on Barbados, but somehow, I doubt it.

BFP Reprints Full Text Of Kerins’ Insulting Advertisement

We think that Matthew Kerins’ Let The Truth Be Told advertisement should stand permanently online as a self-evident illustration of the contempt with which Mr. Kerins views Barbados citizens who dare to disagree with his business plans.

To that end, Shona transcribed the advertisement and we have posted both a picture of the advertisement and the transcription on a separate page. (Link here)


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7 responses to “Caribbean Splash Waterpark Developer Kerins’ Insulting Advert

  1. sel interest versus long term public interest

    It is interesting to note in his advertisment that Matthew Kerins crows about his environmental efforts with preservation at Fire Island and in the same article berates Barbadian citizens from exercising their own free opinions and choices to try and protect a fragile watershed area. This is the essence of doubletalk and the heighth of hypocrisy. Sadly, once again it all involves self-interest and a quick buck for some people.

  2. West Side Davie

    Kerins hasn’t shown his face on this island for many months. He is letting his hired help do the talk show radio and he did not come to the Graeme Hall Sanctuary party where he could have explained his position to everyone if he wanted.

    He is probably given up on this project by now. Should give up anyway.

  3. At last we see Kerins’ actual ad. Hurrah! There is much more to it than Peter Simmons’ fine letter dealt with, so it is hard to know where to start.

    If a prototype punching “bug” as Kerins styles himself, were to be designed it would be harder to do better than him. He is even the right shape! But we should not be personal when serious issues are at stake.

    Dealing with a couple of points of fact first:
    1. “The surrounding homes use suckwells…” The homes of Amity Lodge, Rendezvous Ridge, Graeme Hall Park, Graeme Hall Terrace, Warners and Tino Terrace hardly surround the Nature Sanctuary and their suckwells could hardly drain into it.
    2. “I know that 20% of the homes at Graeme Hall are already zoned for commercial use.” Rubbish!
    3. “This (the National Park project) is a blatant and brazen attempt at a large scale land grab…” Absurd! But it well describes Kerins machinations to get lands which he knows are worth $20 p.sq.ft. at a knockdown peppercorn lease.

    The only good thing about Kerins’ ad is that it is so offensive it is almost as if he realises his is a lost cause. He is evidently not prepared to look for a more suitable site elsewhere. But until “He-who-will-decide” actually announces that Kerins’ scheme has been rejected I will not sleep easy.

  4. Hants

    No waterpark near Graemehall. Period.

    Barbados is trying to Construct its way to prosperity as is evident by the theories of the PM,Bizzy Williams(Nation), Dick Stoute(Nation).

    Building and modernizing is probably a good thing but a WaterPark alongside the only substantial wetlands is NOT.

    It is sad to me that we already have a generation of children who don’t know how to make their own toys,bats,balls, don’t know how to fish,catch crabs with a string etc.
    At least in Graemehall they can still see the Fish and Crabs we used to catch and see mangroves etc.

    Barbados can become a concrete jungle.

  5. Economix

    Barbados is close to being already..
    a concrete jungle.
    I give it one hundred years
    and it’ll look like Manhattan island,
    yes even the East Coast where(for now)it seems untouchable.

    WAIT til the population pressures mount
    and we have four hundred thousand people jammed onto this little rock!
    Thank Almighty God I’ll be dead and gone, by then!

  6. If Caribbean Splash has really given up on despoiling Graeme Hall Park I feel the authorities should let us know.

    Mr Duguid is active in BFP, and privy to Govt. matters. Can he not get someone such as Chief Town Planner to issue a statement to this effect? This would prevent further speculation about that “private meeting” Kerins is reported to have had with Leonard Nurse and the PM. It will be a morale boost to those supporting the Graeme Hall National Park. It is not right that we should be kept in the dark indefinitely on such an important matter. Action please!

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