Barbados Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch Becomes Comedian!

“Government has got to be entrepreneurial in a climate of transparency and accountability, but it also has to know when to get out,”
…Barbados Minister of Transport Noel Lynch talking about selling the Hilton Hotel in The Nation News (link here).

We know he was only talking about selling the Hilton, but when Shona read the statement, she spilled her tea all down the front of her dress.

I thought it was pretty funny too!


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28 responses to “Barbados Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch Becomes Comedian!

  1. Velzo

    BFP, I agree that Barney is empty. But I find Willie emptier.

    In all fairness, the open, transparent and accessible Willie Duguid whose virtues BFP extols, should be asked by BFP to answer my response to his baseless, infantile allegation about David Thompson and the Democratic Labour Party’s policies on tax concessions.

    There was an implication in your posting that suggested that the concessions may have been given by David Thompson in secrecy. Or that decisions were not made transparently.

    Prove that implication and have Willie do the same and you will add much to your stature.

    And give other readers responses to these issues the same prominence you give to your MP.

  2. Mountie

    I beg to differ on two fronts (a) Lynch did not be become a comedian he always was one (b)@Velzo—- Lynch is not empty. You must have a container in order for empty to have relevance. Lynch does not even have a container. In other words Noel MM Lynch is beyond empty.
    A question for the political scientists on here. How does a nothingnarian like Noel MM Lynch get into the most important house in the land?


    Poor Barney, he always puts mouth in gear before brain has started! Austin Husbands referred to him,at a DLP meeting in St Lucy, as “Babbling Barney”. How apt!
    He has a silly habit of boasting about projected revenue, then when the reality sets in he offers limp excuses,e.g. cruise tourism,increased airline capacity,Concorde… now he is boasting about projected income from Carnival Lines cruises,the World Golf Championship …I can only agree with Mountie-he has always been a comedian, or better yet a joke!

  4. John

    He might be a comedian but sure seems to be a rich one!!

    Must have a container somewhere …..

  5. Green!

    All this recent talk of “transparency”..

    Gentlemen, this Transparency and Accountability stuff
    is a white thing

    and as such, bears little relevance to a black ex-Africa country,
    or have I got it all wrong(again?)?

    I don’t mean to sound racist or elitist
    but different peoples run different countries ..differently!
    Are we holding ourselves up to a standard that may be simply inappropriate for our population?
    Are we fooling ouselves that we’re a white nation?
    – with white standards?

    Is this schizophrenic behaviour?
    Is it even mentally healthy,
    to engage in such delusions?

    We are Barbados, an island-nation consisting mainly of the descandants of black slaves, ex-Africa.. island just off the West African coast, to all intents and puposes.

    WHY are we still pretending we’re ruled from London?
    -with a white Colonial Office and Governor?

  6. I rather think Green! fancies himself a comedian sometimes.

  7. Jane

    Good point Green! We come from Africa so we could afford to do as the Africans do. Who needs accountabity and transparency? Let’s forget about them. It is only the poor masses who suffer the most in countries where corruption is rife.

    Africa is a perfect example for us to emulate. We just need to look at the way most people live in Chad, Somalia, Sudan, Angola & Nigeria which are perceived to be some of the most corrupt places in the world.

    But things seem just fine for the few who are in control so we also need to consider how they live.

    Day runs until night catches it or vice versa.

  8. Green!

    Only by interjection of humour
    do I survive the Barbados Madness that so surrounds me.

    It’s either laugh or cry.
    Which one do you prefer??

  9. Jane

    Green! I was beginning to wonder. I use the “laugh or cry” term reglarly myself.

  10. Mountie

    Can someone xplain how World Golf Championship going bring massive revenues that joker Lynch and government says? How much bucks we put up to get them to come here?

  11. passin thru

    The World Golf championship will bring millions and millions of dollars into Barbados.


    Well, ah, er





    The World Golf championship will bring millions and millions of dollars into Barbados.

  12. Hants

    Lynch could be right about Golf revenues if the Barbados Government negotiated a good deal for some of the TV and pay per view rights revenue.

    However, the practice of paying people to come to Barbados (Best of Barbados) may be in play.

    We will probably hear that we had to “make concessions” and should look at the long term benefits.

  13. Bajanboy

    Well, a good starting point for transparancy and accountability is for people to get more involved in the running of this country, even if it is just letting their opinions be heard. Citizens’ involvement in democracy should be so much more than a day or two every four years. This country also needs an independent government watchdog to keep government officials in line, but people are still afraid to speak out. Therefore, kudos to the moderators of this blog for providing this semi-anonomous platform.

  14. Bajanboy

    The tourism product in Barbados is inherently weak. We have no terrorist attacks, no natural disasters, no political instability, and are spending more and more money each year to promote Barbados, yet can manage very small gains in tourism revenue from one year to the next. Other destinations get bombed (such as Bali or Kenya), have coups (Fiji) or natural disasters (Cozumel or Thailand), and tourism bounces back within two years. There are good aspects of tourism here in Barbados, but these are mitigated by the bad.

  15. John

    Maybe we could persuade the cellular millionaire to include Barbados in his list of African countries although I suspect the $5 million plus stipend for life might be only peanuts for some of these guys and gals here.

  16. John

    … but then again, here is the other side of the coin from the article on BFP about the billionaire … not millionaire!!

    The Transparency International Chapter in South Africa thinks the money should be put into systems for accountability and into Parliament to keep the big men accountable. The award only perpetuates the big man mentality.

    Don’t we have the second or third oldest parliament in the world?

    1639-2006, more years on the scoreboard than Garry Sobers had runs.

  17. Mountie

    @Green, Jane,Andrew——-this thread about Noel MM Lynch and serious matters of revenue for Barbados. We not discussing racism. Why not hold your views, snide asides etc for thread that features racism.

    Back to World Golf Championship something about it reminds of Ms. Universe or Ms. World whichever one Trump owns in Trinidad few years back. Lots of talk then about billion + television viewers, massive exposure and long term benefits for Trinidad. I am unaware of of any real benefits accruing to Trinidad and they spent huge amounts staging that show. Even the man Trump himself put in an appearance. I have a feeling we are on same road with WGC. I hope I am wrong but this Lynch comedian doesnt inspire confidence.

  18. Rumplestilskin

    Apparently, there is a ‘modus operandi’ in the marketing arena these days…

    ‘if you say something often enough and convincingly enough, people will believe it, no matter if it is bollocks’

    and funnily enough, there is some credence to this philosophy. Unless people ask themselves when they read news ‘does this make sense?’…it starts to look like reality.

    This modus also helps if you are trying to deflect attention form mismanagement etc, blame it on something/ someone else…call an enquiry, whatever, repeat the balem (elsewhere) repeatedly and hey ho….you are in the clear….even if the buck should have stopped at you….

    cool huh?

  19. Rumplestilskin

    PS: Add to the above that many people actually believe the nonsense that the Advocate and Nation regurgitate for whatever is put out for public consumtion by the political directive.

    Easy then to direct public views and actions.

  20. @Mountie

    I’ll challenge what I perceive to be a racial remark when one is made, I don’t think racist remark should be left unchallenged, even if made an an inappropriate thread. I agree that is not the thread for discussing it, and specifically mentioning it after the conversation had died you are only serving to re-ignite the topic. Was that your intention?

  21. Jane

    Mountie, racism has no place in the transparency and accountability debate but it is a ploy that has been and will continue to be used to detract for this and other important debates in this country.

    If you have lived in Barbados for any length of time you will already know this.

  22. Anonymous-

    You may as well talk about racism, the weather – hell, even the West Indies being bowled out for 138. This post is equally as vapid.

  23. Jane

    Green!, Andrew, Mountie, I think some people may have misunderstood the intentions here.

    We are talking about spending our money in ways that best benefit Barbados. When we discuss corruption we are talking about the height of oppression. People suffer and their skin colour does not matter. Corruption is all colours.

    Unfortunately spokespeople for the oppressed in Barbados often mistake racism for oppression without looking at the bigger picture. This is counter productive and very convenient for some as it shifts the focus in the minds of the masses and makes it even more difficult for corrective measures to be implemented.

    The masses need to know that they have the power. The politicians work for them and spend their money. Unfortunately, this is not how Bajans think. We are complacent, last minute people, which is fine when our money is being well spent.

    Without checks and balances (transparency & accountability) we have no idea how our money is being spent.

  24. Jane

    Anonymouse, try going back to bed and getting up on the other side.

  25. Mountie

    Andrew—its everyones right to challenge racial remarks. You though seem to be overly sensisitive on race. I wonder why. Your remarks on race generally lack balance.
    The thread’s discussion was on Lynch and his comedy status,the WGC and if it will deliver level of revenues Lynch would have us believe. Why send it in racist direction? I too can leap on any remark deemed racist whether it comes from you or any other source.

    Jane—your last post is confusing. Corruption is no respector of persons it can be found in publc and PRIVATE sectors. Oppression too is found in both sectors.

  26. Mountie – then why bring it back up? I have no idea why Green! choose to send it in a racial direction. And I thought that was out of line. Hence my original post. What lack of balance to do seen in my posts. I have been accused of that from all sides of that debate.. usually a good sign that you might be near the centre

  27. Jane

    Mountie, you are a challenge.

    Corruption and oppression go hand in hand, oppression allows corruption to thrive.

    Does this make the point clearer?