Indian Cricket Article Laments: “Never Ever Get Fooled By That Bajan Politeness…”


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A few excerpts from an Express India cricket story. The story is well written and a bit of fun as the author, Mini Kapoor, relates a cricket trip to Barbados…

Candid Caribbean

You here for the cricket? The question never varies, and it is put to me with clockwork regularity. In airports, hotel elevators, cabs, souvenir shacks, everywhere. In Barbados, Antigua, Jamaica. Cricket it is, and in a curious way talk of the game — the game itself — keeps me tethered to Caribbean diversity. Cricket it is that binds these emerald isles — this unique entity still called the British West Indies — but cricket it is too that separates them.

In Barbados — its moniker ‘Bimshire’ emphasising its enduring Englishness, its reputation for producing more worldclass cricketers per capita intact — they are keen competitors, but so achingly polite about it. It helps that they are already celebrating victory in Bridgetown when I arrive. But they are itching for more, they will settle for nothing less than a series win.


Never ever get fooled by that Bajan politeness. Engage Barbadians a little more, spell out the need for an Indian victory, and you’ll have them guffawing. They will have you cringing in seconds, they will go breathless as they laugh over the dismissals at Kensington Oval. Party with them in this most beguiling, most friendly of cities, spend countless hours watching the waves roll in and rush back on its white beaches, discuss Caribbean literature in its well-stocked bookshops, but maintain contrite silence when dwell upon the funny old game.

… Read the rest of this excellent piece at Express India (link here)

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  1. jagdish

    The present Indian team in South Africa consist of majority of the so-called ” Secured” players whose focus is on their income earning potential rather than their potential on the playing pitch. Excuses to escape being exposed of their lack of intent is the order of the day. Surpringly they manage to get away with their intentions with the tactic support of the coach,the BCCI management,the captian & the so called ” Well Wishers”.

    Otherwise how does one explain the continues excuse at critical times of player being injured or not fit due to fictitious reasons for not playing when the team needs them the most. Anchor batsman and bowlers who fail to produce desired result and are scared of continuing their bad & shoddy performance find one or the other reason to either stay away from the next match or the series or the season itself so that they can make sure that they will be still in the race for selection for the World Cup in 2007. Meanwhile , under the guise of experimentation Guru Greg & chamcha Dravid try to convince the people that the team is in damn good form even if they loose all the matches , be it one day or for ever and that we the indians should repose our undying faith in their ability to finally win the world cup…. I bet this team wont even figure in the quater finals of the comming world cup in 2007. Crores to Mr.Pawar !!!!