Gas Pipeline Awaiting Barbados Decision ‘Announcement’


Source: Decision Made But Barbados Government Waiting To Announce It

There is probably a good reason that the Government of Barbados has not yet announced its decision to allow a US$550 million dollar natural gas pipeline from Trinidad & Tobago to Barbados.

Probably some details have to be finalized… like who pays for the pipeline, and where it will come ashore. Hmmm… I wonder who now owns the land where the pipeline will be coming ashore? I wonder who will be paying for it, who will get the construction contracts, and how much Barbados will make from the next section between Barbados and St. Lucia, Dominica, Martinique & Guadeloupe?

I wonder if this pipeline will create any “instant millionaires” on Barbados? No way of knowing because, here in Barbados, the details on billion dollar government deals never see the light of day.

There’s no way they would keep it under wraps just for political timing is there? Naw…. no way they would do that…

Advancement of a US$550mn natural gas pipeline project in the Caribbean is pending approval from Barbados’ government, Omar Gorib, gas marketing manager at Trinidad & Tobago’s National Gas Company (NGC), told BNamericas.

The first phase of the project would transport natural gas from Tobago to Barbados, said Gorib. The natural gas primarily will be used for power generation.

A source in Barbados connected to the pipeline project told BNamericas the government has approved the project and an official announcement is expected soon.

… article continues at Rigzone (link here)

Also see The Nation News September 28, 2006 pipeline article (link here

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6 responses to “Gas Pipeline Awaiting Barbados Decision ‘Announcement’

  1. Jane

    How long have they been waiting? Is approval imminent?

    Barbados Light & Power
    “BLP is waiting on the Town and Country Development Planning Office to approve the Trents project.”

  2. Economix

    Laying a subsea pipeline from Tobago to Barbados is difficult, but not entirely impossible.
    It’ll be laid along the top-most bits of The Barbados Ridge that runs between the two islands, in relatively-‘shallow’ water.

    If there is a section then to be laid between Barbados and St.Lucia,
    that will be another matter entirely, technologically speaking,
    for the abyss between Barbados and the Antillean Ridge reaches 10,000-20,000 ft. depths, if I’m not mistaken!

    Timing? Politically-motivated?
    – never!
    but when it comes, all Bajans need to genuinely thank Trinidad
    as we start hungrily suckin on that energy-straw,
    simultaneously praying that the flow remains continuous,
    and there are no quarrels between us,
    or worse, that no breaks/fractures occur!

    Deep sea pipelines aren’t easy..
    ..either to lay, or to maintain!

  3. John

    At least there are no monkeys in the sea

  4. I have heard that Trinidad is stipulating that their gas cannot be put to use for commercial purposes, e.g. to make fertiliser etc. Are any details known about this? Will we be allowed to run our cars off CNG (compressed natural gas) and avoid high price gasoline? The technology already exists and works well as a “dual-fuel” with diesel. If we are “allowing” T&T to bring their gas here, do we have to contribute to the cost of the pipeleine or is it a freeness provided we accept their terms?

  5. Rumplestilskin

    As Trinidad becomes the head of the West Indies, err should I have said that?….being that Barbados is fast being purchased by Trinis, embassies are relocating to T’dad DESPITE high crime, the CCJ is located in T’dad and T’dad produce plenty food, we do not, we will see more of these ‘joint’ ventures.

    We will rely more on more on T’dad energy, food, manufactured goods and services, day by day and year by year.

    Grantley’s view was for a Federation, but looka, we becoming a satellite instead.

  6. Economix

    Barbados was always a satellite
    and shall always be a satellite.
    It’s hard to be a Major Planetary Figure given 21 x 14 dimensions, people!

    Yes, we can look fwd. to The United States of Trinidad:
    it’s satellites will be Grenada, Tobago, Barbados, St.Vincent,
    on and on the list of small Caribbean islands goes.

    Nothing bad about it, in fact there’s probably a lot of good in it,
    but geeez our national prides and egos quail at the thought, after these few decades of play-play “Independence”
    (survival-loan after loan after loan)…
    Who are we kidding?