Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur Speaks The Truth…


PM Owen Arthur Delivers Culture Warning

“In our schools, on our roads, in our community relationships and activity, in the expression of lifestyles, in our personal behaviour, there is an increasing lack of discipline, a decline in moral and spiritual content and values, a tendency to indulge in ostentatious, extravagant and sometimes lewd and tawdry behaviour,”

… from The Nation News Bajan Way Of Life “Under Moral Threat”

We agree 100% with the Prime Minister on this point. Other than a total ban on American television, movies and music, we don’t have many ideas for a cure though.

Clive always says that we should look to the Cubans (in Cuba, not Miami!) because family and social relationships are stuck in 1959. With little outside media and “entertainment” influence – and no way of accumulating assets – family, people and relationships are the most important things in life to the average Cuban.

This will change about 10 minutes after MTV and DirecTV arrive in Habana on a large scale.

Photo taken from The Nation News online. Fair trade for the link.


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19 responses to “Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur Speaks The Truth…

  1. Anonymous-

    What is the point of mentioning that one of your editors think that ‘we should look to Cuba’? You seem not to disagree, and it would lead anyone to think that you condone what he says. Yet, in another breath, you’ll compare Mia to Castro and then blast Barbados’ innocuous relationship with communist China. BFP is really a site of glorious contradictions. Keep it up.

  2. free press concept

    Anonymous ( obvious BLP yardfowl ) loves this site in spite of his protestations to the contrary, He can’t get enough of it and it gives him a platform to spew his negative anger.

    this is what a truly free press is all about anonymous and yes just because BFP freely criticizes what in effect is an arrogant and often brutal dictatorship ( something greatly admired by the BLP and getting closer day by day ) doesn’t mean that there are not some good aspects
    that have come as a result—the solutions are not always black and white but very complex and many different shades of grey.

    you will notice that Owen Arthur made some good points today but that does not take away from the corruption that has become endemic in Barbados and the need for immediate reform. Keep those negative remarks coming. A free discussion of all issues is what creates positive change.

    PS are all your accounts onshore or is your snout in the trough

  3. Anonymous-

    My accounts are safe in Amsterdam thank you, and I’m far too seasoned to be just a BLP ‘yardfowl’. In the final analysis, what will convince Barbadians that the goodly PM is corrupt is not the gossip of this trash blog, it would be facts and evidence that the BFP up to NOW can not provide (I wonder why..?). Until that time Henny Penny, you can keep shouting that the sky is falling… and no one would care.

  4. Jason

    Anon has obviously not read some of Cliverton’s work on Cuba. That he loves the Cuban people is for all to see in his writing.

    That he hates the communists is also there.

    Try reading this if you haven’t already:

  5. Jason

    Anon seems to be very upset all the time. If the BFP didn’t matter or wasn’t effective, I wouldn’t think he would be so upset.

    Also he said this blog would be down by the end of the week and that was about a month ago I think.

    You got an explanation anon? I need a laugh.

  6. John


    … so if you so seasoned what you doing getting all hot and sweaty over a whole lot of unseasoned bloggers.

    Ain’t you got nowhere to go to demonstrate your seasoning?

    We enjoy your contributions which never fail to uplift us (or is it we) yokels …. think about it, you are a great asset to this site!!

    Thanks! It’s great having you here. This way we know our message is getting to the BLP and your “goodly” PM.

  7. Hants

    The Prime Minister for life and father of First world Barbados (according to royalrumble) has spoken.
    Lets hope the people are listening.

    BFP did you visit the BLP blog today? please visit and read Royalrumble’s most recent post.

  8. None of this is important.

  9. BFP

    None of this is important if you don’t care about people, your family and your country’s culture.

  10. Yo!

    You underlings need to understand that Anon. et alumni have a vested economic interest in maintaining the BLP power structure as is,where is.

    The BLP is here for LIFE,
    and you fools are rocking the boat!
    You need an attitudinal adjustment
    whereby you get used to it.

    You can’t imagine how handy such a situation would be, for BLP-ites.
    This would be like entering the kingdom of heaven, but unfortunately there is a rather noticeable groundswell of opinion out there that says this is their third and last term.
    I’m talking about the ordinary black man and woman in the streets, as my wife discovered yesterday on a trip into B’town

  11. Jane

    Anonymouse says “My accounts are safe in Amsterdam thank you”

    Safe from what, if all is so well in Barbados? Why isn’t your money safe in Barbados? Do you know something we lesser beings are not supposed to know?

    Politician for sure.

  12. Rumplestilskin

    The PM speaks the truth about declining behaviour. But do not blame it all on US TV & Video influence.

    Did the US create Crop Over Wukkup? Likfe the pic of the boy being placed behind a ‘wining woman’ by an adult, that was in the newspaper around August? Boy could be no more than 11 or 12? Disgusting. And nothing to do with US influence.

    Supposedly ‘is WE culture’. Disgusting, degrading, inhuman, lack of self respect.

    Instead of looking to the sky to aspire to new heights, we look to the gutter, and wish to dig deeper.

    A friend once told me ‘the only thing that separates man from animals is pride’.

    I rather use the word ‘respect’, that is respect for self and for others. To have respect for others one first has to have self-respect.

    By the way, some people also just do not get it in dress (at Crop Over and other times).

    Some women look are able to look more sensual, even erotic, with the right ‘full clothing’ than many women, half or poractically whole naked as exhibited at Crop Over.

    Its all in the quality, not the quantity (or lack thereof) of clothing.

    Bah humbug.

  13. Rumplestilskin

    PS Above should read, ‘it’s all in the quality of the woman, not the quantity (or lack thereof) of clothing.

  14. Rumplestilskin

    And although I do not see a topic one the site for Caribbean crime, it is necessary to mention.

    Did you see the press in T’dad, where a little boy was sodomised and killed, allegedly killer was a cocaine user/ addict.

    This is typical, although somewhat worse to what has been going on in T&T, Jamaica, Guyana the last few years.

    If this travels to Barbados, our Tourism and Offshore Industry will DIE! No joke, no exaggeration.

    There are plenty of other destinations for tourism, Hawaii, Dominican Rep, Dutch Islands, Bahamas, the East, etc. For Offshore, Bahamas, Cayman, Bermuda, Ireland, US States such as Delaware.

    This will kill the economy of the islands if allowed to go on. Already Trinis with any real money are sending their families overseas.

    Do you really think anyone will willingly come here if this goes on?

    I think the Government had better consider the impact of ‘carib Nationals’ in crime coming here when we ‘open our borders’.

    A local Police station cannot even tell (not notified automatically) when a prisoner here is released (one that the officers have dealt with in the past), until he starts a wonderful spree again-we do not have the technology.

    How then will we track Carib Nationals in crime coming in here?

    This is disturbing.


  15. Oh the boredom, someone plz kill me.

  16. Rumplestilskin

    Don’t worry, if this Caribbean crime goes on, somebody very likely will.

  17. lee-andra

    i still don know how you become the prime minister of barbados

  18. i still dont know how you get prime minister of barbados

  19. Jerome Hinds

    Well it is early days in 2007 and the ‘great’ Owen Arthur continues on his crusade of ‘unfulfilled promises’ The latest one is the (re) development of the Garrison area – Sunday Sun of 2007-01-14.

    This promise can be added to the ‘unfulfilled’ ones of:
    1. A Republican status for Barbados by end of 2006 ???

    2. A fishing agreement b/n T&T and Barbados – over $ 12 million spent – Still NONE ???

    3. Every Bajan a WINNER – I GUESS Owen never meant the St. John Folks ( Polyclinic not finished , the other one closed – forever) ??? What about the folks at Emmerton ???

    And the list goes on and on……

    Yes Lee-andra, I like you and many right-thinking bajans ‘still dont know how OWEN get prime minister of barbados’!!!