Blogging Around On A Barbados Sunday Morning

Friends, I am sitting outdoors this morning with a cup of the best coffee I have ever had – bar none. It is called “Jamaican Blue Mountain” and was a gift from a friend. I am totally stunned to know the cost of a pound of this coffee and will not repeat it here, for fear of being called a liar.

But I must tell you, that considering everything: the coffee in combination with the Cuban cigar I am about to heat up, the tiny hummingbird hovering just a few feet away trying to keep out of the wind, and the sounds of my son playing and my woman fussing away nearby – I am as contented as any man could be on such a morning.

Thank you God.

So let’s take a look around the internet and see what we can find…

How Many Roaches & Slugs Does Barbados Export?

Apparently, quite a few… New Life For TT Spiders, Centipedes In Asia

Demise Of The Barbados Data-Entry Industry

Our photographer friend over at Focus In Barbados takes a look at the decimation of Barbados data-entry industry – sans photos this time.

Anthurium – A Caribbean Studies Journal

Anthurium: A Caribbean Studies Journal is a bi-annual, peer-reviewed journal that publishes original works by Caribbean writers and scholars worldwide exclusively in electronic form. Looks interesting and I’ll be reading a few more of their pieces. Scooped the link from Focus In Barbados.

Eemanee Criticises BFP

Clipping from Global Voices Online… Eemanee criticises Barbados Free Press for demonstrating a “knack for sensationalism” in calling the Chairman of the Barbados Family Planning Association an “abortions provider”: “Let’s not forget that the BFPA provides a range of needed services, such as pap smears, men’s health services as well as Room 246, a drop-in room for young people.” (read Eemanee’s whole post at What Crazy Looks Like)

BLP Now Calling Prime Minister Arthur “The Father of First World Barbados”

The Barbados Labour Party Blog posts an article Happy 68th Conference BLP and calls the PM “The Father of First World Barbados” like a title. To me, it sounds a bit personality-cultish and more than a bit buffoonish. Such self-proclaimed grandiose titles are common-place in African dictatorships and other tin-pot locations where the people are relatively unsophisticated. But hey, whatever the BLP inner-circle thinks will work!

(I wonder what they think of that Arthur’s new title in the many places on the island that lack proper water and sewerage disposal?)

DLP Calls “Political Mass Meeting” For Sunday Night

I see on the DLP website that there were be a meeting tonight (October 29th) at Shecker Hall (Moon Town) in St. Lucy. Speakers include “CDE” David Thompson – which I guess still means “comrade”. Yuk…. if those DLP guys knew how the rest of the world views the words “comrade” and “manifesto” as applied to politics, they would drop that Stalinesk language overnight.

Hmmm… wonder if anyone will be asking Mr. Thompson about Royalrumble’s observations that Thompson provided all sorts of favours for Sandy Lane back in the day – the obvious implication being how can Thompson now criticize Prime Minister Arthur for providing “incentives” to foreigners who purchase Bajan property?

No doubt that Thompy and the old DLP crowd fed their share at the piggy trough. Don’t smile too smuggly now, Mr. Thompson.

Hiding Cash In Barbados Through Offshore Banking

I stumbled across this website that may, or may not, be providing accurate information on how to set up your own bank in Barbados. Somehow, I don’t think its as easy as filling out a form… and I’d bet that proper “arrangements” must be made. Just a guess.

Bermuda Blogger Now Requires Commenters To Register

A Limey In Bermuda blog has now instituted a policy of requiring commenters to register with email addresses etc.. Most people have no idea of the amount of spam and profane or off-topic posts that bloggers have to contend with. BFP will not be requiring registration for the foreseeable future, but we understand The Limey five by five.

“Maximum Leader” Castro Lives! Will “The Father of First World Barbados” Send Halloween Greetings?

Michelle Malkin has the scoop about Castro’s recent television appearance – while wearing an ADIDAS track suit! (Link here)


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