We Could Use More Of This In Barbados…


Yes, They Are Twins!

What can I say? I’m a sucker for cute little ones like these two from a mixed black/white (Jamaican/German) marriage. There was an old song – can’t remember the title or the tune… something about take all the people and put ’em into a big pot, churn it for a couple of hundreds years “and turn out coffee-coloured people by the score”.

Maybe that will be the answer for world racial harmony… “coffee-coloured people by the score”

(Don’t worry folks, I’m not going John Lennon on ya!)

Here’s the original story on these two mixed-race Australian cuties…

A BLACK mother with a white husband has given birth to twin girls of different colours in a million-to-one medical miracle.

In what is believed to be an Australian first, mum Natasha Knight, 35, of Jamaican-English heritage, and father Michael Singerl, 34, of German heritage, conceived the girls, one black and one white, naturally.

The couple also has a five-year-old daughter Taylah, who is blue-eyed with blonde hair and a light olive complexion…

… read the entire story (link here).


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25 responses to “We Could Use More Of This In Barbados…

  1. One Who Knows

    Any reason for all this baby talk on BFP Marcus?


  2. Sweets

    Very cute! I remember seeing another set of twins like some time back.

    Another thing to think about is that children from mixed parents have been proven to be more intelligent. Imagine that! Take 2 people who are not racists and they produce a child of above average intelligence. Got to be a message in there somewhere. Maybe people who are not racists are more intelligent? I don’t know the answer. But I personally think that all the energy wasted hating somebody because they are the same colour as you could be put to better use. And to waste energy is just plain stupid 😉

    Peace Peoples

  3. BFP


    Shona been looking a little different lately. We all been keeping quiet, but I think we get the message here.



  4. color blind

    well maybe “One who knows” doesn’t get it but in a country divided by race and a whole lot of nonsense politics leveraged by people and politicians who seek to divide, what a beautiful statement of the things that bind us together. And what better than two innocent children born into the world by circumstance who haven’t had the opportunity to be twisted and manipulated by those same people.

  5. BFP

    Talkin at you colour blind. “One who knows” was poking some fun at Marcus. He and Shona are different skin colours.

    For further clues, see post #3!


    (Come on Marcus & Shona, you can’t keep us guessing forever!)

  6. Adrian

    So colorblind which people are contributing to the continuation of the race divide? Which people would need the most coaching in getting them to the mindset that would allow the outcome of the two babies in the pic? Am i incorrect in assuming that you are suggesting that the Black population is prohibiting the comingling of the races in Bim? if you how would you respond the poliferation of Black Bajan beachbums hooking up with and marrying white tourist girls? How many whites Bajan girls are available? or is it the duty of white bajan men to comingle?

  7. BFP

    Adrian got himself in a bind now far as Shona and Marcus be concerned.

    Can Adrian guess which one has the light skin colour?

  8. BFP

    Cliverton wrote the last.

  9. Adrian

    No bind on my part.Far from having any assumptions about your skin tone I am yet to be presented with any proof that you really exist. Until i see the nail prints in your hands you shall remain a figment of the imagination of a real real person. 😀

  10. John

    Thank goodness these two in the picture were not considered to be unwanted children!!

  11. John


    We are all imaginary, you too.

    We exist in cyberspace. We could be part of the holodeck on the Enterprise.

    Who knows, you and I could be made up by BFP!!

    ….. Anonymouse too!!

    But it sure is fun being able to speak to one another about matters relating to our country with so few restraints.

  12. Green!

    I don’t think Bajans are quite aware to what extent Barbados’ “black” society
    is actually BROWN and mixed-race.

    There are VERY few true-Blacks around
    mainly because of all sortsa DNA cross-breeding on this island.
    Even the most racial blacks AND whites on this forum are GUARANTEED to have DNA in them from the other races they so cry down.
    I’ve met several obviously brownskin people who have white (or pass-for-White) grandparentage!

    So, we shall soon be all “Brown skinned blue-eyed boys” as the 1970s/80s song suggested.

    WHICH of us is “White”?
    -which of us is “Black”?

    My haughty white mother researched the family tree at Barbados Archives,
    and discovered the ‘nigger in our woodpile’.
    One Barbara Kirton (1788-1831)
    described as “a freed mulatto” !
    Dear oh Dear! -what fresh hell is this?!

    “Fortunately” married-to/no,livin-wid.. Isaac PARFITT a white sail-maker of Bay Street
    (Parfitts Alley runs alongside Harrimans??!! -get it?) – who paid about 11 shillings, circa 1811,
    for the freedom of his Barbara!!

    WHO freed her? – Bussa?
    I don’t THINK so!
    A white man freed her!

    Barbara Kirton is my Great,great,great great grand-mother, I’m proud to say!
    But the story doesn’t end there:
    now confronting my even-more-haughty white Grandmother,
    Mum said she now understood where the Barbara name, in her name, came from..
    and revealed to Granny that Barbara Kirton had been discovered!

    Hear Granny:
    ” I wish you’d STOP DIGGING!”
    (stop researching,she meant)

    And so, guys and gals,
    I hope this serves to illustrate that we are all mixed up racially.
    There is no way that white Massa woulda tek a look at 19 yr. old Black-Cutie over there,
    bending over to sweep the mill-yard,
    wid dah pretty boxy cock, jes’ soah..
    – AND IGNORE IT? Hello-o-o-o?

    De mixing was gyne on now, fuh naff naff time, yuh sight?
    So all o’ wunnuh who so feel yuh “Black” like dah White Bwoy Ikael Tafari-Hutchinson,
    and the mullatto-crat from Highgate self, David Commie..
    all o’ wuunuh so want THERAPY,
    and a good genealogical explanation,
    as to whuh-part wunnuh ‘cum’ frum!

  13. John


    You may have more ancestors who were slaves of the evil white man than the darkest skinned Barbadian alive.

    All that matters is when your first African ancestor was brought over from Africa as a slave. The darkest skinned Bajan might be descended from slaves who came after your first ancestor arrived!!

    And also, those evil white people were freeing slaves from the 1600’s (I know, I come from one … I think circa 1680’s) so Rock Hall cannot be the first free village in Barbados.

    There have to be others that predate it perhaps by more than a century.

    The only thing different about Rock Hall would be that it was populated by exslaves who were unable as free men and women to own slaves …… because slavery had been abolished, ….. by the evil white people.

  14. Hants

    White Bajans know who they are.
    Part of being a White bajan is that you might have some black blood because Slavery produced mullattos.
    It does not change the mindset of todays White Bajans that they should associate with and marry other likeminded white bajans and white foreigners.
    This is why there are so few inter racial marriages in Barbados.
    This type of apartheid has worked in Barbados and the only thing that needs to change is that the lives of poor Bajans improve until poverty is non existant in this wonderful Island of ours.
    Separate but equal would not be bad but that is not realistic.

  15. Ralph

    Looking at those two twins, we see they are (a) non-identical (duh!) , that is to say two different eggs released in the same cycle, and my bet is (b) two different fathers!

  16. Jason

    Ralph… just because there is a chance that YOUR WIFE would conceive with two different fathers at the same time, don’t project your own situation onto others.


  17. ross

    Jason, well said.

  18. John


    “White Bajans know who they are.
    Part of being a White bajan is that you might have some black blood because Slavery produced mullattos.”

    Did you know that there are a few slaves in the 1817 returns who are listed not only as Africans, but also as coloured?!! In other words, some slaves came over from Africa with European blood.

    I think there was 6 or 7% of the slave population in 1817 that was listed as coming directly from Africa. The remaining part, 93-94% was born in Barbados and listed as Black, or coloured. Think the coloured percentage was also 7% but could be wrong. Anyone know for sure?

    The mixing of races thus occurred in Africa as well and may have had absolutely nothing to do with slavery.

    Remember, Europeans were in Africa for more than a century prior to the the settlement of Barbados.

    England only became a serious naval power after 1588, the Armada. The world prior to then had been divided in two by the Pope for Spain and Portugal with England, Holland and France knocking at the door.!

    I cannot remember the title of the book to refer you to but will hunt it out of my mess if you are interested. Trade between Europe and Africa had been going on for a long time before Barbados was settled ….. and Africa held the upper hand!!

    On a lighter note, didn’t you know it was the birds and the bees who would have produced the mulattos, not slavery, ie just old fashioned human nature, sometimes appearing as love, sometimes lust.

    Is Dr. Tafari white, just a product of slavery?

    I believe a great deal of mixing occurred as well after slavery, and is related to the cholera epidemic of 1854. In 3 months, more than 20,000, ie 20K bajans died.

    Medicine had not got a clue, in fact one article I read said that if you were rich enough to afford a doctor you died quicker!! One case is reported as becoming ill at 5:00am in the morning and being dead by 2:00pm in the afternoon of the same day.

    Think it was in the 1991 Journal of the Barbados Museum and Historical Society.

    Whole families ceased to exist.

    Cholera was an equaliser, in every sense of the word. Who ever was left had to pick up the pieces and continue. It is difficult to comprehend the extent of the loss now, we have it easy.

  19. John


    I found this an interesting book ” Africa and Africans in the making of the Atlantic World, 1400 – 1800″ By Thornton.

  20. Green!

    Interesting comments about the cholera epidemic that hit the island.
    Few Bajans appreciate how well they have it (Public Health/modern medicine) today.
    Visit St.Mathias churchyard for evidence of the Yellow Fever that used to cut us down, around 1850 – South of the church is a grand white marble memorial to a particularly unfortunate ship that made its way here, from the Virgin Isl.,I think, with people dying all along the way.
    – quite awful.
    On the North side of the Church,
    up near the altar window,
    is a cluster of small graves,
    three children all of the same family,
    all dying within about 5wks. of each other – the good ole days.

    Too often we hear people wishing for ‘The Good Ole Days’
    but I reckon those days are a complete fallacy!
    Falling ill at 5 a.m. and being dead by 2 p.m.is dramatic stuff!
    – Good Old Days, nuh?!
    Bajans don’t know how good they have it
    but there I go again, sounding like the PM, something I didn’t intend.
    (No, I’m not voting for the BLP)

  21. Glicktuck

    Is Shona expecting a little one or not? If so we think we saw you at Graeme Hall for the celebration.

  22. Joan A. Brathwaite

    I would very much like to contact the person who wrote about Isaac Parfitt on 29 October 2006. I am currently doing research on Bay Street.

    With thanks.

  23. J. Payne

    LOL at the birds and bees that produced the mulattos….
    Lawd did you miss the memo… Now it is the neanderthals, even though they all died out.

  24. Sweets

    Hi Mrs. Brathwaite,

    Your message has been delivered to Green! and he is willing to share whatever info he has. Will contact you tomorrow or on Monday to let you know when he will be in our area again. (ie 2 doors up from you)

    Take care


  25. Gordon Hirst

    Did Joan A Brathwaite ( August 5, 2007 12.49 am), make contact with the person ” Green ” of October 29 2006 at 2.47pm, because I am researching the origin of Parfitt Alley and note the reference to Isaac Parfitt ?