We Could Use Less Of This In Barbados…


ZR Attack: Does Anyone Know The Races Of The Attackers And The Victims?

On Friday, October 20, 2006, two non-national first year female students from the University of the West Indies were sexually and physically assaulted by three females onboard ZR Van #44 in full view of the driver and conductor. According to newspaper accounts, the 19 and 20 year-old students were laughed at by the driver and conductor and forced from the bus.

Barbados Free Press has received emails from four different readers all asking the same question and advising us to make enquiries. The question is… “Does anyone know the races of the attackers and the victims?”

Let us know what you’ve heard, folks.

Here are some excerpts from the Barbados Advocate detailing the original assault and the boycott of ZR Vans being organized by UWI students…

ZR Boycott Results From Sexual Assault

A boycott of ZR vans and the plan to create an alternate mode of transport for University of the West Indies (UWI) students has resulted from the recent sexual assault of two first year female students, travelling onboard ZR 44 last Friday, October 20, at the hands of a group of three unidentified young women.

The two students…are 20 and 19 years of age and are now enjoying their first semester at the UWI Cave Hill Campus…

…According to the young women, they… boarded the bus… Sitting in the second to last row, the two young women noted that what started as inappropriate hair stroking from the passengers, three young women in their early 20s, became more physical, with attempts by the perpetrators to put their hands down the young women’s pants.

The 19-year-old student complained of having her breasts fondled while she was protesting and at this point decided to attempt to leave the bus. Both students at this time were fully confronted by the young women, who violently grabbed the young women, lashing one in the head. During this skirmish, the bus driver, who along with his conductor, had been laughing at the entire situation, allegedly told the two young students, “If you don’t want to get beat, get off the… bus.”

Both students have been traumatised by this event, which they noted is highly difficult for them to understand. “Where we come from we do not have to deal with such violent and forward women.” Both young women are undergoing counselling at this time.

…read the full article (link here).

Photo by Shona: Speeding ZR


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20 responses to “We Could Use Less Of This In Barbados…

  1. out dey in Bim


    What are you saying,that you suspect this is a race hate attack?

    Something about that story doesnot sit right.What about the other passengers didn’t they see anything and why didn’t they intervene or report it to the police?
    what (if it happened) provoked that disgusting behaviour?

    I’m confused and don’t know what to think,so I’m going to wait for more information before I come to any firm conclusion.

  2. Rumplestilskin

    Absolutely disgusting. Irrespective of race, this is the kind of behaviour that indicate we are truly going to the dumps. Not that these three individuals are necessarily representative of the majority, but that the ZR ‘culture’ has been allowed by the authorities to pervade and infect the society for so long.

    The lack of control and exhibition of authority has created this scenario where the passengers were in an environment which allowed the behaviour, in law a flagrant assault, ignored if not encouraged by the driver and conductor.

    The lack of courage exhibited by the authorities in failing to address the long-standing problem of the ZR culture has given in the bullying, for politicians fear of making unpopular but necessary decisions.

    The politics of inclusion has created a state where everything is acceptable and labelled as ‘culture’, rather than a state where perverse and offensive behaviour is highlighted and acted upon as such.

    Unless of course one argue’s that such behaviour is indeed inherent and thus the norm and thus acceptable. In which case the Nation would truly be doomed to descent to the gutter and fast digging deeper.

    The scenario described above goes past sexual preferences into vicious assault, thus does even bring the argument of sexual preferences into the equation. While such preferences are one’s own personal choice, when forced upon others it is indecent assault at best, then translating into rape.

    Good on the UWI for making a stand for independent transport to be set up for its students.

    One only hopes that these young girls will have a better experience in the future, no matter what educational establishment or community they choose to continue their studies.

    I hope the authorities take heed and finally make a stand towards uncouth and demeaning behaviour, sometimes passed of as ‘culture’.


  3. Phoenix

    First let me say that i’m upset and greatly dissapointed, not only that this occured but that the conductor and driver behaved in such manner, while someone was being ASSAULTED. What has happened to the mentality of our people, especially the men, where foolishness like this is ok to sit back and laugh at. People of today find it way to easy to be amused at pain of others, and it starts in schools with bullies.

    I saw in the comments for an earlier entry that other caribbean people see barbadians as homesexual and lazy, and that hurt, but this hurts even more and seems to justify the same beliefs.

    I bet that conductor and driver dont get any punishment by law, and i bet they wont assist in catching the perpetrators, or give the police wrong information (they do that often).

    Most likely they were all black, with the slight chance of one or 2 of the people involved being indian. I dont think their race is very relevant though, because no one should be treated like this. Especially not foreign students.

  4. Hants

    I am sure Government will react to this attack on the students.
    However, ZR vans saves the Government from spending money on the Transport Board.
    If the Transport board service was improved the ZRs would have to improve themselves in the face of competition.Then the drivers and conductors would not treat their passengers like they treated the 2 students.
    I use ZRs when I am in Barbados and need to get where I am going on time.
    One morning I travelled on a ZR between Warrens and Bridgetown around 730 am and counted 6 ZRs on the road and only 1 Transport Board bus.
    It seems that this ratio of ZRs to Transport board buses is normal even along the west coast.
    This attack on the 2 UWI students is disgusting and should be investigated as a serious assault.

  5. Rumplestilskin

    Should read above:

    The scenario described above goes past sexual preferences into vicious assault, thus does NOT even bring the argument of sexual preferences into the equation. While such preferences are one’s own personal choice, when forced upon others it is indecent assault at best, then translating into rape.

  6. John

    If what is being said in the other islands about our males is true, people are going to swear that all Barbadians have gone totally around the corner!!

    I was looking for the comment about Bajans being considered by people in other islands to be lazy, prejudiced and the males to be homosexual but could not find it.

    Did anyone see the BLP column on Friday where we are all are invited to hear the “FATHER OF FIRST WORLD BARBADOS” speak on the economy on Sunday night?

    And here I was thinking it was some wicked body on BFP who had made up the nickname for the man to make some sport … these guys are actually serious!!

    Guess it has to do with legacy and “FATHER OF INDEPENDENCE” and one upmanship but didn’t the “FATHER OF INDEPENDENCE” declare Barbados was independent since 1651, a couple of centruies before he was born?

    Barbados ….. just beyond your imagination!!

  7. Hants

    The Father of First World Barbados has some First world “Special Party supporters” to deal with.
    From http://www.cbc.bb

    You can see a video with William his left hand man by seating position.

    “PM slams tardy small contractors
    Saturday, 28 October 2006

    Those small contractors who have been falling down on government jobs have come in for a tongue lashing from Prime Minister Owen Arthur.

    He has told the opening of the Barbados Labour Party’s annual conference that he is very disappointed with those who are not living up to their contracts especially some WHO ARE PARTY SUPPORTERS.

    The party chairman told the session at Harrison College that over 400 of these service providers have been given jobs on several government projects but they have not been giving 100 percent service.

    Mr. Arthur has also announced that contractors who do not fulfil their statutory commitments cannot expect work or access to loans and financing from government.”

  8. Females being fondled without their consent by other females?…..thats just freaking sexy, hahah.

  9. God Bless David

    What’s the motive for the inquriy into the races of the perps and victims, BFP? Does it matter?

  10. Green!

    “Crime in Trinidad BAD,boy!”
    Thank God it didn’t hapen here in Barbados, where that sort of thing simply can’t happen!

    MY guess is..the perpetrators were evil whites,
    after all that ethnic grouping is known to use the ZR(Zero Responsibility!) system more than any other grouping.

  11. Green!

    First World = the Great White Northern NATO countries.

    Second World(rarely called that) = the U.S.S.R. and all Soviet satellite states, trapped behind Churchill’s “Iron Curtain”.

    Third World = all the rest of us tinpot Banana Republics that don’t fall into either of the above two.

    Of course, much has changed since thge Berlin Wall fell nearly two decades ago,
    but I thought a little clarification might help those who use the terminology without really knowing just who was/wasn’t First, Second and Third World.
    Now you know.

  12. Hants

    Not this time Green. The “evil whites” don’t travel on ZR,s.
    They have the nice rides paid for by their “management skills acquired since the days of the slave trade” and the sweat and blood of the blacks who learned to cut cane real good until some fellas decide that them gine run de government and educate the cane cutter children who now provide more management skills to help de white people make more and more money.

    Only black people and some Tourists travel by ZRs.

    I hope the Police find the women who assaulted the 2 students and charge them as required by law.

  13. Green!

    I am absolutely shocked
    that the perps weren’t white!

    What are you telling me ???

  14. Pat

    Unwanted sexual advances equals sexual harassament and is a criminal offence, at least in North America. NATO is just a defence club. OECD = first world. No one in their right senses would leave Japan out of the first world.

  15. hants


    The title originally conferred on the PM by Royalrumble was:
    “Prime Minister for life and father of First world Barbados”.
    I have no idea who Royalrunble is but the PM must have done something truly wonderful for Royalrumble to show this kind of adoration.

  16. John


    “Not this time Green. The “evil whites” don’t travel on ZR,s.”

    Anybody remember the song and music video “Two white Girls on a minibus”?

    Was trying to find the lyrics and track down the video clip!!

  17. Sweets

    I don’t claim to be an expert on the law. But I don’t see why the driver and the conductor should not be arrested. Maybe we could get the same occifers that picked up the 15 yr old from up in Highgate. But then we don’t want to here that non-nationals beating up ZR drivers now do we?

    As usual. MORE BS!

    LMAO. I hope Our Father will get to the bottom of this.

  18. God.

    I have something called The Order of The Universe.
    No-one and nothing escapes it.
    Bajan ZR drivers are not exempt.

    Only those who write html code might might stand a chance!

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  20. i am a zr driver

    that action that happen didnt happen that way.y dont us bajans tell the trueth…we zr workers dont control the passengers on our van..all we do is get them to where there are going safely…what had happen on the zr van happen between pasengers NOT THE ZR WORKERS….if you the passenger dont like whats goin on in the van you can get off,is that hard to do..we need to stand up for our rights and not puttin it on some one else.what happen could have happen while walking on blackrock rd,what would you do? blame the people who live in blackrock? come on stand up and speak up and tell the truth….