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Saturday Night Amusement…

For some reason, we were all amused by this… LINK HERE, then hit the “play” button.

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We Could Use Less Of This In Barbados…


ZR Attack: Does Anyone Know The Races Of The Attackers And The Victims?

On Friday, October 20, 2006, two non-national first year female students from the University of the West Indies were sexually and physically assaulted by three females onboard ZR Van #44 in full view of the driver and conductor. According to newspaper accounts, the 19 and 20 year-old students were laughed at by the driver and conductor and forced from the bus.

Barbados Free Press has received emails from four different readers all asking the same question and advising us to make enquiries. The question is… “Does anyone know the races of the attackers and the victims?”

Let us know what you’ve heard, folks.

Here are some excerpts from the Barbados Advocate detailing the original assault and the boycott of ZR Vans being organized by UWI students…

ZR Boycott Results From Sexual Assault

A boycott of ZR vans and the plan to create an alternate mode of transport for University of the West Indies (UWI) students has resulted from the recent sexual assault of two first year female students, travelling onboard ZR 44 last Friday, October 20, at the hands of a group of three unidentified young women.

The two students…are 20 and 19 years of age and are now enjoying their first semester at the UWI Cave Hill Campus…

…According to the young women, they… boarded the bus… Sitting in the second to last row, the two young women noted that what started as inappropriate hair stroking from the passengers, three young women in their early 20s, became more physical, with attempts by the perpetrators to put their hands down the young women’s pants.

The 19-year-old student complained of having her breasts fondled while she was protesting and at this point decided to attempt to leave the bus. Both students at this time were fully confronted by the young women, who violently grabbed the young women, lashing one in the head. During this skirmish, the bus driver, who along with his conductor, had been laughing at the entire situation, allegedly told the two young students, “If you don’t want to get beat, get off the… bus.”

Both students have been traumatised by this event, which they noted is highly difficult for them to understand. “Where we come from we do not have to deal with such violent and forward women.” Both young women are undergoing counselling at this time.

…read the full article (link here).

Photo by Shona: Speeding ZR


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We Could Use More Of This In Barbados…


Yes, They Are Twins!

What can I say? I’m a sucker for cute little ones like these two from a mixed black/white (Jamaican/German) marriage. There was an old song – can’t remember the title or the tune… something about take all the people and put ’em into a big pot, churn it for a couple of hundreds years “and turn out coffee-coloured people by the score”.

Maybe that will be the answer for world racial harmony… “coffee-coloured people by the score”

(Don’t worry folks, I’m not going John Lennon on ya!)

Here’s the original story on these two mixed-race Australian cuties…

A BLACK mother with a white husband has given birth to twin girls of different colours in a million-to-one medical miracle.

In what is believed to be an Australian first, mum Natasha Knight, 35, of Jamaican-English heritage, and father Michael Singerl, 34, of German heritage, conceived the girls, one black and one white, naturally.

The couple also has a five-year-old daughter Taylah, who is blue-eyed with blonde hair and a light olive complexion…

… read the entire story (link here).


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