BFP Fan Mail – Containing The Word “Bull****”

Time to open our mailbag and see what tricks and treats we’ve received at our email address (barbadosfreepress (AT) An average of twenty or so emails arrive daily at Barbados Free Press and they are a mixed-bag of tips, fan letters and hate mail. The proportion of tips to fan letters to hate mail varies with our recent articles. Hate mail spikes when we really strike home with an article.

Under normal circumstances, we cannot directly answer your emails as they have been relentless in their efforts to discover just who we are. For months, they have been sending us emails dangling information and inviting a response. (Sorry to disappoint!)

But even if we don’t respond to your email directly, you can be sure that we read every one – whether offering information, encouragement or hate. And we really appreciate those tips, folks!

Last time, we looked at a sampling of hate mail, so to balance the budget (Ha, didn’t think that could be done in Barbados, did you!) today we’ll take a peek at some fan mail.

Just for laughs, here is a sampling of some fan mail from the last few weeks – grouped together because each contains the word “bull****”…

From Australia…


I just wanted to say that i think your website is amazing.
I grew up in Barbados, but now live in Australia. While I miss the beauty that is the tiny island, I don’t miss the bull**** that you seek to highlight through your writing and reporting.

It is people like yourselves that make the world a better place. Long live Democracy and Truth.

Peace be with you forever.
Chris Rollitt

(Thanks, Chris!)

From “GentleGiant” in Newfoundland, Canada…

“You are great. Keep it up you must be driving the establishment crazy… Where were you eight years ago when I tried to open a business in Barbados? I love the country and the wife and I travel there every winter but the bull**** involved in immigrating was too much…”

(Thanks for the encouragement, GG. Sorry you couldn’t immigrate to start your business here. Try re-applying as a labourer from Jamaica. They just might give you your papers!)

From Ruth Denning, Church Lane, Eccles On Sea UK…

“…You are the first website I visit every day. I was born in Barbados… your stories cut through all the bull**** printed by those cowards at the island newspapers…”

(Thanks Ruth.


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5 responses to “BFP Fan Mail – Containing The Word “Bull****”

  1. Yo!

    Barbados has long been a land of excessive Bureaucracy and Red Tape.
    The kinda Bajans now vaulted into positions of Authority
    take special delight in throwing the stuff around, simply because they CAN!
    They learnt it from the British,
    so you kin hardly blame them.

    I found it quite telling that all three of the snippets you provided were from people (now)outside the country,
    and all say essentially the same thing…
    ours is ‘A land fulla Bullshirt’,
    much of it contrived and orchestrated.

    -This is what happens in a bland and boring land,
    where Storms In Teacups must be manufactured in order to mek it seem like sumting happening!

    It also manifests itself in statements made to newspapers where ‘EXTREMELY’ is used,
    when ‘VERY’ will suffice nicely,
    ..simple stuff like that.

    Bajans need to make mountains out of molehills,
    for there ARE NO MOUNTAINS,
    literally, geographically and metaphorically.

  2. honeybee

    Yo! Molehills? Where do you live? Surely not in Barbados where our mountains are rumbling volcanoes and include

    lack of transparency and accountability,

    government overspending and
    lack of it where it is desperately needed like the
    hospital (will there be a miracle before the thousands of visitors arrive for World Cup?),

    garbage disposal woes,

    water scarcity,

    land crises and, on to of it all,

    no approved Physical Development Plan for the future development of Barbados which is required by law and which is still in draft form after too many years.

    Are we moving forward or backwards?

  3. honeybee

    “Under normal circumstances, we cannot directly answer your emails as they have been relentless in their efforts to discover just who we are. For months, they have been sending us emails dangling information and inviting a response.”

    BFP can you tell us who “they” are?

  4. West Side Davie

    They. Them. Those. ;-)

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