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Cricket World Cup Under Threat From “Those Whose Name Cannot Be Said Aloud”


UPDATED: Threats Of Violence Against BFP Over This Post

“BFP, the pompus attitude you have and your blatant ignorance (even to Christianity) is sad. I really can’t wait til one of you gets killed over this site.”

… anonymous comment on this article from Amsterdam, NL.

“… insult to Islam and the Prophet. Say lies here you will be died…”

… anonymous email to BFP with a Belgium IP source.

BFP Replies

Thanks for your input gentlemen. We understand that you might be upset by any discussion of religion or culture that involves self-examination or critical analysis in classic or western liberal academic tradition. We also understand that even within your own religion, many believe that violence is the proper discussion strategy to settle matters of theological differences.

And… thanks for proving our point.


Original Article…

New York Times, Reuters & US Homeland Security Secretary Refuse To Say The Words “Muslim Terrorists”

As we stated in a previous Barbados Free Press article…

A Refusal To Name The Enemy – Empowers Only The Enemy

It is this refusal to identify the enemy – this pretense – that is most disturbing. Until we start to use the words Jihad, Islamic and Muslim to accurately describe the Jihadists as they describe themselves, and unless we attribute their violence to religious motivation as they describe their own motivations, then Islam will never feel pressure to reform itself as a religion.

… from BFP article Barbados Under Muslim Jihadist Terrorist Threat

In medieval Europe, and even to this day in some cultures, people refuse to say aloud the name of the devil or satan for fear of attracting or offending him. They talk of “the old one” or “that sly fellow” or generalize even more and say “something bad”.

They say anything to avoid having to mention the specific name of the feared entity.

Shhhhh! Careful!!!!

THEY, THEM, THOSE might hear you!

U.S. Urges Tight Security for Cricket World Cup

Reuters – October 26, 2006 6:26pm E.T.

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad (Reuters) – The United States called for tight security and safeguards against terrorism on Thursday, as nine Caribbean nations prepared to host next year’s world cricket championship in the West Indies.

The request came from U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, who spoke after talks with regional security officials about possible extremist threats during the 55-day Cricket World Cup.

There is an “international ideology that uses terrorist means to promote its aims,” Chertoff told reporters. “There is no reason to believe any part of the world is off limits, that includes this area as well.”

Chertoff said that although cricket was not a sport in which the United States participates, large groups of U.S. spectators were likely to visit the Caribbean during the international championship that begins next March.

He said Washington would provide support for the cricket host countries, especially in the area of advance information about transatlantic air passengers.

Britain and Interpol have also been involved in security plans for the event.

The countries hosting the tournament are Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Trinidad and Tobago.

Some 16 teams from around the world including Australia, England, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the West Indies will take part in the games that will end with a final in Barbados in April.

from the New York Times (link here – free account needed)


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Cricket World Cup 2007 in Barbados – Alarm Bells Going Off At Cost vs Income Balance Sheet

Government Borrowing Hundreds Of Millions For CWC Projects – How Much Income Will This Expenditure Produce?

Trying to add up Barbados Government expenditures and borrowing associated with Cricket World Cup is quite a challenge. With no freedom of information legislation mandating the public’s right to access specific government expenditure records or business agreements, Barbados citizens and even the Opposition party are forced to analyze and guess based on the little snippets of information that the government allows to become public.

CWC Expenditures Are A Moving Target…

What spending is truly linked with CWC and what is not? The government’s official “cost estimates” move with the wind.

Which suppliers have agreements to do work now but not invoice until the next year so as to conceal the true cost of CWC?

Do we include the new flyovers? We were originally told that the flyovers were vital to traffic flow during Cricket World Cup, but when it became evident that the project would not be ready and costs skyrocketed, all talk of the flyovers being associated with CWC was dropped like a slippery fish.

You can bet on one thing though… one great truth: Whatever the government says is the cost of the Cricket World Cup, they have done their best to juggle the books to keep the number as low as possible.

The government may have deferred payments, borrowed money against predicted revenues for future years or transferred monies already marked for other projects. They may have side deals where suppliers supposedly work for less on CWC projects, but are then allowed to invoice more for non-CWC work. They may have suppliers working on CWC projects and invoicing for other work so there is no record of a CWC expenditure at all!

So many ways to hide, cheat, duck and dodge – and the government and their accountants know them all!

How Much Income Will All These CWC Expenditures Produce?

Adrian Loveridge digs out his calculator, sharpens his pencil and decides that the balance sheet for Cricket World Cup is decidedly a little short on the “Income Generated” side. Here is Adrian’s look at just how little income will be produced by the massive expenditures of public funds in the Barbados Cricket World Cup Spending Orgy…

Cricket World Cup – Barbados Tourist Income Estimate

by Adrian Loveridge

Since the revelation by Minister Noel Lynch was made last Monday that only a maximum of 8,000 fans would be accommodated in our land based accommodation providers for the finals of the ICC 2007 World Cup Cricket, someone has to question the economics.

Based on the following criteria and previous published data the average visitor stay is 6.8 nights.

The highest average spend (across all markets) is US$146 per day.

Therefore is you look at the period where Barbados hosts games from the super eights (11 April until 22 April) and then include the final (28 April) and include two days post and the days before the final (23-27 April) to allow for guests arriving early, there are a total number of 20 days.

8,000 fans x 6.8 nights (total 23,529 pax) each spending US$146 per day equals total revenue of just US$23,359,591

Are ‘we’ really spending all this money to drive just an additional US$23.36 million in revenue?

The overwhelming number of fans will now be accommodated in up to 14 cruise ships. They will probably walk to Kensington Oval and return to the ship at nights for meals.

As the cruise ship passengers will be at cricket all day it limits their spending ability.

But even if you allow for the normal cruise ship passengers average spend of US$65 per day and say the all 12,000 people will be berthed for every one of the twenty days, that still only a total contribution of US$15.6 million.


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BFP Fan Mail – Containing The Word “Bull****”

Time to open our mailbag and see what tricks and treats we’ve received at our Yahoo.com email address (barbadosfreepress (AT) yahoo.com). An average of twenty or so emails arrive daily at Barbados Free Press and they are a mixed-bag of tips, fan letters and hate mail. The proportion of tips to fan letters to hate mail varies with our recent articles. Hate mail spikes when we really strike home with an article.

Under normal circumstances, we cannot directly answer your emails as they have been relentless in their efforts to discover just who we are. For months, they have been sending us emails dangling information and inviting a response. (Sorry to disappoint!)

But even if we don’t respond to your email directly, you can be sure that we read every one – whether offering information, encouragement or hate. And we really appreciate those tips, folks!

Last time, we looked at a sampling of hate mail, so to balance the budget (Ha, didn’t think that could be done in Barbados, did you!) today we’ll take a peek at some fan mail.

Just for laughs, here is a sampling of some fan mail from the last few weeks – grouped together because each contains the word “bull****”…

From Australia…


I just wanted to say that i think your website is amazing.
I grew up in Barbados, but now live in Australia. While I miss the beauty that is the tiny island, I don’t miss the bull**** that you seek to highlight through your writing and reporting.

It is people like yourselves that make the world a better place. Long live Democracy and Truth.

Peace be with you forever.
Chris Rollitt

(Thanks, Chris!)

From “GentleGiant” in Newfoundland, Canada…

“You are great. Keep it up you must be driving the establishment crazy… Where were you eight years ago when I tried to open a business in Barbados? I love the country and the wife and I travel there every winter but the bull**** involved in immigrating was too much…”

(Thanks for the encouragement, GG. Sorry you couldn’t immigrate to start your business here. Try re-applying as a labourer from Jamaica. They just might give you your papers!)

From Ruth Denning, Church Lane, Eccles On Sea UK…

“…You are the first website I visit every day. I was born in Barbados… your stories cut through all the bull**** printed by those cowards at the island newspapers…”

(Thanks Ruth.


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