Luxury Auto Dealership Opens At Barbados Courts!


Barbados Courts Now THE PLACE For Luxury Auto Shopping – No Duty Payable On These Babies, Folks!

Yes, we have them all down here at Court House Auto Sales.

You want a 5 or 7 Series BMW? No Problem!

S Series Mercedes? Done!

All Vehicles Equipped With The “Paid For With Public Tax Dollars” Option

Most of these low-mileage luxury models come with special Green License Plates and a government-issued driver. Duty and taxes on these babies are all looked after (a wink is as good as a nod to a blind man, ya know!) so when they are depreciated in their current service, you can sell ’em to your kids or your “special lady friends” without too much trouble.

Traffic tickets? Parking offense charges? Ya gotta be kiddin me!

It be all looked after, doan ya know!


Easy financing. Low payments.

For all the details on the web, head over to our friends at (link here)



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23 responses to “Luxury Auto Dealership Opens At Barbados Courts!

  1. Just Asking

    I personally have no problem with making sure that our Judges and DPP are paid properly and if that means driving a BMW or Merc than ok. People like them have to be like Caesar’s wife”beyond reproach”. If they are not paid properly then it is possible 1. that they MAYBE open to approachs from other scoures 2. it is unlikely that people could be attracted from the legal profession where they could make more money.

    I had heard that the local Auto Companys had worked out a lease arrangement with the Govt. Also remember if the Govt buys a BMW or any other vehicle its duty free (in this case 250%+ duty).

  2. rightvwrong

    So lets see—independence of the judiciary?—free luxury cars, can’t be fired, pension for life and the politicians get to appoint you???

    It wouldn’t be such an amusing travesty if we weren’t aware from this blog of countless horror stories of little Barbadian citizens being abused by the court system—delay after delay for years at a time–conflict after conflict—failure to disclose—usually property related or estate issues—all this perpetrated by lawyers who are elevated to the bench by their politician friends—sounds really independent to me????

    Give me a break or stick your head back in the sand

  3. Yuk!

    Any Japanese cars in there, for sale?
    I don’t want NO Eurpoean cars, no Korean cars, I want a JAPANESE car to drive.
    Eurpoean cars are made by white people to be driven in whiteland: hi standrads all around. Servicing when they say so!
    Change ouil when they say so!
    But when/if they reach the third world with crap gasoline and parts from Goodridge, all fall down!
    Japanese cars are built to last, to don’t stop, to keep on driving,
    on rubbish gas,if necessary.

    You couldn’t give me one of those awful European cars!
    (Well, you could,actually.. I’d just sell it tomorrow, and go buy Japanese)

  4. Jason

    They couldn’t drive a Toyota. Not enough status and most important, when the car becomes their’s in 3 years for next to nothing, it would be a Toyota instead of a Mercedes or BMW.


    Very interesting, It has always been known that to attract some of the best brains to these positions we have to offer certain incentives to make the post more attractive for these guys no problem. The problem I have is that on leaving the judiciary these guys are allowed to buy these vehicles, once again no problem that is done in the private sector. All well and good, now comes my issue, should these guys be allowed to buy these cars at these pepper corn rates in view of that fact that they were bought duty free intially, then sell them for handsome profits on retiring? check all who have retired recently to see who still has there own or which ones are at the dealer with for sale signs on them with as much a $100,000 markup on the price they paid for the vehicle after retiring this year. When returning nationals bring in cars duty free dont they have to keep them for a specific time period before disposing of them other wise the duty will have to be paid? if that is so then shouldnt the same be done here?

    2. Its of interest to note that all the vehicles are of one particular model. All well and good for good fleet management practices i will hear, but i find it very sinister that Sales Agents get commission and the Agent in this case happens to be a member of the Politics of inclusion is there any connection, the Polythecnic Messenger is seen delivering letters in a BMW as well who is the Chairman…………………….hmmmmmmmmmmmm very contrary

  6. ross

    and the small people working in the courts been crying out for years about the bad working conditions.

    You could imagine how these people feel going to work every day and seeing these big fancy cars parked outside? It is enough to turn you off completely.

  7. Hants

    I am told that Government Ministers have to buy their own vehicles. Is this correct.

    Exactly who gets these free Luxury cars?

  8. Just Asking

    Ross, Judges work under the same conditions as the small people. Judges have to write all of the evidence by hand there are no typists as seen on american tv. The entire legal system & plant needs dragging into modern methods.
    VI if retired persons are selling off the cars it should be stopped. any car sold within 5 years of retirement duty should be paid to the Govt. Your comments on the politics of inclusion are interesting, had not thought about it until you mentioned mentioned it. Hmmmmmmmmmmm

  9. very, very interesting indeed. I actually thought it was an auto-dealership. Waaa-oooh! A judge needs a BMW to function properly and avoid being corrupted?

    but why stop at a BMW? why not go the distance and get a Rolls Royce? Looks like things are the same everywhere you go. In Ghana the government ministers and MPs prefer 4-wheel drive luxury SUVs though


  10. Just Asking

    some of the comments I have seen on BFP, like the ones I hear on the calling-in- programmes, tells me that 99% literacy in Barbados is a joke, maybe 99% can read & write but they sure as hell cannot reason.

  11. Yo!

    but why stop at a BMW?
    why not go the distance, fer real,
    and get a MASERATI?!

  12. John

    Some judges cannot fit in a Maserati!!

    The whole issue of discrimination will raise its ugly head!

  13. here is an excerpt fomr bbc webpage

    Hey Hants goverment Ministers do purchase their own vehicles. However they are entitled to a $35,000 Interest free loan, which is also accessable to all Travelling Public Officers

  14. Green!

    When I grow up
    I wanna be a Government Minister.

  15. ross

    GREEN! Well GREEN is the right colour. The colour of money! No race issues with that.

  16. Velzo

    Say what you mean. The purchase of all these luxury BMW’s benefits BMW Sales Agent Johnny Tudor (the man who said he wanted to be PM too) who is being paid back for his outrageous and putrid political antics back in the 1990’s and on the political platform last Sunday night.

    Wake up, Barbados.

  17. On the Ball

    Ha Velzo spot on see the circus we operate in we trade the volvos for the BMW’S then we get fuel concious and trade the BMW’s for a later model but if we were that fuel concious how come we went to the same dealership and bought V8 Land Rover Gasoline Vehicles for the Police whose vehicles have to be on the road 24 -7 boy these things are amazing

  18. Anonymous

    I take it that you guys are simply jealous that you did not go to school and learn well so that you can get one of these jobs and one of the cars to drive by extension. Well as a young person fresh into university im going to be studying really hard so that i dont end up like you grudgeful, jealous Barbadians. (Won’t be surprised if this is not published)

  19. Jahred

    I take it that you guys are simply jealous that you did not go to school and learn well so that you can get one of these jobs and one of the cars to drive by extension. Well as a young person fresh into university im going to be studying really hard so that i dont end up like you grudgeful, jealous Barbadians. (Won’t be surprised if this is not published)

  20. West Side Davie

    Hi Jahred

    Good for the man or woman who works hard and drives a nice car, or owns a nice home.

    The problem is that many of the “public servants” driving the nice cars and living in the nice homes have these things because of WHO they know and what they have done not for Barbados but for very narrow interests.

    Without saying who, how is it that a man who has never been in business or been highly educated has nothing, then gets elected and three years later has a beautiful home, Mercedes, some investment properties and all the rest?

    How is it that a family member of a certain politician has never owned a construction company, but the second they open a construction company they have contracts and profits from government?

    That is Barbados today. Jahred, do you live on Barbados?

  21. please!

    who really cars? you can’t change it anyway!! just get on with your life.

  22. please!

    Jahred, you got it down pact. It’s a jealous thing. My nephew just graduated in UK in an area that will bring him a fantastic salary – so if/when he returns to Bim should he be driving a ‘box-cart’? He can’t eat the money!! Life is here to be enjoyed!! I would be most grateful if one of you with the negative comments could point out to me where in any part of the world the members of government walk around in rags or beg for food or for a ‘lift’. Show me!!!!!!

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