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Luxury Auto Dealership Opens At Barbados Courts!


Barbados Courts Now THE PLACE For Luxury Auto Shopping – No Duty Payable On These Babies, Folks!

Yes, we have them all down here at Court House Auto Sales.

You want a 5 or 7 Series BMW? No Problem!

S Series Mercedes? Done!

All Vehicles Equipped With The “Paid For With Public Tax Dollars” Option

Most of these low-mileage luxury models come with special Green License Plates and a government-issued driver. Duty and taxes on these babies are all looked after (a wink is as good as a nod to a blind man, ya know!) so when they are depreciated in their current service, you can sell ’em to your kids or your “special lady friends” without too much trouble.

Traffic tickets? Parking offense charges? Ya gotta be kiddin me!

It be all looked after, doan ya know!


Easy financing. Low payments.

For all the details on the web, head over to our friends at Zhaust.com (link here)



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“It Could Have Been Alot Worse, We Could Have Been Colonised By The Spanish!”

Eemanee writes What Crazy Looks Like blog out of Barbados, and muses…“Not only was colonisation not such a bad thing after all… it could have been alot worse, we could have been colonised by the Spanish!”

An interesting take by Eemanee. Check it out here.


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Rich and Not-So-Rich Brits Flock To Barbados Gated Communities As Land Sell-Off Continues


Gates & Guards Keep Out Troublesome Barbados Citizens For Cricketer Michael Vaughan & Other Jet Set Folks

The super rich and famous have always had their gates and guards, and I guess I don’t begrudge them a little privacy. Shona’s Auntie Moses tells a fabulous story about meeting Frank Sinatra when he ran into the kitchen where she was working. Auntie Moses and her friends hid Frankie in a walk-in cooler for a few minutes until his need passed. Then he talked with the staff for half an hour, had a beer and gave all the girls a big kiss before he left. He also sent autographed photos the next day. (Certainly a different profile of Sinatra’s character than one might think by reading some other accounts. Auntie Moses hasn’t washed that cheek since 1967!)

And that was before the days of the tabloids and a video camera in the hand of every tourist. So I understand the privacy needs of public figures and I don’t have a problem with Barbados catering to that class of people for big profits. On some days, the tarmac at Grantley Adams looks like a convention of Gulfstream and Citation bizjet owners – and that can only be good for the country.

A few gated communities for the super rich… no problem. But now, the trend is to provide lesser offshore investors with the same standard of privacy, gated communities and limited access beaches. All of this is at the expense of the average Bajan who is being restricted like never before…

Beach Access Disappearing Everywhere – Unless You Have A Beachfront Condo

Aside from the issue of the lack of transparancy and accountability by government in land dealings, Bajans are becoming aware that whole areas of our island are being sold, gated and closed off to “normal” Barbados citizens – denying citizens access not only to gated communities but also to supposedly public beaches.

We have laws about public access to all beaches, but subtle and not-so-subtle changes to parking, roads and barriers are effectively limiting citizen access to many beaches while not violating the letter of the law.

BFP reader and St. Michael resident Rupmplestilskin posted these comments on Caribbean Splash Waterpark Developer Kerins – Ugly American, Or Just Losing It?

Usage of land in Barbados is now quite worrying, to the extent that I am starting to believe that our indigenous Barbados is slowly but surely being hijacked.

For example, look at beach access, meaning the ability of the average Barbadian to park, disembark and enjoy the beach at various locations throughout the island.

Check the following:

Dover – the ample parking there by the playing field in St.Lawrence has been replaced by stalls and pavement, parking now reduced to only a few (which it looks as if the stall owners use)….do we park on the road?…isnt that illegal?

Pebble Beach – just before you get to the Hilton. Previous AMPLE parking has now been blocked by concrete short ‘pillars’…..’changing facilities or booths placed….who are the changing facilities for?…are we to park on the road?

Mullins….previous wide open seaview and access now blocked

Colony Club – the driveable public access which included parking is now blocked I am told ….while ‘construction’ is underway…

Government has already stated the intention to remove the public buildings at Oistins (happens to include convenient parking access to the ‘NOW’ public beach and Miami beach) and sell for development.

The planned development along the waterfront and Carlisle Bay area is well known. Exactly how much public access will be left to the average Barbadian? Will the current parking area on Carlisle Bay be left?

Hmmm…are we seeing a trend here?

As someone else referred to in another title on this site…smoke and mirrors…

THIS beach access issue is serious. And before you know it….there wont be any access for the average Barbadian.

It is time the persons responsible are held to account.

Where is the Opposition? Hello? Hello?

Can A Barbados Citizen Buy One Of These Beach Front Condos? Sure… But They Start At $1.5 Million Barbados!

From a Telegraph.co.uk article (link here)…

When Privacy Is The Driving Force

…former England cricket captain Michael Vaughan and I are sitting in the main room of his spanking-new £1 million villa at the Royal Westmoreland Golf Club, a 500-acre estate on the west coast of Barbados. Comfy chairs, cool wooden floors, a stylish pickled pine ceiling.

There is a plunge pool in the garden outside and, beyond the plunge pool, the Caribbean glistening in the distance…

…And it is the aristocracy of British sport, in increasing numbers, who are buying villas at the Royal Westmoreland. Virginia Wade owns a property here. So does Ian Woosnam. So does Gary Lineker. If Vaughan wants fellow cricketers to hobnob with, his neighbours will include Mike Gatting, Freddie Flintoff and Marcus Trescothick. If he wants a stiff test on the golf course, he can ask Ryder cup stars Lee Westwood or David Howell for a game. From the world of football, there is Rio Ferdinand, Joe Cole, David O’Leary…

…”What I like about the Royal Westmoreland, which is a gated community, is that it is the one place I can come on holiday and switch off and get away from it all. Just getting away from English newspapers is a joy! If you go to Spain or France, there are British holiday-makers swarming all around you. Here there is much greater privacy…”

…If the Royal Westmoreland sounds like a haven for the super-rich, its owner John Morphet, a Lancashire businessman who has made a fortune out of caravan parks, is planning a new development on the estate which will bring properties within range of people on more modest incomes.

One hundred and two luxury penthouse apartments are due for completion in May 2007. The cheapest will cost just £390,000 – not peanuts, but good value for money on an island where property prices can reach silly levels. Hunt around and you can get attractive holiday villas on the island for £200,000-odd. But there is a premium on the best locations and, in some areas, notably the south coast, signs of over-development.

Barbados is not for everyone. It lacks the unkempt charm of smaller Caribbean islands like Tobago or Kitts and Nevis. The island is fashionable, which has its disadvantages. But it has not become fashionable by accident. People flock here for a simple reason: that it is a beautiful, beautiful spot…

… read the entire article at the Telegraph (link here).


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