Barbados Author Lester “Zoom” Headley’s: A Blaze Of Tropical Sunshine


Homegrown Bajan Hasn’t Done Quite Everything Yet…

World-class athlete, published author & poet, police officer, writer, sales professional, store-manager, golfer, motivational coach.

There are a few things that Lester Headley hasn’t done yet – but his list is pretty impressive as it stands.

The motivational guy at Sandy Lane has now had a second book published: A Blaze Of Tropical Sunshine. None of us has obtained a copy yet, but we received the PR notice from his agent, so sure – we’ll mention Lester’s new book, no problem.

Here is the online story we received from Zoom’s agent…

Newest Release from Barbados Author Focuses on the Positive

Denver, CO, October 23, 2006 –(PR.COM)– When Lester “Zoom” Headley’s first book, The Crystal Treasure, was complete, his friend, Eiluj, said to him: “Lester, reach for the stars and all other things will fall into place. Unearth your talent—one book is not enough.” So this former Barbados speed walking champion launched into his newest motivational offering, A Blaze of Tropical Sunshine. This small but powerful work is a tribute to optimistic thinking. In both poetry and prose, Lester “Zoom” Headley, celebrates life, his country, humility, excellence in all undertakings, and respect for all people.

… read the entire release (link here)

ISBN: 159800333X

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  1. Passin Thru

    Zoom is upset at “Barbados Time”

    Ca dear!

    Lester Headley’s Blog

    Editor’s Note: We fixed up the link for you Passin Thru. Are you Lester by any chance?