Abortions Provider George Griffith Is Barbados Labour Party Candidate For St. Philip North


Will The Electorate Reject Griffith’s Employment?

The newly chosen BLP candidate for St. Philip North is the Executive Director of the largest abortion provider in Barbados.

Although a Nation News article identifies BLP candidate George Griffith as a “social worker” and the executive director of the “Barbados Family Association”, Griffith is, in fact, in charge of the “Barbados Family Planning Association” (BFPA).

According to a medical professional who assisted with this article, the Barbados Family Planning Association is the largest provider and facilitator of abortions in Barbados, and is closely aligned with the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF).

Should It Matter That BLP Candidate Griffith Is Part Of The Abortion Industry?

A better question would probably be “Will Griffith’s employment matter to voters in St. Philip North?”

Since the formal legalization of abortion in 1983, so many of us have been touched by abortion ourselves – or know someone close to us who has. Despite the now relatively commonplace nature of abortion in Barbados and the euphemisms proffered by industry advocates to normalize and conceal what really happens during an abortion – nothing can change the heavy emotional price that each one of us has paid.

…And many continue to pay that price for years after. Easier to forgive others than ourselves sometimes.

Only the final count on election day might tell us whether voters are too emotionally invested or torn by abortion to elect BLP candidate George Griffith. Even Griffith’s name on the ballot once again makes abortion a political issue during a campaign, but his employment is obviously not considered to be a major liability by the BLP.

Next Article: A Look At The Fetal Parts Industry In Barbados

As part of a continuing examination of abortion as a political issue in St. Philip North, Barbados Free Press will be publishing a series of articles on the medical, economic, social, spiritual and political issues surrounding abortion in Barbados.

Next week: A Look At The Fetal Parts Industry In Barbados

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Nation News: Griffith For St. Philip North

Barbados Family Planning Association


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48 responses to “Abortions Provider George Griffith Is Barbados Labour Party Candidate For St. Philip North

  1. reality check

    sorry BFP —can’t agree with you on this one—the world is full of unwanted babies and Barbados has more than its fair share

    while I am not in favour of abortion per se, the alternative of more neglected, unwanted and unloved children in Barbados is a much worse choice.

    Lets not follow the position of the Vatican which at any given time is 200 years behind the time and led by a bunch of conservative reactionaries who have absolutely no idea of women not to mention the reality and stresses of the ordinary person.

  2. Disposable Arts

    1st POST!! DA RULES!!

    hahaaaa. Ok seriously, does it really matter? so what if he kills babies…it’s much better than some female trying to toss herself down a staircase to abort.

  3. Just Asking

    Come on Chaps isnt that a bit harsh?

  4. Yo!

    I will be voting FOR him
    BECAUSE of his principled stance.!

    Thank you sir, for having provided this much needed service
    on an already overcrowded island!

    Were it not for him, the human population of Barbados
    might be OVER my estimated 300,000!

    We don’t need ANY MORE PEOPLE, thanks very much!

  5. The abilty to control population size is an absolute necessity for sustainable development. I would prefer people to be more responsible and not get pregnant, or get anyone else pregnant, in the first place; but sadly that is not the world we live in.

  6. BFP

    JA said…. Isn’t that a bit harsh?

    I don’t know… we haven’t gotten to the part about what happens to the parts of the aborted babies. How much they are sold for, to whom, and what they are used for.

    Nor have we looked at the cashflow of the industry or considered any studies dealing with learning or pain in babies in the womb.

    Is is harsh of anyone to mention such things?

    I don’t know. Most people have absolutely no idea of the reality of this multi-billion dollar industry – here and around the world.

    If that is harsh, well, then don’t worry about it!

  7. BFP

    JA…. or were you saying that DA and Reality Check were being harsh?

  8. Yo!

    This is not an issue.
    Don’t make it one.
    I’m NOT pro-BLP(not this election)
    but it still isn’t an issue.

    Barbados is not Amerika.
    We are not a nation of ‘three-corner hats’
    fresh off the Mayflower.

  9. BFP are you going to go on about the Stem Cell “treatments” that go on in Bim? I was shocked when I heard about those… I understand they happen in Barbados thanks to our “loose” regulatory framework… very scary. I kinda doubt that they have informed parental consent to put that tissue to that use as well. Not that you need that in Bim.

  10. Economix

    Do you know how many horses go into Corned Beef?
    Do we even want to know?

    and likewise we don’t want or need to know what happens to aborted bits.
    (Jesus, guy.. are you SICK??)

    You just might turn off gobs of readers with truly-gross yuk like that,
    but thanks for the ‘kind offer’, anyway!

    This is not a (negative) issue!
    Barbados is a progressive nation
    and we don’t need any religio-judgemental rubbish here:
    I think most posts on the issue,so far,
    are in favour of abortion things how they are.
    Yes, abortions are unpleasant,
    but eff wunnuh wun’t hear to walk wid Durex,
    wunnuh would feel de consequences.

    Make Love, Not Babies!

  11. BFP


    I never said anything about “religion” – but if you want to ignore the whole thing, please go ahead.

  12. BFP


    All comments are being moderated due to the subject matter (WordPress choice, not ours) and I’m off fishing for the night and into the next morning.


    Sorry about that folks!


  13. Hants

    Marcus, a full report on your fishing success is very important. It will ease the pain of having to sit here 5 hours away.
    Fishing is one of the reasons I visit Barbados as often as I can.
    Good luck.

  14. M Alleyne

    October 24th, 2006 at 11:13 pm

    Marcus, a full report on your fishing success is very important.

    More important than this story that’s for sure. Honestly now BFP!

  15. Kathy

    I think the most important part of this story is that Mr. Griffith was listed in the Nation as the executive director of the “Barbados Family Association”, and referred to as a “social worker”. This may have been accidental or not. If it was not accidental, somebody, for some reason, does not want the voting public to know the true calling of Mr. Griffith, however noble it may be.

    Hillary Clinton once listed one of her political donors as Abduraham Alamoudi of the “American Museum Council” when it was really the “American Muslim Council”. Maybe the voters would not have had a problem either way – just hope it really was a typo.

  16. 16 Yrs- Amused

    Barbadians using to many resources such as land, water, etc. Population beginning to cause too much strain on resources. Ruling Party’s solution? New BLP candidate: Abortions Provider!! 🙂 Of course!

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  18. Phoenix

    wow this is interesting, i never thought there were so many barbadians who didnt have a problem with abortion. I guess i’m a rare breed haha. I honestly think the reason why abortions and stem cell research is legal in barbados is simply because the public isnt or at least hasnt been until now, thoroughly informed about the issue, because even though it may not seem like it, there are alot of christians in barbados, many of whom are probably anti-abortion.
    I feel, let the public know what he does, what he really does, and then we can move on from there. No issue is insignificant when choosing a government i think.

  19. reality check


    never said I didn’t have a problem with abortion—merely don’t like the alternative—and God knows how many generations of unwanted children their are in Barbados!!!

    if society and the Christians really have a problem with abortion they should offer serious and real counselling to young confused, uneducated women and offer them alternatives such as adoption to caring parents, education, money while pregnant, nutritious meals etc

    This is a very real and every day crisis for many women, albeit self-inflicted through ignorance and cultural acceptance —so lets not make it an either or situation but something that needs to be addressed with focus, understanding and compassion—abortion by itself is not the answer—

    groups need to step up to the plate as this government does not know how to solve problems and is all about “spin” using the peoples money to promote their own inaction or incompetency.

  20. Anon. Perplexed

    Who cares if “Christians” have a problem with abortion? Abortion is a personal issue, and it comes down to ONE person – the mother. George Griffith isn’t out there ‘killing babies for the sake of it’ like the sensational people here would have you believe, and this is not about population control. Are you people INSANE? Look at the stupidness you are posting in these comments! There are girls who are raped, girls who KNOW they’d probably only neglect the child and girls for whom pregnancy would be risky or endanger their lives if it comes to term, and these are the people who get abortions! It’s their choice, and in fact, it’s their RIGHT in a fully democratic society! I dunno.. one day BFP screams for democracy, another day it seems to want socialism, and today it seems they want a theocracy. What is WRONG with you people? Jesus..

  21. Green!

    Most of our anti-abortion sentiment and emotion(emotion!) is induced by..
    1. Amerikan cultural imperialism/puritanism,
    2. religious “mores and morals” many of them ‘so useful’ in keeping WOMEN SUPPRESSED with lotsa guilt, etc.

    Build a bridge and get over it!

    We live on an overcrowded island,
    in an overcrowded world.
    Our species is the bigest single scourge on the face of the planet
    – just ask the other animals!

    We have a serious human overpopulation problem on our hands.
    Birth Control and abortion are part of the unpleasant solution!
    We either discipline ourselves and learn to tie a knot in our dix,
    or face the consequences!
    The time for religious-induced sentimental rubbish is now about 30 years past.
    Time to be thoroughly pragmatic!

    Build a bridge and get over it!

  22. Hants

    Just heard on VOB. “Bajans having fewer babies and more immigrants coming.” Full story will be on the news at 9.30am.

    Maybe the anti abortionist and right to lifers should picket the family planning office and also persuade the young girls to keep their babies.

    You should also lobby the government to increase payments to single mothers and go after the fathers for court ordered child support.
    This is what is being done in Ontario.

  23. Anonymous

    i love barbados “free” press! now that they have to moderate comments they’re picking and choosing the ones that don’t criticize them. my my… even the BLP allows criticism… tsk.


    At least I have the right to choose !

    I prefer to have a reputable Organisation, where i can go and obtain information and advice.

    What is the difference – private Doctors perform the same service.

    so what is your point. This is the twentieth century. The decision to have an abortion will always be your right.


    so the real question – would you support someone who gives you all of your options and you make the choice?

    Or someone who dictates to you, and make a choice base on they own opinion (personal or religious beliefs)?.

    At least he is not a coward – to hide what he believes in.

    bottom line is it is YOUR Fundametal RIGHT to CHOOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and BFPA gives You that Option.

  26. Kathy

    This discussion should not be about abortion, but about truth in reporting. The voters have a fundamental right to know who they are voting for or against – don’t call the man a social worker, head of the Barbados Family Association, which sounds very conservative and even somewhat pro-life, when he is something totally different. He might get more votes with the truth, according to the feedback on this site. Let the voters be informed, not deceived!

    Being Real, if the man himself is responsible for this misrepresentation, then he may well be a coward. I am not saying that he is, because I do not have absolute faith in the Nation’s reporters.

  27. titilayo

    George Griffith (and folk at BFP may recall that I have previously expressed very favourable feelings about Mr. Griffith) has been quoted in the Nation newspaper several times on various topics, and described as the head of the Barbados Family Planning Association; sometimes his opinions were solicited specifically in that capacity. He also received substantial press coverage when he took up the post of Director at the BFPA some years ago. I don’t get the impression that he would intentionally misrepresent his credentials. It would be pointless, anyway, because I think he’s pretty well-known as the (sometimes quite outspoken) Director of the BFPA. I would tend to attribute the error to the Nation and their oft-times shoddy editing/proof-reading.

    I’m not touching the abortion debate, because I feel it’s one of those topics where, if people disagree on it, discussion tends to be rather pointless.


    Interesting article.

  29. Hmm at the above...

    Department of Defense eh?

  30. Royalrumble

    Very interesting article.

  31. Phoenix

    I agree with reality check (mostly). Green!, i’m not even touching that debate with you, thats an entire blog right there on the whole religious morals issue.

    I am going to take titilayo’s lead and leave this abortion topic alone or at least try to, for the time being because it is one of those topics where neither side will budge no matter what.

    I will just leave it at this: yes i am against it and yes i am a christian. Are the two related? yup they sure are. I’m not going to ramble on in a bunch of “religious moralistic nonsense”, i will spare you all haha.

  32. anon

    I wonder what Mr George Griffith – BLP candidate has to say about the article in today’s Nation newspaper that more migrants have settled in B’dos over the last 10 years than B’dians are being born.
    N.B this info was given not by a xenophobic bajan but J’can Valerie Nam from their statistical Dept in J’ca.
    It seems to me that the policy of candidate George Griffith and the Blp Gov’t of reducing the numbers of bajan while you increase the numbers of Guyanese is working.The number of foreign migrants in 2000 was set at 23,000.
    Can you imagine that people?By 2006,that figure can conservatively be set at 45,0000 almost 20% of the population will be made up of migrants most of whom are illegal and are a drain on the economy.
    Read what is happening in the Cayman Islands – the migrants (mainly J’cans) are being sent home even though they have work permits and,and in St Maarten the Guyanese are being asked to get a visa to enter the country.
    In the name of good heavens how can you plan for your population which has such a large number of illegal immigrants.What resources do we have that can maintain the standard of living for which barbadisns have become accustomed.We are now seeing strange practices of poor bajans being forced to rent rooms for their families instead of a house,and the unsanitary practices of these people.
    What is also being hidden is the introduction of diseases which we had wiped out years ago e.g. leprosy,strong strain of T.B. etc

    I hope Dlp operatives who might be monitoring this site need to deal with this matter,don’t be too scared about the vote because they are not going to vote for you any way,but make sure you have your sources in the immigration dept and ID card dept being vigilant for when election is called.

    Black B’dian s if they are not careful will soon be overtaken by the year 2050 what with the indians not buying in to George Griffith idea of Family Planning and Arbortion.

  33. Green!

    I read that…
    “This is the twentieth century.
    The decision to have an abortion will always be your right.”

    1. This is the Twenty-FIRST Century.
    – has been for FIVE YEARS now!
    (Yr.2000 was the last year of the 20th.
    2001 was the first year of the 21st.
    -that’s why we call it ‘1’, see?)

    2. If you think that the decision to have an abortion will ALWAYS be your right, THINK AGAIN.
    The Lord giveth and the Lord tekketh away!
    One day some moralistic bunch will get into power,
    and your right to an abortion will be GONE,sweetheart!
    Laws change overnight, sudden so!

    That’s why we must be eternally vigilant, to see that such rights are not wronged.
    You have NO IDEA how quickly rights can be un-done.
    All it takes is one politician.

  34. Green!

    Queen Victoria reigned from 1837,
    until she died in January of 1901.

    Despite her mortal end, many aspects of her time remain alive and well in quaint but ’emerging’ Barbados.
    I was not speaking chronologically when I spoke of the Victorian Era being still in Barbados.
    I was speaking of some of our old-fashioned ways of thinking and acting…our hypocrisy(a very Victorian thing)
    John takes things very literally,logically, common sense et alumni…feet firmly on the ground and other good stuff.
    Good Luck,sir!

    Common sense,John,
    is actually quite quite rare, not at ALL common,maybe you haven’t noticed.
    You may have also noticed that the world isn’t quite what it used to be,dammit,
    and the only course for older folk now
    is to roll with the punches,baby!

    Things aren’t what they always seem,
    and certainly not what you guys read in local news-rags.

  35. John


    But my point is that there are under 30’s who seem to have plenty common sense, will build families, and businesses, employ people and will produce children who are wanted loved and cared for.

    They aren’t saints, who is.

    Maybe we should be telling them do not build families or businesses, do not produce children who are wanted loved and cared for because if they do, those children will be rolled over by people who are unwanted, unloved and uncared for and have the psychological scars and attributes to show.

    Shouldn’t we be trying to tip the balance one way … or the other by whatever reasonable means we have? Tell me which way should be we leaning?

    I think we just need to shine a little light and the under 30 year olds will do the rest!! Give them a little credit.

    The future will be very interesting, it always is.

  36. West Side Davie

    Yo said “This is not an issue.
    Don’t make it one.”

    Hey YO, Don’t you mean “Please don’t make it an issue because it would be difficult for my candidate to answer questions about his work?”


  37. Yo!

    Yo! has no candidates.

    I am neither BLP or DLP oriented.
    I am one of the few free voters.
    But I AM pro-abortion and proud to say it.
    I am NOT Politically Correct.
    You can never figure me out for I am one unusual human being with odd experiences and priorities
    (I long for a world without Money, for starters..can you get your head around crazy stuff like that?)

    Although I hope the BLP gets royally thrown out(this election)
    I wish the man all the best.
    I actually think his affiliation with Fam.Planning might go down very well,for him, since abortion is not the isssue here in Barbados, that it is in Puritanical Amerika.
    Don’t confuse the two countries.

    I either vote for CHANGE or for maintaining the status quo.
    Voting is a very easy decision for me, every time. I favour neither side.
    How many of you Tribal types can say that?
    You need to get out of the My Tribe vs. Your Tribe politics!

  38. Getting BYE

    Sorry if I am a bit behind the times but is there a way I can search a key word in one of these dicussions? If anyone knows please give me the directions.

    I would also like to know (and i hope I have not overlooked it, hence my search for a keyword) what happens to fetal parts. Are they salvaged or is this a joke?
    Please let me know.

  39. What a way to engage conversation by one word, ABORTION. Well, let me first say that is it an individual decision. And no matter how craftily debated, you, I, or anyone for that matter, can say what is or not good for an individual who has to decide on aborting.

    In 1981, childhood friend died from hemorrhaging after an illegal abortion with a coat hanger. To this day it sickens me.

    For me it is personal, not political.

  40. http://www.regenmd.com/


    The above site may or may not be related to the articles below.


    Here, The Mail names clinics at the forefront of this disturbing new beauty craze and reveals what really goes on.

    Destination: Barbados:

    The Institute for Regenerative Medicine

    The Treatment: Anti-ageing stem-cell injections made from aborted foetal tissue, £15,000 The past 12 months have seen this popular holiday resort become the stem-cell capital of the developed world, treating hundreds of patients in a year.

    The upmarket clinic opened last year in one of the island’s most luxurious hotels – Villa Nova – after Ukrainian stem-cell researchers, who have been secretly pioneering stem-cell studies with aborted human foetuses for 20 years, teamed up with U.S. investors backed by the Caribbean tourist industry.


  41. Jason

    Reality check said

    “never said I didn’t have a problem with abortion—merely don’t like the alternative—and God knows how many generations of unwanted children their are in Barbados!!!”

    I say,

    “never said I didn’t have a problem with unwanted children—merely don’t like the alternative—and God knows how many generations of unwanted children we are missing in Barbados!!!”

  42. Elvira

    Pro-abortion all the way, and, like ‘Yo!’, proud to say it… i know that some religiously oriented people may be against it, but who in the world has the right to impose their beliefs on me? i wont shove mine on you, but if i am raped, or my health is in danger because of pregnancy, or if im just simply not ready for a baby, i sure as hell will get an abortion. its women’s rights. we should have the right to choose. being pro-abortion doesnt mean im saying abortion needs to always be done… it’s better off said as pro-choice.

  43. Fetal Stem Cells — Multipotent fetal stem cells (FSCs) are generally more tissue-
    specific than ESCs. Therefore, FSCs are able to generate a more limited number of progenitor types. One of the particular [herapeutic advantages of FSCs as compared with ESCs is the fact that FSCs do not form teratomas in vivo. Moreover (he FSCs obtained up to week 2 offer the possibility of transplanting these primitive stem cells without frequent rejection reactions, in contrast to UCB and BM stem cell transplants. As a matter of fact, recent work has revealed the possibility of using FSCs or (heir progenitors, isolated from particular tissues, for multiple therapeutic applications involving tissue regeneration (II, 5, 26, 59]. More particularly, the human fetal liver constitutes an alternative source of heinatopoictic stem cells (HSCs) for the generation of hematopoictic cell lineages in vivo (15]
    On the other hand, it is interesting to note that a reciprocal fetomateital trafficking of cells and nucleic acids has also been shown through the placental barrier during pregnancy, which might contribute to tissue repair mechanisms in different maternal organs and the growing fetus [60, 61]. In fact, the cells From the growing fetus appear to be able to cross over the placenta and enter the mothers bloodstream and vice versa; the maternal cells can also pass into fetal circulation and persist into adult life, a phenomenon known as microchimerism. Hence, the fetal cells that are transferred to the mother during gestation can migrate to different damaged peripheral tissues, such as the liver and skin, or can cross the blood-brain barrier to enter damaged areas of the brain, where they actively contribute to the mother’s tissue repair by generating mature cell progenitors (60—62]. More surpHsingly, a small number of functional fetal cells with stem-cell-like properties, designated pregnancy-associated progenitor cells, appear also to persist in blood and tissues after pregnancy, and thereby continue to assume their protective role in tissue repair or contribute to certain pathophysiologies [60, 62]. This reflects the high plasticity and migratory potential of FSCs, which represent major advantages for their use in transplantation. More specifically, the establishment of the structural features of FSCs that enable then to cross both the placental and blood-brain barrier could allow for the improvement of therapeutic applications cf neural stem cell progenitors in allowing their administration by iv. infusion for repair of diverse brain disorders.
    Adult Stem Cells
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  44. Visionary

    In George Griffith’s defence he has always been there for young girls.

    But what concerns me more and should concern us is the large number of 13-17 year olds who I have been hearing about receiving abortions. Indeed I have been hearing stories of young girls ending up at the QEH after poor abortion attempts by private doctors. I do not wish to dwell on the rights and wrongs of abortions, but I do want to know how come as a society we continue to allow our young boys and girls to be preyed upon and government not take steps to protect them. When was the last time you heard or saw someone before our courts for having sex with a minor. How many more childern will we allow to be robbed of their childhood by reckless men and women including their own family members? Something must be done and done soon.

  45. Wishing in Vain


    In George Griffith’s defence he has always been there for young girls.

    I am killing myself with your comments you surely are aware of his thoughts that he is a Macho man that all the young girls are lining up to get him to take them to bed ?
    He is a egotistic arrogant person with a weakness for young girls, no wonder that he is in charge of the abortion clinic, he must make good use of its services from time to time!!!!

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  47. WSD

    Individual choices and actions have societal effects. In this case Bajan women are not producing enough babies to sustain our society economically, so we must import people leading to a dilution/undermining of Bajan culture as others come into the mix.

    You might not care, or even support increased immigration, but the low birth rate for Bajan women has made immigration necessary.