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Abortions Provider George Griffith Is Barbados Labour Party Candidate For St. Philip North


Will The Electorate Reject Griffith’s Employment?

The newly chosen BLP candidate for St. Philip North is the Executive Director of the largest abortion provider in Barbados.

Although a Nation News article identifies BLP candidate George Griffith as a “social worker” and the executive director of the “Barbados Family Association”, Griffith is, in fact, in charge of the “Barbados Family Planning Association” (BFPA).

According to a medical professional who assisted with this article, the Barbados Family Planning Association is the largest provider and facilitator of abortions in Barbados, and is closely aligned with the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF).

Should It Matter That BLP Candidate Griffith Is Part Of The Abortion Industry?

A better question would probably be “Will Griffith’s employment matter to voters in St. Philip North?”

Since the formal legalization of abortion in 1983, so many of us have been touched by abortion ourselves – or know someone close to us who has. Despite the now relatively commonplace nature of abortion in Barbados and the euphemisms proffered by industry advocates to normalize and conceal what really happens during an abortion – nothing can change the heavy emotional price that each one of us has paid.

…And many continue to pay that price for years after. Easier to forgive others than ourselves sometimes.

Only the final count on election day might tell us whether voters are too emotionally invested or torn by abortion to elect BLP candidate George Griffith. Even Griffith’s name on the ballot once again makes abortion a political issue during a campaign, but his employment is obviously not considered to be a major liability by the BLP.

Next Article: A Look At The Fetal Parts Industry In Barbados

As part of a continuing examination of abortion as a political issue in St. Philip North, Barbados Free Press will be publishing a series of articles on the medical, economic, social, spiritual and political issues surrounding abortion in Barbados.

Next week: A Look At The Fetal Parts Industry In Barbados

Story Links

Nation News: Griffith For St. Philip North

Barbados Family Planning Association


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Historic Aircraft Left To Corrode: The Sad End Of The Concordes

British Writer Says Barbados Should Give Up The Concorde

Our blogging friend Titilayo posts Concorde Discord – an excellent piece on the state of the Concorde aircraft in Barbados and around the world.

Titilayo brings together a number of sources and shows that our Barbados Concorde is not the only one of these historic flying machines that is being left to rot. A shame, and an opportunity missed by Barbados and other nations.

Speaking as a pilot and an aircraft knock-about, I’ve got news for Mr. Paul Baker, who suggests that the Bajan Concorde could be “removed” to another location…

Our Concorde has been sitting exposed and generally unprotected in the salt air since its last touchdown. That aircraft will never fly again.


Many thanks to Georgia Popplewell at Global Voices for alerting us to Titilayo’s post. Georgia does an excellent job as Global Voices’ Caribbean editor (I think that is her title) and is a prolific and talented writer/journalist on her own. You can find her work at Global Voices, Caribbean Free Radio and many other venues.


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Barbados Author Lester “Zoom” Headley’s: A Blaze Of Tropical Sunshine


Homegrown Bajan Hasn’t Done Quite Everything Yet…

World-class athlete, published author & poet, police officer, writer, sales professional, store-manager, golfer, motivational coach.

There are a few things that Lester Headley hasn’t done yet – but his list is pretty impressive as it stands.

The motivational guy at Sandy Lane has now had a second book published: A Blaze Of Tropical Sunshine. None of us has obtained a copy yet, but we received the PR notice from his agent, so sure – we’ll mention Lester’s new book, no problem.

Here is the online story we received from Zoom’s agent…

Newest Release from Barbados Author Focuses on the Positive

Denver, CO, October 23, 2006 –(PR.COM)– When Lester “Zoom” Headley’s first book, The Crystal Treasure, was complete, his friend, Eiluj, said to him: “Lester, reach for the stars and all other things will fall into place. Unearth your talent—one book is not enough.” So this former Barbados speed walking champion launched into his newest motivational offering, A Blaze of Tropical Sunshine. This small but powerful work is a tribute to optimistic thinking. In both poetry and prose, Lester “Zoom” Headley, celebrates life, his country, humility, excellence in all undertakings, and respect for all people.

… read the entire release (link here)

ISBN: 159800333X

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Encouragement and Advice For BTI – Barbados Tourism Investment Inc

Karl Watson appreciates the work of Barbados Tourism Investment Inc., but wants their projects to have more green and less concrete. We agree.

From The Nation News…

Let Nature Take Its Course 

Barbados Tourism Investment (BTI) Inc., as part of its much appreciated initiative to transform Bridgetown, has now started a project to enhance the appearance of the Constitution River bed. There are some opportunities here that need to be seized before it is too late.

The only fault I personally find with the other very well-meant projects of the BTI is that they intrude too much on the natural world. They are too mechanical, utilising too much concrete and focusing entirely on the human experience, sometimes with unexpected consequences.

A good example is the lack of appropriate vegetation at Jubilee Gardens to provide shade and to cool down what is now an unplanned oven at midday…

… read the whole article at The Nation News (link here)


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Barbados Nation Newspaper Article “…There will always be a place for the white minority…”

Nation News Article: Africa Is The Answer For Barbados! Evil White People The Problem!

Dr Ikael Tafari, Director of the Commission for Pan-African Affairs, has written a stunning article for the Nation News recounting how some 60 years ago in Barbados a white man named Swayne was aquitted on a charge of shooting a black boy by claiming he thought he was shooting a monkey hiding in the bush.

Tafari says that Swayne’s defense lawyer was a black named Grantley Adams. The obvious implication being that Adams facilitated this injustice in a rigged court run by evil white folks. (Hey, I wasn’t there… coulda been that way, I guess.)

The article also details incidents of Barbados blacks being impaled with wood, deliberately run down or otherwise harmed by evil white folks way back when – or not so long ago.

“There Will Always Be A Place For The White Minority…”

After 748 words of recounting how bad things were for blacks in Barbados 60 years ago – and how bad they are now – and that blacks as a race in Barbados “are at the African crossroads” and must secure racial justice and economic enfranchisement for the black majority”, Dr. Tafari closes the article by tossing a bone to the “good” whites and reminds them that “there will always be a place for the white minority…”

Whew! That should make those very few “good” white folks feel a whole lot better about living in Tafari’s Africa West Barbados.

Tafari’s Agenda & Solution For All Problems: Make Barbados Africa West

To further his African agenda, Dr. Tafari is trying to capitalize upon the recent charges of racial incitement against Barbados attorney Mark Goodridge. (Goodridge story link here)

Dr. Tafari sees only two colours on this island, where my family and I see a rainbow. (I wonder if Dr. Tafari would see my skin colour as dark enough to meet his standards for “blackness”? What about my son’s skin colour? Is he dark enough to be a “real” Bajan, or would Dr. Tafari caste him in with the “white minority”? – and I do mean “caste”!)

Dr. Tafari sees identity primarily through the colour of skin and longs for the cultural foundations of another place. I understand Dr. Tafari, but I do not still see, feel or imagine any chains upon me or my family. I have told my son from the day he was born – long before he could understand – “The only chains on you are what you put on yourself”

As I wrote in BFP about six weeks ago…

“… when I walk a plantation, for me, it feels somewhat as I imagine I would feel at Dachau or Sobibor. Not the same feeling, you understand – but perhaps a more difficult mixture of emotions because if my ancestors had not gone through their hell, our family might be still living in today’s hell of Nigeria, Rwanda or Congo.

Difficult thoughts and emotions.”

… from Sunbury Plantation House, Barbados – Saturday Morning Thoughts

What Dr. Tafari does not understand is this…

I can never forget where I came from… but I am not African. I am not British.

I am Bajan.

Story links…

The Nation News: African Crossroads

Thanks to BFP reader Hugh for the tip.


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