DLP Candidate Colin Spencer Vows To Force BLP’s Gline Clarke To Go Public

Barbados DLP Candidate Targets Gline Clarke In No Uncertain Terms


“This is one election where the incumbent (Minister of Public Works Gline Clarke) has to get back down on the ground. He cannot send people to canvass for him, he cannot canvass by telephone or via email. I’m going to force him back down on the ground to canvass.”

“…Today is officially the launch of operation ‘Get Gline Clarke’…”

… Colin Spencer. DLP Candidate, St. George North in The Nation News

Colin Spencer says that he and the DLP will stick to important issues during his campaign leading up to the election. That means that Gline Clarke is in big trouble: for there are questions that Mr. Clarke cannot ignore, but for which he has no satisfactory answer.

What Can Clarke & The Government Possibly Say About Unethical Land Dealings and Accountability?

Minister of Public Works Gline Clarke sleeps every night in a house built upon land that was originally expropriated by the Government of Barbados for “Public Housing”.

No Integrity Legislation exists in Barbados. As a result, powerful Government Ministers like Mr. Clarke do not have to declare their assets or explain how it is that, as a Member of the Cabinet that approves the expropriation of privately-owned lands, a Minister of Government comes to live upon a choice building lot that was forceably taken from an owner – using the full power of the Government.

DLP Candidate Colin Spencer Is Correct

In the midst of a very aggressive and issue-centred DLP campaign, Minister of Public Works Gline Clarke will have to go public to respond…

But that means that Mr. Clarke will have to come out from hiding behind the skirts of his “special lady friend” to explain his actions to the public, and so far, he hasn’t found the courage.

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16 responses to “DLP Candidate Colin Spencer Vows To Force BLP’s Gline Clarke To Go Public

  1. Hants

    Calling all DLP bloggers.

    Royalrumble wants to know “wha happen to wunna” since the last polls.
    BLP site not getting hits.

    BFP is so hot these days nobody can spare the time to visit the BLP blog.

    Be nice fellas. pay them a courtesy call and share some political licks.

  2. Littleboy56@caribsurf.com

    Can Gline Clarke afford to come out and talk at this juncture?

    He will have to wait for the “Little Man From St Peter” to fire the first defensive salvo.After all, Gline is his confidant, who is frequently seen at the Port St Charles condo.
    Enough for now. More later. Just waiting for the “Doc” to log on first.
    The BLP has gone quiet lately.
    Did BFP hear anything about last night’s Oistins meet.

  3. Yo!

    The BLP has indeed gone quiet lately.
    Maybe they are carefully assessing the current situation,
    much of which duzn’t point in their direction!

    Orders may have been issued
    to cease and desist jookin any sticks in ants’ nests,
    since the underground ‘rumblings’ are becoming more noticeable, of late.

  4. Velzo

    RR can’t read, so why bother to write anything?

  5. Royalrumble

    You are so right Velzo. I can not read so you know what did? I had some one read a letter to me following that massive BLP meeting at Oistins. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard of the millions of dollars that thompy gave to Sandy Lane.

    I am in possession of a letter dated July 4th 1994, prior to the election of that year. It was a letter sent to the General Manager of Sandy Lane apparently in response to his request for concessions to build golf courses. It reads as follows:

    I refer to your letter of May 10, 1994.

    I wish to inform you that the following concessions are granted for the construction and development of golf courses and ancillary facilities:

    (i) Waiver of any property Transfer Tax payable by any non-resident purchaser of the resort houses/villas and for all lands to be purchased for the development of the golf project.

    (ii) Waiver of withholding tax on interest on non-resident shareholders loans.

    (iii) Waiver of all imports in respect of all materials, furniture, fixtures, equipment and vehicals for use in the development and operation of the golf courses and ancillary facilities.

    (iv) A waiver of all corporation taxes on income and capital of the Golf Project for a period of ten years following construction of the golf facilities as approved by the Ministry of Housing and Lands.

    (v) Reduction of the rate of Property Transfer Tax payable by the non-resident vendor/user to 5% instead of 8% on sales to an owner/user of resort houses/villas and related property.

    (vi) Waiver of imports on materials, furnishings, fixtures and equipment imported for the construction and development of the resort houses/villas and hotels, whether new or used.

    (vii) Waiver of imports on vehicals imported by non-resident personnel recruited to work on the project, and also all household and personal effects, both new and used.

    (viii) Waiver of withholding tax on management fees, dividends, interest as well as fees paid to non-residents for other services to be performed for the project.

    Add to all this the thirteen pieces of properties sold to one of Barbados insurance giants, in one day and what do you have – a DLP that serves money not the masses. When a minister of finance can use his power to reduce the property transfer tax for this kind of development and then boldly stand up and declare that he would cut public servants salaries again if the opportunity ever arises then clearly we all know whose interest he serves.

    These eight waivers ran into the millions. It is not that the BLP has not grant concessions but how can a party that can not show one single concession that it gave to the class Stuart refers to as the masses in 1994 now run around Barbados talking about “two Barbados’ “.

    Did the DLP not hear the thousands of poor poeple’s voices caller out for relief from land taxes and incomes taxes and the rest? Why at a time when the Dems having just cut salaries and severance payments and sent home over three thousand public servants could they not have shown some generousity to the poor?

    It took a BLP Government to provide the economic relief by removing thousands of working class Barbadians from the income tax and property tax rolls. Stuart’s charge of a “two Barbados’ is dangerous rhetoric design to engender fear in our society. It is a desperate political ploy to regain some political relevance.

  6. anon

    That’s all you do royal rumble – smear campaigns,dirty tricks and nasty insinuations.Why don’t you respond to the comment about immigrants taking over from birth Bajans as seen in today’s newspapers.

    The Blp has no credibility to talk about deal with business – none at all.

  7. Royalrumble

    Anon Barbados is part of the global market which is at this time experiencing a phenomenal amount of movement of people. People are currently moving around the globe in search of a politically safe, economically sound and socially tranquil environment to live and raised their families.

    Any country that is seen as remotely properous will have a challenge controlling the inflow of migrants. With Barbados being highly placed among the develop/developing nations in almost every sphere of life then you can understand our challenge. But I have every confidence that the officers in our Immigration Department is equal to the task.

    It is good thing that Barbados is seen by the rest of the world as a safe place where they can live and work. Clearly the Government should be complimented for creating this kind of environment.

  8. Hants

    RR says “Clearly the Government should be complimented for creating this kind of environment.

    I agree.

    Except there is still the High cost of living and a large number of Bajans who are not enjoying this environment.

  9. Anon


    You speak about B’dos being part of the global market which is experiencing this movement of people speaking a prosperous and tranquil society to live.

    Royalrumble I feel like crying – and I’m not exaggerating.Must everything that this Blp get involve in be for the ultimate goal of political gain and no consideration be given to what is happening to the barbadian people – the ones who are responsible for putting you and your friends there and thereby giving you all the opportunity to become millionaires out of the taxpayers money?

    Royalrumble as a Bajan aren’t you concerned about 30,000 – 40,000 lowskill immigrants flooding our country over a period of 5 years?

    Royal rumble can none of you in the Blp dig deep and find some measure of patriotism and integrity and expose and speak out against what is going on re these immigrants with the sanction and approval of Mr Owen Arthur?
    Why did it have to take a Jamican statistician to tell us that in 2000 there were 23,000 migrants in B’dos?Are these persons here legally ,must we now add the illegal immigrants to this number?
    How come Bajans kept asking for this number of immigrants and the then A.G. Mia Mottley give us a figure of about 2,000 guyanese?
    Who royalrumble has placed certain persons in the immigration dept to insure that these guyanese people be allowed in and be given passports for $2,500 and ID cards for $500?

    Royalrumble why does Mr Arthur hate us so that he is setting us up for a sure social unrest ie riots and a drastic decline in our standard of living ie an increase in poverty etc?

    What will happen to these 40,000 and increasing number of immigrants when the construction bubble burst?Nobody wants to go back to Guyana,St Vincent or Jamaica.
    Royal rumble if you really care about this country and about the future of your children and relatives then please whether annoymously or otherwise please speak out and stem the tide of a sure societal tsunnami.
    I’m watching for your response.

  10. Jumbie

    Wasn’t this supposed to be about Gline Clarke living in a house built on expropriated land? I always know that any attempt at exposing corruption would unleash a storm of counter exposés. If it weren’t such a dangerous situation it would be fun to watch all them trying to drag one another under. As far as a societal tsunami, Anon. may be right but lets hope he is not.

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  12. Royalrumble

    Hants I have know doubt that my Government will soon have to make some decisions with respect to the high cost of living, if only for the purpose of protecting Bajans. The truth is that some of our people have taken on a life style that makes it almost impossible to protect them from unscrupulous some businesses whose prices reflect greed rather genuine operational cost.

    I am of the view that if our people were to adopt the policy that when businesses inflate their cost in a manner that is unexplainable by the consuming public and they reject those goods then this get-rich mentality will lose its place in our society. But that is not what is happening here. For example, when one bread company recently said that it was going to increase it prices on bread and the other one opted to remain at the old price one would have thought that the company that raised its prices would have seen a reduction in its sales and demand for its bread. In fact demand for the bread which had the price increase showed no signs of fall off.

    When one takes into account that the persons at the lower end of the economic scale are the largest consumers of bread sold then one can begin to understand what is going on in the market place. Clearly there is an affluency driving the Barbadian society that seem to suggest that even among the so-called poor the economic theory of price inelasticity has its place.

    One of the most noticeable features in our society that continues to elude the DLP is the redefinition of Barbados’ poor. We must take note of these changing dynamics in our society and the fact that what now defines a poor person is not the same as ten or fifteen years ago. Our poor is now defined in completely different terms.

    Until the DLP can understand this simple yet complex social behaviour then they will continue to appeal only to an emotion.

  13. Jerome Hinds

    The St. Lucian election results is a lesson on the horizon for Clyde “the great betrayer” Mascoll. How else can you describe a man who derisively chided the BLP on issues with a great deal of justification and evidence. The BLP in turn did nothing to amend the wrongs/ills that Mascoll pointed out – but through Political Negrocratism he accepts a Cabinet post from the pimp Owen Arthur and immediately get “locked Jaws” no more talk about the infelicities about GEMS, UDC, out -of- control national debt…..

    But, the St. Lucia results will not only be lesson for the great betrayer but a lot more in this BLP administration for while they keep uttering their empty promises to the Barbadian people – the more incensed the population will become. Electoral defeat was the price that Anthony Government paid for taking the St. Lucian people for a ride. St. Lucians stood and said their country deserves a different path. Wake up Barbadians our turn is next!!!!!

  14. Jupiter

    Bajans need to consider the results of the Peter Wickham polls which stated that Kenny Anthony’s party will win.

    To me that sounds just like his last poll here in B’dos a couple months ago which said owen arthur has increased his popularity.Ha,ha,ha a bellyfull of laugh.

  15. Jerome Hinds

    RoyalRumble, please wake from your slumber!!!

    The crux of the matter is that after 12 yrs of BLP rule and the emerging fiascos – Greenland not yet open after many promises, Warrens buliding still close after spending $130 million – overbudget by nearly $100 million, UDC poor people cannot get houses after paying for them to be built and on and on….it behoves any right thinking citizen of Barbados that there is time to put an end to this rot. Here is where I agree with right thinking Barbadians – who have stated that they are not prepared to see their country go down the drain with this present administration. 2 years after returning president Bush to office (2004) Americans in 2006 put their pens (or fingers to the voting machines) to let Bush know that they did not like the path he was sending their beloved country. Democrats now control both Congress and senate. Americans use the ballot to effect the change they believe the country deserved. In Barbados today both BLP and DLP supporters are concerned about the way this country is heading – morality, economic, escalating cost of living….. That is why we have to send a strong message to this group (BLP). That is why we have an opposition in this case, the DLP, guaranteed by the Barbados constitution to assume the reins of government. DO NOT BE MISLED BY ANY SPURIOUS ARGUMENT THAT THE OPPOSITION IS NOT EXPERIENCED ENOUGH. In February 1994 a man (Nelson Mandela) having walked out of prison 4 years before went on to become his country’s first black president in a country beset by racial and criminal turmoil and presided over a peaceful transition from white minority rule to a South Africa for ALL Races. What experience in government did he or his other cabinet members have? Right here in Barbados, around the same time (1994) Owen Arthur with no ministerial experience and leading a cabinet team with even less experience than he, took over from the DLP after the economic crisis of the 1990’s. In St. Lucia, The rise of Kenny Anthony is the same – straight from lecturing at UWI to leading the SLP.

    So it is with the current members of the DLP – though I must add that their leader Mr. Thompson has experience as a cabinet minister and Chris Sinckler personal aide to a former PM. So do not let us be blinded by this so called “lack of experience” factor. What we want is commitment to cause. THAT IS WHAT THE DLP IS SHOWING AT THE MOMENT. We will ALWAYS reserve the right to change them when that commitment wanes.

    The St. Lucian election result should be the clarion call for Barbadians!