Fooling Around With Figures In Barbados

“Figures Lie and Liars Figure”

We’ve all heard that before, but we had a little fun the other night with the online visitors figures from the Barbados Advocate and the Barbados Free Press.

Check out the Barbados Advocate main page (link here) and you will see a visitor counter at the bottom, that states “The page’s Web Counter says that you are visitor number 2183400* since December 15, 2000” (* your number will be different)

Let’s Have Some Fun With Figures…

If the Barbados Advocate online has been logging visitors since December 15, 2000, that is about 5 years and 10 months – say 70 months.

About 2.2 million visitors over 70 months equals about 31,429 visitors per month over the time period.

I know this is highly speculative, and that the number of visitors per month would be far more now than at the beginning, but it interesting to note that in this little bit of figuring the Barbados Advocate is getting a little over 1000 visitors per day.

The Barbados Free Press does better than that.

Way better!

(Means nothing folks. Just musing a bit on a Sunday morn) 



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19 responses to “Fooling Around With Figures In Barbados

  1. Harvard Girl

    You SAY you do way better, BFP. Where are your statistics?

    The Advocate says 2183719 at 7am October 22. Why didn’t you just wait a few days and do an exact count to see how many visitors they have over a day?

  2. Anonymous

    these BFP people are idiots. don’t u realize that?

    absent from their ‘musing’ are some major truths…

    * hardly anyone reads the advocate


    * many people don’t know it to be online, since the nation has the bigger market share of online readership

    and, most importantly,

    * the fact that the advocate’s website is haphazardly updated, and that counter has been reset to zero a NUMBER of times since 2000 and it is impossible to know for which period that counter really relates to, since the advocate has never changed the little tagline “since December 2000”, even though the counter has been reset.

    these BFP people are really showing their colours.

  3. Well, that’s the advantage of having a discussion, people come back to see that people have posted about the topics they are interested in.

  4. Green!

    Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics?

    Accountants call it “massaging the figures”
    Whah wrang wid dat?

  5. Harvard Girl

    It sounds like you really hate everything about the Barbados Free Press, anonymous.

  6. Anonymous-

    I believe in treating this site like the pretentious farce that it is and highlighting the blatant stupidity that is in 98% of the posts here.

  7. John

    Some people hopping, skipping and jumping!!

    Not bad for a farce.

    Its great to have right minded people like Anonymouse to show us (or is it we) idiots the folly of our ways.

    Three cheers for Anonymouse!!

    Hip Hip ….

  8. Anonymous-

    Poor you, jonny.

  9. Harvard Girl

    Which 2% of the posts do you favor, Anonymous?

    BFP must have posted 5 or 6 hundred. Can you tell us which ten or twelve posts are not “blatantly stupid” ?

    We’re all just dying to know what you think! (snickers all around)

  10. John

    The answer is simple Harvard Girl. All the ones you see the Anonymouse tag.

  11. Pat

    I wonder what would make Anonymous happy? I have never read anything positive of his on this site. Is it possible that he/she is not content with self?

  12. West Side Davie

    Anonymous, you wouldn’t by any chance be Gline Clarke, would you? 😉


    You spend time reading “pretentious farces” daily,according to your latest post.
    Why do you read BFP? Maybe the “blatant stupidity” has a ring of truth that digs you in the ribs.
    Truth has a way of doing that too.

  14. Green!

    The Advocate, dry and dreary that it is
    is read by about TEN THOUSAND people every day, maybe a bit more.
    The Nation is so completely AWFUL on the other hand, that it doesn’t warant my money. Factual errors ABOUND, and they jump into print, causing near-daily retractions!
    Frankly BOTh could go and we’d be better off for it.

    I pick up UK newspapers
    and I find myself doing something very strange,
    I read and read and READ.
    WHY am I DOING this, I self-analyse??
    Because UK newspapers are so very readable,
    unlike the flip-thru rubbish that poses as local newspapers.

    I do NOT read or buy EITHER local newspaper!

  15. Out Dey in Bim

    I could shake your foot and your hand.Well said.I think sensible bajans should start to boycott the nation and advocate newspapers until we see (online) that they have started to take their responsibility seriously.
    Continuing complaining on BFP and on radio call- in Programmes until they begin to take stock.I have stopped subscribing to them a long time ago and I believe they have disregarded us because they don’t have any serious competition.
    Even when you compare some of the regional newspapers,quite a few of them offer much more than the Nation which is the leading newspaper.
    All the Nation newspaper is fit for is for wrapping breakables or wiping your feet.Hope you are listening Nation we are willing to support you but only when you start taking journalism seriously.I am sadly disappointed.

  16. Cliverton BFP

    Barbados Advocate Posts 721 Visitors in Last 24 hours.

    Harvard Girl said The Advocate says 2183719 at 7am October 22.

    I looked at the counter at 10:20am 23Oct = 2184540.

    Do the math Anonymous… that’s 721 visitors average for 24 hours for the Barbados Advocate… which if I am not mistaken, means that this lousy little blog called BFP averages better than double the daily online visitors of the second-largest “real newspaper” on the island.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

  17. John

    Anonymouuse may smoke other things ….. cigarettes for example!!

  18. Jupiter

    Have you noticed how poorly managed the Advocate online newspaper version is?For days running into a week they keep the same news stories or only change one of the stories.As for the guests columns and letters to the editor,they stay up for weeks.Really pathetic .
    Do they really expect us to treat them as a serious newspaper?No wonder
    they have a declining readership.

  19. Jupiter


    Be encouraged.There is an article carried in the trinidad newsday 27th oct. edition which quotes A Mr Oliver,the sports editor and executive editor of the Observer newspaper in Britain as saying:”BRACE YOURSELF READERSHIP IN THE ON-LINE MEDIA WILL SOON OVERTAKE THE PRINT MEDIA IN A FEW YEARS TO COME.”

    I would think that the folks at the Nation and Advocate newspapers should be seriously thinking about that prediction and start transforming what they print into a serious newspaper and not a public relations rag for the Blp as well as an advert. handbill.