Barbados Sunday Drive


Nothing like a little drive on a Sunday afternoon. A chance to take a break, do something as a family…

… Maybe even engage in that great Bajan hobby called “Driving along and tossing out the rubbish by the side of the road”.

Yup…. Island Life. Nothing else like it!


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16 responses to “Barbados Sunday Drive

  1. Green!

    MY people!

    PRIDE and Industry.

    I’m SO proud.
    We’re in the Tourism business
    but don’t get me started.

  2. bp

    Has anyone ever been charged/fined for illegal dumping? I certainly cannot recall. Someone once told me that in order to catch someone they have to be caught red-handed by a police officer and a health inspector. Is this true???? The only way that that could happen in a gully in the middle of the night is if one was male and the other female!

  3. Anonymous

    I bet BFp didnt pick it up… ( -_- )

  4. Green!

    Please notice the COMPLETE lack of interest in this subject!
    (this is the 3rd. response)
    Likewise the complete lack of interest in Carl Moore’s SQB and the need to lessen NOISE.

    Bajans only TALK pride,
    but basically they don’t give a God-damn about their surroundings, the environment..
    and eff de tourisses doan like it,
    dum cud guh-back where dum cum frum.

    THAT is our attitude to tourism,
    and to keeping OUR OWN place clean,
    apart from maybe 20,000 of us who know whuh gyne on.

  5. That’s right. No re-cycling program what so ever. I wanted to throw out my TV and computer monitor the other day and called the sanatation dept to ask them where I should bring it. They replied “Oh, just throw it out with the rest of the trash”.


  6. I am in dispair over this situation, there seem to be no goverment or public will do do anything about it.

  7. Anonymous

    Did you pick it up?

  8. John

    …. the goose that laid the goldern egg…..

  9. John

    Try this link for an explanation of what is really going on in Bim

  10. Tudor

    Barbados has become such a dirty place, we have false pride. Our visitors are aware of it and have said to me that is a a great pity that such a wondeful Island is being spoilt.
    This is another example of laws that are not enforced (like the one that says ZR & Minibus conductors should be in uniform). About a year ago Roy Morris wrote an article in the Nation about how nasty the Island was. Well he was castigated on the call-in programme by one of the regular “experts” who said that Roy should not have written that as the visitors would read it and it would damage Barbados.
    Can you imagine that a “developed country like Barbados does not have a recyclying system in place? Years ago the Govt agreed on a credit plan where the Govt would pay a price per ton for garbage such as PEP which was shipped out and diverted from the dump. Years later nothing nada all talk no action.

  11. Passin thru

    I always laugh when I read the gov’ments plan to introduce legislation for this or that. They have had 12 years and they have built golf courses and cricket facilities.

    No water improvements. In Barbados many still haul in buckets. No sewers for the east. In Barbados many still use pit toilets into coral. Not even “natural” ground filtering of human waste, just straight into the water table or the ocean.

    No recycling. No garbage solutions. New garbage trucks only last year when the shouts became deafening…

    Please please please please call an election soon Mr. PM!

  12. bp

    Hey Passin Thru,

    Those so-called long drop or pit toilets may be better for the environment than your flushing into a suck well in that your **** poop goes down ‘dry’ and has a chance to be broken down before filtering into the water table. The ‘modern’ way is to dissolve it in a gallon and a half of water so that it gets through the coral layer faster.

    **** edited by Robert

  13. bp

    Regarding illegal dumping, I propose that there be a bounty for anyone catching someone littering, dumping illegally, throwing the plastic cups out of the ZR’s…..even dropping chewing gum. I admit that I am guilty in that I throw my cigarette butts out of the window, but come saturday morning the roti wrappers, drink bottles, the large embassy boxes, and miscellaenous crap get cleaned out.

  14. Green!

    You’ll notice that Government has many “Environmental Taxes” on all sortsa stuff from cars to P.E.T. bottles for soft drinks.
    Neat way to generate income for the Treasury.
    Presumably such funds go towards disposal arrangements, but I rather doubt it.

    The person at SSA who answered the phone SHOULD HAVE informed the caller that SSA has a “Metals Dump” at the old Bagatelle Quarry,
    which is already half-full.
    THAT is where you take your old computer boxes, monitors, TVs, electronics, old galvanised sheets, anything that’s pretty much NOT household garbage!

    A trip to the Bagatelle Quarry is quite interesting: – no smell at all!
    It’s a decidedly surrealistic experience, the sorta place movies could be shot!

    Go..have a look,
    take all the old iron you can’t get rid of.
    Stop at the gate, where they have a look see what you’ve got,
    they ask what parish yuh cum frum,
    and then you drive in and chuck it out,
    as you look around at THE freakiest landscape you’ll ever see!

  15. ross

    A friend recently witnessed a person drive to a field near his home to dump a fridge. After the fridge was dumped he followed the dumper’s vehicle to where it had come from. He then returned to the site where the fridge had been dumped, tied the fridge to his own vehicle and returned it to the home of the dumper.

  16. Green!

    Wanna bet the S.O.B. carried it right back??
    Do you think any lesson was learned from this? – NO!

    Lookah, I routinely visit the Metals Dump about 3-4 times a year, disposing of old computer boxes, dead monitors, any old (suitable) garbage around my yard.
    What’s the problem? It takes the same gas to drive to a Gully
    as it does to drive to Bagatelle,
    across the island from whence I live, but whuh?
    YOU DO IT, for your alleged love of Barbados, and I en’t even born hey!!

    But you cud bet the nasty man who did dumpin de fridge in de gully