BLP Spokesman Attempts To Defuse Discussion of Barbados Land Issues & Scandals


Former Barbados Labour Party Cabinet Minister Clyde Griffith tries to defuse the whole issue of land ownership, use and sale in his latest piece for The Nation News The Die Is Cast – Land As A Political Football.

By reducing the subject of land to being merely a “political football”, Mr. Griffith is saying to the public “Nothing to see here, folks. Move on. Move on.”

Excerpts from Mr. Griffith’s writing in The Nation News…

“The issue of land ownership will become a heated campaign issue as the silly season heats up…

“…In urban Barbados, a princely price of land at $2.50 per square foot awaits those who qualify.

“According to the Urban Development Commission, there are currently 2 500 lots in process and along the urban corridor, thousands more will benefit.

“To the detractors I ask, “Where is the beef”?

Our Take…

Nevermind the beef… Where is the transparency and accountability?

Nice try, Mr. Griffith!

Oh… By the Way…

Perhaps Mr. Griffith can assure us that neither he, nor any of the BLP Government members or their immediate family members stand to make any money from the massive government investment in the major project slated for the old Coast Guard base and Bridgetown harbour?

Perhaps Mr. Griffith can assure us that neither he, nor any of the BLP Government members or their immediate family members have any shares or stake, directly or indirectly, in “Pierhead Project Investors Inc.” ?

Thanks, Mr. Griffith. We look forward to your response!

photo: Bridgetown Harbour – the old Coast Guard base and some of the most valuable land on the island. But, hey… Mr. Griffiths says “Don’t bother asking any questions. Nothing to see here, folks. Move on! Move on!”


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13 responses to “BLP Spokesman Attempts To Defuse Discussion of Barbados Land Issues & Scandals

  1. John

    I see Blarney Lynch is talking about selling the Hilton now….. !! Expects to get $200Million US.

    How much did it cost to build …. oh yeah, understand there is an arbitration coming up so we might not get to know the actual figure for a few years.

  2. John

    Don’t know … don’t care!!

  3. Leroy

    thanks to BFP I get to know whats realy going on in bim, for a long time now we needed someone like you, I always said that the ” media houses” we have in Barbados are scared or that they only care about making money so they try not to mash no ones corns.
    on Mr. Griffiths coments, what else would you expect him to say, not forgetting our own PMs staements a couple of weeks ago about us having to sell land, remember? his reasoning was that we have not legalized prostitution or gambling, but mr pm, we still do it, dont we.

  4. ross

    Definitely not the same people who own the Nation!

  5. Eve

    BFP keeps it real!!!!

  6. RRRicky

    O Baby! Here we go again!

    B-Free press, was this anything to do with your post to Bubba a few days ago about somebody going into a company in Europe?

    What you guys got cooking now?

    I love it!

  7. banned

    Clyde Griffith, classic example of how to make it with nothing really to offer the world. Join a political party and it will make you a name for yourself. Never read his dribble but I enjoy your comments

  8. Velzo

    Whats your problem Adrian? Does the truth eat you out? Does the fact that David Thompson had to reveal the clandestine attempts to sell our birthright cause you and your political bosses some pain?


  9. No worries Velzo i ain gine spill de beans. Yet. I like wuh Freundel saying.

  10. Costa

    Spilling the beans in Barbados is a waste of time and who really wants to know the answer to your question Adrian? We already know who owns the Nation, VOB etc. and the Advocate. They all support the Bees.

    If I was Freundel I would be very wary of any support coming from the likes of you.

  11. heather

    Just wondering: can I leave a comment on this block if it is NOT anti-BLP? (tongue-firmly-in-cheek)