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BLP Spokesman Attempts To Defuse Discussion of Barbados Land Issues & Scandals


Former Barbados Labour Party Cabinet Minister Clyde Griffith tries to defuse the whole issue of land ownership, use and sale in his latest piece for The Nation News The Die Is Cast – Land As A Political Football.

By reducing the subject of land to being merely a “political football”, Mr. Griffith is saying to the public “Nothing to see here, folks. Move on. Move on.”

Excerpts from Mr. Griffith’s writing in The Nation News…

“The issue of land ownership will become a heated campaign issue as the silly season heats up…

“…In urban Barbados, a princely price of land at $2.50 per square foot awaits those who qualify.

“According to the Urban Development Commission, there are currently 2 500 lots in process and along the urban corridor, thousands more will benefit.

“To the detractors I ask, “Where is the beef”?

Our Take…

Nevermind the beef… Where is the transparency and accountability?

Nice try, Mr. Griffith!

Oh… By the Way…

Perhaps Mr. Griffith can assure us that neither he, nor any of the BLP Government members or their immediate family members stand to make any money from the massive government investment in the major project slated for the old Coast Guard base and Bridgetown harbour?

Perhaps Mr. Griffith can assure us that neither he, nor any of the BLP Government members or their immediate family members have any shares or stake, directly or indirectly, in “Pierhead Project Investors Inc.” ?

Thanks, Mr. Griffith. We look forward to your response!

photo: Bridgetown Harbour – the old Coast Guard base and some of the most valuable land on the island. But, hey… Mr. Griffiths says “Don’t bother asking any questions. Nothing to see here, folks. Move on! Move on!”


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Was That Barbados Slur “Nigger”, “Coon”, “Oreo” or “City Plantation Negrocrat” ? – It Is All The Same On The World Stage

People’s Empowerment Party (PEP) Founding Member Uses “City Plantation Negrocrat” As Racial Slur

We at Barbados Free Press absolutely detest the use of racial slurs that is so commonplace in Bajan politics. This is not just done in private, these terms are used in Parliament and the media. Even senior political leadership who represent Barbados as diplomats on the world stage regularly use language in public that lowers us all.

Low People Use Racial Slurs – We Are Better Than That

In the past, we have taken the Prime Minister to task for his use of the word “negrocrat”…

“…calling opponents racial terms like “Negrocrats” should go over very well when Mr. Arthur goes begging to the international banking community to finance his cricket spending. “Negrocrats” is widely perceived in the international community as an unacceptable racial slur of the type commonly used by low people.”

from BFP article “Barbados Owen Arthur “Negrocrat” Controversy Will Not Die

We also took issue with Government Minister Elizabeth Thompson – on public television – using “caucasian” as a racial slur to marginalize a citizen with lighter skin. (Hey – how would she feel if the same citizen said he was offended that a “black” would dare talk to him? – See “Barbados Environment Minister Uses “Caucasian” As Racial Slur“)

But it is not just the PM and his political party who use racial terms to call others down. Opposition members have been guilty as well, and words such as “Oreos” (black on the outside – white on the inside) and “Iggas” have been heard to come from the mouths of our elected representatives.

Do these Bajans not realize how this looks to rest of the world? Do they not realize how hurtful and self-destructive this is for Barbados?

PEP Lowers The Standard Even More

Now, PEP founding member David Denny has publically called Interim Chairman David Comissiong a “city plantation negrocrat” as reported in The Nation News. (story link here)

And that is really too bad. We had hoped that the PEP would show some class in dealing with the growing pains experienced by any new party. Maybe they’ll be ready in five years or so.

…Or maybe not. Here is something else that Denny had to say about the PEP…

“Denny revealed that the PEP had no constitution; had held no annual conference; had no concrete committees with elected members; and because of its status as a personal “play-thing”, was not being allowed to become a true party.”

… read the entire article at The Nation News (Denny PEP-pers Comissiong)

Previous Barbados Free Press “Negrocrat” Articles (link here)



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