Will The Last Barbados Police Officer Please Turn Off The Lights…


Barbados Police Need Better Pay To Attract & Keep The Best

Today’s Nation News again presents another “feel good” promotional piece without questions or analysis – this time on behalf of Attorney-General Dale Marshall. I hope they charged him for the election advertising!

The Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF) has instituted some new training with the Cave Hill School of Business, and Mr. Marshall decided to make human resources development the theme of his talk at the 50th Anniversary of the Regional Police Training Centre.

Anything that can be done to provide training resources to the RBPF is alright with us, but it really doesn’t address the core concern with policing in Barbados: the RBPF is unable to attract and keep the best because the pay scale is a disgrace.

As we have pointed out before…

Rule of law and personal safety are foundational to any country that relies upon tourism as much as Barbados does. Without a highly trained, professional police force, we can kiss those tourist dollars goodbye.

Very shortsighted on the part of the Owen Arthur government – who find lots of cash available for pet projects, cricket and fancy golf courses…

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Photo: Nation News – Over To You! The baton being passed on after 50 years from the oldest policeman trained at the RPTC, Winfield Cummins (left) to youngest current trainee Kerri Gibson. (Picture by Antonio Miller.)


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4 responses to “Will The Last Barbados Police Officer Please Turn Off The Lights…

  1. Green!

    Some time ago it was revealed,I believe, that a cop starting ‘on the beat’ was paid Bds.$1,600 a month.
    That’s not a lot, for the sort of job it is.

    Think that’s bad?
    Trinidadian cops start at TT$4,000 I’m told.
    Divide that figure by 3 to reduce it to Bd.sDollars, approximately,
    and you’ll see the Trinis deserve the corruption they get!

  2. BFP

    Very true, Green.

    Ya usually get what ya pay for. Can’t expect steak on a cous-cous budget!

  3. John

    So how come our politicians get paid an arm and a leg and still we feel that the place is riddled with corruption?

    Got to be more than salary to it!!

  4. Green!

    The easiest job/salary/payoff
    that a Policeman/Immigration/Customs Officer has..
    is to NOT-look.

    Turn the head the other way while it passes and
    Voila! here’s the good-condition 2nd.hand Toyota you were struggling to afford.

    He’s doing a rodent’s-rectum job,
    for a piddling “salary”

    – he has wants and needs,too,
    lives in EXPENSIVE draining Barbados where the biggest deal is ‘Climate” (whooppee!)
    but he must be upright and socially-conscious
    for Bds.$4,500 a month ..IF LUCKY?

    People in charge of our security points should not be poorly paid.
    They should not be moderately-paid..
    they should be WELL-paid!

    THAT is why we have crap Teachers, Police Force, etc.
    becoz The Kleptocracy want it all for themselves,
    voting themselves raises and BigRides, while the ‘lesser mortal’ civil service
    kin do what they need to do,
    to survive the Bajan black-hole economy.
    How DO they survive? hmmm..I wonder!