Hello To Bubba In Europe

Hi folks…

Just a little private message to Bubba in Europe. Hope you all understand why this is necessary sometimes.


Please email us the exact name of the company, the address, phone numbers, the personnel and as much detail as you can. A photo or scan of the phone book would also be helpful.
A photo of the company location would be great! A photo of the certain person going in or out would be first class!



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4 responses to “Hello To Bubba In Europe

  1. Hardly a “private” message

  2. BFP

    Hi Andrew

    It is far more private than sending Bubba an email with our IP on it. We don’t know who Bubba is, and he has sent us some very interesting materials from Europe.

    But who is Bubba? That’s why this presents a more secure communication than replying via email.


  3. I didn’t say it wasnt secure or sensible… only that it wasn’t private. Its more of a general posting.

  4. BFP

    Hi Andrew

    Good point I guess. It is not the type of thing we like to post on the front page, but maybe we can put up a back page for these types of contact messages.