BBC’s Profile On Barbados – Disturbing or Disturbingly Truthful?

Some of the comments being made by BFP readers regarding the perceived racial nature of the beating of a 15 year-old young man highlight the struggles that each of us still face on this island.

See the comments sections of BFP articles Barbados Lawyer Wanted For Beating Of Teen and also British Airways Suspends Christian Employee For Wearing Cross.

Is Barbados more racist than other islands and other countries? Do we have unresolvable racial issues in the makeup of our society?

The BBC Country Profile of Barbados says this…

But sometimes (the two heritages – African and British) brim with latent tension – between the affluent white community, which owns and controls the economy, funds political parties and exercises an indirect influence on government policy, and the majority black Barbadians.

We are no strangers to “the look” here are BFP – from both sides. Mixed marriages in Barbados have all the regular challenges of any “normal” marriage, and also have their own special challenges.

Whatever the outcome of the situation surrounding Barbados Attorney Mark Goodridge, we look forward to the day when all Bajans are merely… Bajans.

* Thanks to BFP reader K who pointed out the BBC website to us.


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12 responses to “BBC’s Profile On Barbados – Disturbing or Disturbingly Truthful?

  1. Would all Bajans include Seth that you have dismiss as an irritant?

  2. BFP

    Hi Adrian

    We carried Seth’s story. Our initial impression of Seth remains… anyone with that number and type of tattoos on his face has serious personal issues – whether dark or lighter-skinned.

    I did say that I re-thought some of my earlier comments, and I can see much of Seth’s position.

    That said, Shona put it in context when she mentioned that Seth’s facial tattoos scare her half to death because he has put himself outside of society – of any race.


    Readers can revisit the Seth story here…

  3. Jane

    When we talk about Seth we need to stop confusing the problem with race as it is a far more serious issue.

    Seth is not a coward and is doing something very important for this country. We should not dismiss him.

  4. I am curious… do people feel that “the whites”, whoever they might be, control the economy? That whites have disproportiate wealth and power is indisputable… but the idea that they control the enconomy seems over the top.

  5. honeybee

    Andrew 8745
    who controls the economy?

  6. honeybee

    Where did the BBC get their information?

  7. Rumplestilskin

    Well, having now read the account, it does lead to sympathy. Nevertheless, this is only one side to the story.

    So, what opinion can we arrive at?

    This is where the lack of investigative journalism is o evident in Barbados, whether due to lack of the jounalists to perform such, or due to havy editing.

    We have no investigative journalism, capable of dissecting and analysing a story, within parameters of libel laws, yet properly developed to enable a reasonable assessment to be made, based on what really appear to be the facts.

  8. Rumplestilskin

    PS Now speaking generally on the racial class issue, here are my observations:

    – yes, there are many persons of both European AND African descent who have little regard to any other race…I have seen this clearly.

    – some Bajans of European descent are generally very biased against persons of Indian descent, to the extent that a son or daughter could not expect a decent welcome if they brought a person of Indian descent home (as girl/boyfriend) ….UNLESS…!! that persons family has MONEY…yippee sirree….money the great equalizer……..he/ she family rich….sure…qualifies him/ her to go with their son/ daughter…. BUT better NOT be poor..

    – there is a misconception that only persons of European descent control the economy…..MANY persons of African descent have lots of money …..most keep their lifestyle suitable but do not show off their wealth….

    – in general mistrust has existed between all races. See below:

    – there are now commonly much more mixed race relationships and persons meeting as persons…
    I believe that this is due to…whaddaya know…education AND personal choice to break away from the ‘mould’, and the educated young persons open-mindedness as compared to older and less educated persons.

    Our future lies fully on the shoulders of these educated persons, whether they are capable of turning the tide of intolerance, waywardness and greed is to be seen.

  9. Honeybee, I was wondering the same thing about the BBC. I wrote them a long time ago questioning them about the accuracy of their article, but never recieved a reply.

  10. EconoMIX

    “White” and pass-for-White people on the island
    might indeed control a larger slice of the local economy
    than their smaller slice of the population might suggest.

    But make no mistake,
    there are plenty of wealthy “Blacks” (Browns is more accurate) around,
    – just check the skin-colour of the drivers of new Audi’s, Benzes and BMW’s!!
    These expensive imported cars were not bought with buttons!

    Ask Fortress Funds who holds big chunks of this and that!
    Ask the B’dos. Stock Exchange who the buyers are.

    Point is, there’s a whole covert economy thing going down that little people like us on this forum DON’T SEE.

    ‘Money’ is just like that:
    – they don’t “shout it from the rooftops”(other than their visible cars).

    You guys need to receive that fabulous email that indicates that (99% of Bajans) ARE FILTHY RICH,
    in that the vast majority of us live IN HOUSES,
    have a telephone system,
    running water and flush toilets!

    You take that for granted, don’t you?
    Yes, I know you do.

    Statistically, something like 70% of this planet’s human population
    are yet to make a phone call!
    Why? because where they live,
    there simply isn’t a telephone system on which to make their first call!

    NOW do you feel rich and privileged?
    Have you EVER lived in a house without a phone?
    or running water? or a flush toilet?
    You have TV? Internet? ADSL?
    What in God’s name are you complaining about??
    – You’re LOADED, dude!

    We Bajans, 99% of us,
    are ROLLING IN IT,baby!
    We’re so far Up, it looks like Down to us.
    Boo hoo Hoo!

    Oh woe i$ me, I’m a poor $uffering Bajan.
    I walk the $treet$ in rag$,
    without a $hoe on my foot:
    plea$e for a penny $ir.

    Are you from the 18th.Century,sir?
    for I don’t recognize your modern-day “predicament”
    where you’re forced to drive a ten-year-old TOYOTA, you poor THING, you!

    Heads up, guys..
    We live on a modern progressive island touted to be bordering on First World status
    (a foot in both 1st. and 3rd.Worlds, actually)
    We are the luckiest islanders alive!
    all of us, White, pass-for-White, Browns and the few true Blacks left
    who haven’t yet INTERMARRIED wid the nuff White-DNA gyne round!

    But.. like I said, we’re so far up, it looks down to us,
    which is why we have our regular
    Storms In Teacups,
    to give out little minds some cud to chew on.
    God rest ye merry, Gentlemen!

  11. woody

    woody: When people such as the person which said that look at the benzs,and the BMWs that blacks drive, an dear to beleive that such is progress ,it shows that people such these are the type that continue perpetuating the nonsense that was fed to blacks ,even through our education system such as, go to school do your lessons well get certificates and get a job,where as the whites were thought get some education and employ a NIGGER,furthermore,when you get a black premier of this barbados, who was married to a white woman, and the woman who was a member of the famous yach club of barbados and he the premier go to collect her his wife, he had to sit in his car outside and wait for her to come out to him, when you get a leader of a country and he or she can condone such behavour being pouredout to his colour can you expect anything different. when you get any black government accepting financial handouts from the white arostocracy of this barbados you leave yourself exposed to such dirty practiceses. lets not forget when George Swain shot the little boy in the cartraod in St.Thomas and said that he thought that the little boy was a monkey, remember what was the outcome, let Eric Sealy tell you where George Swain spend his time.
    I would like to know which BIG SHOT was detained by scotland yard here in barbados on the september 6 2006,for having a large sum of counterfiet united states curancy,when this bigshot was questioned by scotland yard he then reveald who this counterfiet U.S.A curancy had belong to, it then turned out that this counterfiet money had belong to another BIG SHOT woman from a rich white family that own a car dealership which sell one of the most expensive cars in the world