Barbados Lawyer Wanted For Beating Of Teen – Thoughts Of Racial Tension, White Privilege & Black Attitudes

Queen's Counsel Barbados

UPDATED April 27, 2013: Lawyer Mark Goodridge named Queen’s Counsel

“The honour which you have garnered has come at the price of your continued respect of the court system in which you work and of which you have been officers since the date of your admission to practise law,” Sir Marston told them.

“Those junior to you in years called, and in years born, will look to you for guidance and leadership. They must continue to receive it and to see it demonstrated, not only in your words, but in your actions, particularly in your respect for Her Majesty’s judges and her courts,” he said.

And with the words: “May I invite you to take your seat at the Inner Bar?”Sir Marston welcomed Deputy Solicitor General Donna Brathwaite, Speaker of Parliament Michael Carrington, Brian Clarke, Stephen Farmer, Hal Gollop, Mark Goodridge, Deputy Clerk of Parliament Nigel Jones, Milton Pierce and Stephen Walcott as new QCs.

Full story at The Nation Show Respect to Judges

BFP’s original story first published October 16, 2006…


Barbados Police Issue “Wanted Man” Alert For Attorney Mark Winston Goodridge

Excerpts From The Nation News (link here)…

POLICE LAST NIGHT issued a “Wanted Man” release for a 53-year-old attorney-at-law.

Mark Winston Goodridge, of Cattlewash, St Joseph, is wanted for questioning in connection with the report alleging the beating of a 15-year-old boy in Highgate Gardens, St Michael, on October 6.

Police are also seeking the assistance of a male member of Goodridge’s family for questioning about the same matter.

Police sources told the DAILY NATION last night detectives were unable to locate Goodridge over the weekend …

Investigations into the Highgate Gardens incident were reopened last weekend after the SATURDAY SUN published a story and photograph which involved the family of the 15-year-old boy crying racism and charging that the Wildey, St Michael youth was so badly beaten about the face they could not recognise him.

Police have charged the youngster with unlawful possession of a scissors and trespassing in the upscale St Michael neighbourhood.

He has been remanded to the Government Industrial School for having the scissors but the trespassing charge was dismissed.

… Since the incident was publicised, there has been a public outcry about the allegations, which also included one that the boy was referred to as a “black nigger”.

Our Take On This Story: More Questions Than Answers Right Now

Race and racial issues are never far from the surface in Barbados – as is the case with any nation where black slavery shaped so much of the history and culture. Every business deal, social outing or meeting on the street has a racial context whether in the mind or not. Say what you like, race is a part of our social-consciousness and a reality of living in our country.

It is no surprise then, that this story of a dark-skinned young man beaten by an upper-class light-skinned lawyer is much more about race than any crime. The comments on this blog are divided with some already pronouncing “racism” as the motive for the beating and others questioning what the young man was doing in the community. (As if a dark-skinned average citizen shouldn’t be walking on a public road in certain areas.)

I am no lawyer, but the most telling point from the above story is that trespassing charges have been dropped against the young man.

This is very important, because whatever happened is now seen to be in the context of a young dark-skinned man apparently lawfully walking in an upper-class community that has a heavy dose of light-skinned residents.

So Much Not Known

What did the young man do that the police have charged him with carrying scissors in his backpack? Did he threaten anyone with them? Scissors hardly seem a decent tool for breaking into a home, but they can be an effective weapon.

Shona has a pair of scissors in her bag at this very minute – along with all kinds of mysterious womany things. Could my wife be charged for having scissors as a weapon? I doubt it unless there was something more than just having the scissors in her bag.

Does The Young Man Have A Reputation For Trouble? I Don’t Think It Matters Much

Whether the young man has a record or reputation for trouble might be an issue – but only regarding his credibility. Even if he had a record for breaking into houses, that doesn’t justify a beating. Even if he was found breaking into a home, that alone doesn’t justify a brutal beating.

Was he just walking along, minding his own business – perhaps just looking at the rich man’s home and dreaming that if he worked hard he could one day own such a home? Was he stalking the community for an evil purpose?

Did the light-skinned lawyer become violent just to see a dark-skinned person near his home? Or did he call out to the young man only to be met with scissors? Was the young man the victim or the attacker?

Did the light-skinned lawyer truly call the young man a “black-nigger” as stated in the Nation News? If he did, and it can be proven he did, things will go hard for the lawyer – as it should in that case. Even if the lawyer was the original victim under attack, such a racial statement shows an intent and attitude that might be responsible for a response that was far over what would have been acceptable.

And why has the lawyer and his “male relative” (son? brother? father?) gone to ground? Looks bad.

So Much Unknown – I’ll Leave It To The Police & Courts

… But you can bet that this case will be a major focus of attention in Barbados for a long time.


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325 responses to “Barbados Lawyer Wanted For Beating Of Teen – Thoughts Of Racial Tension, White Privilege & Black Attitudes

  1. Green!

    the original excuse was that D.Yutes wuz dere to steal puppies, but then the story changed that dum did dere to brek-in de house, in the full knowledge that only Old People lived there, and so it would be an easy target.
    How black and white get in dis?
    Robbers/bandits/thieves get ketch
    and dey get dey ass bus’.
    Were this to happen in De Bayland,
    or in D.Orleans, nuthin woulda bin heard.
    I have a suggestion.
    Let’s get all the hated white and pass-for-white people OFF THE ISLAND.
    Let’s get it over and DONE with.
    Let’s make Cave Hill supremely happy.
    God knows, Barbados could do without the 5-10,000 people “whites” represent!
    Let’s make Barbados a black utopia, with notawhiteshiteinsight.
    Whuh yuh say?

  2. I look forward to more information becoming avilable in this case. There can be no excuse for the abuse this boy has suffered if the reports are correct. But why does this have to be a black/white issue? Racial abuse gets shared out everyday, and in my experiance 90% of it has been against whites, yet this goes unmetioned, as if white people desrve it for the crimes of their race.

  3. Nathan

    Crimes of their Race…….. What a **** Jocky you are they might be crimes in todays world cilmate but back in the “Dark Ages” these were common business deals Black & White were slaves just the spotlight seems to be on Black side of things because a sensativity towards the subject just like the Jews use today aswell and look at that situation now. Stop grumbling and get on with things problems in your life is down to yourself not your history because you yourself create it!

    **** Edited by Robert. Watch the language, folks! Thanks to our reader who pointed this out and suggested that we leave an editing note when we do so.

  4. Anonymous

    Andrew S is talking the ususal filth in keeping with what other white people have said to this story. And BFP, I’ve seen police charge people with possession of a scissors when all the scissors did was lie in their bag or sit in their homes. It depends on ‘who’ is carrying the scissors, clearly…

  5. What flith is that? That there is no justifiation for the attack? Is that filth Mr. Anonymous? Or is that white people in Barbados get targeted for abuse because of their race? Is it filth to exress that opinion. Tell you what.. when you get an Idenity come back and say something.

  6. Harvard Girl

    It looks like BFP is correct. Always just beneath the surface.

  7. Not even beneath the surface.

  8. Nathan – what’s with the abuse.. surely you can frame an argument without play ground name calling?


    Here we go again. Under the guise of annonimity , it is amazing what people say!
    Racism is a big problem in the world and Barbados is one country that is good at sweeping things under the carpet.
    A “Reconcilation Committee” was set up years ago and only one white person admitted to such a practice. However, the number of blacks who defended the white population, and testified that there was “no racism” here was substantial. Expect the same over the next few days.
    I am no racist. I am black. I have encountered racism here in Barbados at several levels.
    I believe that the findings of that committee should be made public NOW.
    Meantime…do not expect this case to reach a conclusion in the law courts for another year or two.
    Remember the Sedgeley case involving those black ladies?
    They even got bail, were allowed to leave the country, and to make matters worse, an out of court settlement(in a criminal matter,mind you) was reached.
    Now the Sedgeleys have no recorded conviction and are free to insult and assault the next black victim. An example should have been made of them.
    We need to stamp this ugly thing out!!!

  10. I have issues with what Green have been trying to imply we all know that Barbados is more racist than any other place in the world and not in favour of the black majority either. Like you all I await the outcome of this matter. A matter of a fact he has made a poor attempt of getting his point over.

  11. Max

    I am listening to the callin program on VOB and no-one is speaking out about this.

    We are to SILENT …… we take this censorship thing to far….. time for action………….. look out

  12. Joe

    We all know there is dislike among the races in Barbados. We just pretend that it does not exist when it is convenient.

    As a black person I have never come across a group of black persons (in Barbados) who did not think that the white Barbadians hold everthing for themselves and are taking the lion’s share.

    I have no doubt that white Barbadians have there own views on teh blacks which they express among themsleves.

    The fact that we then all show up and work in the same organisation, and smile with each other, does not mean that we do not trust and to some extent do not like each other.

    The problem is that although we know these things then when we get social commissions, social partners meetings and those sort of chances to speak the truth and find solutions – all we do is smile for teh camera and pretend to pat each other on the back.

    This case will not solve anything but it will just serve to streghten the current barriers – i.e. blacks distrust whites more, whites …..etc.

    To be honest I am more concerned about the other young men how have been killed in the four to six week alone. I bet we have lost count – no one remembers – there is no problem there with black on black MURDERS – No problem – No need for a solution – No one to blame.

    Barbados is in a sorry mess and Owen is only concerned (as he has laways been) with dollars.

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  14. Hants

    I am amazed by some of the comments I am seeing on this blog.
    Barbados is a country that to this day practices a cross between apartheid and a caste system.
    The system works well as long as blacks and white work together and socialize separately.
    Barbados does not have an integrated society with blacks and whites marrying and socialising in a percentage that reflects the population.
    There are also white Bajans who are not racist and would not do something like this.
    For the good of Barbados lets keep this in perspective.
    If the teenager was beaten as it appears, jail whoever did it.
    As for charging the boy for carrying a scissors,his lawyer should deal with that. I also want to know if the accused white men will be put in jail just like this black young man.There should be the same treatment for all people in Barbados regardless of colour or Class.

    What is important here is that whoever beat this boy is brought to justice. If the boy was engaged in criminal activity the Police should have been called.

  15. Vision

    The boy was handed over to the police………..beaten and abused.

    Our police don’t appear to be trained in Human Relations… that’s one of the problems.

    The other has to do with positions, colour and money and how we deal with people who have them.

  16. Vision

    BOYCOTT white law offices

  17. Jane

    Vision, what are white law offices and what does this have to do with them?

  18. “There are also white Bajans who are not racist and would not do something like this.” – Hants

    That sounds like you think the default position is any white person would do this, and the it is the exception that they would not?

  19. God Bless David

    Wonder what Mr Goodridge, the alleged perpetrator of this apparently vicious attack, is thinking about now as he keeps a low profile…is he offering prayers of contrition for this heinous act to his maker? Is he trying to get his bail money together? Is he trying to settle things with the victim’s family out of court through an intermediary for a small fortune? Is he trying to flee the jurisdiction to escape prosecution? Is he hoping that he won’t be arrested on Saturday evening forcing him to have to overnight in a holding cell where his ass will be grass??? Whatever he’s thinking or doing, he can’t be sleeping easy…can’t say that I sympathize, either. If he did what he’s accused of doing, he deserves every bit of mental disquiet that is surely his lot now. He made a bad choice…

    As reported in the press it was suggested that Goodridge was/is a gun owner. As a gun owner in Barbados, one would think that he should know the best way to deal with undesirables in one’s district is to merely threaten them with the gun. (I remember my father doing this on at least two occasions when I was a boy, with great effect…I’ve never done it myself…) If the undesirable(s) actually have the temerity come on your property, you just shoot them (once they’re facing you, of course). Once shot and incapacitated, if they fall to the ground outside of your house, but on your land, you drag them inside the house before the authorities arrive on the scene and claim defense of life, limb and property…(as long as you don’t make the drag marks too obvious our crime scene investigators will never catch on…note however that the shot in the back is a dead giveaway against the self-defense argument unless the guy was breaking into your house through a sky-light feet-first and you shot him from below his point of entry). If Goodridge had any sense at all he would have lured the boy onto his property and simply shot him dead. Maybe he was drunk at the time? I don’t know him, but he looks a bit of a dipso…

    So you see this is not about racism at all, but about the quintessence of the root cause of much of the violent crime in this country: simple plain pig-ignorance.

  20. Jupiter

    Shame on you for printing that last paragraph of crap from that contributor ‘bless David’.Of what value was that bit of nonsense?You know there are sick folks out there who would really enjoy that bit of information.

    I really hope contributors don’t abuse this blog site and turn other contributors and readers off.

  21. Dizzy Bajan

    I think that the Prime Minister should make Mr. Goodridge, the Minister responsible for promoting the wonders of the foreign Multi-Millionaire Investors that he secretly gave a pep talk to some time ago.

    Owen can then assign Mr. Philip Goddard, in his role of special envoy to technology, to advise Mr. goodridge on the use of technology to further confuse and distract the masses.

    The we would have the ideal society where masses know their places, the foreign investors rule and the local ‘ruling’ minority act as a buffer between the money and the labour.

  22. West Side Davie

    It takes all kinds Jupiter. BFP do trash some comments and others they doan. I doan know why they do some and others not. I think that Bfp let people come up to some line even they doan like the comment. where is the line I doan know.

  23. God Bless David

    I thought the “free” in “Barbados Free Press” had a meaning similar to “unconstrained”, “frank”, “open”, “uncensored”…

    Or even that the “free” was an allusion to the enjoyment by the providers of this forum of political or corporate autonomy and independence….

    Clearly to some of you it just means “without cost or charge”…


    Read the Nation today. The Sedgeley duo have now put up their house here for sale.They are STILL out of the island.
    Why were they allowed to leave?
    Another Matthieson!!!

  25. Can Barbados hold trial in absentia? How about hold the property and freeze bank accounts of people who have fled trial?

  26. Hants

    Andrew 8745, The majority of white people in Barbados would not do what was alledged.I am sure most of them would not go so far.

    My concern however is that the acts of the few may cause the pain and suffering of many.

    I don’t think this incident is going to go away gently like it would have 50 years ago.

    You all should be outraged by the beating of this boy.

  27. honeybee

    Who beat the boy? We still do not know. The police want Mr. Goodridge for questioning. Why aren’t we hearing the other sides of the story from the police and Mr. Goodridge?

  28. We should be outraged at whoever beat this boy. There is no justification, we have a police force and a court system in Barbados to settle disputes and punish/rehabilitate offenders.

  29. John


    Just to confuse the issue further, Mark Goodridge is what most Bajans would refer to as a Red Man!!

    So if you are going on the basis of skin colour I suggest you boycott all Red law offices ….. not a bad idea as the legal profession might cease to exist in Barbados.

    Think for a moment.

    Are you prepared to believe with no proof that a lawyer of almost 30 years of experience would break the law so clearly as is suggested by what is in the public domain?

    There are still too many unknowns to form any opinion.

    Given what seems to be known, even the claim of the racist comments made by the boy can only be substantiated by the witness who ran unless the perpetrators admit to such utterances.

    … and we still don’t know who beat the boy …. or why.

    So far I have seen mangoes, puppies, race etc suggested as possible causes. There are only two things definite, the poor boy ….. and the need to find out why.

  30. John

    People do stupid things for stupid reasons.

    We watched the news in awe and discovered last week that another 15 year old schoolboy was killed, stabbed by two other schoolboys, one 17, the other 15 over of all things …. a cellphone.

    The police have acounted for all parties here and both sides have been reported … as far as they can be.

    Lets get the facts here before we go crucifying anyone and deal with those facts when they become available.

    We should not let ourselves become stupid people, doing and saying stupid things because we have not taken the time to get the facts straight.

  31. Anonymous

    This e-mail is circulating from the family of Mark Goodridge. You all be the judge of what is happening here.

    Hypothetically -you are just walking along with your friend and you both get attacked by 2 WHITE MEN SCREAMING RACIAL SLURS and one of you escapes.


    Here is what happened: MY FAMILY CALLED THE POLICE!




    If you are getting this e-mail it is because you are a close friend and I need your help today.
    I need your prayers and I need you to think logically and when you talk to people to have them open their minds to consider more that what is written in the Nation newspaper.

    The articles being written in the NATION newspaper that accuse my family of attacking a “boy” because he was black in the wrong neighborhood are COMPLETELY FALSE.
    The newspaper never contacted our family before they published these articles.

    I hope that today we will be able to get our side of the story out. I have spoken to some of you already and appreciate your support. Anyone who knows my family will know that we are not racist, our parents aren’t racist and they never taught us to judge people by the colour of their skin, only their character. I am asking you to do the same and ask your friends to do the same.

    Please pray that God will give everyone the clarity to see the truth of the matter. Please pray for everyone involved. Please pray that my family will be safe.
    I just want you all to know what the NATION published is not what happened and that I appreciate your support because this is really a tough time for me. Many of you are telling me anyone who knows my family would never believe this. Well many people don’t know my family and I am counting on you to let them know what you know of us and who we are. I don’t need anymore than that and your prayers.

  32. John


    You got them.

    Could never believe what was written in the papers. Too many inconsistencies and though I don’t know you and your family well, I know enough to know there is alot more to this than meets the eye.

  33. I agree garbage like that written by God Bless David should not be published. I cannot see how one can express sympathy for the Goodridge family involved because look how much time have expired since the Satuday Sun story. Two things go against them he is one an attorney and two fifty three years old( a full man) should know better. I believe if there was nothing to hide from the same way they are circulating this information to support them. Their engergies could have been used in convincing him and the other relative to go in to the Police. As I have said before I do believe that we should allow this matter to have due process.

  34. Anonymous

    Why wunna doan call that anonymous a mouse too? Wunna idiots. Be damn sure that this story has incited (reheated) racial tension in Barbados and it is unfortunate that the racism card may be invented. However, I’ve heard the young boy’s story and now I’ve heard the alleged family’s story…and now I wait on the truth. An empassioned email does not equal vindication – this family’s assertion is on equal footing with the other family’s assertion in my mind, so an email plea is realy quite silly.

  35. John

    Yeah man

    In time, the truth will out!!

    If the first Anonymous email is invalid I stand corrected. Just applied my senses to a situation and came up wrong. Won’t be the first time and sure won’t be the last.

    But I am not the Nation, just another ignorant idiot John.

    If it is valid, well …….. I think the Nation is in a bit of a bind!! … and on at least two counts … firstly for stirring up race hatred and secondly for damaging the reputation of a family. Both attract penalties.

    The time lag is entirely in the Nation’s hands!! It did not have to publish the story it did. It is run by big boys and girls who made a choice.

    But, as I have said before, we are all big people, able to discern right from wrong.

    Just takes a little perception sometimes.

  36. Anonymous

    the nation did nothing wrong. nothing indictable anyway. they did not introduce the idea of racism, the family of the victim did that. if they chose to omit this story from the whites’ side (which is contestable), it’s in their legal right to do so.

  37. John


    Doesn’t the Constitution have something to say about all this?

  38. little black boy

    Nothing to hide? then why hide ? lock up this lawyer for 3 days , just 3 days down Harrison point .As for the Sledges lock them up too. You mean to tell me we gine wait until it all implode.

  39. Anonymous

    my man, one of my specialties is media law. (interestingly i hate BFP, but anyway..) the nation, unless any objective lawyer tells me convincingly otherwise, has done nothing wrong. you must remember that newspapers are usually veted by a legal team before being published. they would not have been so irresponsible to do something that could land them in libel. what they did may be morally wrong IF AND ONLY IF there was no racism at all (because they helped to incite it), but it is certainly not illegal.

  40. John


    You have my prayers, as does the poor boy.

    Did not make it clear in my earlier post.

    Them means prayers, ….. not the Nation, not other posters, not BFP…….!!

    Anonymous (2nd??!!)

    My first post has a double meaning which I honestly did not intend.

    But it is interesting to see what the second, unintended meaning evoked, very interesting indeed.

  41. Anonymous

    If you werent so preoccupied with ‘Mark’ and telling ‘him’ how much you could never believe the story, then your post wouldn’t have had a double meaning you fool. And you use the word ‘interesting’ too freely.

  42. John

    Ah well

    I have progressed from an idiot to a fool.

    Coming up in the world I am!!

  43. John

    little black boy

    If the posts above turn out to be valid, then the only person who seems to be hiding is the Nation reporter, … from the family of Mark Goodridge.

  44. Rumplestilskin

    Actually, irrespective of whatever is decided re the reasons for and the justification re extent of the beating, unless racial slurs could be proven to have taken place, the Nation will undoubtedly be held accountable for libel.

    Your specialty is media law…really???

  45. Rumplestilskin

    ps the story was written in good old sensationalistic …. typical of the Nation.

    And it has exposed itself clearly.

  46. Rumplestilskin

    As for story being vetted by a legal team…
    probably was ,but then…hahahahah (there are legal teams and LEGAL teams)


    – story printed contained defamatory matter (basically labelling attorney a racist)
    -such defamatory matter has the potential and indeed already has seriously damaged his reputation and by extension his livelihood
    – if such defamatory matter cannot be proven (beyond ‘he said’….one persons word-anyone can say that someone else said something, particularly if they themselves are already in deep trouble), then the Nation has its own trouble

    Basically you cant print any old trivia on a whim….

  47. honeybee

    Can you guess where this came from?

    “insulting words which were intended or which may reasonably be interpreted as likely to stir up, or were capable of stirring up, hatred against the Negro section of Barbados. ”

    Yes, the Nation today which has done exactly that with the “Caucasian section of Barbados” if there even is such a thing.

    So we will all wait and see what happens now.

  48. Anonymous

    At one point, according to her, the man called him a “black nigger” and accused him of stealing his puppies. When the police arrived and searched his haversack they found a pair of scissors used by the boys to punch coconuts the day before.

    “This is racism. I didn’t know that racism is still around, and this is just not right,” the mother told the Saturday Sun.

    She has already contacted a lawyer to deal with the matter and also made an official report to the police about what she considers to be an excessive beating motivated by prejudice.

    Where did the Nation make any assertions of racism itself? All of that lies with the mother of the child.

  49. Pat

    Why is Mark Goodridge not showing up at the court now that there is an appeal out for him? Why not turn himself in. Is he guilty of what was written? If a person has done nothing wrong, then why hide? I dont buy it. And I dont care what the Goodrige family and their friends say.

  50. Anonymous

    Apparently he turned himself in this morning.

  51. John

    Heavenly Father!!

  52. Rumplestilskin

    It is irrelevant who is making the accusation. The reality is that the Nation is propagating a serious, potentially unprovable (just because the mother says it happened, it does not mean its true) allegation.

    By such propagation, the Nation is committing a libel.

  53. Rumplestilskin

    Pat says ‘and I do not care what the Goodridge family and their friends say’

    ??? not two sides to the story, or only the version of the boy matters…..I wonder why?

    Making such an assessment without knowing the FACTS ? hmmm?

  54. Kathy

    If the average Barbadian’s sentiments are “lock up this lawyer for 3 days , just 3 days down Harrison point .As for the Sledges lock them up too”, I would advise the whole Goodridge family to seek asylum in another country. These sentiments belong in a Banana Republic, not a civilized country, and are lumping two totally different cases together based on racist feelings against “Caucasians”. Based on their email, the Goodridges are welcome at my home. I am praying for them. If any youth of any race or nationality threatened any elderly member of my family, I would probably beat him myself, with no excuses. A pair of scissors capable of puncturing a coconut in the hands of a 15-year-old is a lethal weapon. I also think that the average Barbadian should have enough commonsense to realise that the racist term printed in the Nation would never be used by an educated, mature man like a lawyer, especially a lawyer with a black partner, who has been practising in Barbados for many years. Get real! I support the police, as every law-abiding citizen should. In a matter of crime, I would tend to believe the assessment of the police. They have the experience to do their jobs. I have a 16-year-old son myself, and I would not condone him confronting homeowners while in possession of a deadly weapon. If he got a beating, I would talk to the police and try to get the facts, before stirring up racial tensions.

  55. Rumplestilskin

    Me guess a lot more than just the politicians thinking kinda funny now.

    Where Barbados going.

    People want a lynching based on heresay.


    Island falling apart.

    Maybe I should go get somma dem drugs that selling in de classrooms of the schools…selling by the children….

    Actually, no. I have never and will never take drugs….

  56. Ronin of the Void

    The Daily Nation has tried and convicted a man who was very likely doing what any man would do in the situation. Protecting his family and his property, and maybe his life. They have possibly ruined his carreer and definitley cast foul aspersions on his character. All this based on hearsay from the most biased of sources. You see it every azzizes when convicted killers, rapists and other assorted scumbags, and sometimes murder victims killed in a drug war or such like, are inevitably described by mums and grans as being nice, quiet fellows, etc. etc. So they frig up this lawyer man to sell a few more papers, yet The Nation does not have the spine to go after the maguffies that teifing, conning and swindling the people of Barbados, from within the government and private sector. We believe it is happening, and evidence is there for them to investigate, to prove either true or false. We want to know. But this whole thing smells like a red herring. Smoke and mirrors designed to distract us from what is really important, and we are falling for it. Open your eyes people. This is classic devide and conquor. Two more things. One. Anytime I find any man, white, black or otherwise (if you have hair on your balls you pass for a man) inside my place threatening me and my family, I will mess his sh*t up. Period. He can have my puppies, mangoes, even my coucou stick, but dont threaten my people or your head bursts. Two. If any of you pathetic twits that call yourselves journalists are reading this blog, all ya are a pack of useless, cowardly dogs. Goodnight

  57. John

    Sounds like you would beat him again when he got home too!!

    No offence …. no offence…!!

  58. Seth

    this is quite disturbing, maybe you all will take me a tad more serious now?

  59. Jane

    Seth, some people have always taken you seriously. Surely you have learned by now that your situation was not about racism but about something far more sinister.

    We should all wait to hear the other side of this story and not rush to judgment. Many of us listened to your side of the story too.

  60. Kathy

    I can see why Mr. Goodridge did not “turn himself in” earlier. If something like this happens to me, I will have to run! If I come home and find armed teenagers on my property, I will assume that I am guilty for owning said property, and for having slightly paler skin, if that is the case. If they are paler than I am, I can defend myself, otherwise I will leave my property in their more deserving hands. I will not call the police, because if the intruder is arrested, I will be the one in trouble. I will not defend myself – better to be stabbed to death with scissors than to live in jail in a country where people who own property are automatically guilty for their years of hard work and thrift. I predict that charges of racism will now skyrocket, as an excuse for all types of crime. The lighter skinned criminals will just have to get jobs and give up crime.

  61. Ronin of the Void

    Seth, you appear to be a professional victim with a messiah complex. It is written all over your face, literally. Please stop nastying up our island with your sad story, paranoid rubbish. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get a life. I know of a man who was violently assaulted by security personell of a private company and put into hospital for weeks, had three major operations and a year of physiotherapy to repair the damage. But he moved on with his life, and certainly never made of a career of regurgitating what the cruel black man had done to him that day. And by the way if you are looking for a settlement, dont hold your breath. Your ‘look at poor me, massah whip me’ crap strategy is very likely having the opposite desired effect.

  62. banned

    Forget colour, that was a 15 year old minor that was clobbered. And he drew his son into it as well. Violence begats violence and this sucker shuld be taken out. Of course if he is incarcerated even for the shortest of periods, we’ll be talking a likely death sentence. I sure as hell wont miss him.

  63. Attorney-at-law Mark Winston Goodridge (picture at right) is facing four charges. Simon Mark Goodridge (picture at left), accused of jointly causing a 15-year-old boy serious bodily harm, leaving Hastings Police Station yesterday. (Pictures by Antonio Miller.)

    Two charged
    Published on: 10/18/06.


    A 53-YEAR-OLD ATTORNEY-at-law and his son will appear in District “A” Magistrates’ Court this morning, charged in connection with the beating of a 15-year-old boy in Highgate Gardens, St Michael, on October 6.

    Mark Winston Goodridge, of Cattlewash, St Joseph, and 23-year-old Simon Mark Goodridge, a businessman, of No. 1, Highgate Park, St Michael, are jointly charged with causing serious bodily harm to the youngster.

    The senior Goodridge will also face three other charges: incitement to racial hatred, assault and discharging a firearm within 100 yards of the highway.

    The charges are:

    * On October 6, 2006, Mark Winston Goodridge and Simon Mark Goodridge did cause serious bodily harm to a 15-year-old juvenile with intent to maim, disfigure or disable him, or to do some serious bodily harm to the said juvenile;

    * On October 6, 2006, Mark Winston Goodridge unlawfully discharged a firearm on Highgate Park Road, a public road;

    * On October 6, 2006, Mark Winston Goodridge, on Highgate Park Road, a public place, used insulting words, to wit, “You black nigger” to a 15-year-old juvenile which may reasonably be interpreted as likely to stir up, or to be capable of strirring up hatred against any section of the public in Barbados, distinguished by colour, race or creed;

    * On October 6, 2006, Mark Winston Goodridge did unlawfully assault
    a 15-year-old juvenile.

    Shortly after 10 a.m. yesterday, attorneys Sir Richard Cheltenham, QC, and Hal Gollop, accompanied the Goodridges to Hastings Police Station in Christ Church, after police had issued a public notice on Sunday, asking the two to contact the nearest police station for questioning on the matter.

    The attorneys sat throughout yesterday’s police investigations as both men were questioned about the October 6 incident.

    Following the charges last night, both men were refused bail and confined to the cells at Central Police Station.

    The Highgate Gardens incident was reopened over the weekend after the SATURDAY SUN published a story and photograph of the youngster with a bruised and swollen face.

    The boy, who is on remand at the Government Industrial School, was charged with unlawful possession of a pair of scissors, while a charge of trespassing was dismissed by a Bridgetown magistrate.


    Some of you are talking about facts.Here are 3 incontrovertible facts:
    Boy charged with trespassing-fact 1
    Case dismissed-fact 2.
    Boy’s face is badly swollen-fact 3.
    Any person who can do that to another is deserving of a prison term.
    Please do not allow this case to take a year or two before it reaches a conclusion.
    I am a black Barbadian.I am no racist, but have been the victim of racism.
    And,surprise,surprise…at school!!!
    Mark was part of that “white bench” at HC that terrorised the blacks, until a group of us put an end to it. I am glad to hear that he shares a practice with a black partner.But since when does that prevent one from using racial epithets?
    We do that in Barbados every day.
    I wonder how many of our fellow bloggers would admit to being racist?
    I dare you to speak out!!!

  65. violence begats violence and this sucker shuld be taken out – Banned

    I do enjoy reading this blog for posts like this. I guess he should be taken out non-violently?

    I also like the idea that an assult on a minor deserves a death sentence, of course prision would be alot emptier if that was the case, unless ofcourse, this death sentence only applies to white people.

  66. John

    So what happens to the two minors, 17 and 15 years old, who stabbed and killed another minor 15 years old the other day over a cellphone?

    What exactly is a minor in this violence ridden Barbados of today? Is age a sufficient factor to determine status?

    Seems like a minor with a sharp implement can do some major damage, including take a life.

    We have some serious issues to deal with as a society.

  67. John

    If you come face to face with a minor with a sharp instrument threatening you or your family in a location where he has no right, do you ask him his age nicely before you act?

  68. Hants

    It seems to me that some of you can’t believe that a white barbadian can do what is alleged.
    I am going to wait for the Lawcourts to find the truth.

    Littleboy56, I too went to Harrison College and was 1 year ahead of Mark Goodridge but had no meaningful contact with him.

    The truth will out.

  69. I think John is being ridiculious in his comments.
    But let us await the outcome. I am so far satisfied that justice is appearing to be done. Well done Nation Newspaper more journalists should come forward with stories that force athourities to take positive action.

  70. rumboy

    Providing that the press print the truth and not what they think should be the truth or what would increase sales. In this case from eye witnesses, the story was as far from the truth as could be, no way should that be considered as positive action. This kind of reporting should be considered as ‘incitement to racial hatred’ – same charge that has been levelled against the lawyer, but yet it seems that this paper somehow always seems to accomplish this.

  71. I can tell by your name rumboy you are still stale drunk at this time of morning and I urge all others to ignore your attempt to down play this incident.

  72. Sweets

    People! This is just getting too funny. I’m sure the international press must love this. Here we are a nation of loving people looking forward to welcoming thousands of visitors for the CWC 2007. I wonder how many of those people are now re-thinking if they want to visit this racist time bomb that is about to explode.

    I think we need to look at our society and figure who the laws apply to. Earlier this year I was tailended by a ZR and while the policeman was there taking a statement the driver of the van proceeded to cuss me up. He call me a “white ********” and my wife a “**************” What did the police man do? NOTHING! Did it bother me? Not in the least. Maybe my white skin too thick? Maybe I am mature enough to realize then when people are angry they say things they may later regret? Am I racist? I don’t think so. My wife is a beautiful black (black and indian mix) woman. My best friends are black, I have very few white friends, I have never employed a white person in my business (well maybe that makes me a racist) and the people I hold the highest respect for are 2 of my teachers from school Mrs. Y from primary school, a strong black woman that believed in the belt and taught me that all people were equal and Mr. M from HC who taught me what it is to be an adult. He is a very soft spoken black man that encouraged me to think for myself and be a man. His family is a family I have the greatest respect for, they are what we Bajans should try to be. He is a teacher shaping the youth of the island and his brother is in the Defence Force protecting us and upkeeping our values. Hats off to the M family.

    I was born white, but after lots of research have been able to find my black members of my family. I did not choose to be white nor do I think anybody choose to whatever colour they are. But I choose to, and am proud of being a Bajan.

    Let’s put the hatred behind us and be proud Bajans when we turn 40 next month!

    Peace be with you!


    EDITED BY ROBERT….. Let’s watch the cuss words folks. Even if we are relating something that happened, let’s try and have some limitations, please.

  73. Green!

    I-Green! WILL freely and cheerfully admit to being a racist.

    Indeed, being a white minority in a black majority island,
    I am a product of my racist environment: went to school at Harsun K.O.L.I.J from ’58-’66,
    met many nice black guys there,
    met some twits-for-whites,too!

    Racism is an inbuilt DNA thing,
    and we humans must accept that.
    “Birds of a feather..” etc.??

    Despite the inbuilt thing,
    “We The Politically Correct” have now persuaded ourselves that we “shouldn’t be”.
    All very well and nice,
    but it does surge, now and then!

    The biggest of our sociological problems on this rock
    a factor most Bajans are loathe to accept and countenance!
    They think Bim is the norm
    but it is NOT.

    Nearly three hundred thousand people on 166 sq.mi. of rock…
    – something’s gonna pop, dontcha THINK?

    Be guarded with your thoughts at this time and remember moderation (in all things)
    Racism is a deeply seated (hypothalmic?) type sentiment,
    close to the Fight or Flight response
    and other basic urges on that primitive level which we’re all born with.

    I first realized how racist I was, as a White Bajan, when I visited the other islands frequently years ago,
    and had to guard my mout’,
    not realizing how much more integrated they are, in St.Vincent, Grenada and St.Lucia where, at social parties, all o’ we is one,
    a lot more truly so than in Barbados!

    Half the personal battle with racism is to realize that it IS a natural built-in thing, although we try to modify our behaviour as best we can, via suppression.
    Anyone who reckons he’d rather flock with others not-akin to himself
    is either a monetary prostitute,
    or fooling himself.
    Please don’t flame me for being an idiot, or an idiot racist,
    at least I know I am the product of where I live (I was NOT born in Barbados)..
    but there are two sides to this current ‘coin’ and we need to tek it eeaasy right now.
    One suspects (gross?)over-reaction to an intruder is the real problem here,
    and it shall be interesting to see the outcome of all this.
    hopefully it won’t be too twisted.

  74. Kathy

    Let’s get this straight: a 15-year-old says he was taking a shortcut through a gated community with one entrance when he was attacked by 2 men with a gun hurling racial slurs. A 53-year-old lawyer and his family say they called the police and defended themselves with force against an armed intruder. The police report presumably says that the police were called, and they arrested a 15-year-old with a weapon. By the time they got there, the 15-year-old was not on private property, so trespass charges were dropped. Most Barbadians believe the 15-year-old was an innocent victim minding his own business taking a “shortcut” through an almost inaccessible neighbourhood, and that the call to the police and the police report are irrelevant. Is there a virus in Barbados that destroys brain cells?

  75. Negrocrat

    @De Original (original what i wonder)
    how can you call the job done by the Nation Newspaper, to be well done? They have shown one side of this horrible event since they broke the story. They have made no attempt to contact or interview the Goodridges. Is that your idea of good journalism? It certainley isn’t mine.
    I think the beating was horrendous, and that depending on the events which REALLY took place that night, some form of punishment should be metted out to the Goodridge men involved.
    To call this situation a product of racism, in my opinion, is wrong, and uncalled for. It is a case of abuse, nothing more. If it had been two persons of the same race, that is what it would’ve been treated as.

    Out of curiousity, are you aware that Mr.Goodridges partner in his law firm is a black man (or brown) and that his daughter is dating a black man, and probably 90% of his sons (Simon) friends are also black? Doesn’t sound like a racist person to me. Heck, even looking at his photograph, you can see that he himself is not white. (are any Bajans really white or black anymore??)

  76. John


    Any human can do anything regardless of skin colour.

    We should wait for the outcome but I am in the process of rethinking my definitions of what is a minor given the violence I have read of in both the stabbing case and this case, both of which include minors.

    Barbados has become extremely violent and I no longer think it is prudent to ignore reality. Perhaps I should keep my ruminations to myself.

    I agree that noone should have their face disfigured as the boy in this case but I really also want to know why.


    I was at school at HC at the time Mark Goodridge was there and I can’t remember any white bench or being terrorised by anyone. In fact, I have never come across the term “white bench” while I was there.

    You are free to relate your experience as you saw it but I have no recollection of what you describe and I was younger than Mark so would have experienced what you describe if it existed first hand. The younger set always bore any excesses of older boys.

    I do remember the occasional bully but it was usually an older or bigger boy who I passed in the normal course of events. That is not to say I was not aware of the differences of colour, just that I never experienced any negative experience because of it.

    I do remember cliques who stuck together out of friendship and common interests.

    There was a surfing set most of whom were white but all of whom took their recreation very seriously and lived for the waves. They were in constant trouble with the headmaster over their hair styles. There was a group of softer boys that was referred to as the mothers’ union and there was the 2-4 set of boys who were left down in second form but were in reality approaching 20. I kept away from all and got on with my life.

    My memories of HC are extremely pleasant. I was aware of the colour differences, but never saw any overt racism. Those differences never affected me.

    I pitched marbles with all colours of the rainbow. I lost and won, mostly lost!! I enjoyed school and had a ball.

    The only time I saw blood shed in anger was when a Trini and a Bajan caught hold ….. and that was to do with an argument over a horse race if I remember correctly. I remember hearing of a student being stabbed by a girl in the bus with a compass but suspect that was just a bit of machismo and overexaggeration.

    But then that is my reality. Perhaps I was lucky or naive but I do feel myself priveleged to have gone to a school like HC so I need to respond to your negative memories of the school which you say you experienced with positive ones which I experienced.

  77. Kathy

    I don’t even agree that it was abuse. In Florida, deadly force is now legal against an intruder. In Barbados I understand that reasonable self-defense is allowed. If 15-year-olds are killing each other over cell phones, I doubt that anything short of a beating will deter some of them. A 15-year-old is usually a lot stronger than a 53-year-old, with less regard for consequences. I know this from experience! A beating now might stop a hanging later – remember that.

  78. rumboy

    A true rumboy is never ‘ stale drunk ‘. No one is trying to play this down, on the contrary but this paper will try everything to build this incident into the most sensational piece for the year because it contains the right ingredient – race.

  79. I hope we note that there was no trespass involved in this matter. We seem to forget, Kathy but did you and your other friends who seem bent on hanging this young intruder in Highgate Gardens, recognise this is Barbados 40 years after independence and long after the Abolition of slavery. This is a free place and one can not trespass on public roads.

  80. Negrocrat

    @De Original
    I hope that some day you nor your family are faced with a situation where a young person, with a previous record, accosts you on your property with a weapon, and when you are forced to use extreme measures to defend your life, and that of your son, that you do not beat the stuffin’s out of your would be assailant, and when your assailant trys to make an escape, and resists your attempts to restrain and detain him, and manages to escape your property and into the public road, but no further, because you are able to catch the assailant again, and that you hold him there until the authorities, that your family members have called, arrive, and then goto the police station to file a report on the matter, to then be made the criminal of this case, almost a week after the initial incident.
    I hope none of this happens to you, or anyone else, because it must be a living hell.

  81. John

    I have tried to get the old brain into gear and remember the instances of racism I have actually witnessed in my life in Barbados and am hard pressed to think of even one.

    I recall much talk from black and white people, which sounded racist, about how they feel but have never seen either one of them actually put into action what they say.

    Maybe it is just that I am lucky or naive but I am beginning to think this race thing is very much imagined and blown out of proportion in Barbados.

    Pepole stick together based more on common interests as opposed to stay apart because of common dislikes of each other.

  82. Sweets

    Sorry about the language. But I was quoting what was said to me and it did offend me at the time as well and I’m only tryng to make that point.

  83. rightvwrong

    These are good open discussions—not available in a controlled press!!!

    not certain that given the possible use of excessive force that the police had any option but to arrest Mr Goodridge and his son ( assuming they firmly believe they have evidence beyond a reasonable doubt ) but did they really
    have to leave a hard working professional man who, to our knowledge, has never exhibited such
    violent behaviour before, in jail over night—this seems to show that the police are judging this man before he has been tried? surely he is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law??? this is punitive and not a good situation

    hopefully the whole story from both sides will come out

  84. Sweets

    So maybe there is a lesson we can all learn from this. If we get attacked by anybody in our own yards with any weapon; DO NOT TRY TO HOLD THE PERSON! DO NOT FIRE A SHOT IN THE AIR! DO NOT SPEAK! JUST SHOOT THEM DEAD, THEN CALL THE POLICE!

    How funny we must look in this fish bowl we call Barbados.

  85. Neogrocrat you dont have to worry bout that I live right longside the road I aint got no gate or no fence and never had a problem of trespass. I also know there is no excuse for the excessive force used in this senario given that one party had a firearm. I think the time has come people not try to deny what actually go on in this country not on this but also several other issues. We have a culture of denial and a tendency to stiffle debate on any issue.

  86. Negrocrat

    De Original,
    I know you aren’t as simplistic as you have made out to be, by answering that you live right longside the road, I am sure you see the point I was making in my previous example, which you have chosen to ignore.
    I don’t deny the force appears to be excessive, but I fail to see what one of the parties having a licensed firearm has to do with it. Are you suggesting that he shoot the 15yr old? Or are you suggesting that the mere presence of the firearm should’ve been enough to make the boy stop resisting, and struggling? Surely not the later, because Mr.Goodridge used the firearm to fire a warning shot, which had not impact on the youth.

    I agree the time has come for Barbados to stop denying we have a problem. Our youth have no respect for anything. They kill people for cell phones, they steal peoples belongings, they curse and disrespect their elders, they would rather spend their money on “bling” than on educational books, they would rather beg for money than work for it. Barbados has a HUGE problem, and here we are debating whether an armed youth, who is a known fellon, with a criminal record, was wrongfully beaten. What kind of message are we sending the youth with that. “Man if you ever get hol’ just tell de police dat de man call you a nigga’ and beat you fuh no reason”
    I am sick of Bajan society and what is becoming, producing mostly uneducated, unemployable, disrespective, foul mouthed, citizens, in this our 40th year of independance.
    I am sorry to say, but I am no longer a PROUD BARBADIAN! I am ashamed of my country what it has become.

  87. Vision

    $10,000.00 bail… he can make that in a few hours.

    Similar cases – others had high bail amounts or were even remanded.

    Is the justice system balance????????

  88. John


    On second thoughts, there are two instances of racism that come to mind but I am not sure if they count as they were just bare mout talk.

    There was Owen Arthur and Terry Ally and the indentured servant remark.

    And there was Liz Thompson, Richard Goddard and the Caucasian male remark.

    Neither Terry nor Richard have I seen take these comments to heart but rather, I have watched the speakers sink and become laughing stocks in my lifetime whereas the two targetted individuals grew in stature.

  89. Negrocrat

    @ Vision…
    what similar cases? Please give an example of a similar case.

    What other case do you know of where a “wanted man” with no previous criminal record, and has up until now, been regarded as an upstanding citizen, turned himself into the police.


  90. Negrocrat I see your point but I disagree with the what you are are trying to push. I believe responsible citizens should behave responsible and excesses such as that beating is not excusable. I get the impression that you are saying that the young man is all wrong because according to you he is a criminal with a record at 15 years old.

  91. Out Dey in Bim

    I’ve had my fill of this discussion,not because I believe that we should supress the discussion,but because reading all the comments,some of which seem quite senseless it is clear that persons are not talking to each other, but at each other.
    I am pleased that white barbadians are able to express themselves freely which they wouldnot normally do in an open forum.On a lighter note however I wish they would use more creative names than:sweets,negrocrat etc.

    However I think bajan are missing a monster which is growing and getting fat in their midst – and that is the presence of the indians – especially Guyaneese and Trinidadians indians in their midst.
    Whereas a white bajan will be more willing to give you an opportunity and generally feels proud being bajan,these indians keep to themselves,hate and look down on afro bajans even when the latter are better off socially educationally,financially etc that he/she is and would subtly put obsta cles in your way (ie afrobajans) if they see you getting ahead.They will never sell you property but they will work hard at buying yours,they don’t want you marrying their sons and daughters but they will more quickly accept a white,the are not nationalists but indians first so they put their race ahead of anything else.And I can go on and on.

    So while you all concentrating on white bajans who in large numbers tend to be prejudiced,the danger is really the indian.
    Faced with an indian or bajan white I’ll take the latter anyday.

  92. Negrocrat

    Agreed responsible citizens should behave and act responsibly, and I think while Mr.Goodridge possibly acted irresponsibly (although we do not know the entire story) by “going over the top” on his treatement of the boy, he did the responsible thing, and turned himself in to the police, to face what we can only hope will be a fair trial, with a reasonable verdict, not influenced by the onesided story in the press.
    Your impression is mistaken, although I can see why. I am not saying that because the youth has a previous criminal record, that he is definately guilty in this instance, but what i am saying is that i find it inane to take the word of an immature (meaning just that, he is not yet a man, and still has alot to learn in life…..we hope) 15yr old boy, who has a criminal history, over the word of a 53yr old mature man, who has no criminal past, and has turned himself in to the authorities.

    The same way I can agree that the level of force used on the boy was likely uncalled for, can you not also agree that logic would suggest that given the two persons involved (forgetting colour, because I do not believe that colour has any right in this discussion) that the story given to the press by the youth could very well be fabricated? (not i said the story of the youth, because the press has not seen fit to give the other side.)

  93. Negrocrat

    @ Out Dey In Bim
    I don’t care if you find my name unimmaginative.
    I don’t care that you mistake me for being white.
    However I am appauled at your way of thinking regarding both whites and indians.
    You are what this discussion is all about. You are truly racist, and seemingly proud of it. You are who make me embarrassed to admit that we could be from the same country, and of the same heritage.

  94. Anonymous

    It is good that Negrocrat has disowned Barbados, using words like ‘disrespective’.

  95. Negrocrat

    @ Anonymous
    LOL…..I sorry I don’t right as good as U do.

    What I meant to type (say) was disrespectful. Thank you for pointing out my poor grammar.

  96. Negrocrat

    I find it worrying that all you could take away from my comments was my grammatical mistake. Do you disagree with what I said.

  97. Negrocrat

    Oh, one last thing for the night.
    Don’t take my comment that I am ashamed of my country and what it has become, to mean that I have disowned her. If that were the case, I would not care about the issues that I refer to.

  98. very interesting and sometimes informative discussion. I am from West Africa and only got interested in Barbados because there is an obnoxious man claiming to be a Bajan who practically lives on the Ghana forums and insults Africans and Ghanaians without cause or provocation. He goes by the name Young Bajan Lion and claims to be a black Bajan.

    And he paints Barbados to be some kind of Utopia in the Caribbean. Reading through these comments I find that people are the same all over the world. The discussion here is a bit more civil than at the Ghana forums though.

    I am sure you have a lovely island and I hope the truth comes out and justice prevails. Far be it from me to interfere in your affairs with a specific comment on this incident. Peace to you all.


  99. Hants

    For the sake of Barbados I hope this entire matter comes to a lawful conclusion in absolute terms.

    I hope the Island continues PEACEFULLY its unwritten system of apartheid with the majority of each race,Black,White,Guyanese and others working together but socialising separately. Those who chose to intermix socially can do so.
    What I hope for is a continued improvement in the lives of the Black Barbadian majority and an elevation in their self esteem.

    No one of any race should beat a 15 year old boy as if he was a rabid dog.

    Unlike some of you on this board, there are several white bajans who would agree with me that this boy did not deserve to be beaten.

    They only way this beating might be justified is if after the shot was fired, this boy was so fearless that he tried to attack a man with a gun.

    Lets hope people use these blogs to vent their true feelings annonymously and keep Barbados peaceful.

  100. Ronin of the Void

    @ Negrocrat & Anon.:

    You spelt ‘appalled’ incorrectly as well. Do you see how easy ‘smoke and mirrors’ is to play. Ha. Ha. Ha.

    @ this thread:

    Has the legislature of Barbados decided to abrogate a citizen’s right to protect himself and his family from malicious criminals, juvenile or decrepit? How long will we allow this inflammatory rubbish to continue to divide us and distract us? How does an incident like this attract so much ink when, as John points out, minors are slaughtering one another like pigs over cell phones, and that barely gets a column of type. Does any one remember how that old white man was butchered on his gallery by a black youth? Would anyone have preferred the same outcome for Goodridge over the juvinille delinquents busted face?

    Right minded people need to be unified at a times like these regardless of race. If we ignore the cancers of criminality, corruption and materialism which is being ignored by some, encouraged by others and worst of all, unpunished by those put in charge, we will see our wonderful little island spiral into the chaos that we witness close to home in Jamaica and Trinidad, and far away in the Middle East. Let me just remind all journalist on this blessed rock, that the ethnic cleansing carried out in Rwanda years ago was precipitated by the goading of the media there. It did not even take racial differences to cause neighbours to take machetes to one another by the thousand, just age old tribalism and hateful propaganda. That is why the race law that Goodridge is being charged with exists. Not to prevent people from calling one another Nigger, Coon, Spick, Wop, Mick, Kike, White Trash, Ekky Beckky, Red-Leg, Hillbilly, Chink, Dot-head, Fag, Dike, Buller, Kraut, Frog, Limey, Pommy, Wetback, Sand-nigger, Gringo, Cracker, Shiksa, Goyim, Shvartzer, Morta Cristo, Melanzana, Slope Head, Christ Killer, Papist or any other numerous racial epithets. It exists to prevent people who have been put in positions of responsibility from using their considerable power to subvert one section of the community against another. The great irony here is that Goodridge probably called the boy a ‘nigger’ whilst in the heat of a struggle to wrestle a deadly weapon away from him and went overboard in the sharing of blows. He should be fairly tried and convicted if found guilty, as should his alleged juvenile assailant. The Nation, however has doused an ember with gasoline and gleefully fanned the flames in order to warm their greedy little fingers. I reiterate: The charge laid against Goodridge regarding the fanning of racial hatred, as far as I can see, is not to prevent petty name calling which happens every day on every street corner. It is mainly to prevent the MEDIA from sowing hatred and discord where there is none. I earnestly hope that the Attorney General files the same race charges against the person responsible for the reckless, one sided and dangerous reporting coming out of Fontabelle.

    Even forest fires can begin with a spark. To put all of this into perspective, read this excerpt from Human Rights Watch. If it doesn’t send chills down the spine of all ethnic groups in this blog, check to see if you have a pulse.

    “This genocide resulted from the deliberate choice of a modern elite to foster hatred and fear to keep itself in power. This small, privileged group first set the majority against the minority to counter a growing political opposition within Rwanda. Then, faced with RPF success on the battlefield and at the negotiating table, these few powerholders transformed the strategy of ethnic division into genocide. They believed that the extermination campaign would restore the solidarity of the Hutu under their leadership and help them win the war, or at least improve their chances of negotiating a favorable peace. They seized control of the state and used its machinery and its authority to carry out the slaughter.”

    Is the Nation to become Kangura? Sleep on that people. Goodnight.

  101. Kathy

    So De Original believes that there was no trespass involved in the case, because the 15-year-old was on public property when the police finally arrived. He believes that the 15-year-old is telling the truth? That a 53-year-old lawyer in his right mind would call the police after randomly beating up a boy on the public road? After 53 crime-free years? If the 15-year-old is telling the truth and was not trespassing, then the charges he made against the lawyer are illogical and downright bizarre. Remember who actually called the police.

    When those bad white people drive around randomly beating up innocent black people, they usually don’t call in the police to help them!

  102. Rumplestilskin

    Ronin Said: ”But this whole thing smells like a red herring. Smoke and mirrors designed to distract us from what is really important, and we are falling for it. Open your eyes people. This is classic devide and conquor.”

    Well done laddie, ye gets de prize for de smartest in de class!!! BINGO!

    Election around de corner, ruhmember? And de Gov’ment getting real licks right ‘just before now’.

    Things are sometimes not what they seem……

    It’s a funny old world as Thatcher said.

  103. Rumplestilskin

    And this on top of Mr.Abed (DLP candidate) having to call on the PM to have Prescod(BLP MP) resign from the Ministry for Social Transformation for a racial slur vs the DLP choice of him as a candidate, re his skin colour.

    Hmmm….then again…maybe we are ‘Transforming’ the society…into what, I do not know…..

  104. Rumplestilskin

    Ministry of Social Transformation……


  105. Rumplestilskin

    I would strongly suggest that Thompson and his leaders PUSH hard on on the core issues and NOT get dragged into a useless word flurry.

    Do not let anything derail their canvassing, focus on cost of living, drugs, education and mis-managed Government projects.

    Focus lads, focus.

  106. Rumplestilskin

    I would really like to have a transcript of the words used by Prescod… assess whether…

    Hmmm….what was that phrase …incitement to racial hatred?

  107. Out Dey in Bim

    BFP,BFP, callimg BFP


  108. Out Dey in Bim

    BFP,BFP, calling BFP

    Can we get some more postings please.

    Help us from this deluge.We are going roud and round in a circle.

  109. bp

    Guess who represented Harold Hoyte’s ex-wife in his divorce??

  110. Outsite Looking In

    After reading well over 90 comments on the case at hand that are written by both BLACK’S and WHITE’S I can comfortably conclude that my birth land and once my home is fully infested with racism and the time has come for it to stop.

  111. ross

    It is all smoke and mirrors. Keep your eyes open and ears to the ground and especially keep your wits about you.

  112. Rumplestilskin

    And finally….

    Reality is that no one in Barbados relies on the Police to come respond to an incident in any expedient time.

    Hence, protect your own home. Ask anybody.

    Which is why beatings such as this can occur…as prevention to further assaults on premises.

    Even just today, I passed an old lady on the street.

    She saw an incident we both passed and she said (quote):

    ‘looka dis mess. And yuh cyan get de Police to leave de station…until somebody dead’.

    Aside from the CID and Task Force…forget it.

    The Police blame it on lack of vehicles etc.

    Check the other BFP post re Police salaries etc….

  113. Pingback: Amazing Barbados Photo: Blacks, Whites, Asians, Mixed Races Attend Party Together! Actually Enjoy Each Other! « Barbados Free Press

  114. Out Dey in Bim

    Thank you Bfp for that light hearted posting.I was just begininig to know,that’s why I love Bfp – they always respond to their contributors- Can’t touch this Nation,Advocate,Cbc,Starcom or BLPgov’t.

  115. insider

    HOLD YOUR HORSES!!! The young Goodridge’s former girlfriend is black!!

  116. Yo!

    Dear Gbetormenyo,in Africa.
    Please don’t believe a word of it.

    Barbados is NO UTOPIA.
    We are in dire economic straits,
    and the biggest thing on this little overcrowded island is our National EGO!

    Our current(3 term) Gov’t. is crumbling
    and we await the long-promised election so the electorate can do what’s necessary.
    Do NOT visit Barbados,
    unless you are wealthy and have LOTS of money,
    for it is a v.expensive island!
    Go to London,instead.. just as expensive but at least you get Theatres, Museums and Art Galleries for your money.
    In Barbados all you get for your travel dollar
    is sea sand sun fun and blackdicky. whooppee!

  117. duh

    Despite all the talk about the newspapers fostering this and that, you fools STILL went out, this very morning, and did what’s expected of you.
    You bought the morning papers.
    Out of sheer habit.
    You bought both RAGS,
    thus ensuring their continued existence.
    When will you ever learn?
    I stopped buying those STALE NEWS things, YEARS AGO.
    Time for you to break the bad habit, too??

  118. Negrocrat

    Haven’t bought a newspaper in over a year. Will admit that i do read them online however.


    Hey folks this whole thing is not just going to blow way for too long we have been sweeping these incidents under the carpet. Wasnt there a similar occurence in Fort George Heights where a Gentleman was stopped and ask what he was doing in the development as his colour was not welcome there?

    If as John said they were there to steal pups wouldnt the logical thing to do was to hold the chap and call the police? yes i know a scissors was involved but didnt they get the opportunity to beat the pulp out of the chap without getting themsleves injured? couldnt they have held him?

    The two are granted bail but the youngster remains languishing in Dodds although being on the lesser charge.

    With regards the comment of longstanding attorney and breaking the law thats nonsense, they are charged with stealing peoples money from time to time, how long was the lady who was charged with stealing NHC’s money been in practice?

    I know that there is racism here but i think we have more of a class problem but right is right and wrong is wrong, Since when do we condone jungle justice?

    But dont worry as Gabby sang “one day comming soon the people will wake up, one day coming soon the people will rise up, and when they do im telling you there will be heat on the tormentors feet we gine got dem balling, crawling, crying, even DYING.


    Here is the story as published in the Jamaica Observer dated 2006/10/19

    Attorney charged with hate crime in attack on teenager in Barbados

    Thursday, October 19, 2006

    BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (AP) – A Barbadian man and his son have been charged for allegedly beating a black teenager as the victim walked through an upscale Bridgetown suburb.

    Mark Goodridge, a 53-year-old attorney of mixed-race ancestry, was charged Tuesday with assault and inciting racial hatred. His 23-year-old son, Simon Goodridge, has been charged with assault.

    During the alleged attack, which witnesses said left the 15-year-old boy crumpled on the street, police said Goodridge shouted a racial epithet. The victim was treated for minor injuries at a local hospital.

    The motive for the October 6 attack was unclear.
    Racially charged violence is rare in the Caribbean island of Barbados, where about 90 per cent of the 280,000 people are black.

  121. Out Dey in Bim

    I know that I’m glad the rhetoric has toned down a bit.What this whole discussion on the beating of the black highlight are:
    1) The racial groups are still far apart after all these years of living together – and I mean black and white.

    2) To throw another racial group – the indians – into that mix only makes the situation more explosive.

    For those who wish to bury their heads in the sand and say there is no racial problem in Bim – only a class problem – I say – please get out of this denial mode because B’dos is fast heading for an explosion – ie social unrest.

    I believe that the unchecked flow of illegal indian migrants into this country is going to be where the eruption starts because: they have brought with them their deepseated hatred of persons of african descent-and you only have to read guyaneese and T’dian newspapers and speak to persons from there. N.B. I didnot say blacks since indians though they refuse to believe it are also black.
    Also watch how they congregate at Fairchild street bus station,and how they behave when Guyana and India teams are playing cricket – no interaction.See what’s happening in England – a country within a country – I tell you afro bajans will not tolereate it especially as they realise they have been pushed out of their jobs and housing.N.B. There was never this tension with St Lucians,Vincentians & Dominicans.

    To white Barbadians I say – Learn to truly appreciate black barbadians .Get to know and be true friends with at least one black family – please don’t only talk to them when you’re at work and when you pass them on the street pretend you don’t know them.

    To black barbadians – Remeber that white bajans have a right to be here and are not all racial.Remember they are not all rich,and they do love their country.

    With time I think white and black bajans if they genuinely try will start this society moving in the right direction.

  122. John

    October 18th, 2006 at 11:49 pm
    Guess who represented Harold Hoyte’s ex-wife in his divorce?? ”


    Are you really saying what I think you are saying?

  123. Hello YO,

    thanks for your comment to me. I think you are overstating it. There are far worse places in the world than Barbados and your economy is certainly doing far better than many other countries based on GDP figures. The divide between the rich and poor is the same everywhere in the world and the gap is widening. I see it in Ghana and also in the USA, where I live at the moment

    A lot of the stuff being discussed here has more to do with class than race or ethnicity. of course there will always be racists but if you take a peek at the Ghana forum boards you will see the amount of hatred and nonsense that is spewed between people of the same “race” and from the same country but simply of slightly different ethnicity. Personally I think there is only one race, the human race. (call it utopic thinking). One of the best comments on this thread is what “Ronin of the Void” wrote above

    If you find time, do visit the Ghanaweb forum and chat with us and also counter the negative stuff that “Young Bajan Lion” does there. Peace to you,


  124. MSTJ

    This bothers me – that the youth was remanded to the Government Industrial School – an immediate punishment even though he was the victim of a crime. Of course they could not find Mr. Goodridge, but I wonder if he would have been jailed immediately for beating the guy, pending a hearing. Does anyone know whether the youth was previously an “inmate” at the GIS? If he a repeat offender? Also, I can help wondering if I too could be arrested and immediately locked up for carrying a scissors in Barbados if there was no intent to use it. If the guy was cleared of trespassing charges and juts taking a shortcut, where would the intent to use the scissors unlawfully come from. I just feel really bad when the law finds some minor charge to lock up a disadvantaged person for even though they have been cleared of a major charge. Of course I don’t have the facts but that one thing bothered me.

    “Police have charged the youngster with unlawful possession of a scissors and trespassing in the upscale St Michael neighbourhood.

    He has been remanded to the Government Industrial School for having the scissors but the trespassing charge was dismissed.”

  125. Negrocrat

    If that was all there was to the incident, then I too would be concerned, unfortunately that is all the information the press has seen fit to supply the nation with, and left us to make our assumptions. P*** poor journalism, I say again.

    **** Edited by Cliverton. Let’s try to clean up our language around here folks! tx 

  126. bp


    You better believe it!!!


    Hants, I too had wonderful experiences at HC, but there were negatives as well. I too count it a privilege to have gone there. I sat the screening test and then took an exam for HC, so you have some idea of my era. My father and other relatives can also give you some accounts about the “Garrison Boys” (not from the school, but fom the area when it was almost all white) when they attended that institution.Ask the Rev., Boots or Corn Flakes or Tank.
    My era eliminated the “white bench”. It was located in the square beside the old building. Ask Knowles.Edghill,Burke,Bowen, Symmonds,Young…they will remember.
    I still pass through HC regularly and that bench is now multi-racial. Thanks to those of us who stood up that day. It took some “persuasion” to get the other set to understand that we were not going to be treated as anything other than equal.You were lucky to have come after us.
    By the way, a knight and a Bridgetown businessman were the first to bring blood while I was there, even the masters could not part that fight…and both were white Bajans.

  128. John

    Today I learnt that the incident occurred on October 6th.

    Think I got that from the newspapers.

    Does anybody know the time of the day it occurred?

    … and bp … all I can say is wow!!


    I think there was a Bowen was there when I first went but can’t say I remember the other names so it seems to have been well before my time.

    I suspect Mark Goodridge would have been there after the “white bench” too as he was not that much older than I was.

    Could you give a year that the “white bench” ceased to exist?

    What sort of ages were the boys who sat on the “white bench”?

    Were they sixth formers?

  129. Ronin of the Void

    @ Just Needing To Know

    ‘But dont worry as Gabby sang “one day comming soon the people will wake up, one day coming soon the people will rise up, and when they do im telling you there will be heat on the tormentors feet we gine got dem balling, crawling, crying, even DYING.’


    Here’s some ‘Coolie’ wisdom from Mohandus Ghandi for you and those like you –

    ‘As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world – that is the myth of the atomic age – as in being able to remake ourselves.’

    I reiterate the rights of people to defend their familys and homes from criminals, and I would die to defend YOUR right to speak your opinion. My own opinion of you based on that single misinformed comment is that you are no better the Bushes and ‘Great Leaders’ and all of the rest of the foaming, baying wardogs of the world. Stupid. Ignorant. Despicable. But most of all misguided in thinking that violence and war can change the world. Your comments are weak and hypocrytical, scorning ‘jungle justice’, and then in the same post, quote a ‘revolutionary’ song, which seems to encourage MURDER, penned by a man who is deeply ensconced in the staus quo. (is it ‘cultural ambassador’?)

    Here’s another one from Martin Luther King – ‘The past is prohetic in that it asserts loudly that wars are poor chisels for carving out peaceful tomorrows’

    You all still choking on the smokescreen. Come up for air!

    Just Needing To Know, you want to be a revolutionary. Start with a revolution within your own soul. Or find another country that has a real cause to fight for. I can provide you with a long list if you need one.


  130. snippet of info..

    This from Wikipedia.

    “At 17:24, nine minutes after takeoff from Barbados’s Seawell airport
    and at an altitude of 18,000 feet,
    a bomb located in the aircraft’s rear lavatories exploded.”

    for a decent roundup of info on the incident

  131. John

    “snippet of info..
    October 20th, 2006 at 1:16 am
    This from Wikipedia.”

    Sorry, but don’t understand the link. How does Cubana get in this?

    Hope you aren’t threatening me!!

    Ronin of the Void
    October 20th, 2006 at 12:24 am

    You mean there is actually someone who takes Gabby seriously?

  132. de ex-girlfiend!!!

    first of all i have to say is that ya’ll are some ignorant people. tell me this, how is it that a man who is “racist” could have a girlfriend for YEARS who is half black her self? how is it that a man who is “racist” has a black grandmother?? so wat u telling me that he is racist against his OWN? ya’ll people need to smarten up and stop believing everything u read in the papers. when the truth comes out i hope all of u out there will finally shut the hell up about this crap. that boy was not tied up and beaten… ARE U SERIOUS?? do us all a favor and STOP watching t.v and STOP paying the americans too much mind cuz thats where all of this b.s talk is coming from!!!! this is BARBADOS for heaven’s sake!! RACISM????? u need to go somewhere else with that. if there is something to goodridge family isnt its being racist!! get your facts before u go out in public talking utter foolishness! i have the right mind to just cuss everyone out that i hear talking negative crap about that family. they are GOOD people, take my word for it!!! not once have i EVER heard anything negative come out of their mouths about ANYONE’S colour!! maybe if that lil boy was home where he should have been he wouldnt get himself caught up in this mess but unfortunately for him he dont have a mother who raised his @$$ right so he out in the streets trying to steal from people… u want to blame someone for this mess.. blame his parents ….tell me this… who the hell uses a scissors for a coconut? he would only have to be stupid!! and bajans aint no better believing the crap that this kids mother is spilling to the public!! all i got to say is SMARTEN UP and don’t be so quick to judge… get the facts first.

  133. John


    “My era eliminated the “white bench”. It was located in the square beside the old building. Ask Knowles.Edghill,Burke,Bowen, Symmonds,Young…they will remember.”

    I just can’t get the “white bench” placed in the square in my mind. In my time, there were no benches against the old building like there are now. There was an “octagonal thing” around the sandbox tree. Cars reversed up to the building and parked.

    I do remember Tank paying tribute to the person who had contributed to having it built at a speech day as the person (forget the name) had recently passed away.

    Maybe this replaced the bench you refer to, maybe not. But I just cannot recall any benches at all in the square in my time, apart from the octagonal thing.

    I will ask around. Will check Ralph Jemmott’s recent book on HC and see what I find.

    Gossip has it that the Bowen I remember is supposed to have been a witness of one of the unsolved political murders and no longer lives here.

    The Edghills I knew were of my vintage so not much use asking them. Besides, I haven’t seen any for years.

    I don’t remember a Knowles, a Burke or a Young, probably well before my time and the only Symmonds I knew was around my time too so not much use asking him.

    I am ashamed to admit it but I have never heard about the “Garrison Boys” but you have piqued my curiosity and I will ask around. I enjoy history.

    I don’t understand this comment which follows.

    “It took some “persuasion” to get the other set to understand that we were not going to be treated as anything other than equal.You were lucky to have come after us”

    Are you saying that the issue at stake was the equal right to sit on a bench?

    Or, does the other set refer to the administration of the school?

    How could one set of schoolboys determine how another set of schoolboys were to be treated?

    Was there an actual incident? Perhaps it prompted the replacement of the benches by the “octagonal thing”.

    History does interest me deeply.

  134. Big Man

    Well, I went to school with Simon Goodridge and I NEVER saw any foreshadowing of such racist behaviour. It goes to show, you really don’t know what people are capable of.

  135. John

    de ex girlfriend!!!

    “who the hell uses a scissors for a coconut?”

    I know, I know.

    There are so many inconsistencies that one more won’t make any impression. Maybe the boy was on the way to needlework class is the next one we will see.

    Amazes me how logic isn’t being used to get to the truth … don’t worry, the truth will out.

    Just keep plugging and people will twig that something is wrong.

    It is sad to see that family, or any family, subjected to this. I don’t know them well but what I know of them I know that there is something wrong in the accounts I have seen.

    I have sympathy for the boy too but there are too many inconsistencies to support the responses I have seen.



    The “white bench” was eliminated around 1965-66.
    At that time there were wooden benches outside the main building.
    Ask “Rastus”or “Buffalo Bear”. Remember those nicknes? I could name some others who were involved in the “purging”, but my style is not to be personal; and then again a few of them (yours truly included) hold positions of authority here.Their occupations include banking,law,management and politics.
    White and wannabe whites of all ages sat on that bench and my group just wanted to show that regardless of colour we could sit where we wanted too.
    The whole thing reached a head when we saw several young blacks being pulled up and pushed off the bench…all too frequently.Then “Buffalo Bear” was encouraged to beat young blacks, but whenever he (BB) was getting the worse, the bigger white boys would gang up on the black youngster. It was pathetic and we decided enough was enough.

    Maybe you can remember when boys were allowed to wear khaki uniform throughout their school life. Several of our “tormentors” did as well.

    According to my father and his contemporaries, the “Garrison Boys” was a white group of HC boys that lived around the Garrison Savannah area.
    Yes there were “gangs” in the 20’s and 30’s too!!!
    But do not be side-tracked, this issue goes beyond that.The need for more mature thinking is necessary now.

    Ex girlfriend

    The planter/merchant class of Barbados has children from black women, but in a lot of cases the “lawful” children are not allowed to mix with or are aware of the”bastards”.
    This is historically how Barbados is. How many interracial marriages occur among Bajans? And do you know of any that are approved by the families of those involved?
    Ever heard the saying “good fuh de bed, but not fuh de ring”?
    Racism in Barbados is subtle, because unlike the USA and Europe, the whites are in the minority, and it would make little sense being overtly racial.
    They will never say the”n” word in the presence of a black person, but when your back is turned it’s another thing.
    I have experienced this. My white girlfriend was told so much drivel about Bajan black men that she quit mixing with the whites who told her so.
    I have a close friend whose wife has worked for several white companies here, and she can tell you loads of stories. My friend and his wife were married before your ex-boyfriend was born and are still happily married.The whites at some of the places she worked would invite her to their homes until they saw to whom she was married, or her “half-caste” children; then the invitations stopped coming.
    In a few years you too will wise up. Meanwhile help us to help those poor souls who are sick. Yes, racism is an illness!!

  137. John

    Looks like you are referring to the 2-4 crew that reached the ripe old age of 18 and 20 but never got past second form, usually 12 years of age.

    Their families could probably afford to keep them at school and did not need them to work to help support and feed the mouths so they stayed, but their hearts were not really in schoolwork.

    Today there are opportunities and enlightenment that would not have allowed the fate and wasted years that befell these boys at school to have occurred and would have put them on track to get on with their lives much earlier.

    I would guess that Rastus and Buffy(??), incidentally both with the same surname I think, were of the same age and probably related. One breezed through his studies and the other never made it. Both have got on with their lives and done well with the gifts God gave them.

    This 2-4 group had issues and watched their contemporaries pass and leave them behind but yet still remained a part of the lower school, permanently stuck in khaki, but mixing with older boys who after all were their contemporaries, and in the case you give, perhaps even relations.

    2-4 was eventually done away with but certainly was fully functional when I got there. I as an 11 or 12 year old would have kept far from these guys out of simple self preservation, not because they happened to be white, but because they were many times larger and stronger than myself and I knew they had issues.

    This group after 1965-66 then used to sit under the Geography room on the way to John’s Tuck Shop, so I am not sure if I should thank you or not as you placed them on the direct route most would take for refreshment and right by the marble pitching area for the lower school without solving anything.

    I suspect you are still reading the situation you experienced when you were a boy at HC through the eyes that saw it then and not looking at it with eyes that I am sure must have seen many things since.

    I can’t thus accept that the “white bench” was based on colour. It had more to do with seniority and jostling for position, and woe betide any youngster who was unfortunate to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Still, it taught me alot about life.

  138. John


    It is a fact that there was mixing between the races from earliest times but I am not sure I agree with you where this generalisation is made.

    “The planter/merchant class of Barbados has children from black women, but in a lot of cases the “lawful” children are not allowed to mix with or are aware of the”bastards”.”

    The examples I have seen in the literature I have read show me that the relationship between the man and the woman was in many cases like husband and wife. I have seen cases where the union produced more than 8 children over time and must have been characterised by love as the man left all his property, in one case the proper wife’s property, to the woman and children. There are also examples of the female being white and the male black.

    Look at the Ward family of St. Lucy which has produced a GG, knights, doctors, business men, etc. etc and you will realise that far from hiding those cildren, they are celebrated, cared for and nurtured like any family would ….. just no ring!!

    Remember, there were two cultures here, one which clung to monogamous relationships, another which did not.

    Which was right or wrong is determined by the eye of the beholder, but both worked fine, particularly the ones where love was involved.

    Love is the magic ingredient.

  139. Talls

    Seems there are many bajan whites here. Nothing wrong with that but they reflect the position I expect of them. They support their own wrong or right. I want to know who beat that youth so badly.I am willing to wait on the courts but if Goodrige and his boy are guilty they must be severely punished.Racism thrives in Barbados. In fact whites are more racist now that twenty years ago. I believe government policies have lent to this situation. All this white foreign investment maybe good for the econnmy but it comes at a price. There are no free lunches. Most of the foreign investment goes directly into pockets of white bajans. In fact when you closely examine our foreign exchange sectors they are totally dominated by whites. Whites have got to uncircle their racist wagons. When you visit other islands there is an easy interacting among races that is unheard of in Barbados. Blacks have done thier part forgiving whites for enslaving them. Its high time whites tear down the barriers. What do they fear? barbados has shown that its judicial system works and the police generally go after wrong doers of whatever pigmentation or origin. there seems to be more ouvert racist acts now than in the past? Why?

  140. Negrocrat

    How old are you? Reason I ask is because you state that whites are more racist now than it was 20yrs ago.
    If the courts decide, that based on the evidence, that the Goodridges are found not guilty of serious bodily harm, due to them having to use extreme force to defend themselves, would you think justice has been served? As you stated, “Barbados has shown that its judicial system works….”
    Have you ever lived on another Caribbean Island for a period of more than 6months? I think you are using too broad a brush to paint the picture that Barbados is racist. Try living in Trinidad, or Guyana, or even Jamaica, and then tell me that the relations in these places are better.
    “Blacks have done their part forgiving whites for enslaving them.” Show me a black person on the island who has been enslaved, and then I will think that the whites on the island have something that they should need forgiving for. Further more, the majority of the whites on the island were endentured servants (just another name for a slave.)

    I do not disagree with what you said about no free lunches, but I think that would be true no matter the colour of the skin from whom we borrowed the money.

    People are too quick to label things with colour tags, rather than to look at them for what they are. Two parties conductiong business. Two parties having a disagreement. Two parties working at the same job.

  141. Negrocrat

    To all those more interested in my poor spelling and grammar, than my comments. Sorry for all past and future mistakes.

  142. John


    Don’t worry about the grammar. I went to HC and am in the same boat as you where grammar and spelling is concerned (woops are).

    You are understandable, that’s all that counts.

    You have chosen an apt name!!

    Love it!!

    Me, I just stick to my four letter name.

  143. Talls

    Negrocrat are you trying to be funny? Well you failed. Majority of world except likes of you and your kind agrees that slavery was worst inhumane treatment ever meted out to any race. Even authors of worst racism ever the Americans have starte publicly apologising for slavery. Did Bill Clinton enslave anyone? Well he apologised for slavery on behalf of his people. White bajans can start by apologising for slavery. Confession good for the soul. It would start a process of blacks looking at whites differently from a super rich bunch of seperatists who try extremely hard not to mix. Indentured servants are a far cry from slavery. Dont come with that red herring in 2006. Barbados already has basis for a great society. In an era of violence Bajans generally are not prone to violence, blacks or whites. Why not take next step and start tearing down of racial barriers. I know racism is outlawed in Barbados but you wouldnt know it from lack inter race mixing. Blacks are nearly totally blamess here because anyone can see blacks peacefully accomodate minority whites in their midst. Where is the white outreach in return?

  144. John


    So what if the “white bajan” is a “red bajan”, also descended from slaves?

    Who do you recommend him/her apologising to?

    Likewise, suppose the “black bajan” is really a “red bajan” also descended from a slave owner?

    Who will he/she apologise to?

    Negrocrat’s logic is quite sound.

    BTW, did you know that of the approximately 6000 slave owners who registered their slaves in Barbados in 1817, about 600 were either free coloured or free negro, … including our national heroine Sarah Ann Gill!!

    Even the Moravian Church registered its slaves, four I think.

    Use your logic.

  145. Talls

    John predictably you have gone into the “shade” hiding place. Its an easy out just like”indentured.” This is a simple matter. White bajans know who they are. Blacks know who they are. Yes we have people everywhere living in denial and using your”shade” excuse. Goodridge looks white so does his son.. It would be interesting to find out what color Goodridge says he is. I already know the answer. I see your friends here already getting into the “shades” shuffle re Goodridge .Whites must stand up apologise for slavery and start building meaningful reations with their fellow black country men. Its that simple. Granted it will be a long journey but we all know that begins with a first step. Blacks have shown for centuries they are the most forgiving race on earth. Nelson Mandela sums it all up.

  146. Kathy

    I am going to apologise to myself. I think my grandfather’s free coloured ancestors may have enslaved some of my grandmother’s ancestors, who were slaves. If Sarah Ann Gill’s descendents are out there, I will accept an apology from them too!

    My husband’s white indentured servant ancestors may have been enslaved by my grandfather’s coloured ancestors, so I will apologise to him too. He has to thank me, because his white indentured servant ancestors were fed several times by black slaves, who had more food in hard times, as they were more valuable.

    In case you haven’t noticed, I am not being serious – no apologies or thanks are necessary. I am responsible for my own actions, and not those of my ancestors. Sarah Ann Gill, the hero, is responsible for her own actions in owning slaves, and nobody descended from her owes me anything.

    By the way, nobody in Barbados has ever called me the “N” word, but I have been called that word once in England. It did me no harm, merely reminded me that education is superior to ignorance. The Barbadian government gave me an excellent education, and I am proud of my heritage.


    Red herring is great with coucou!!! However, it stinks when used in arguments.”Dessert Boots” taught us to use FACTS.
    I met a Canadian/American who once said to me that she would apologize if she could find a 400 year old American Indian.
    Do not use that mix-race argument. It is a stinking red herring!
    Those descendants of the whites must join Rev Jerry Seale, say sorry and admit that the slave system still has lingering mental and economic hardship for the descendants of slaves.
    Tokenism cannot be accepted as the norm. In other words, a few blacks have cracked the “glass ceiling” but too many of us have to struggle, even with the best ideas.
    The Yacht Club has been trying hard, but they still have to APOLOGIZE before Bajans take them seriously.
    Whites please understand that failure to accept the fact that what obtains today is not acceptable and will only lead to further friction.
    Let us move on as a nation!
    As the old folk say “beg pardon nuh”!



    tThe exception does not make the rule. Old Ward and his brother were exceptions. Cox and B.O too, but the majority was not. I know. I grew up among several such cases.

  149. Hmmmm…. I have never apologized for salvery.

    Wikipedia has an article on:

    apology (plural apologies)

    1. What you say when you regret saying or doing something affecting others.
    2. A formal justification, defence.

    Judging from that definintion I have never said anything to support slavery, nor have I evey enslaved anyone. I find slavery unjusifiable and indefensible. So looking at that I can not really apologize.

    I can express regret, for actions that may or may not have been taken by my ancestors, I have no idea if they owned slaves. Since some of my ansestors were black I do imagine that some of them were slaves.

    I consider myself to be of mixed race, but accept that for most purposes I am considered white.

    Most of my friends are black, none of them have ever asked my to apologize for slavery.

  150. John

    We might pass the Gline Clarke record for comments in this case.

    In my view the “shade” argument is unanswerable.

    I agree slavery is repulsive and I do not practice it.

    There was a time when it was the norm and people practiced it, noone can change this.

    Can’t fathom the need for anyone to apologise to anyone else, …… but that is idiotic foolish me.

  151. thug_phat

    I have been following this forum for a few days now and must admit that some comments angered me, some made me ashamed of being a Barbadian, some made me proud, but mostly, they humoured me. Isn’t that horrible? I think it is. But it is humourous to sit down and watch a group of what appear to be highly intelligent people talk at each other instead of to each other. It is humourous to watch them misconstrue what the other is saying time and time again.
    There are a few of you who have serious racial issues. But race is not what is at stake here. What is at stake here is ignorance of history.
    Firstly, and i’m surprised you HC students, though if memory serves me correctly a few of you tried to go that way and were shot down, don’t know that the Whites were the first “slaves”, and it was only after it was determined that Blacks could withstand the heat and were better workers that slavery made a turn.
    To this day, in the Middle East and especially in the African nations that we as a people seem the need to glorify, there is still slavery. And, if you read and read well, you will note that the slavery that continues to thrive there is Black selling Black. (and all other races inbetween).
    Now, we as a Nation can no longer classify ourselves as “Black” or “White”, there is no one who lives here, unless they moved here after birth who are still pure of any race, shades, whatever you feel the need to call them.
    What we are, are a Nation others should be proud of, except for a select few who feel it their duty to drag Barbados through the ground and slander the good name of all of the great people who have worked so hard to put us on the map.
    Now, instead of focusing on “white & black”, why don’t you start focusing on the truth. We haven’t heard it yet. What we have heard is one side of a story. It’s just that, a story. We haven’t heard from the police, we haven’t heard from the judicial system, we have heard an angry mother, full of emotion.
    Instead of judging anyone in this matter, regardless of colour or class, why don’t we attempt to step back from the situation, at least until some one in a more authoritative position comes forward with information worth discussion.

  152. John


    It is rumoured that “Old Ward’s” 99th child was born the day he died. I have seen a descendant in the paper say that is not true. He was doing the genealogy and had only reached 73 …… but he admitted he was still counting!

    Thats alot of wanted, cared for, nourished children so I am not too sure that I am going along with your majority argument!!

  153. When I here these calls for apologise I always wonder what people are being asked to apologise for?
    Are they being asked to apologize for slavery? Then why is it only white people are being asked to apologise, not only white people kept slaves.
    Are we asking them to apologise for being white? No one can control what race they are.
    If we accept that apologise should be made, how should we do this? Should we get a representivite to come forward and apologize on their behalf? Or should we track down/round up all the white people and get them to apologise?
    What happens if some of the refuse to?

    Wikipedia has an article on:

    Apology (plural apologies)

    1. What you say when you regret saying or doing something affecting others.
    2. A formal justification, defense.

    What white people today have said or done something endorsing slavery?

  154. Why are white people being asked to apologise? Is it so that some people can find it in themselves to forgive the “white” people? There is only one person that can change you mind, and that’s you.

  155. Negrocrat

    I notice you have not answered a single question I previously posed. Thanks! Don’t know if I should spend the time asking you another question, but I am curious to find out what you mean by “the likes of you and your kind”?

    As for an apology, I certainly have no intention of giving anyone an apology for slavery. I have NEVER owned a slave, or supported slavery at any time. I think the practice of slavery, in history, and in present day, is horrible, evil, (insert of negative verbs here).
    Furthermore, I certainly expect no apology from anyone, regarding slavery. I have never been a slave, mentally or physically. I was born a free man, and intend to die a free man. As for former President Bill Clinton apologising for slavery…..sorry but he is not someone I hold in high regard , or as a role model. To tell the truth, he always struck me as quite stupid.
    I do not expect to be given anything freely. I work darn hard for what I want. I save my money, I invest it wisely (I hope) and I use it to purchase things I need, and sometimes things I do not need.
    I was educated at St.Cyprians when it was in Belleville, and we had blacks, whites, browns, and a couple indians.(Funny how back then I wasn’t even aware that skin colour was meant to be an issue, it seems to be something we learn when we become adults.) I went to Foundation, and was friendly with the blacks, and whites, and everyone in between.
    As for whether the slavery system still has mental effects on todays blacks. Maybe so, but is it the fault of todays whites? NO!
    If a person starts a project with a negative mind set and defeatist attitude, then they will fail, and todays blacks using the fact that they great,great grandfather was slave, and suffered horribly at the hand of a white man, and may have been forced to watch his woman be raped by a white man, as a reason that he will not get far in society, is the same negative mindset, which will doom them to fail. And you know who is to blaim. Not the present day whites, but the present day blacks who think that way.
    In the words of Bob. “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery.None but ourselves can free our minds”
    We all need to stop living in the past, and look to the future, if we are to succeed as a nation.


    I am surprised how selective my fellow Bajans are when looking at an argument that affects them in a personal way!
    The 400 year old Indian argument of which I spoke is the same red herring as the pathetic argument that “…there are no pure white bajans”.
    If you can believe that indenturement was the same as slavery then maybe you should read again.
    Slaves were chattels. Indentured servants were paid a wage; either in kind or by time.
    If I need to explain that any further then I am speaking a different language from English.
    Slaves were chained and lead against their will away from their families,and the laws did not consider them as human beings.
    Not so indentured servants.
    But we are going off on a tangent here!
    The real concern is whether we realize that this beautiful country is being undermined by the nasty stain of racism. I am pleading for some common sense here.
    If you do not feel to apologise, then admit that there is a nasty demon called racism that needs to be removed and help those forward-looking people to stamp it out.

  157. John


    “I am surprised how selective my fellow Bajans are when looking at an argument that affects them in a personal way!
    The 400 year old Indian argument of which I spoke is the same red herring as the pathetic argument that “…there are no pure white bajans”.”

    Not sure how what arguments affects me in any personal way. Can’t do much about the colour of my skin, or my ancestors and really am not interested in trying.

    Life is tough so I just concentrate on living and dealing with issues that really affect me and my close family.

    There are pure bred bajans in abundance all around for whom colour is not an issue at all and who are also just concentrating on living and dealing with issues that really affect them and their close family.

    Every now and again an issue arises which needs an extra voice so they speak out loud and clear.

    Bear with them. They are not going away. They love this country too bad.

  158. Talls

    It appears whites think everything is rosy in Barbados and there is no racism. Except of course reverse racism against them. This is quite unbelievable. The way whites closet themselves in their clubs,bars, yachts, Cattlewash, etc I think its impossible for blacks to discriminate against them. A man cant hit you if you are not around. All who think like this are living in a fools paradise. This misguided position excacerbates worsening relations between white and black in Barbados. The Goodridge affair clearly highlights gulf between local races. The same does not hold true for your average 8 day white tourist who generally wants to interact with locals.
    White locals have the opportunity to improve relations. Blacks have already done their part whether its by legislation that protects minorities or their peaceful outlook, god fearing blacks demonstrate their readiness to embrace local whites. There has never been any hint of white readiness reciprocate. What you hear are self serving arguments like “indentured” “shades of complexion” “I work hard for my money” “I enslaved no one” “its my company so I make who I want directors and managers” “blacks are not businessmen”etc. Its time to cut the crap and begin to dismantle the embedded discrimination that every bajan deep in his soul knows exists and retards our island.

  159. Jane

    Talls, nothing retards our island’s growth more than corruption. So what colour is corruption?

  160. Talls

    Jane you got examples? I know there is corruption although I dont believe its pervasive in public sector. Want I want to know is level of corruption in private sector ,in big business. Just by observing we see nepotism is rife in the private sector but there is a veil on corruption. With the vertical integration of big business its hard for outsiders to be sure of corruption. Isnt that so? I did see a case where an insurance manager allegedly stole over a million dollars before being found out when his company was sold or bought.
    But your question is what color is corruption? I say all races susceptible to corruption.

  161. Kathy

    Talls suggests that black Barbadians (who have already “done their part” for race-relations) are peaceful and want to make friends but white Barbadians are stand-offish and reject their friendship. I hate generalizations and stereotypes – those are true racism. There are friendly and unfriendly people of every race. There are racist and non-racist people of every race. The 15-year-old and his mother have expressed racist sentiments, and the Nation has reported them. From what I understand, the Goodridges are not racist, and have no problem mixing with people of any colour.

    My research on on slavery and indentured servants tells me that many indentured servants were political prisoners led off in chains. They were worked half to death and later “freed” to shift for themselves in an unfriendly atmosphere, living close to starvation for most of their lives. Many African slaves were led off in chains by their own black brothers and sold by them into slavery.

    Slavery is still going on to this day, but not in Barbados. Barbadians are are all free. Of course the slavery of the past was a horrible, ugly thing. But we are free to change the present and future, since we can’t change the past, and to accept all men and women for their hearts and minds, not for their outward appearance and level of income. All humans and their property should be treated with respect.

    As for “red herrings”, the charge of racism against the Goodridges looks like one to me.

  162. I would never say that there is not racism in Barbados, but its not something that I am familair with in my social circles. I would not choose to hang out with racists. The impression that I get from Talls is that he is saying its all the white peoples’ fault, of course it isn’t. There is guilt on both sides of that equation, what is debatable is how much. I have seen evidence of a seige mentality in parts of the white population of Barbados, and that needs to be changed, and it won’t be changed by attacking them.

  163. Talls

    Kathy you hate generalisations seems you hate specifics too because nowhere have you condemned the person or persons who inhumanely brutalise that youth. If the trial says it was not the accused I would be first to say I got it wrong. But if they are guilty they must feel full weight of the law. Simple.

    A8745 I maybe using a broad brush but I know of no examples where I can honestly say that a particular white or whites made a big effort to interact with blacks. I have been around local whites all my life (not hanging out with them.) I have heard friends single out a local white or two who they say is married to a black woman/man and that sort of thing. We know thats as rare as a pelican sighting.I dont see office pr or sponsoring a minor sports team or giving out a trophy as meaningful interaction. Even the playing of sports together the mixing abruptly ends after the game and maybe a parting
    drink. Observe white kids huddling at schools. What for? A8745, speaking the truth is not attacking.

  164. Watchman

    I have been following the posts on this topic with much interest. I am not ashamed to say interest becasue this particular case stirred something in me. It left me checking to see if I am indeed racist – perhaps I am. This is my belief.

    White bajans have become more cocky and arrogant in there dealings with black barbadians, why becasue they recognise that the noose is tightening, that we have painted ourselves into some tight corners that we can not possibly get out of.
    Balck barbadians recognise that the noose is tightening also and are trying to run over to the whites side but they are having none of it – reminds me of the motion picture Titanic.

    This is my humble opinion. I don’t think if these Goodridges are guilty that there will be any real justice meeted out. That’s just how our society is structured. – pssh what the hey –

    The young is also being tried in the media, and if he is not will be painted as a young thief after all the known criminals and offenders are black.

    I have ofter wondered if Barbados was special in some kind of way that no white people were ever convicted for crimes. Do they use drugs, do they beat their wives or husbands, do they molest their children, do they steal or embezel, do their children flunk in school, do their teenaged daughters get pregnant in school and have abortions,do they prostitute themselves. I wonder if the Bajan white is immune to all the vices that are known and prone to man.

    Am I racist? – perhaps – I feel I am helpless becasue only my black sons are in the newspaper everyday, only my black daughters are naked on the road, only my black mothers have to hurt their heads about bills.

    What I also wonder is why the “ex-girlfriend” is the ex-girlfriend if this man and his family are King Arthur and the knights of the round table. why is she the ex-girlfriend is it because she seems to have to class finesse or excellence about her and is really quite brash and crass? I wonder why she is the ex-girlfriend.

    All in all Barbados is an extremely racist society it is just that this incident exposed what we have been trying so hard to hide.

  165. insider


    Here are the specifics:

    Goodridge’s father is black, his wife’s mother is black. Are they racists against themselves?

    The son had a black girlfriend (he should be kicked out of the racist club).

    The 15 year old young man was treated and released by the hospital with MINOR injuries.

    The Goodridge family, not the young man’s, called the police the night of the incident.
    As you know, the young man was charged.

    What have you to say about the police who did not press charges against the people who “inhumanely brutalise that youth”.
    Are you saying the police turned a blind eye?

    I, quite honestly, have never experienced racism in Barbados, and I am as black as they come; however, I won’t say it does not exist – it may just not be overt.

    Why don’t we curtail the talk of racism and focus on the real issue at hand in this case – MONEY!!how far would people go to get it?

  166. Dry

    Talls, please do not rush to judgement. Mr. Goodridge and his son were only charged after the sensational story in the Nation, not at the time of the incident.

    Let the courts decide whether this is a case of self defence or a case of brutality. To state prematurely that this is a case of brutality may be libellous.

    I am sure that all Barbadians will accept the decision of the courts, and that justice will be done.

  167. Having never been to a secondary school that only had one white boy for most of the time I was there I can’t say first hand what the huddling is about with any authority, but this is my theory.

    Secondary school is a scary place for any 11 year old. Many of the white children going to any of these schools would have gone to one of three primary schools. When you are entering a theartening environment I think the natural response is to seek familiarity, and therefore the white huddle. I would say then that any percieved threat, real or imgained, would then only re-enforce that effect.
    I don’t think that there is a racist motivation on the part of white kids to seperate themselves.

  168. once2often

    I am amazed when persons of supposidly intelligence start to talk with authority on race matters. Do they understand the difference between racism and prejudice. Persons without power cannot practice racism. Iam also amazed that black people always seem to rush to the defense of white people in trouble ..let them settle they own business. Also why do we want white people to associate with us and welcome us to their clubs. Do we need they approval of our success

  169. Merriam Webster

    One entry found for racism.
    Main Entry: rac·ism
    Pronunciation: ‘rA-“si-z&m also -“shi-
    Function: noun
    1 : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race
    2 : racial prejudice or discrimination

    rac·ism Pronunciation (rszm)
    1. The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.
    2. Discrimination or prejudice based on race.

    Racism is a belief in the moral or biological superiority of one race or ethnic group over another or others.[1]

    I am afraid that none of those definition, or any other that I found in my brief seach on the net mentioned power. So you supposition, Once2often, that people need power to be racist, would appear to be unfounded.

  170. RRRicky

    Once2often say “Persons without power cannot practice racism.”

    Stoops! Anybody can practice racism. What kind of power you takin, boy? You talkin like maybe sit ten or twenty young men at a corner an’ they can not be racist because they unemployed”

    What about when they charge the white tourist a ten spot to drive by? That nonsense go on all the time in the interior. You know it!

    That be racism too. Just like mama sayin’ do not go wit that boy because he be tooooooo dark. It all be racism. No power nothing. racism is the practice of prejudice an everyone can do it power or no.


  171. Talls

    Once2Often you are so right. My short time on this MB confirms Barbados race problems are deep seated very very very deep. Whites and their black apologists dont think there is a race problem and if there is one its blacks to blame. In a society where majority blacks and minority whites are so observably seperated that kind of thinking seems unreal. I think racism from whites is going to be an integral part of Barbados for a long long time to come. The situation is worsening. Three keys have saved Barbados from an explosion. Like you said I think many blacks persue success ignoring whites and their seperatism; Bajans are not prone to violence and tend to take it to the Lord instead; and although our distribution of wealth is obviously unequal there is a growing black middle class that has experienced tangible material progress.

  172. Hants

    Take that 15 year old black boy out of Dodds and send him to fight in Iraq.

    If he is so fearless that a man can fire a gun and he still attack 2 men with a scissors, this boy is already mentally conditioned to be a Navy Seal or Green Beret.

    All you middle class and upper class Bajans will now have to think twice before pulling a gun on a black bajan teenager. Seems like these guys could rule a Detroit Ghetto with just Scissors.

    Fact. This black boy is serving time without a trial(remand and jail same thing) for possessing a scissors.

    Fact. Two white men are free on bail after 1 night in prison for charges that include assault with intent and firing a gun near a highway.
    Fact. If these charges are unsubstantiated the Police will have a lot to answer for.

    I do not believe these men would have been falsely arrested and charged without solid evidence. This is Barbados.

    Mark goodridge was white when he went to Harrison College with me. The picture I saw of his son was of a white person.
    Mark was white then and he is white now. All this talk about Black relatives and girlfriends is irrelevant.

    The truth will out and justice will be served.

    Hopefully somebody will help that Black boy to do something meaningful with his life
    Mark and his rich right friends can save himself and his son.

  173. Hants

    Talls the last part of your post is correct.

    The progress and growing numbers of middle class
    Blacks is keeping Barbados “mellow”.

    A form of Apartheid is working in Barbados and this beating incident will become a distant memory as upwardly Blacks continue their charge forward.

  174. Hants

    On October 6, 2006, Mark Winston Goodridge and Simon Mark Goodridge did cause serious bodily harm to a 15-year-old juvenile with intent to maim, disfigure or disable him, or to do some serious bodily harm to the said juvenile;

    * On October 6, 2006, Mark Winston Goodridge unlawfully discharged a firearm on Highgate Park Road, a public road;

    The boy, who is on remand at the Government Industrial School, was charged with unlawful possession of a pair of scissors, while a charge of trespassing was dismissed by a Bridgetown magistrate.

    The truth will out.

  175. Kathy

    Mark Goodridge could never have been white. He was brown when I met him, and he looks brown in his pictures now.

    But who cares – being white is not a crime, so why accuse him of it? The tone of many of the postings seems to suggest that being white is a crime. Nobody can control what race they are.

    Being white, brown or black, rich or poor, is irrelevant to innocence or guilt. Race and financial status do not prove guilt or innocence.

    I support the right of ALL Barbadians to be safe on or off their property, to be able to defend themselves and their property, and not to be discriminated against based on their race, whatever it is.

  176. Negrocrat

    Seems we have strayed tremendously from the initial topic.
    As someone previously said, we know only two things about this case.
    That the boy was beaten (likely by the Goodridges)
    And the boy was carrying a scissors.

    That’s it. (The press has up to now, not published the Goodridge side of the story to my knowledge.)

    Everyone agrees that the boy has been unfairly beaten (assumedly all by the Goodridges) and that those responsible should be dealt with by the law, once the facts of the case justify it. None of us were present when the incident occured, so we none can know whether the two men beat the boy without reasonable provocation, (although I admit I find it difficult to think of a situation where two men, one with a firearm, could justify using the amount of apparent force which seems to have been used on the boy. Again assuming that all the damage to the boy was given by the Goodridges, and not by police, or someone at Dodds.)

    Whether racialy charged words were used, is hear-say and not worth discussing. Whether the persons who did the beating are white, black, or blue is irrelivant. Whether the 15yr old is white, black or blue is also irrevlivant. Where the beating took place is irrelivant.

    As for the various charges of whites are for the most part racist, and don’t integrate with black society, as it pertains to this discussion, is irrelivant, especially for a few facts that I know.

    Mark Goodridge is descended from blacks (his father who recently passed away was a blackman)
    Mark Goodridge partner in business is a blackman.

    Simon Goodridge for the short time that I have known him, has had more black friends than white, and has also dated a blackgirl. (to answer Watchmans question as to why she is the ex-girlfriend. It’s none of your business!! Do you not have ex girlfriends? I know I have had quite a few, some white, some black, one indian. And the reason they are now exgirlfriends has nothing to do with the colour of their skin, or their social standing. Really Watchman…that was a stupid question to ask.)

    Does racism exist in Barbados? Yes!
    Does it have a bearing on this case? It shouldn’t!

  177. Negrocrat

    @ Talls,
    Thanks once again for not seeing fit to answer my questions.
    Here’s another one for you…….
    What is reverse racism?
    racism of white person to black person is racism.
    racism of black person to white person is racism.
    racism of indian person to black person is racism.
    Reverse racism my backside!!

  178. Negrocrat

    Yeah Drew,
    You are quite right about not experiencing racism first hand in Barbados, and not being in the social circles of persons who are racist.
    Most weekends you hung out in the house of a white family (which most people would call rich) along with a group of about a dozen young men, most of whom were of African heritage, and probably from middle class families. You all played your games, watched your videos, shared your jokes ect. (some of the jokes even involved the colour of one guys skin and his liking for the martial arts.) One of the guys dated an Asian girl.
    Sounds like Utopia. After reading the posts in this discussion by some people, some people would never believe that such things could happen in St.Thomas, Barbados.

  179. maytie77

    Negrocrat say “Everyone agrees that the boy has been unfairly beaten (assumedly all by the Goodridges) and that those responsible should be dealt with by the law, once the facts of the case justify it.”

    Never mind the trial, Negrocrat… jus hang de lawyer now, right?

    I don’t agree that the “boy” was unfairly beaten. First all, at 15 year old, the “boy” is a young man not a child. Second, IF someone come at me with a knife or scissors, I am gonna hit him until he cannot get up again no matter wat. I be scared s–tless! I kick him in de head and do anyting so he dont get back up again he come at me wit scissors or knife.

    you an I just doan know wat happen. so shush your mouth that u do know!

  180. Well Maytie77 – if you would indeed “I kick him in de head and do anyting so he dont get back up again he come at me wit scissors or knife.” as you say, I would expect to see you arrested and charged as well.

    You have a right to defend yourself, but that dosn’t give you the right to injury someone for attacking you.

  181. maytie77

    Course you can injure someone attacking you during your defense. An if they come at you wit a knife an you have a gun or a bat you can kill that attacking person if you really believe that they are gona kill you or stab you or waht ever.

    An if you knock em down and dey are gonna get back up wit the knife then you can hurt them real bad to stop it. even kill them if necessary.

    course you can “injury someone for attacking you” Doan be talk foolish.

  182. I didn’t say you could not injure someone whilst defending yourself. I said you could not injury someone for attacking you. Those are two very differnt things.
    Once the person is no longer a threat you can’t simply continue to attack them because they came at you with a knife.

    In your initial post you seemed to argue that once the person attacked you up hade “carte blanche” to do what ever you saw fit.

    That simply is not the case.

  183. Hants

    If this attack was not racially motivated as suggested by some of you and if the Goodridges love black people so much, why beat a boy so badly.

    Maybe they were trying to be kind by not shooting him and the beating was a better way to teach a lesson.

    I guess it was motivated by “tough love”.

  184. LoL@Hants

    I’m not defening the Goodridges. I don’t know how badly this boy was beaten. If the boy was attacked without provocation, then yes racism seems as likely a reason as any. If the boy, as has been suggested, threatened someone with a sissors and this reuslted in a confrontation in which the boy was injured, it is for a court to decided is a “proportionate” and”reasonable” amount of force was used by the Goodridges.

  185. Hants

    Calling the police should have been enough if this boy was commiting a crime. It is not fair to judge the decision to beat up this boy . That is up to the courts.

    I have never been afraid while having a gun in my pocket and I am 6 ft tall 240lbs so if I was in a similar situation to Mark I am sure I could have persuaded the boy to “chill” until the Police came.

    nuff said.

    Any of you care to discuss what would have happened if the Goodridges looked like Owen Arthur and the boy looked like Goodridge.
    Why not start a hypothetical discussion?

    Here is what I think.

    The attackers would likely be in jail and the boy would be home with his mummy.

  186. Kathy

    Calling the police won’t keep you alive and in one piece till they get there. But knowing who called the police is an indication of who was actually the intended victim of a crime. People don’t call the police if they are planning to commit assault. They call the police if they are being threatened.

    We don’t know yet what really happened, but if a large, strong youth threatened two smaller men with sedentary jobs, and they did not want to shoot him, they would have had to hit him hard to protect themselves.

    We don’t know if the police, other inmates, a peer or a family member could have given the boy his “minor injuries”, or if he fell down trying to get away from the gun. Let the jury decide what happened.

  187. Hants

    BFP you are doing Barbados a service.

    Blacks, Whites and “red” or “brownskin” Bajans like me can rant and rave and vent.

    That will hopefully diffuse the internal feelings of rage and over time we will forget this ugly incident.

    It is a sad that this boy is still in jail and all he has been charged with is posession of a Scissors. I guess a Scissors is more dangerous than a gun.

    Andrew8745 says he doesn’t know how badly this boy was beaten. I saw his face and it was a mess. Maybe BFP can post a picture for Andrew to see.

  188. John

    Someone said “The way whites closet themselves in their clubs,bars, yachts, Cattlewash, etc I think its impossible for blacks to discriminate against them.”

    I think the sea has a dividing influence on people in Barbados!!

    When I was writing about my experiences at HC I mentioned three groups I could remember.

    There were the surfers, most of whom looked white, the 2-4 crew which consisted mostly of boys who looked white but also had in boys who looked black and what was referred to as the mother’s union, a group of softer boys, more artistic in nature than the rest of us (or is it we) ruffians who played corkings and bruise, and which had in boys who looked black and white.

    The 2-4 crew were a product of the school system which allowed boys to stay on well after they they should have moved on. All had one thing in common, they had failed to progress past second form. Lets ignore them for the moment as well as the mother’s union.

    I can understand why the surfers would appear to be a white clique now I think back. At the time it never crossed my mind as I was not even slightly interested in the sea. If I was conscious of colour at the time to the extent that it motivated my life I think I would have been hurt to have been excluded, even though I had no interest in the sea.

    I would feel threatend by the group because my swimming ability is low to non existent, and I would know that there would be certain rites of passage to enter the group which would have included no doubt, hanging with the boys, getting on my surfboard and paddling out into the unknown. I could not expect to belong and be accepted based only on mout talk as I would have been laughed into oblivion. I would be sunk.

    There is I think a natural graduation from love of the sea to love of boats. Barbados is so completely different from St. Vincent in this regard. It is natural for everyone to own a boat there and enjoy recreation or fising at sea. There is a Yacht club in St. Vincent too, I have never been , but I am willing to bet it is principally for people who have yachts and love the sea and that you will see a far greater mixture of races there than in Barbados.

    I would never choose to live at Cattleweash. Too much mud when the rain falls, the sea is terrifying, everything rusts …. yet I see people who love it and can’t get enough. Most happen to be white, but not all. The ones I know can swim better than me (or is that I) and routinely go in the sea while I watch, enjoy the ambience but leave when I have had enough.

    When I sit and think, I can understand how seeing alot of white people in an area having fun and oblivious of me would make me jealous that I was not included if I really gave a damn about skin colour.

    I think a shared interest naturally forces people together and if it is mostly people who look white, it is understandable how it could be construed as a racist grouping.

    Sometimes I think that there is actually a group that is purposely stirring up racial hatred based on the dividing effect of the sea. Many Bajans naturally are terrified of the sea.

    Other times, I think people are just plain ignorant.

    To the first statement taken from somewhere in this thread I say:

    “What is the point of me seeking to discriminate against whites who are enjoying themselves in pursuits in which I have not got the slightest interest when skin colour is probably the last thing on their minds?”

    I would be wasting my time making myself miserable.

    Maybe I will take up skydiving, ……. so long as I can’t fall in the sea!!

  189. John


    You mean the picture with the eye missing and which the Nation says is doctored?

    Didn’t something like this come up a while back on BFP?

  190. John


    …. I mean the picture that the Nation says it has altered so the boy cannot be recognised?

  191. John

    What exactly was it the Nation said about the picture?

  192. Hants

    If as you say, the situation was reversed, and a white boy was attacked by two black men, all the decision that would be made about the boy’s fate would have been made by black people.
    I mean, I only know of one white police officer, and I don’t know if we have any white judges or magistrates.
    Presumable all the decisons that were made regarding the 15 year old in the Goodridge case were also made by non-whites.

    So the racism by white people can hardly be grounds for the boy’s treatment?

    This is just my understanding, I have no authorative knowledge of the Barbados judicial system.

  193. John

    How come the Nation has two different pictures of Mark Goodridge?

  194. here is an excerpt fomr bbc webpage
    Best known for its sunshine, beaches and cricket, Barbados has seen tourism overtake the production and export of sugar as the island’s main revenue earner.
    This has given the island a higher living standard than many of its Caribbean neighbours, but also means that it is vulnerable to world downturns in tourism

    A former British colony and a Commonwealth member, Barbados has a dual heritage: English – evident in its stone-built Anglican churches and Saturday race meetings – and African, as manifested in its music and dance.

    At times these overlap harmoniously, as in the Barbadian appropriation of the English game of cricket.

    But sometimes they brim with latent tension – between the affluent white community, which owns and controls the economy, funds political parties and exercises an indirect influence on government policy, and the majority black Barbadians.

    check it out guys

  195. John

    Seems Lick mout Lou is a bit puzzled too.

  196. John

    Seems Lick mout Lou is a bit puzzled too.

  197. Mum


    Negrocrat is correct . Why my daughter and Simon are no longer together is none of your business. “why is she the ex-girlfriend is it because she seems to have to class finesse or excellence about her and is really quite brash and crass? I wonder why she is the ex-girlfriend.”

    I take offence to your attack on my daughter. Your assertion that she is “brass and crass” is unwarranted. She is still very close to Simon and his family, she is upset and lashing out at the comments made against a family that embraced her, loved her, and always treated her with respect.

    To set the record straight, she left Barbados to pursue her career. She and the Goodridge family are still close friends.

  198. John

    Can anyone locate the article from the Nation News which appeared first with the picture of the boy?

    I am sure it was made clear by the Nation that the picture had been altered to maintain the anonymity of the minor.

    Just can’t find it on the web.

  199. I can’t find any images… not even cached on search engines… I can’t find the original article either.


    Andrew 8745
    Lord have mercy! The suspected racist action about which the public is concerned is the brutal beating he allegedly received at the hands of the Goodridges.
    How then can you draw that puerile conclusion …”so all the decisions …were made by non whites. That is a non sequiter.
    There is a time for spin-doctoring, and that time is certainly not NOW!
    Do some of us realize how much harm has been done to our country in the past weeks?
    Introspection is a great tool. It works.
    Stop playing the reverse psychology game and admit that the treatment of blacks is just not KOSHER.
    No one is responsible for the family they were born into or the colour of their skin. However, bigotry is inexcusable and we can all do something to change any bad attitude or practice.
    Racism is a form of bigotry and a sickness for which the afflicted individual has the cure.

  201. John

    I found the paper version of the Nation from Saturday 14th October 2006 and Sunday 15th 2006.

    The report entitled “Black and Blue” is by Antoinete Connell.

    The photograph of the teenager carries the caption:

    “FACE OF AGONY: This photograph of the teenager was provided by his mother who wanted to show the extent of his facial injuries. His face has been partially obscured to protect his identity.” (GP)

    On the following day, Sunday, what looks like the same photo appeared in an article entitled SEARCH FOR 2 but the face was enlarged to fill the photograph.

    The caption reads:

    THE 15 YEAR OLD SCHOOLBOY who was allegedly beaten while passing through Highgate Gardens (FP)”.

    The Nation makes no claim that the photo has been altered to protect the identity of the minor.

    The report carries the initials (TY). No name is apparently attributed to the writer.

    With regard to the time of the incident there is a reference in the first article.

    The mother is quoted as saying that the Police telephoned requesting her to come to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital that Friday after 9 p.m. but after spending a day on the dialysis machine and being alone with her grandchildren, she could not get there.

    The incident appears to have happened on Friday night, 6th of October, 2006 some time after 9 pm.

    Hants, Andrew8745 claims he can’t find the articles anywhere on the net and I have only looked on the Nation news website and could not find them there.

    Maybe you can find them and provide a link so the extent of the injuries can be seen. If you can’t, I will scan and email the articles I have to BFP, let me know.

  202. John


    “Do some of us realize how much harm has been done to our country in the past weeks?”

    Don’t you find there are inconsistencies that need some explaining?

    Besides the ones I keep highlighting I see that Hammie-La called for the boy’s parents to be fully compensated for injuries both physical and psychological caused by the beating in the Sunday Sun Article of 15th October 2006.

    How come we have not heard from the father yet?

    For Hammie -La, a minister of Government to condemn the beating is also most interesting, as is Dr. Ikael Tafari’s condemnation of the attack on the young male.

    Seems like some real heavy rollers are doing some serious prejudging and getting themselves quoted in the press.

    Gut instinct tells me they may be wrong. Check the Sunday Sun Articles.

  203. Disciple of "X"

    As I read the Highgate incident, one thought came to mind which is, would the public be as outraged about the beating if it were committed by a black man. No absolutely not. We hear everyday about black on black crime and no one gets his or her knickers in a knot over this. No bloggers on BFP, nobody saying “what a shame what that black fellow did to one of his brothers”. But let a white man drop some licks in some black kids ass because he was on his property, God knows to do what, without invitation, without reason to be there and all of Barbados is out for blood. This I believe is wrong and sends a bad message. We Bajans as a whole are good, god fearing, fun loving and peaceful people. But, there is an element out there that doesn’t want to work and earn the desires of their heart. They want “Wa you got” and they feel it is ok to steal, rob or even hurt you if given the opportunity. Although I expect a flurry of comments for what I am about to say, but I, as a black man, if I was in my living room relaxing and I look through my window and see a man (black or white) in my yard creeping bout, I don’t know what this man is up to. Ah know he ain’t here to bring me some cuccoo and steam fish and we gon sit by the campfya and sing “Come by Ya”, Is he a paro coming to harm me or my family, does he have a gun and is prepared to use it if confronted. Is he here to rape my wife and kills us all to erase the witnesses. I don’t know and you only have seconds to react. What Would You Do?
    Think about it before you guys write back, because you may be the next victim and you will have a decision to make. Be thankful that Goodridge didn’t bus a cap in his a*s first then ask questions later. According to police reports he (M.G) was also charged with “unlawfully discharging a firearm” in layman’s terms ” he fired a shot into the air” Again WHAT WOULD YOU DO. If it was me I wouldn’t have been in the air, I can tell you that. And although the boy got a real a*s licking, he’s lucky and I think he knows it. As for the racial slurs alleged, I wasn’t there but I do know that when in the heat of the battle many things might come out of somebody’s mouth that otherwise would not. So it is understandable. Not right, but understandable. I would like to calm the situation down by saying” Let He/Her without sin casts the first stone.
    Having said all of the above, I’m not advocating gun violence, I think Barbados has far too many guns, but if somebody comes over my wall to “tief” a golden apple or a “manga”, be prepared to face the consequences regardless of the color of their skin. And there isn’t not one of you out there that could tell me “Da ain’t right mannnnn”because you would do the exact same thing .We all have a right to protect our property and our loved ones.
    Now, it is a common belief amongst young people of today, that they ain’t gon send me to prison, I gon get way wid it cause I only a boy and they take what is not theirs, the Highgate incident should send a message to those who subscribe to that train of thought.
    Unfortunately, Goodridge’s career is probably over for what he did, I feel sorry about that, “for it takes a lifetime to build a career and a second to destroy it”.

  204. hants

    The picture of the boy I saw was on the website accompanying the interview with the PEP leader.

    Who had a gun and fired it?

    Keep your heads buried in the sand but if something like this happens again it could spell disaster for race relations in Barbados.

    I feel sorry for the good white Bajans who would never beat a black boy and treat him like a rabid animal.

    Justice must be done and be seen to be done. That is why the Police paraded the Goodridges with handcuffs so that it we can see the laws are being followed.

    But, the Boy who got beat up is in prison and they are free and life goes on in Barbados as if nothing happened and that is a good thing for a Tourist Destination.

    It is unfortunate that,according to some of you the Goodridges have been falsely accused of doing nothing more than defending themselves.

    I happen to disagree. I am positive the Police were careful before bringing these charges. The top brass from the Comissioner down would have been involved in the decision.

    Justice will be served.

  205. Frank

    My house has been broken into four times this year. The theif has stolen $100, a spare gun , rum, a dvd player, a weed wacker, a jig saw, my wedding ring, my cell phone and many other things. I have come home and smelt the sweat of the theif in my house and found a piece of steel pipe that I presume would have been used against me. I have spent money that I cannot afford protecting my home. I have given the poliece a list of numbers diled on my stolen phone. I have even given poliece the land line number given by a child who answered my stolen phone when I called. I have never seen the theif, but white or black I will beat him silly if I catch him in my yard.

  206. Disciple of "X"

    Dear Hants, Although I’ll respect your opinion.What would you do if you saw a stranger in your yard? Let us hear your proceedures if you heard a noise in your yard and you saw someone in your yard. What steps would you take?
    Ya see Hants my brother, what has taken place here in Barbados is a lack of respect for others and other people’s property. Along time ago, we were taught, “if it ain’t yours, don’t touch it”.Plain and simple. That is not the way it is today. Again I’m not advocating violence of any kind. But tell us, what would you have done?

  207. Phoenix

    round of applause to Frank, i would want to beat him silly to if i were you brother.

  208. Disciple of "X"

    Dear Frank, Thank you. You’ve answered my question.

  209. Disciple of "X"

    This is not a White against Black issue or vice versa. It comes down to a Right or Wrong issue.

  210. Frank

    I used to be in the force and during a bust in Enter prise I had to go to the beach so that the sound of the waves would drown out the noise of the beating of a suspect.
    consider the possibility

  211. BFP


    Hello Frank

    We have held your latest comment with the phone number as we would like to do a full workup on the full story of your home break-ins.

    Please email us the full story with details of which police officers you spoke with, when, what they said, and any followup made by them that you are aware of.



  212. hants

    So people in Barbados still tiefing and all those who have “progressed” can continue to defend themselves and their property by any means necessary. Guns and dogs used to be the weapons of choice.

    We can reasonably expect the Goodridges to be found not guilty on all charges for lack of evidence.

    My only interest in all this is hope that the boy gets a fair trial and gets some help to become a responsible citizen.
    I guarantee you the Goodridges will get a fair trial and the best legal team to defend them.
    They already have the support of the majority of you on this thread.

    The beating the boy got and time served without a trial should be enough punishment for a 15 year old for the crime he has been charged with.

    Possesion of a Scissors.He is at least guilty of that according to what is reported that his mother said.

  213. John

    Here are more inconsistencies.

    Highgate is full of cul de sacs. Were the boys taking a short cut through one?

    Mark Goodridge’s address is given as Cattlewash, St. Joseph, the other side of the island. What was he doing in Highgate on the Friday night in question? I am soon going to be 53 and I know that after a working day I just am not able to go driving about at that time of night for so.

    How come some people on this blog have said the boy was discharged from QEH with minor injuries. If he is missing an eye is Dodds really the ideal place for him?

    Was the Jamaican Observer really able to speak to witnessES, unlike the Nation, and what is to be made of this statement about minor injuries? (see comment above re Observer)

    “During the alleged attack, which witnesses said left the 15-year-old boy crumpled on the street, police said Goodridge shouted a racial epithet. The victim was treated for minor injuries at a local hospital.”

    Something is seriously wrong with the stories being presented. They just don’t add up.

  214. John


    I can’t access the at the moment but will keep trying to as I am interested to see if the photo they used is the same photo the Nation used.

    With regard to your last comment “Unfortunately, Goodridge’s career is probably over for what he did, I feel sorry about that, “for it takes a lifetime to build a career and a second to destroy it”. ” here is what is becoming clearer to me by the moment.

    If what I am thinking, given the inconsistencies of the stories, is even half way right, he may not need to work another day in his life.

  215. John

    Here is what the Nation Archives yiel when the keyword used is scissors.

  216. You can still find it through the “most emailed stories” box

    but no pictures.

  217. Hants

    Power Play. Told yuh so. 6 to 1 is murder. The Prosecution’s case is going to be Demolished.

    Cheltenham was one of a team of six attorneys representing the two accused. The others were Sir Richard Cheltenham, QC, who was absent; Hal Gollop, Verla DePeiza, Stewart Mottley and Ernest Jackman.

    Michael Lashley made an appearance on behalf of the 15-year-old boy and his family.

    Case Closed.

  218. Hants

    Now we can move on to more important matters as it is clear to me that we should focus on the world cup cause Barbadian society still fuh cup.
    See yuh April 2007.

  219. Hants

    If you still want to see the face of brutality.

  220. Frank

    I have no further interest in the finding the thief. I will move to the country, buy a big dog and live in a house without bars on the windows. What goes around comes around. Feel free to call that number.

  221. John

    Thanks Hants

    Looks like the same photo both news agencies used.

    David Commissiong has taken positions in the past that I think are rubbish but I agree with what he says in the story:

    “Mr. Comissiong says it is critically important that this case be investigated thoroughly and with transparency, to curb any ill feelings that may exist among the general public. ”

    I would go further. It isn’t only about curbing any ill feelings that may exist among the public because of race, it is also about the authorities doing a proper job and being seen to do a proper job.

    In the long run, it is the thoroughness of the job done that will count for Barbados, not the ill feelings based on the racial component.


    I agree that there is no link between the beating of the boy and his treatment by the authorities.

    That is exactly the point I was trying to make, people kept introducing the treatment of the boy into the arguement, as if it some how related to the alleged racism involved in the attack. I wanted to remove that from the equation.


    Do you have to get the video play to see the pictures?

  224. thug_phat

    Has anyone considered the possibility that this boy was on probation for a previous violent attack and his being on remand at the government industrial school would have therefore been automatic, considering his curfew?

  225. Bajanangel

    How can you say get on with it, stop talking about the past.I’m Black have a BA and MA from a prestigious university, own my home, have an executive position in my field and I still am followed by staff when I enter a shop or neighborhood that is predominatley white. You say I created this I did not. Nothing I have done in my life would suggest that I’m a criminal yet when they see my black skin the judgement and suspicion is there.

  226. Rumplestilskin

    Frank says:”but white or black I will beat him silly if I catch him in my yard.”

    That is the issue here, NOT white or black.

    As I said, most homeowners where do not rely on the Police anymore…they just want their property left alone and will defend it.

    Remember the case a number of years back (20 +), where a neighbourhood was being harrassed by a burglar. One morning a body was found in the road, the person being shot dead.

    Nobody ent hear a ting………not a ting….

  227. Rumplestilskin

    John says: ‘Hammie-La called for the boy’s parents to be fully compensated for injuries both physical and psychological caused by the beating in the Sunday Sun Article of 15th October 2006.

    How come we have not heard from the father yet?

    For Hammie -La, a minister of Government to condemn the beating is also most interesting, as is Dr. Ikael Tafari’s condemnation of the attack on the young male.”

    Could it possibly be true that the reason the story took so long to get published is that it was NOT going to be but some ‘heavy rollers’ made sure that it would be?

  228. Once2often

    It is good to see racism is alive and well on de rock called bim!!!. I stick to my guns and represent any good racist in saying do not mistake us for those prejudiced joe’s. We are a breed apart, we are not Sunday christians,no, this is our way of life and it will not be changed. When I hear ….. saying there is no racial problem in bim is makes me cring and wonder which planet these people, for the lack of a better description, come from. When we bury our problems in fertile soil they have no choice but to grow . that is what we have done with this issue and believe you me this is not the end of it. It will only get worst and more of these events will occurr and if we don’t call them what they are they will destroy us. The root of this problem lies deep in the soul of man and will not be removed but only by gaining power will we be respected donot expect love ..some good fear is just as good

  229. thug_phat

    It is even more hilarious how this group choose only to talk about that which they choose, and ignore comments that may have substance.

  230. I must say that I agree with Hants and Talls there seem to be a number of persons on this blog that seem to have an agenda in coming out in support of Goodridge on this matter. Even to the point of informing of his black relatives. He look white to me and I sure a check would reveal as Hants said he was white at school. When I see things like this occur I remember Kid Site song “These things can only happen bout hey.” I await the truth which will no doubt come out as I said before at the trial.If Goodridge do nothing wrong wonder why the Police charged him and he employed SIX (6) Lawyers included in that number TWO(2) QC’s . I tell yah. I hope the whole country paying attention I await the outcome.

  231. Negrocrat

    @ De Original,
    the same way you think you see people on this blog who seem to have an agenda in coming out in support of Goodridge on this matter, I think I see people on this blog, who have an agenda at making a scapegoat out of Goodridge, and painting a false picture of the gentleman and his family.

    I agree, he look white to me too. I say again…SO WHAT!!! IRRELIVANT TO THIS CASE!!
    Stop bringing colour into the equation. If you put unessissary data into a formula, you will get an inaccurate answer everytime.

    It boggles my mind how much attention this situation has gotten, and will likely continue to get. The few FACTS we know certainly don’t justify all the discussion.

  232. Pingback: Barbados Nation Newspaper Article “…There will always be a place for the white minority…” « Barbados Free Press

  233. Talls

    Original>> a hallmark of white bajans is the quickness with which they respond to any comment about them. If you check the dailies any criticism, constructive or otherwise about large white companies or individuals, next day there is an emotional reply usually from an anonymous writer cussing whoever criticise the white business/person. Their replies are always orchestrated and personal, laced with defence of their right to economic hegemony. There is often the insinuation that blacks cant run anything, business or government. These folks either dont have anything to do or they spend tidy sums on public relations people to read and respond instantaneously to any comment about them. With many of the white heavy boys spending so much time on their yachts cruising, or big game fishing, or at their clubs and bars sipping big drinks, I believe its black flunkies paid to reply. When I read the alacrity and cohesiveness of replies by apparently white women and men on this blog it proves my point. The blog reeks of white racism. It mirrors Barbados as much as Cattlewash mirrors white seperatism.Look if Goodridge is not white then I am a Peruvian Inca.I got the bowler hat to prove it too.

  234. Rumplestilskin

    Check the colour of the guy who literally blew away a robber on the West Coast a few years back. (within last 10 years I believe).

    Apparently the Coast was being harrassed by a couple of armed guys for months, robberies etc.

    Story is, one day guy got home, started to get out of his car in his own garage.

    Upon being confronted by two guys, one armed with a gun, he got out while reaching for his own gun…and blew one guy away….the other took tail and bolted. Think the Police got him later.

    Wonder of wonders…no more harrassment, robberies for a while……

    On hindsight, good thing for the householder that he did not happen to be white. For by some of the comments here, he would have been judged by the media and y’all by the colour of his skin first and never by the circumstances.

    The issue is what counts, not the skin colour..or cant you get past that? I wonder why.

    I guess it does show that RACISM is alive here in BIM. By individuals who happen to be all colours.

  235. Black & White

    It is so upsetting to see what is taking place over this issue. The comment made earlier about the world cup is so right. Who would want to come to this country knowing this foolishness is taking place. People from other countries must really be getting a good laugh at us squabbling amongst each other.
    I am considered a white Bajan. I have black ancestors. My skin colour is no different to Dr. I. Tafari, and I probably have as much black in me as D. Commisssion has white in him, and I am quite sure that if you cut us, we will bleed the same colour.
    This is my first visit to this website / blog or whatever you call it, and the absolute nonsense and ignorance of the comments I have read is mind boggling.
    I know the Goodridges as well as I know the boy in question. That is to say, I don’t know either party at all. I have read the Nation, and noticed no statement from them that they tried to contact the Goodridge family or have they offered an exerpt from a police report, and they have published an altered photo that was presumably given to them by the boy’s mother. I think this is irresponsible of the Nation. But how in God’s name can one come to a reasonable conclusion from this news item alone. On the other hand, I was buying a cutter from a canteen the other day when I overheard a conversation by two black men (one middle aged, one young) about the case in question. One man said that Mr. Goodridge made two mistakes. One was beating the boy so badly and the other was using a racial slur. He is assuming from the article in the paper that both are true. In another breath he says that he knows of the boy’s family and that the boy’s own mother had previously called the police for him on three occasions. And furthermore that the reason that the delay had taken place between the date of the incident and the news article is because, when the mother was called on the date of the incident, she did not respond. She was later contacted by a lawyer and told that she could possibly make some money from this case and she should “rough up” the boy some more and take him to a doctor to get a medical report.
    I choose not to believe either article of news. The one i read or the one I heard with my own ears. We are supposed to be an advanced and well educated society. We are supposed to be the most developed country in the caribbean. We have unquestionable opportunity in a land that has no natural resources. We have neighbors that are overflowing with natural resources and are still experiencing disastrous economies. We should be setting an example and not bickering over this race foolishness. We need to work together and help each other become successful in every facet of our priveledged society. Let’s stop acting like crabs in a bucket.
    When this case is over and we hopefully have all the facts, lets then come back and discuss it to our hearts content. Don’t assume all that you read or hear is true.
    I do not in any way feel threatened by the 250,000 black people in this country, and I am sure that most of the 250,000 black people in this country do not feel threatened by the 10,000 white people in this country. I work hard for what I have as I know most other Bajans do.
    Let’s make “De Dipper” proud. Lets come together and solve this nasty issue instead of looking for blood. Let us be as he intended. A proud and just nation FOR ALL to prosper.

  236. Mr. M


    Re-read your comment. Sounds like jealousy has clouded your mind. You are judging the white population on their achievement and things that they have worked hard for. Any bajan is free to enjoy the things you speak of but it is that individuals choice if they want to expend their resources in this manner. We need to learn to make the most of what God has given us and not look at what he has given everyone else. We get nowhere like this.

    It seems the mentality that “he white so he got money” has come into play here. If it was an upper class black man on trial who has never been on the wrongside of the law, I would expect that he would do everything possible to stay out of prison, even employ 6 lawyers(which it is his right to do).

    I respect your opinion as I do everyone else’s but it is time to look beyond colour in this matter.
    I hope all the facts come out when this thing reaches the courts. May justice be served.

  237. Talls

    Mr.M>>>>”worked hard for” thats the magic phrase. Thats all you folks ever say. I am tired of hearing this rubbish. Are you saying others dont work hard? I know you are going to deny that. But my unshakeable point is that” worked hard for” is your folks biggest excuse whenever you are called to account. From my perch I dont see a lot of hard work coming from you folks. I see loads of bossing around and loads of time spent at liesure. Not a damm thing to do with jealousy. More to do with reality. When does this work hard take place??


    Game fishing, golf, polo and rallying all make you sweat.
    Hard work makes you sweat.
    Therefore game fishing, golf,polo and rallying are hard work.
    Logical eh!!!

  239. John


    I thought along time about the way you say you saw HC when you were there, particularly the white group you perceived to be quite separate. I saw a group of surfers with whom I had nothing in common, and still do. They shared an interest in something which has never interested me.

    I can understand how they would be perceived to be sticking together because they were white, (to your eyes) but for me then as now I fear the sea and would never venture where these guys went.

    If I ever wanted to be part of the group, I would have had to buy a surfboard, paddle out into the unknown and be able to sit on the board without the fear of drowning, sharks and God knows what else and talk with them in their environment, the sea.

    I have always got seasick on a boat so never have any desire to go yachting or belong to any yacht club just to say I belong. I have a life and interests quite apart from all this.

    I am scared of horses and have no interest in them. There was a group at HC which went to the races every saturday they were on and talked all week about the various horses and their genealogy ad nauseum. I was never interested so never became a part of this group, which was mainly white, but also alot of black, brown etc.

    Polo, yachting, surfing and horse racing are sports in which I have no interest.

    Cricket, football hockey etc are land sports which do not include animals several times more powerful than I am and are safe.

    I think that rallying is the only sport in Barbados which is truly interracial. Look at the crowds Have you ever seen ceowds like these (size and composition) at cricket, our premiere sport?. The participants love the sport and in many instances are sponsored. All colours are represented, perhaps not in the ratios they are present in the population but they are all present (unlike cricket).

    I think the sports you mention with the exception of rallying, are avoided by many Barbadians out of fear and lack of interest. To ascribe a racial motive is dishonest and lacks perception.

    Look and think.

    I can also understand that it would be human nature were I to watch someone who can both play both my sport and then go and play another sport which there is no way I would play.

    I can understand a child giving another child hell if they ever realised they could do something the other child would not out of fear just as I can understand a grudge being held from childhood for what was poor treatment of a fellow human being.

    This is not racism, it is human nature.

    It takes a level of maturity and realism just do what comes natural to you and do it well and enjoy it. Forget what the other guy is doing. It will make you miserable if you aren’t enjoying what you do and you see that he is.

    I suppose we could force swimming, polo, surfing etc into our curricula along with the existing cricket, football hockey etc. Yesterday’s Nation says China is making golf mandatory for Law students because the Golf course is where deals are struck and it is important to socialise.

    The students don’t like it because Golf has always been seen as a sign of privelege and they are uncomfortable in an “equal” society being seen playing golf, ie being priveleged!!

    Sometimes things are not what they seem!!

  240. Ronin of the Void

    Talls, here’s some alacrity for you…

    Do white Bajans respond with ‘alacrity’ because they all have a staff of black minions waiting to defend their ‘masters’ like mindless, emotionless automatons? That truly reeks of racism on two fronts. That white people are incapable, indifferent or afraid to defend themselves against the kind of ignorant vitriol that spews from the likes of you and Ikael (or are you one and the same?) is to insult not only white Barbadians, but those black Barbadians who you brand as ‘flunkies’. Are the ‘flunkies’ the black Barbadians who see through the ridiculous rhetoric and who also happen to be the majority? Does white economic hegemony exist in Barbados? Ask those who cashed big cheques from the shenanigans of Gems, Greenland, 1/2 million dollar beach toilets at Silver Sands, Government building in Warrens, ad nauseum. Did white Bajan ‘heavy boys’ write cheques? I challenge you to provide evidence that average white Bajans exercise any ‘right’ economically, beyond the right to get out of bed every day and work diligently and intelligently to provide for their families and those they employ, as do THOUSANDS of other businessmen of all colour. As far as the recreational pursuits of the ‘white heavy boys’ goes, you are also describing some of the pastimes of Errol Barrow, National Hero and ‘Father of the Nation’, whose statue is soon to grace Bridgetown. Is it hard to exercise ‘economic hegemony’ when you are always drunk, rolling around on the deck of a luxury yacht AND trying to haul in the next big shark? I guess the Dipper managed. Anyway, your post exposes you as an operative sent to bait and cast up more smokescreens. Your ‘logic’ and rhetoric is so flawed that we can all see your little campfires. So whose flunky are YOU? WE know.

  241. once2often

    It is good see racism is alive and well in bim!!!!

  242. Talls

    Littleboy 56>>>Bullseye!

  243. @ Talls & Littleboy56

    Hypothetically accepting your argument that rich white businessmen in Barbados spend their time rally, fishing or whatever then the same could be be said of black businessman or indian businessman. At that stage you are not talking about colour, but about money. The fact is that when you have enough money and you can start “investing” then you have the opportunity to have a very different lifestyle from a”working” class individual that has a mortgage to pay off, or is worrying about rent.

    Race need not apply to that argument, that’s a straightforward class argument and would equally apical able in a mono-racial community.

  244. blah

    @Black & White

    Talls = racism on a high level of ignorance. You are what Barbados is embarassed of.

  245. John

    I don’t know if this will work but my last comment is stuck awaiting moderation. Hopefully the same comment won’t appear twice so here goes.


    I thought along time about the way you say you saw HC when you were there, particularly the white group you perceived to be quite separate. I saw a group of surfers with whom I had nothing in common, and still do. They shared an interest in something which has never interested me.

    I can understand how they would be perceived to be sticking together because they were white, (to your eyes) but for me then as now I fear the sea and would never venture where these guys went.

    If I ever wanted to be part of the group, I would have had to buy a surfboard, paddle out into the unknown and be able to sit on the board without the fear of drowning, sharks and God knows what else and talk with them in their environment, the sea.

    I have always got seasick on a boat so never have any desire to go yachting or belong to any yacht club just to say I belong. I have a life and interests quite apart from all this.

    I am scared of horses and have no interest in them. There was a group at HC which went to the races every saturday they were on and talked all week about the various horses and their genealogy ad nauseum. I was never interested so never became a part of this group, which was mainly white, but also alot of black, brown etc.

    Polo, yachting, surfing and horse racing are sports in which I have no interest.

    Cricket, football hockey etc are land sports which do not include animals several times more powerful than I am and are safe.

    I think that rallying is the only sport in Barbados which is truly multiracial. Look at the crowds Have you ever seen crowds like these (size and composition) at cricket, our premiere sport?. The participants love the sport and in many instances are sponsored. All colours are represented, perhaps not in the ratios they are present in the population but they are all present (unlike cricket).

    I think the sports you mention with the exception of rallying, are avoided by many Barbadians out of fear and lack of interest. To ascribe a racial motive is dishonest and lacks perception.

    Look and think.

    I can also understand that it would be human nature were I to watch someone who can both play both my sport and then go and play another sport which there is no way I would play or wamt to play.

    I can understand a child giving another child hell if they ever realised they could do something the other child would not out of fear just as I can understand a grudge being held from childhood for what was poor treatment of a fellow human being.

    This is not racism, it is human nature.

    It takes a level of maturity and realism to just do what comes natural to you and do it well and enjoy it. Forget what the other guy is doing. It will make you miserable especially if you aren’t enjoying what you do and you see that he is.

    I suppose we could force swimming, polo, surfing etc into our curricula along with the existing cricket, football hockey etc. Yesterday’s Nation says China is making golf mandatory for Law students because the Golf course is where deals are struck and it is important to socialise.

    The students don’t like it because Golf has always been seen as a sign of privelege and they are uncomfortable in an “equal” society being seen playing golf, ie being priveleged!!

    Sometimes things are not what they seem!!

  246. Talls you correct you have proven your point beyond a shadow of a doubt a Cadres poll could not have done it better. They all attacking like sharks on meat…lol. Blah, Andrew, Ronin and Rump thanks for your assistance in this scientific exercise. We all now clearly understand who and what you are.

  247. Talls

    blah>>>you really think so? Where does white racism for four hundred years including black enslavement by whites rank on your embarassment scale? Parsimony with the truth=blah.

  248. No man is so blind as he who refuses to see,

  249. John

    Seems like alot of sharks are in the water and all of them are attacking.

    Are all of them great whites?

    Does it matter?

    Only if you are in the water!!

    Think about it, there is one set of Bajans, who take to the sea naturally.

    There is another set of Bajans who will not cross the sea.

    This is an undisputable fact, like night follows day, …..or vice versa. Next thing I will be accused of being racist.

    When I was at school, the surfers were mostly of lighter complexion, what some people, Littleboy for example, would call white!!

    I never had the slightest desire to join this group because I wasn’t going anywhere near the proper sea, maybe in the surf, but not anywhere I could not stand up unless I could quickly, as in very, very, very quickly, get back to somewhere I could stand!!

    My colour did not come into consideration, I just was not going fullstop.

    It was my choice not to socialise, they did not prevent me from doing it.

    I have no interest in horses so polo, horse racing, game fishing, yachting, surfing etc etc are not for me. I have no jealousy or animosity to anyone who does enjoy them and I am no frightened man.

    I might try skydiving but only if I am guaranteed not to drop in the sea.

  250. John

    Will try to post a comment for this thread on the story about the comments being delayed.

  251. Mr. M

    First off, dont refer to me as one of those “folks.” You assume I am white because I speak out against your classification of people in Barbados based on race?

    There is no use trying to talk to someone who refuses to listen to reason. Close-mindedness seems to be the Bajan norm. So hard work doesn’t count for anything anymore? And here I was thinking that the only way to succeed and get what I want in life was to work hard. I may not have been blessed with the same opportunities as some of the white population but I have made the most of what I have.

    Andrew8745 is right, this is about class and money not race. You seem to be saying that game fishing, golf,polo and rallying are white past times. Just classifying it this way is prejudiced.

    I can name black competitors in rallying and the majority of Bushypark competitors are black. I like to believe these are open to all Bajans who can afford it.

    I am content with what I have. My health, family and a home. I am as wealthy as any one of the “the white heavy boys ” you refer to, but not with money. It is time to learn to stop envying people who enjoy the finer things in life.

    Don’t bring slavery into this issue because it just makes it seem like the only reason people are so mind set against Mr. Goodridge is to make an example of him. That is not justice. Justice is supposed to be blind. But forgive my naiveness if I am incorrect.

  252. blah

    Talls- it is hilarious that just because I am not as close-minded as you are, or as ignorant in the way I think, that you automatically assume I am white.

    Let me ask you, though I doubt I will receive an intelligent answer… were you ever a slave? were any of your immediate ancestors slaves? have you ever visited Africa? Do you know of the conditions of life there? do you know they are still selling each other to each other?

    Every comment you have made on this forum has been prejudiced in one way or another.

    If you are an intelligent person, no-one would ever think it after reading any of your posts. You have made a fool of yourself, and those who follow you are just as ignorant.

    “People who live in glass houses should not throw stones”

  253. Talls

    I had signed off on this thread but I return to inform Mr. M and blah that what you all say is absolutely irrelevant and I couldnt care less. Blah you are obviously an idiot. Your posts are rubbish and I wont waste time discussing them. Mr.m I dont know who you think you are talking to. I am a black man that you and your kind cant frighten. Put that in your pipe and inhale. I will call you ‘folks’ or whatever I feel like. Count yourself lucky because folks is a decent word.
    Slavery and colonialism have been smashed. White racism is last relic of that disgraceful stage in our history. Thats what you should be concerned about. I will be here as long as it takes to remind you about white racism.You and blah should read what BBC says about race relations in Barbados. See the Nation of 25/10/06 story title ‘Whites Calling Shots,’ pge 9A.
    blah is the BBC and Nation making fools of themselves too? Listen carefully you people cant tell me what to do. Your kind can never tell me what to do. Massa day done. Get used to it.

  254. Mr. M


    Here you are the one making generalizations of people, yet you accuse others of racism. I have no use for that type of attitude. Barbados is too small for this behavior and it only stirs up more hate. You are obviously steadfast in your ways and that is your right. At least we all know how you feel on the subject.

    But I shall not engage in a war of words with you. I was not here to provoke anyone but to offer my opinion and a little contradiction and perhaps enlighten a few along the way.

    I am sorry to have spoken out and caused you dismay.
    I will no longer tell you what to do or how to think, I’ll let the Nation do that.


    I have ridden horses…I am a surfing and fishing “addict”…
    Strange how my reference to these pastimes riled so many of you!
    Truth be told, hard work is not a guarantee for “success”. OPPORTUNITY plays a big part and CONNECTIONS are equally, or in some cases, more important.
    There are so many people I can name who have NOT worked hard and are enjoying the fruits of other people’s labour.That, like all my other comments , is a fact!!!It is not racist.I am not racist, just very aware of racism and the subtle ways of racists.
    “Bizzy” will confirm my statements.
    Denying that racism exists in Bim will not make it go away!

  256. I think racism often get conflated with issues like nepotism and class discrimination. Indeed race and class seem to be closely linked in Barbados, so it is difficult to distinguish on what grounds discrimination takes place. That discrimination has taken place and does take place is undeniable. But it is important to recognize that racism is not the only issue in play, and that discrimination is experienced by all races and classes.

  257. @Andrew finally you admit racism exsist in Barbados.

  258. John


    Don’t get me wrong. I have ridden horses too, about 40 years ago, and enjoyed body surfing.

    But polo, soup bowl or boats out in the ocean ….. not for me!!

    Opportunity and connections are really a vital part of progress which go along with hard work. That’s a fact.

    It is also a fact that you have to be in the right place at the right time. That’s why China is making it mandatory for its law students to take up golf because as they say, deals are made on the golf course. …. personally, I don’t like golf and the waste of resources it has occasioned in Bim and I distrust lawyers!!

    It is about the ability to socialise.

    How many schools in Barbados take part in interschool swimming and which are the schools that are the tops?

    How many schools have a swimming pool where students are encouraged to compete and have fun?

    Would you say the picture of the swimmers taking part in the Sagicor Swim For Life competition is racist in nature?

    Would you say that given the participation at the highest level, the Olympics, that swimming is a racist sport?

  259. I never said it didn’t. Read my posts.

  260. People have offered various situations as “proof” that racism exists. I simply do not accept those examples as proof of racism. I do believe that racism exists in Barbados… I would do, I have been on the receiving end of it when I was the only “white” boy in an mostly black school.

  261. blah

    talls , the Nation has always made a fool of itself, but then, the journalists have your attitude, so it is understandable.
    Like Mr.M. I was only here to offer an opinion, but you are one of those bullies from school days long gone who are not satisfied or happy until they have beaten down on another. Whatever makes you happy. You should try to build up a little more self esteem and find some help to wash away your insecurities.
    …and while you are doing that, try to focus on becoming a leader, instead of a sheep.
    Don’t bother to respond for I shall no longer be entertaining your bullsh*t.

  262. Sweets


    Massa day may be done for Massa, but look every morning and every afternoon at Bajans jamming themselves into the buses like sardines. New slave ship my friend, owned and driven by new black slave masters? Until we put the past behind us, we will NEVER enjoy the present or have a future.

    Let’s look at ourselves as Bajans. Not Black, Not White, Not Red, Not Yellow.. Just Bajans. And if anybody wants to get truly anally retentive.. check out National Geographic’s The Search For Adam… We are ALL from African! It has been proven by the scientists. So I can say with pride that I am of African descent but; I am a Barbadian cause as cousin Gabby say “My navel string bury right hey”

    Peace peoples!

  263. John


    Lord have mercy, you mean Africans are the only ones who enslaved and were guilty of racism?

    ….. and its all in the genes!

    You don’t like a row you prefer a riot!

  264. Sweets


    “You don’t like a row you prefer a riot!”

    Ya think? LOL

    I find that this whole situation has now gotten totally amusing! But that is what I like to call the “Bajan Standard” which I like to abbreviate to “BS”

    So the way I see it all of this ruckus is only BS. When the Pan African movement expelled the whites from Sherbourne a while back, what happened? Nothing! When a black man beats another black man and kills him, what happens? Nothing! A black man calls me a White R**h**e C**t infront of a police man what happens? Sweet FA! But this thing with Goodridge and the boy. International news. Pure un-adulterated BS! I guess it really is different strokes for different folks in Barbados.

    But! I hope I going to follow the advice of the Tourist Board “Barbados Discover Dream Enjoy”
    I discovered that this is an island full of hate towards whites, I dream that one day it will not be so and I enjoy watch the BS this island is now know internationally for.

    And if anybody is offended by what I just wrote?? Tuff titties.. I’m Bajan and it’s just BS!


  265. once2often

    I donot understand how black bajans, two generations removed from the cane fields, want to fly up in big white people face questioning the means of recreation. shame on you should know your place and not question “hard working peaple”. It is a myth of some significants that black people are lazy. When we look at the hands and feet that built this is with great saddness that I view this statement. Every morning I pass Constant and Buckley and see the droves of black men and women entering these fields hurts me to the core when some half as.* white man from over in away let BW tell him that bajans lazy. I wonder who are these bajans. I even hear a white ex-pat say that he come hear and work hard thart is the reason for his success. It nearly made me vomit..until he finally he admitted that he had made good connections with the local and foreign W and that had contributed greatly to his success. The playing field is at 45 deg

    Racism is alive and well in this Bim!!!!

  266. Negrocrat

    Amazing how this conversation has evolved. A pity that some of its contributors won’t do the same.
    @Mr. M and blah. Like you I realised a time back that Talls inparticular has a very one track, narrow minded, negative, attitude. He also never sees fit to reply to direct questions posed to him, but prefers to spout forth his diatribe on racism in Barbados. I’m sure Talls would tell you he sees racism everyday, and if I were in his shoes, I would see it too, whenever I looked in the mirror.

    As for comments that whites own yachts, and play polo ect, and don’t work hard, I think that is as generalised a statement as blacks are lazy. I’m sure there are whites who have gotten rich off of someone elses hard work (I’m sure that some blacks have done it too….news flash. That’s not racism.) And I am sure if you think for a little while, you can probably come up with a short list of names of blacks you consider lazy, just the same way a white man can come up with a list of whites he considers lazy. Like Andrew, I do know racism exists in Barbados. I experienced it often growing up, and still do today, but the examples that Talls, Littleboy, et al, are supplying to support their assertion that racism exists, to me are not good examples. Most of them smack of a whiny, jealous little child.

  267. John


    Remember, the slogan used to be “Barbados, just beyond your imagination”


    “Every morning I pass Constant and Buckley and see the droves of black men and women entering these fields”

    You are exaggerating … right?

    And what is wrong with agricultural work? People do it all over the world and have done it for millennia.

    All food doesn’t come from a supermarket!…. and besides, somebody needs to earn the foreign exchange used to buy your fancy car.

  268. Sweets

    Come on John!
    You forgetting that the Skippers vision of/for Barbados was when we would never see another black hand cutting canes? So now we have to import everything we eat. As a matter of fact I see that we so rich now we importing milk from Florida to dump it! More BS

    They are Guyanese and they earning a living! I know, I buy vegetables from a couple of them every week. Was even buying spinach from the Koreans up by PriceSmart the other day. But because they were not black and they actually wanted to make some extra money we put it all over the newspaper and stopped that. More BS

    The funny thing with Barbados is we have this World Flop 2007 coming up. Ya think that Bajans would have gone and get a wuk? Nah that below them. So we got Guyanese in there working. Guess what stupid Barbados! We borrow US$ to build the damn Oval, you too great to work in there and de Guyanese got the jobs now. So de US$ that we try so hard to borrow to prop up this sinking ship GONE TO GUYANA! ROGLMAO!!!!! So we now got a big Oval to pay back for and de money gone.. MORE BS!

    And if we continue to parade how much we like the white people and even the Indians I wonder what we gonna do next year if they decide that those ever friendly Bajans might not really want them. HA HA HA! Be careful what you wish for Barbados! You might just get it!

    But like I said before. Is only my little bit of BS.

    I can just see the banner at the airport now.

    I know a good sign painter if anybody wants to pitch in a dollar or 2. Don’t worry. he is Guyanese, don’t want to over exert our already overworked Bajans now do we!


    Have a great day people!

  269. blah

    @ Negrocrat
    I couldn’t agree more.

  270. Getting BYE

    I have read some but not all of the discussions and I have some more general questions that maybe can be answered here.
    Who is Harold Hoyte?
    Why does someone keep talking about Harold Hoyte’s wife?
    Were only white people involved in the slave trade? [I mean the one 300 years ago]
    Did anyone in Africa who is black benefit monetarily from it?
    Should the descendents of indentured servants pay reparrations (check spelling) to descendents of slaves?[In Barbados]
    If descendents are of both heritage does it cancel out? [They don’t pay themselves anything?]

    I am not sure how it would work on the Island as all indications I am reading show that individuals of any colour on the island have been able to succeed [ Arthur, Commisong, Tafari, Thompson] but I thought maybe a fund or an assistance could be given to those areas or neighborhoods where it is difficult to suceed in the form of mentoring or academic help.
    My thinking is that education will be better than a handout of money as it will stretch for generations.

    I have always wondered about these reparations questions but I figured I would seem quite ignorant asking face to face but since this forum allows us to say many things we would never say in person I figure I would give it a go.

    One last thing I was thinking as I read this is what would really help this racial tension on Barbados? Also I am wondering when in history it has benefited a nation for a group to leave or to be disolved? It is an idea implied several times in the dialogue and I would like to hear an instance.

  271. John

    I think the reparations talk is to do with getting the National debt canceled more so than having an individual pay another individual.

    At the individual level it gets kind of crazy and my feeling would be if it can’t work at the individual level it can’t work at the National level.

    But you never know, it might work!! Stranger things have happened!! But I can’t see big countries going around giving way money.

  272. Hants

    What am I missing here?

    I am at a lost that people on this blog cannot see Barbados for what it is.

    A country where Blacks and whites live in a mutually agreeable state of Apartheid with a large enough Police and Defence Force to keep things under control.

    Work together, Play and party separately with a little intermixing by a few.

    Now we also have a Guyanese Indian community that appears to be separate as well. If the economy gets bad they will go back to Guyana with their well deserved Bajan dollars.

    Barbados, it is what it is.

  273. Paling Cock

    Hants, you have elevated cynicism to the lowest form of commentary. ; ) Do you understand the meaning of aparthied? Or do you use the word with ‘poetic licence’? Where is this policy or system? Is it institutional? Anybody kick you out of a whites only establishment recently? Tyre necklace someone you know? Is it ‘Crypto- Apartheid’ you speak of? The men that know Robin Island would LAUGH at your comparison! The seperateness percieved here could be a misconception based on numbers; viz; 5,000 whites cannot mix with all 295,000 of the rest to create a sufficient presence to represent that minority socially. Doesn’t mean there isn’t more than little social interaction. Doesnt mean whites don’t mix, just not with you, within the framework of your experiences. If your posit is true, percieved acrimony from blacks towards whites could dilute the ‘mix’. Cockroach nah go to fowl-cock dance. And now you saying that Guyana Indians are more of the same? Bajans cussing them for doing work they dont want, and what you expect? a dish of curry and a dougla girl?

    We reap what we sow. There is nothing mutually agreeable here besides the desire to exist peacefully where fate has put us together. God bles s us all.

  274. John

    He’s a real nowhere man
    Sitting in his nowhere land
    Making all his nowhere plans for nobody

    Doesn’t have a point of view
    knows not where he’s going to
    Isn’t he a bit like you and me?
    Nowhere man please listen
    You don’t know what you’re missing
    Nowhere man, The world is at your command

    He’s as blind as he can be
    Just sees what he wants to see
    Nowhere man, can you see me at all
    Nowhere man don’t worry
    Take your time, don’t hurry
    Leave it all till somebody else
    Lends you a hand
    Ah, la, la, la, la

    Doesn’t have a point of view
    knows not where he’s going to
    Isn’t he a bit like you and me?
    Nowhere man please listen
    You don’t know what you’re missing
    Nowhere man, The world is at your command
    Ah, la, la, la, la

    He’s a real nowhere man
    Sitting in his nowhere land
    Making all his nowhere plans for nobody
    Making all his nowhere plans for nobody
    Making all his nowhere plans for nobody
    (c) 2006 By SingulARtists

  275. Hants you aint see de people dem attacking yuh from all sides this must be when dem tek a break from wukking so hard. I know you can hold your own and I am in your corner on this one. To quote you “Work together, Play and party separately with a little intermixing by a few.” Perfect description of Barbados 2006.

  276. Sweets


    Sorry to tell you but the Guyanese don’t want the Barbados dollar. They convert it to a US dollar as soon as they get it. I know. I have them coming to me every day asking me if I got any US.

    But I glad your eyes open to the fact that Bajans don’t want the work. But I am going to push it a little further.. They don’t want TO work.


    Thanks for the song 😉 You hit the nail on the head! So I’m going to swim around in this fish bowl for a little more and envy the nowhere man cause he got his act together 😉 LOL

    Later People

  277. John

    We all nowhere men and women at some time in our lives!!

  278. Ronin of the Void

    thanks for the lyrics John.

    Here are some more for all to enjoy.


    I hear this old story before
    Where the people keep appealing for the metaphors
    Don’t leave much up to the imagination,
    So I, wanna give this imagery back
    But I know it just ain’t so easy like that
    So, I turn the page and read the story again
    And again and again
    It sure seems the same, with a different name
    We’re breaking and rebuilding
    And we’re growing
    Always guessing

    Never knowing
    Shocking but we’re nothing
    We’re just moments
    We’re Clever but we’re clueless
    We’re just human
    Amusing but confusing
    Were trying but where is this all leading
    Never Know

    It all happened so much faster
    Than you could say disaster
    Wanna take a time lapse
    And look at it backwards
    From the last one
    And maybe thats just the answer
    That we’re after
    But after all
    We’re just a bubble in a boiling pot
    Just one breath in a chain of thought
    The moments just combusting
    Feel certain but we’ll never never know
    Just seems the same
    Give it a different name
    We’re beggin and we’re needing
    And we’re trying and we’re breathing

    Never knowing
    Shocking but we’re nothing
    We’re just moments
    We’re Clever but we’re clueless
    We’re just human
    Amusing but confusing
    Helping, we’re building
    And we’re growing
    Never Know

    Knock knock on the door to door
    Tell ya that the metaphor is better than yours
    And you can either sink or swim
    Things are looking pretty grim
    If you dont believe in what this one feeding
    Its got no feeling
    So I read it again
    And again and again
    Just seems the same
    Too many different names
    Our hearts are strong our hands are weak
    We’ll always be competing never knowing

    Never knowing
    Shocking but we’re nothing
    We’re just moments
    We’re Clever but we’re clueless
    We’re just human
    Amusing but confusing
    But the truth is
    All we got is questions
    We’ll Never Know
    Never Know
    Never Know

    Jack Johnson

  279. noone

    Funny thing here is that in America, you would never here of a majority (whites) cry racism when defending themselves from the minority (blacks)!!!

    The whites in America would not say “He attacked me cause I am white!”.

    Remember that white in Barbados are the MINORITY!!! America tries to protect and elevate it’s minority (blacks, hispanics, asians, etc)…. Why not in Barbados that wants SOOOO badly to be just like America (with it’s food tuff in all the supermarkets, and American cable on TV, and Air Conditioning, etc)

    AND… this young boy came trespassed into the yard of 2 elderly ladies with intent to do something not so good (sure wasn’t there to offer his services to mow the lawn fro free!).

    It was her son and grandson that were called to help her…defend her!! (Police were also called but NEVER came…wonder why?!)

    So would you defend your mother from intruders????? Black or white or green….it’s your mother??

    If someone came at you OR a loved one, with on object that can be used to hurt/mame/kill….what would you do?

    I would try and save my mother/grandmother!

    If the black people want to have the whole island, let them look at Hati or Cuba…..all the whites left, and so did the money from tourism.

    No one will come to Barbados to visit, if it’s not safe….then the economy will be crap, and since the land is all built on, you couldn’t even revert back to sugar cane!! Those fellas will be too busy looking for someone else to blame for their sad lives and turn on eachother!

  280. Once2often

    Your name defines you and thoroughly supports what you have just said…

  281. Sweets


    Well said. Maybe the report this week about the sales of the 2007 World Flop is the tip of the iceberg.

    At least Guyana will profit from the whole thing! LMAO

    But like I said before…………

    It’s just BS

    Once2often.. It hurts when you true colours are shown to the world don’t it!
    I pity this island. We are so anally retentive it is not even funny anymore.

    So I would like to close with a prayer for the island.

    Our Father who art in Ilaro Court,
    Borrow be your name



  282. bp

    I’ll bet that we will not see anything in the Nation about the beating of two white boys by black adults at the Sheraton Centre last Friday night!

  283. Ronin of the Void


    Care to elaborate?

  284. bp

    One white boy got his wallet snatched in the mall, he just happens to be 15, by one of the yahoos who hang around there for just that purpose. When he tried to grab for it, he took a beating. His friend, also 15, went to help him and it is said that he ended up being a football for a few of the thief’s friends.

  285. mixedboy

    well i just happened to be there and the guy who’s wallet was snatched is 16 and is my best friend. It was harrison colleges movie bash, and the guys who snatched the wallet are believe to live in sergeants village. Also, it is said that they bought tickets from the booth to enter another movie and enjoy the entertainment provided for the HC movie bash. The music was shut off because these same guys were pulling at young girls. Then as soon as the music was shut off people just were going into the theatre. So my friend, the other guy and myself were going into the movie. When we were in the corridor, my friend was putting his wallet back into his pocket after purchasing an item. Then someone snatched it and he said” gimme bak my wallet, it has in my id card”, and the coins in the wallet were thrown on the ground and this group of boys were all scampering pivking it up. And one of the guys ran out the entrance to that particular theatre and my friend said to give him back his wallet. And he lied, i dont have your wallet, so immediately i went to the security guard, who was about 10 metres away and told him that my friends wallet was stolen and the guys who stole it were in the corridor, and he replied that he cant do anything if my friend doesnt come to complain themselves. So i went looking for my friend and the other guy so he could go to the securtiy officer. Then i just saw guys running out of the emergency exit. I didnt not pay it anymind thinking that they were other people. Then about 15 minutes later, i looked outside to the main entrance and saw my friend and the other guy bleeding because he was hit by big rocks. So immediately i went outside and asked my friend if he got back the wallet and he told me his finger was broken when he caught up with the guy and the other guy was beat up by the other gang members. The boys looked around age 14-17. So the gang threw rocks and kicked the other guy all about by the bus-stop closest to sheraton centre in sergeants village where 2 men and a woman picked up rocks to let them leave the boys but the boys threw rocks at them and left. Then my friend with his broken finger was cuffed down by 2 people who just ran off and 2 of the people at the bus stop helped them back to sheraton centre. I was extremely angry with the security officer because if he had just gone straight to the corridor when i reported it, this would not have gone so far. And also it was reported that when another friend of mine, that same night was walking through the same corridor, that the boys asked him for 2 dollars and proceded to go into his back pocket and he chucked that person and then he pulled a knife on them and they ran. The security in that place is a jOKE .


  286. ross

    That’s what I heard too. But where were the million and one security guards that are employed there?

  287. ross

    mixedboy, you did the right thing, the guard did the wrong thing.

    I notice the guards at Sheraton have SAFE written on their shirts? Did he have SAFE written on his shirt? If he did and if that is the name of the security company supposedly keeping the public SAFE at Sheraton Centre, they need firing.

  288. mixedboy

    ye ross,

    i noticed the guards had “safe” on their shirts. And i knew that the guard i consulted is the supervisor from a past experience.

  289. John


    The issue is crime and violence in our society.

    Here is a suggestion.

    You and your friend are consumers of a product, the show at the cinema.

    What comes with the product is security and the assurance you can enjoy your night out and watch the show in peace.

    You, your friend and probably many others did not get what you paid for.

    The cinema owner and mall propietor have a duty to provide adequate security, in this case it sounds as though it was not provided.

    Complain to them. All businesses in the mall have a vested interest in a satisfactory outcome.

    Don’t leave this as an unreported crime.

    If you know of other instances where this has happened, and nothing was done, organise yourselves and let the public know.

    Your dollar is important to Sheraton Mall and the Cinema owner.

    I have had a run in with a group from the Sargeant’s Village area one Saturday night about 8 years ago. It was not at Sheraton, but just outside and had nothing to do with Sheraton. In fact it was a while after Sheraton closed that night.

    In all probability it wasn’t the same group as by now they would all be up in their 20’s and matured a bit more. So I am not surprised to hear of this event.

    The police were called and luckily things ended amicably.

  290. Jay

    First of all, I am white.
    Second of all, all this bickering and fighting gets all of us no where and no better off in the world. With all thats going on in the world today, we as a country are still fighting the white and black issue. This is rediculous, and even more so that this issue if being blown out of proportion.

    I dont agree that teh boy shoulda get beat down the way he did, but at the same time, whether you white or black and someone tresspass on your property, you are not going to sit back an do nothing, obviously you are goin to react.

    How dis boy get let off for tresspassing I am shocked about and it reflects badly on our legal system in Barbados.

    The media has blown this issue completly out of proportion and it is putting negative views in the minds of those who want to think negatively. Put food in front a hungry man and he going eat it…thats exactly what the Nation has done with this incident. Racism clearly sells newspapers for them, and it is an embarressment to our legal system that justice is not goin to be served based on laws, but on public “racist” views. Is it okay to enter someones property with intent to take something thats not yours? NO! Does teh boys age excuse him? NO…clearly he has had no guidance…blame his parents, surely they arent helping his development by pushing this issue in the courts. He needs to be disciplined.

    Second of all, why is it that the first conclusion to be drawn by blacks is racism? Who are the ones always pressing the racism issues in Barbados? I had nothing to do with slavery..neither did you. As far as I am concerned, all races were enslaved back in history, there were black slave owners the same way they had white ones. It doesnt make it right…and fighting over racism today gets ALL BAJANS no where. We are supposed to be a nation moving forward, lets live for teh future and not the past.

  291. james

    Are you crazy ??

    I am a black bajan- non resident, and if someone invaded/ broke into my house and tried to hurt my son or family, i’ll cut his ass off whether black or white if i had the chance.
    We need to stop the hating. Many of us black people ought to be ashamed of ourselves, you’re just glad for the opportunity to jump on this white man case regardless of the evidence – just because it is a black/ white case. Just like O.J. de man kill his wife and get away wid murder because awe black people want to defend black O.J. How many of us would just sit back and let anyone regardless of race / age or gender invade our home and try to hurt us ?Have we lost all sense of reason, because of race. I’m no high class black person, but I know Mark Goodridge and family personally and they are far from racist.
    Shame on you Barbados. I’m disgusted !!!
    It is a shame, what you have put this honest hard working man and family through.

  292. frank archer

    I think that the real point is missed. A crim is a crim, but there has never been an open honest discussion about skin colour in barbados. It is in every part of Bajan society. Whites have it as well, who is more Euro-looking, among blacks-who is lighter/whiter. It is an unfortunate part of Imperial colonialism. It will never go away until whites tell blacks what it is they don’t like about them or what it is that they do like about them & vice-versa. I would find it strange if whites would not admit that the most of blacks in Bim are honest & hard-working. I believe a lot of them them still cling to the old stigma of a poorer time when blacks would steal. If whites were in a similar posotion, would it be any different? There was a case where a white bank employee stole form his work place& it seemed to be taken as en exception to the rule. All tribes employ nepotism. The notion of white supremacy by skin is global & it is rare that a white person will engage their own race on the subject. Because they do enjoy the edge, even when the non-white is more educated or richer. The same can be said of blacks who seem to enjoy the sexual prowess “thing”. What is sad that after all this time, the two tribes can’t get along when they both want the same thing, not even in the same ratios. Very few blacks want what the white man has except to be treated like a human & to be able to speak or interact with out fear. I can say that there is bitterness among blacks about colonialism but that view would change with white people not speaking down to them, are any whites willing to admit that some of their own are racist & offer a solution as how to coexist? Both tribes think it will die down & things will go back to the way it was. I saw some deep resentment from some obvious whites in this blog. Do they think all blacks want to get rid of them? As far as I see it they both need one another. “A little less love, a little more truth, & let’s see where where we land” -from the sci-fi TV series Invasion. I am not afraid to put my name or email as I believe that if everybody gets all their stuff off their chest there can truly be a beginning of harmony when we know what ticks the other off OR we can build better fences to make better neighbours. An interesting point for the future that in a few years, this scenario will repeat as another racial group, the Indo-Guyanese makes it presence felt. And the feelings the whites are having will be picked up by the blacks. Let’s keep talking.

  293. Jane

    Wasn’t 11 December the date set down for the hearing of this matter and will we hear anything?

  294. Getting BYE

    Why is Adrian so racist? He has now revealed that he is not only racist but prejudiced against anyone he considers too light or high brown or anyone with hair too straight or whatever he said…cannot be bothered to re-read his list.

    Some things just don’t have anything to do with colour. Give us a break Adrian…if only for the Holiday Season.

    December 29th, 2006 at 12:05 am
    Why does the Prime Minister have to make a statement? You getting on like Barbados is two bit Banana republic. We know it is not, But Mr. Fearless, some other British compatriots and others seem to think it is. We need to treat these light sking Law breakers the way we treated Mick Jagger one time girl friend or wife Jerry Hall. From the time the Police told him to remove the lock and he did not comply he should have been arrested for disobeying a lawfull order. We as a country have refuse to apply the law to persons base on their social standing. A lot of expatriates has seen plenty a white people in Barbados breaking the law and not being held accountable. They saw Peter Morgan destroy property of the crown up at a round about. They saw Phillip Pile snubbing his nose at the due process of time honoured Labour practices in Barbados, they saw Two white men beat a lil black boy and nearly got away with it, they saw the Sledgley’s charge for racial incitement on a highway and walk away from justice. They saw a halfwhite columbian escape, so they say from Glendairy, never to be seen again, they saw Eddie D’andrade a highbrown sking man wid striaght hair, steal from hard working Bajans and walk way, back to Canada. The list is long and one-sided. I have said it with regard to race relations, and i will say with regards to applying the law without fear of favour, Members of the landed gentry need to held to higher standard in both these areas. There is a significant lack of personal responsibility coming from some members of this group.

    Getting BYE
    December 29th, 2006 at 12:46 pm
    You back on Goodridge and son?

    I got new information for you regarding that case.
    You may want to check out whether your “lil black boy” who was allegedly beat was in actuallity the lil boy you profess or a 6′-2″ individual with a record of violence who had been kicked out of school due to the same behaviour.

    Can’t you get proper information on what is happening from abroad? You must be asking all the wrong questions. Not that I am surprised since you only have one motive: proliferate underhanded racism.

    Time to stop condoning bad behaviour because someone is a black or white, or light Adrian, and admit that unfortunately Barbados does not have the necessary capabilities at the Government Industrial School to rehabilitate these type of individuals as evidenced by your “lil black boy.”

    p.s. Hate that term “lil black boy”why must we always minimize and victimize ourselves -We can stand counted now you know Adrian.

  295. George Walker

    Can this be the Mark Goodridge I taught Spanish to in 1970-72 at Harrison College?

    I got to know him well as he invited me to go fishing several times with his ma & pa in a little motor boat. I caught several huge fish and had a great time, the throat lubricated with Banks’s and Doorly’s!

    I’m sorry he is in such a mess, as his family gave me a lot of nice memories of my time on the island. They lived ‘above’ the Gertz supermarket.
    None of them ever made racist remarks that I can remember. It’s sad….

    George Walker

  296. maybe, maybe not Hal Husbands

    I have endured racism by people who do not know my family and they background. Over the years certain members of the Government use Racism as a way to rob the country og it’s cultural values. I know well. Its was my family who were the colonist who handed over the country to Errol Barrow to get us out of this mess. Now myself and David Thompson will finish this ugly stamp impaled on the people of Barbados.

  297. Dr. Watson

    Seems that a little digging can find some interesting findings. Here’s some words to get you really thinking…..The Nation was the only paper really running this story at the time. The Editor of the Nation had recently gone through a very long and difficult divorce from his wife. The attorney representing his now ex-wife……good guess Sherlock, none other than the accused Mr. Mark Goodridge. Remember what your mother taught you about believing the things your read. Ok nuff said.

  298. Dominga

    I do not leave a response, but after browsing a lot of remarks on this page
    Barbados Lawyer Wanted For Beating Of Teen – Thoughts Of Racial Tension, White Privilege & Black Attitudes | Barbados Free Press.

    I actually do have 2 questions for you if it’s allright. Is it just me or does it look like a few of the comments come across as if they are left by brain dead individuals? 😛 And, if you are writing at additional online social sites, I would like to keep up with anything fresh you have to post. Could you post a list of the complete urls of your social networking sites like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?

  299. 173

    Lack of education AND simplemindedness seems to be a major problem for the majority of those who have tried to make this a racial issue … sad times when people hold their own progress back and try to blame skin colour for their problems

  300. @173
    You may not have had the same experiences as others here, so speak fuh yaa self.

  301. @173
    It’s sad times when apologists of your prototype, endeavors to reason away the facts; its the uncle Tom syndrome,isn’t it?

  302. The Oracle

    I don’t care how old they are or what color they be…if they are on my property uninvited looking to whatever, I don’t care what/why they are doing there. These days make it mandatory for me to fill them full of holes and I will. Who don’t like that can kiss my ass.

  303. John

    I am more interested to know all have paid their dues!!

    All this talk about respect and discipline better mean all are paid up!!

  304. respect is earned, not granted gratuitously

    BFP, Goodridge is not the story.

    While the elevation of the lawyers to Q.C. status is definitely one of the stories, it is the address by the CJ asking for respect for a court system that, to a large degree, has ceased to function as a result of many judges not diligently, fairly and impartially carrying out their duties. Barbados has a court system that permits unreasonable and unconscionable delays.

    Maybe these QC’s can help clean up their profession and encourage positive and real change in the court system including supporting judges who are fair, reasonable and impartial?

  305. Well Well

    So appears that it never came out that Goodridge paid money to the family to discontinue whatever evil deed that got him caught up in that mess……………..the police themselves should have been arrested for the treatment of the kid. Barbados still lives in a twilight zone where the truth is often foreign.

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  307. The Oracle

    Goodridge should never have paid a cent to the family…if he caught intruders on his property he should have filled them with holes.

  308. Bajan Abroad

    A man is entitled to anything in this life. We need to remember that. It is not about what circumstances that you have, it is about what you make of them. Pigment has nothing to do with it, unless you choose to make that your crutch. It is in our nature to blame outside factors on our own failings.
    If the man in question has committed a crime then bring forth the evidence and let him be tried……..that’s how the law is supposed to work.
    Barbados, you really don’t need this right now. The politicians will use this to distract from their own failings. Is there racism in Barbados – for sure. Does this make it different to anywhere else? – no.

    I remember vividly the names I was called in school and how I was singled out for my skin pigmentation. I am white. Racism has no colour.

  309. Bentoe

    Bajan Abroad
    Racism has more to do with equality of the law. Equality of opportunity and equality conditions, rather than skin-color alone. And it troubles me greatly when some whites ( people ) think that they can speak to the experiences of all black people. Racism is real and evident in our world today. And it would be stupid for me to tell you, or anyone for that matter, that you haven’t experienced racism because of your racial- background. You may not have had the kind of experiences others may have had. But that does not negate the fact that the issue skin -color doesn’t exist any longer.
    Yes, some people have a tendency to play the race-card, no doubt about it; however, there are legitimate issues of racial discrimination that some seems to ignore.

  310. Bentoe

    @Bajan Abroad

    Trust me when I say to you that your skin-color still offers you real benefits in this world. Just try walking through one of the wealthy neighborhoods in America, painted in black. And test my hypothesis.

  311. Bajan Abroad

    @Bentoe – What does the USA have to do with this we are talking about Barbados. You mean like Michael Jordan or Tiger Wood’s Neighborhood (and the list goes on)? OK, I am being facetious calm down.

    I not saying Racism does not exist……..just that we need to change peoples minds one at a time. As for the incident in the article I cannot comment I was not there. To me one has a right to self defense of person and property. Was that the case here? I do not know. Was the kid a trouble maker? Was excessive force used? Did he intend to commit crime? Was he taking a stroll? I don’t know.

    Were the recent shooting of two tourists in Bridgetown or the robbery and inappropriate fondling of two tourists racially motivated? I don’t know. I believe the victims were ‘white’ and the assailants ‘black’. Why is this getting more ‘racial’ attention than those cases? Because it is easy and sensational, and appeals to a (rapidly becoming more) mindless populace that why.

    I guess the courts either are completely in favor of of protecting white/red/black elitists or perhaps there was some merit to the case perhaps self defense. Perhaps there both are true in certain circumstances. Whatever.

    At the end of the day I will go on with my life and try to make the world a better place and not react to an increasingly sensationalized media. Deal with facts if you can get them. If not do not jump to conclusions.

  312. Bajan Abroad

    they are not there

  313. 224

    This episode happened since 2006!! Was it brought up again to take the minds of Barbadians off the dismal financial & economical condition of this country? just asking!!!

  314. Bajan Abroad

    right you are 224

  315. Sam

    As you have stated:” At and the end of the day you will go on with your life…” You have my blessings. Now, no one is claiming that every altercation involving opposite race __white /black__ is racially motivated. But sometimes in these kinds of incidents, the verbal exchange__ racial epithets__ really determine the thought –process of the person or persons perpetrating the assault. And judging from what has been written here regarding this assault. It is quite difficult to convince me that this incident was not racial motivated. When the report clearly shows the white male (aggressor) assaulting the black male (Victim). While he shoots from the hip racial- epithets at the black youth.

  316. Good day! I simply wish to give an enormous thumbs up for the great info you could have right here on this post.

    I can be coming again to your blog for more soon.


    green, if you get rid of the whites you would be getting rid of people that were there before i not saying that some or most bajan whites want a hard lash .but if you killed them or did anything to them you could believe England would send in the army to blow you all to pieces.
    and of course there would no more tourism.
    you like you got the brain of a green monkey..!!!!!

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  320. question #67

    Looks like Goodridge bought himself out of criminal charges.

    Only the elites with money can do this. Ordinary folk don’t have that option.