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Graeme Hall National Park – “An Oasis In A Concrete Urban Jungle”

Adrian Loveridge writes about last Saturday’s public meeting at the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary and the proposal to establish a Graeme Hall National Park.

Adrian mentions the very objectionable advert placed by water park developer Kerins. We’ve been meaning to re-publish the entire advert with our comments. Maybe tomorrow if we can find the time. (We do have real lives here at BFP you know!)

Here is Adrian’s report on the meeting…

As one of several hundred people attending the recent meeting convened by the Friends of Graeme Hall, there can be no doubt of the strength of feeling not to locate the Caribbean Splash water park near the site of the nature sanctuary.

It must also be abundantly clear to the developer that despite his offensive paid advertisements, that many people are not opposed to the concept of a water park, but simply were it is located.

I also think the proposal to incorporate the nature sanctuary into an enlarged national park is a wonderful idea.

Standing on the ridge overlooking the beautifully manicured facility and looking down on the wetlands, you can almost imagine what could be created and what a truly magnificent national asset for both locals and visitors it could be.

From a tourism perspective our policymakers frequently seem to forget that we are marketing Barbados to a rapidly aging population.

It is estimated by 2020 that the average age of a visitor to our shores will be 65 years old.

If the ‘experts’ are correct I cannot see this age group cavorting over a 75 feet high waterside.

But I can visualise them sitting by a lake, watching interesting birds and wildlife, feeding the mud shark and taking gentle walks or bicycle rides in a peaceful verdant oasis while a concrete urban jungle continues growing around them.

Adrian Loveridge, 15 October 2006

Adrian runs “Peach & Quiet” resort on the south coast.


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Barbados Political Party Websites – Update

DLP Website

The DLP sent us notice that they have now posted a list of candidates and their photos – so we couldn’t resist a little peek. (link here)

First impressions…

– No lack of enthusiasm as the page is called The Next Government Of Barbados

– The vast majority of candidates are male, black. Looks like the DLP (so far) has one woman and one lighter-skinned male as candidates.


– Prize for the absolute worst candidate photo of all time goes to Michael Lashley for his impression of a drug dealer’s mug shot. Seriously, Michael, you don’t always look like that, do you? (All in good fun folks – none of the BLP or DLP folks would be in politics if they couldn’t take a poke or two!)

– We still can’t see any definitive statement on the DLP website concerning Conflict of Interest and Integrity Legislation. How about it, Mr. Thompson. Do you mean it or not really?

BLP Website

Ho-Hum. The “news” section of the BLP Website contains only the latest little rant seen in the papers and the BLP blog. (Full Marks On Energy Pricing)

The “Publications” page hasn’t been updated in over five years, since August 30, 2001. A June 8, 2001 entry is still valid though…

June 8th, 2001
Media Urged To Play a Greater Role

Media personnel in the Caribbean have a pivotal role to play in educating the public about the preservation of the environment and of the dangers facing the same. This reminder came yesterday from Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Billie Miller, during the closing ceremony of the Caribbean Broadcasting Union’s media symposium on “Marine Resources, Use In Economic Development”, at the Grand Barbados Hotel.

BLP Blog

The BLP Blog might be nothing more than an advertising vehicle for the Barbados Labour Party – but give them credit. They leave some very harsh comments up for all to see. They don’t answer every criticism, and ignore any issue where the readers pin them to the wall (and there are a quite a few!) – but at least they have the courage to leave the negative comments up as well as the positive ones.

Then again, as one BFP reader pointed out, the BLP Blog has turned out to be a chinese finger trap for the party. Once in, can’t get out gracefully.

No doubt they regret their initial enthusiastic announcement that the Prime Minister would engage in an open chat session on the blog. Oh well!

All Barbados Political Party Websites

The Barbados Free Press maintains a list of all known Barbados Political Party Websites. We’d appreciate knowing about any not on the list.

Website Links – Barbados Political Parties, Candidates


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BBC’s Profile On Barbados – Disturbing or Disturbingly Truthful?

Some of the comments being made by BFP readers regarding the perceived racial nature of the beating of a 15 year-old young man highlight the struggles that each of us still face on this island.

See the comments sections of BFP articles Barbados Lawyer Wanted For Beating Of Teen and also British Airways Suspends Christian Employee For Wearing Cross.

Is Barbados more racist than other islands and other countries? Do we have unresolvable racial issues in the makeup of our society?

The BBC Country Profile of Barbados says this…

But sometimes (the two heritages – African and British) brim with latent tension – between the affluent white community, which owns and controls the economy, funds political parties and exercises an indirect influence on government policy, and the majority black Barbadians.

We are no strangers to “the look” here are BFP – from both sides. Mixed marriages in Barbados have all the regular challenges of any “normal” marriage, and also have their own special challenges.

Whatever the outcome of the situation surrounding Barbados Attorney Mark Goodridge, we look forward to the day when all Bajans are merely… Bajans.

* Thanks to BFP reader K who pointed out the BBC website to us.


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Will The Last Barbados Police Officer Please Turn Off The Lights…


Barbados Police Need Better Pay To Attract & Keep The Best

Today’s Nation News again presents another “feel good” promotional piece without questions or analysis – this time on behalf of Attorney-General Dale Marshall. I hope they charged him for the election advertising!

The Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF) has instituted some new training with the Cave Hill School of Business, and Mr. Marshall decided to make human resources development the theme of his talk at the 50th Anniversary of the Regional Police Training Centre.

Anything that can be done to provide training resources to the RBPF is alright with us, but it really doesn’t address the core concern with policing in Barbados: the RBPF is unable to attract and keep the best because the pay scale is a disgrace.

As we have pointed out before…

Rule of law and personal safety are foundational to any country that relies upon tourism as much as Barbados does. Without a highly trained, professional police force, we can kiss those tourist dollars goodbye.

Very shortsighted on the part of the Owen Arthur government – who find lots of cash available for pet projects, cricket and fancy golf courses…

Article Links…

The Nation News: A-G Points Way Forward

Barbados Free Press:

Bermuda Police In Barbados To Steal Our Best and Brightest Officers

Photo: Nation News – Over To You! The baton being passed on after 50 years from the oldest policeman trained at the RPTC, Winfield Cummins (left) to youngest current trainee Kerri Gibson. (Picture by Antonio Miller.)


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Barbados Lawyer Wanted For Beating Of Teen – Thoughts Of Racial Tension, White Privilege & Black Attitudes

Queen's Counsel Barbados

UPDATED April 27, 2013: Lawyer Mark Goodridge named Queen’s Counsel

“The honour which you have garnered has come at the price of your continued respect of the court system in which you work and of which you have been officers since the date of your admission to practise law,” Sir Marston told them.

“Those junior to you in years called, and in years born, will look to you for guidance and leadership. They must continue to receive it and to see it demonstrated, not only in your words, but in your actions, particularly in your respect for Her Majesty’s judges and her courts,” he said.

And with the words: “May I invite you to take your seat at the Inner Bar?”Sir Marston welcomed Deputy Solicitor General Donna Brathwaite, Speaker of Parliament Michael Carrington, Brian Clarke, Stephen Farmer, Hal Gollop, Mark Goodridge, Deputy Clerk of Parliament Nigel Jones, Milton Pierce and Stephen Walcott as new QCs.

Full story at The Nation Show Respect to Judges

BFP’s original story first published October 16, 2006…


Barbados Police Issue “Wanted Man” Alert For Attorney Mark Winston Goodridge

Excerpts From The Nation News (link here)…

POLICE LAST NIGHT issued a “Wanted Man” release for a 53-year-old attorney-at-law.

Mark Winston Goodridge, of Cattlewash, St Joseph, is wanted for questioning in connection with the report alleging the beating of a 15-year-old boy in Highgate Gardens, St Michael, on October 6.

Police are also seeking the assistance of a male member of Goodridge’s family for questioning about the same matter.

Police sources told the DAILY NATION last night detectives were unable to locate Goodridge over the weekend …

Investigations into the Highgate Gardens incident were reopened last weekend after the SATURDAY SUN published a story and photograph which involved the family of the 15-year-old boy crying racism and charging that the Wildey, St Michael youth was so badly beaten about the face they could not recognise him.

Police have charged the youngster with unlawful possession of a scissors and trespassing in the upscale St Michael neighbourhood.

He has been remanded to the Government Industrial School for having the scissors but the trespassing charge was dismissed.

… Since the incident was publicised, there has been a public outcry about the allegations, which also included one that the boy was referred to as a “black nigger”.

Our Take On This Story: More Questions Than Answers Right Now

Race and racial issues are never far from the surface in Barbados – as is the case with any nation where black slavery shaped so much of the history and culture. Every business deal, social outing or meeting on the street has a racial context whether in the mind or not. Say what you like, race is a part of our social-consciousness and a reality of living in our country.

It is no surprise then, that this story of a dark-skinned young man beaten by an upper-class light-skinned lawyer is much more about race than any crime. The comments on this blog are divided with some already pronouncing “racism” as the motive for the beating and others questioning what the young man was doing in the community. (As if a dark-skinned average citizen shouldn’t be walking on a public road in certain areas.) Continue reading


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Hello To Bubba In Europe

Hi folks…

Just a little private message to Bubba in Europe. Hope you all understand why this is necessary sometimes.


Please email us the exact name of the company, the address, phone numbers, the personnel and as much detail as you can. A photo or scan of the phone book would also be helpful.
A photo of the company location would be great! A photo of the certain person going in or out would be first class!



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