U.S. Ambassador To Barbados Mary Ourisman Sworn In: Grandson Sparks Washington Deluge of Visits To Barbados Free Press

The adult grandson of the new US Ambassador to Barbados has sparked a deluge of visits to the Barbados Free Press website – coming from Washington D.C. and (so far) the capitol cities of over thirty countries around the world.

Apple Computer consultant Josh Ourisman attended the October 11th, Washington D.C. swearing in ceremony for his grandmother, Mary Ourisman, and then posted about it on his blog JoshOurisman.Com. The article describes the various diplomats and jet-set crowd who attended the ceremony – including Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and the ambassadors from many countries.

Josh Ourisman’s article also contains a link to the Barbados Free Press story New US Ambassador To Barbados Mary Ourisman “Cute, Blonde” …and Hot.

That BFP called the new ambassador “Hot” is obviously viewed with some humour by the Ourisman family and others. It seems that the diplomatic community around the world has picked up the comment – perhaps through some sort of newsletter or online community – and this has resulted in the hundreds of hits coming in on our previous story.

Welcome Diplomats & Jet-Setters!

We hope you enjoy your visit to the Barbados Free Press. You might want to check out our Hot Issues page for some other very interesting articles.

The world is truly becoming very small when one connection results in so many new and esteemed visitors to this little blog on our little island.

Amazing. Just amazing.


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16 responses to “U.S. Ambassador To Barbados Mary Ourisman Sworn In: Grandson Sparks Washington Deluge of Visits To Barbados Free Press

  1. Anonymous

    you want a prize or something now? honestly you’re blowing your horn a bit too much lately. i really am beginning to believe that outside of this blog you people have nothing to validate you.

  2. West Side Davie

    People who are interested in blogging, new media, human rights issues and politics are always given hope when this blog and others get noticed by the outside world. The little people finally have a voice because everyone can own a press now.

    Anonymous and others who have controlled information for so long must be horrified that a simple link between BFP and the blog of the US Ambassador’s grandson has brought the diplomatic crowd and other influential persons to read who-knows-what at Barbados Free Press.

    Too bad anonymous: the world changed. You don’t like it, but neither you nor the government can control information like you used to. That must be why you were so upset about the BFP story that 60% of Barbados is now online.

    Tough luck!

  3. Green!

    Anon. should remove the link to this website from his list of ‘Favourites'(Internet Explorer)
    or ‘Bookmarks'(Firefox)
    on his web-browser.

    That way, he wouldn’t be tempted to return to this boring,un-informative site that doesn’t exclusively handle juicy Bajan Politics subject matter,
    a genre he thought this website was entirely dedicated to.

    And yes, W.S.Davie, I think you got it..
    the new world information order of instant communication via internet,email,Skype and suchlike
    must be disturbing to those with vested interests in with-holding information to maintain Control.

    Next thing yuh know,
    Barbados may actually have alternative private TV stations,
    instead of just the one Gov’t.-controlled “thing” lurking on the pasture
    next door to Pine Hill Dairy!
    (DirecTV doesn’t count as another TV station, sorry)

  4. Out dey in Bim

    I agree with you there West side Davie and Green,I believe that the BLP crowd must be nervous about this site because for the first time the average man can now comment on things he has held bottled up for fear of victimisation from this administration and people on the outside can read it and not just have the gov’t spin or the drivel put out by the local media.

    Long live the BFP.

  5. Did you really get that many hits through me? Wow, I wasn’t aware the worldwide diplomatic community even knew I had a blog. 🙂

  6. BFP

    Hi Josh

    Many of the hits are coming through your link, but about a hundred more came independently from DC & Maryland area IP’s and other (primarily capitol) cities around the world.

    Our thoughts are that there must be an email or newsletter or something like that circulating out there in the diplomatic community. Can you make some enquiries and advise? We’re just curious and we’d love to know how all this happened in a matter of about ten hours.



  7. BFP

    And Josh…

    Please pass along our sincere congratulations to your grandmother. It is a great honour to be chosen to represent your country abroad.

    (And no offense Josh. We still can’t picture her as a grandmother!)


  8. Green!

    Ah boy..the wonders of the internet, nuh!
    No wonder the Chinese Government disallows huge chunks of it to their subjects:

    dis internet ting cud cause nuff trouble, yuh.
    All this freedom of speech and expressing of open opinions. tsk tsk..

    Says a lot,too, that people have to wait until there’s an anonymous medium thru which they might express their opinions.
    Why can’t they do so openly?
    Suppression? mental slavery? what?


    ditto , lol, luving it

  10. Anonymous

    Barbados Free Press bloggers remind me of the house slaves. It’s almost pathetic. First of all the guy says “it’s kinda weird people are calling my grandmother hot”, and they feel honoured that they were mentioned on his blog… (ahh Toby, we in d’ big house now!) then, they marvel at how the grandson has come to see their blog posting on the Internet (when even my cat shows up on on a Google search), and then by some algorithmic deduction, concluded that their blog is being circulated in an online diplomatic community or forum – which, as yet, isn’t even known to exist. Will someone please give these people a bone for their narcissism? Or maybe some recognition for their desperate cry for validation?

    Diplomatic community WHAT. You idiots feel people have time to waste with this bootleg Bajan version of the Enquirer?

    IF you were concerned about news and the common good, you would have by now drawn attention to today’s back page of the Nation that speaks to the attack on the young boy in Highgate Gardens… or is this not sensational enough for you?

    Damn fools.

  11. ross

    Oh Oh! Anon got problems again.

  12. Jason

    Say what you want Anon. Barbados Free Press has changed the face of Bajan politics forever. BLP started their blog like a knee-jerk reaction because of BFP. They did not know that it is a Chinese finger trap. Can’t get out now.

    In ten years the technology of the net will probably be the primary source of everyone’s news and information. Blackberry devices and such for everyone everywhere.

    Your information cartel is dead and you don’t even know it.

  13. Pat

    I think Anonymous suffers alternately from ‘cold sweats’ and ‘hot flashes’. It seems to be a hot flash now. lol.

    He/she is making themselves the clown of this blog.

  14. Anonymous

    Well all uh we is clows together – jonny. I will continue to post on the shate I see on this site because yall seem good foolish and rush to eat up everything these other ‘anonymous’ bloggers say.

  15. Velzo

    The thing is that the BLP site is a dead site.

  16. Trevor C

    Ten Ducks in Iraq

    The clatter of the helicopters hovering over the roof of the US Embassy in Baghdad can just be heard faintly, for now. But the slippery slope of a USA failure in Iraq is clearly on the horizon. Why?

    From the perspective of the Bajan democratic centre, Washington under the leadership of Pres. George Bush has made ten major errors with respect to the war in Iraq and will be declared defeated next week by the sensible centre of American politics.

    1. The primary pre-war error was the fundamental strategic error of going to war under an erroneous pretext that has left America diplomatically friendless and morally naked.

    2. The dissolution of the Iraq army leaving nearly a million trained soldiers to “ hunt for themselves” created instantly a trained army of resistance.

    3. The sacking of all Baath Party civil servants and professionals left the county without a core civil management team.

    4. The colonialization of the once proud Babylonian nation by Bremmer and his mercenary Haliburton crew produced a tsunami of animosity towards the occupiers.

    5. The fundamental mistake of believing that one could parachute in western democracy into a complex multi-ethnic, multi-religious state that has never known democracy was gross arrogance. At the same time as the democracy word is used as a beacon of the new way, the Bush Govt’s two closest allies in the region are Saudi Arabia and Pakistan both undemocratic, both dictatorships indicating hypocrisy.

    6. The failure to anticipate the anti-occupation reaction from across the region has given succour and strength to the nationalist radical Islamists. This has created and in some cases justified the Hammas radical Palestinian Government: the absolute breakdown in the Peace Process : the rise of Hezbollah in once Christian Lebanon: the radicalization of Syria: and the new powerful political presence of the virulently anti-USA Iran. Without genuine dialogue with both Syria and Iran
    Washington will never “win” in Iraq.

    7. The failure of the new Iraq Government (sic) to regain its patrimony or to deliver any sense of a national state is the fault of the power of the US presence. The Iraq Government is seen as a Vichy force of acquiescence.

    8. The absolute failure to offer the Iraqi people a basic set of development necessities, peace, power, housing, water, jobs, education and health is unforgivable. Sadam’s regime at least provided core development imperatives.

    9. The lack of an historical understanding of the core cultures in Iraq led to numerous errors aided and abetted by the anti-Islam hatred endemic in the US forces. (See Abu Graev). This anti-Islam mind-set is a direct result of (mis)believing that Saddam was responsible for 9/11.

    10. The ever present US forces on the ground produces an indigenous counter-force that is nothing less than a national liberation struggle: an anti-colonial struggle that the US mistakenly believes is the work of Al Queda. The continuing US troop presence is making the unrest in Iraq far worse not better. With a US military force on the ground in Iraq there is no chance of a victory for either side.

    There is a bipartisan commission Chaired by (old family friend) former Sec. Baker that will recommend critical changes in strategy in Iraq. For any substantive change the American people will need to vote overwhelmingly for Democrats in November.

    Trevor C
    Trevor Campbell
    St Lucy