Madonna Buys African Child – UPDATED


UPDATED: October 16, 2006 16:00GMT

Madonna Baby Flown From Africa On Private Jet 

Revulsion, hate or a little of both. I can’t decide what my emotions are…

Excerpts from the New York Post

Madonna, the sluttish, egomaniacal mother-of-the-century has topped even her most revolting self. She plans to remove a baby from the loving arms of his dirt-poor father, in one of the most desperate nations on earth.

…Days ago, she lined up 12 African boys – tots hand-selected for her perusal. She picked out a 1-year-old, David, to take home in her luggage.

The boy selected in this freakish slave auction is no AIDS orphan. He’s got a biological father, plus a granny – but was placed in an orphanage after his mother died. His family loves him. They just can’t afford him.

If Madonna possessed a speck of sanity or shame, she would write a generous check. Instead, the boy’s father says he is thrilled at the prospect of a wealthy American carting off his progeny.

….Malawi is making an exception to its law that forbids foreigners from adopting a baby. Living proof that money talks.

…In exchange for her human package, she will pour $3 million into a center to help 1,000 Malawi orphans.

Read the entire revolting tale at the New York Post (link here)


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20 responses to “Madonna Buys African Child – UPDATED

  1. 1st POST!!

    That is kinda weird having them line up and the picking one….sorta like the slave master inspecting all the slaves in a row for the best/healthiest looking nigger and then taking him/her home….but I guess it’s a new thing for celebs all wanting a child from a third world country….i dunno, maybe I’m just perverted but if my step mom was Madonna hahaha


    Wait a min…sorry for the double post you guys, but I re-thought this whole situation. How is what Madonna did any different for how “normal” people adopt a child? Isn’t it the normal procedure for the parents looking for the baby to adopt to choose it out of the many at the orphanage? Madonna did the same, just kinda bluntly……and that reporter, she seems to be anti-Madonna or something….and finally the part on the payment…it’s obviously much wiser to give 3-million to an orphanage to help several children then just give it to father.

  3. Green!

    – maybe she shoulda left him there?
    – or bin forced to take the whole village home with her?

    oh no..I know what… she shoulda bin forced to take the whole of Africa home with her,
    since they obviously don’t know how to run their affairs, do they!

    Africa’s a MESS!
    – WHY?
    Is it the Colonial white man’s fault?

    Am I am mess becoz my parents brought me up wrong?
    and now I’m psychologically-‘scarred’?

    NO, I’m old enough now to make my own corrections, to get over it,
    to make adjustments and let the ‘water under the bridge’ GO!
    Get Therapy!

    I’m a big boy now, I’m independent,
    and I can manage my own affairs,
    but can you? Can Africa?

    Frankly BFP shouldn’t have posted a silly article like this that will only inflame black/white, have/have-not sentiments.
    Madonna needs a life.
    Africa needs a life.
    God knows the poor lil kid needed a life
    – and Madonna provided it.

    He’s the luckiest child in all of Africa.
    We should be grateful for that,
    but we won’t be, will we?!

    Maybe she should take him right back home,
    and return him to his parents..
    so he kin ketch-axx like the rest of them.
    Would you be satisfied with that?

  4. ross

    We all know, some better than others, that money talks.

    This story is troubling but when you are starving, seeing disease, death and abject poverty around you every day and have little hope, you are bound to have different priorities and a very different perspective.

  5. Harvard Girl

    The New York Post writer is correct. Madonna could have left the child with his father and provided the resources to lift the entire family from poverty. She could have provided job skills training to each of the family and the foundations for independence and self-sufficiency – literacy, some goats, some tools. Doesn’t take much to accomplish something anywhere in Africa.

    She could have “adopted” the entire village and allowed the son to remain with the father. She could have lifted the child without destroying its language and culture.

  6. Harvard Girl

    I don’t blame the father. Not at all.

  7. Green!

    And if she had adopted the entire village,
    all like you so would now be clamouring “why she din’t adopt the whole NATION?”

    And if she’s spent her entire acumulated wealth on the whole nation,
    all like you so would be clamouring
    “Why she din’t adopt the whole of Africa and solve their un-solvable problems?”

    Long ago I adopted the hard cruel politically-NON-correct attitude that Africa is a waste-of-time Loser Continent whose problems are far from over.

    They cannot manage their own affairs,
    and until they somehow acquire serious, non-kleptocrat management skills,
    this sorta rubbish will continue,
    where white man’s guilt syndrome will be expected to step in and provide miracles, overnight.
    Wait on it!

    You could spend the entire GDP
    of all the Great White Northern NATO countries on Africa,
    and it would disappear down a hole,
    sucked up just like the Barbados black hole economy we all strive to survive,
    and very little would be left to show for it.

  8. Jane

    Green! All that you have said is very unfortunate but very true.

    What is the saying about not judging a man before you have walked a mile in his shoes?

  9. Dr. Livingstone

    OMG! Is she inspecting his teeth in that photo? Here’s the thing. Angelina Jolie has made 3rd world orphans a Hollywood fashion accessory. And aparrently orphans are for ‘sale’. What a wonderfull world. Thankfully there are great leaders like Mandela and Biko and superstars like Bono and Bob Geldoff, that try, much more effectively, to tackle the problems in Africa. By the way, is there anyone who contributes to this blog who is willing to travel to Sudan and fight the ethnic cleansing of Africans by Moslem sickheads? Or to anywhere else in the world where human trafficking still occurs? Anyone here give money to any African charity lately? I doubt. Madonna will get her cool black baby and Malawi will get 3 mil for an orphanage, most of which will probably be sucked into the great African vortex of graft and corruption. Harvard Girl, if it doesn’t take much to accomplish anything in Africa, when are you going? Will this sudden urge to bestow your largesse upon those poor villagers affect your dreams of academic stardom? How many goats will you carry? Good thing too that you are carrying enough fertiliser to keep them in crops for generations.


    What a pity that some of us have been so ill informed about Africa, yet relish in painting a sordid picture of an entire continent!
    Barbados is no better off than “Africa”, Green, as we are still reeling from the post-colonial syndrome, and have, AT THIS VERY MOMENT, a serious case of kleptocracy to deal with …NHC buildings-GEMS-Grantley Adams Airport-$13,000.00 “ackee tree”-UDC & RDC loans and “allocation” of funds…need I go on!
    But then again too many of us were led to believe that “knotty hair” was a sin…”the rich man in his castle, the poor man at his gate, God made them high and lowly and ordered their estate”…it still lingers.
    Have some “real black pride” folks!Try and understand what the effects of colonialism ARE, not “were”.

  11. Harvard Girl


    I was only able to spend 9 weeks so far this year in Tanzania. My skin is light enough that I am called “Sister Mzungu” even though anyone here would call me an African-American. This was my fifth consecutive summer in Tanzania.

    AIDS avoidance and hygene is what I teach in the villages. My work is a lost cause as the government does not sanction condoms and the men will not use them. The last time I saw one, it was being washed and reused by different people.

    Government schools, HIV centres and hospitals are not allowed to talk about condoms. People are told to abstain or be faithful to one partner.

    “Gay sex doesn’t happen at all.” That is the official position of any health worker I have spoken with (chuckle chuckle). It is part of the culture that sex and especially gay sex is not talked about even in a health or educational setting.

    A major part of my message is that the exchange of clothes does not cause transmission of HIV. Mostly the teens I am talking to do not believe me as they have been taught from childhood that HIV is transmitted through the exchange of clothing.

    25.5 million cases of full-blown AIDS found in sub-sahara Africa, compared to 37 million cases worldwide. No drugs available that I have seen in the past five years.

    If you could see the orphanage at Rao, you would know how bad things are. The “caregivers” are all 15 year old girls with no training or compassion. They are survivors themselves and have no problem with children lying in their own urine for hours. Where God is in all this I don’t know.

    Madonna’s money will never reach the children. It never does.

  12. Pat

    I agree with Harvard girl. Madonna could have adopted the entire orphanage. That is exactly what Prince Harry has done. No matter what the public says about his rambunctious behaviour, his heart is in the right place. He journeys to darkest Africa (Botswana?) to see “his children” every year. He supports the orphanage and takes a gift when he goes for each child. He meets with the administrator and gets a report on each child and how they are doing. He spends several days at the orphanage during which he plays soccer and other games with the children. He plays his radio and the children dance with him to the music. It is reported that one little boy, who never spoke as a result of psychological damage, opened up for the Prince. Harry gave him a pair of red rubber boots and he went to bed in them for an entire week. The staff could not get them away from him. When Harry visits he follows him around. Now Prince Harry has taken a special interest in this kid.

    It brought tears to my eyes to read about it. I think in the long run it is better for these children to stay within their own culture and to grow up with their own people. Knowing all the while, that they have a ‘white’ godfather far away, who cares for them. It is reported that the Prince is planning to use his own money to set up scholarships for some of them to attend university in England. No matter what the press says about his bawdy behaviour, I think he has his departed mother’s heart in his chest.

    On the other hand, it has been reported in the British press several months ag0 that Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s marriage was on the rocks and that she was planning on adopting a child to keep the marriage together. If this is the reason she is adopting this child, it is not a good reason and should be nixed, but as some of the posters have noted, money talks.

  13. Will the child be better off? Isn’t the child’s welfare the most important thing?

  14. Never mind Madonna. You guys missed yesterdays really big story. You want to help change things in Africa? GET RED! Do something positive!

    When I looked at the otherwise depressing news, I saw one story that gave me a bit of optimism.


    It might have appeared in bad taste but there is still much good that can come of this . For instance the child could grow up in its now priveleged upbringing to go back in its adult years to offer much needed help or get its rich and influential friends to make a difference .

    Before we pass judgement on Africa we need to really look at history of how it got to be where it is now .We also need to realise where most of the proceeds of its vast resources go to . Its many countries mayt be ‘independent’ but if its riches are controlled by the same ol colonial powers what use is that . There are many greedy leaders ( dictators ) waiting in line to be chosen by these outsiders to be raised up to perpetuate the status quo . Just think , you are in a system that just seems so hopeless that its much easier to throw up your hands and be part of the abusers rather than the abusees .

    Where do you thinks the royal family got the majority of its seemingly limitless wealth from , not from that tiny island called Britain surely . So what Prince Harry is doing , though apparently noble , is one small drop in the ocean of payback his family owes not only to Africa but India and a miriad of other territories that were raped for hundreds of years to accumulate that wealth . So i am afraid i am probably not as impressed as i ought to be.

    Honestly , Africa is not intended to get out its misery any time soon if at all . Not without the destruction of most of its population who are more of a hindrance to its present owners than anything else .In this technological age , things are becoming less labour intensive and people are now becoming uneceassary to extract the riches of this beautiful continent , at least thats the way the power brokers are looking at it.

    This whole thing about AID to Africa is a big joke . If you are getting 10 million dollars and putting in 1 hundred which you can then get some tax benefits as well some good guy points , you coming out on top right through . It don’t even matter if it gets to the intended beneficiaries or not , being seen giving it is what counts.

    Africa’s situation is a very long topic , not just confined to the presence of some greedy no good dictators. Study it .

  16. Dr. Livingstone


    A group of Malawian charities says pop star Madonna’s bid to adopt a boy is “illegal” and will seek a court injunction halting the adoption.
    The Human Rights Consultative Committee claims the adoption of one-year-old David Banda is unlawful because Madonna has not lived in the African country.

    The singer and husband Guy Ritchie have been granted an interim court order approving the adoption.

    The couple returned to the UK at the weekend after a 10-day visit to Malawi.

    The boy remains in Malawi while passport and visa issues are being dealt with.

    Malawian officials said he was being cared for currently by members of Madonna’s entourage.

    The committee of 67 human rights organisations wants the adoption suspended until a judicial review is heard.

    See full article here:

  17. Well done Cardogan for printing this about Madonna- it’s like the return to slavery coming back in- when a rich white can hop over to Africa and buy a black kid for themselves-as a toy- as a symbol- as a gimmick!- if they are so selfless, let them give their monery away to the Africans- who could find better ways to spend it, I AM sure.
    The hypocrisy and self-seeking nature of these rich people makes me want to get hold of a shotgun and just blow them ********** away.

    ******* edited for language by Robert. Terry… you wouldn’t say such things in mixed company so don’t say them here please.

  18. Robert- you obviously don’t know me- or how I talk- regardless of whatever company…… rasole

  19. .45

    Terry, you are probably a bigger wanker than you sound… go away, you sociopathic loser.

  20. Red Lake Lassie


    Has to be a Brit using that word! LOL

    Reminds me of my ex-husband. Wanker indeed!