Oh The Irony! – Gline Clarke Unhappy That Citizens Haven’t Yet Received Their NHC Lots In Lower Burney

Friends, the irony just doesn’t get any better than this…

Minister Gline Clarke as quoted in The Nation News – concerned that some citizens who were promised NHC building lots in Lower Burney 3 years ago haven’t yet received them.

Say… do you think Gline Clarke could pull some strings for any who agree to be his “special friend“?

You just couldn’t make up stuff like this, folks!

Some excerpts from a Nation News article Time To Move The Murphy, Folks!

MINISTER OF PUBLIC Works Gline Clarke says squatters at Murphy Pasture in the City need to be moved as soon as possible.

His comments came yesterday while touring flooded sections of the low-lying district which has been home for at least 14 households…

“We will have to make a determination to allow the people from Murphy Pasture to get the land that was provided for them three years ago so that they can be relocated from here as quickly as possible.”

And Where Is The NHC Land That Was To Be Provided To These Citizens? Minister Clarke’s Neighbourhood!

“I believe that the Ministry of Housing and Lands, the National Housing Corporation (NHC) and the Drainage Unit should work hand in hand to help these people to move from this low-lying area,” (Minister Clarke) said…

NHC deputy general manager George Edghill said residents of Murphy Pasture were among those from other St Michael districts who had been allocated lots at Lower Burney in the same parish.

“The Ministry of Housing and Lands is doing investigations and NHC would be the executing arm of this exercise. As soon as everything is in place, then we would allocate the lots at Lower Burney to the persons,” he added.

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13 responses to “Oh The Irony! – Gline Clarke Unhappy That Citizens Haven’t Yet Received Their NHC Lots In Lower Burney

  1. ross

    Wasn’t there a problem yesterday with flooding at Lower Burneys which was highlighted in the news last night? Undine Whittaker has the details.

  2. West Side Davie

    Flooding everywhere round here! Didn’t go to work cause I couldn’t.

  3. Irun Man

    this development in Britain might give us hope for transparency. And give our local journalists some, um, cajones.


  4. Pat

    Good, now the Advocate and Nation News have no excuse for not reporting the news. We have a legal precedent based out of Britain from which we draw our legal system.

  5. John

    Is the CCJ bound by Privy Council rulings?

  6. John

    Guess it will still boil down to ownership of the press.

  7. Irun Man

    Yes, John, but I feel that the owner of one particular press here is’nt feeling all that warm and fuzzy towards the current admin. This will take time to percolate though.


    Thanks Irun Man for that important bit of info.Like you Pat I live in hope re our local media.However I get the impression that both newspapers ie the Nation & Advocate like things as they are ie once their party the BLP is in power.
    I believe with a little creativity and yes John ‘cajones ‘ these publishers of Ads and Gov’t press releases and not hardcore news – can – if they truly desire bring the issues to the people.But what’s the inducement for that? they are getting their papers sold anyway and they protect their party members.
    Watch and see what’s going to happen whenever the DLP get back into power.See how the Nation and Advocate will spring into action to do ‘investigative journalism’.Watch VOB and some of its moderators how they will no longer fudge on the issues or play ‘devil’s advocate’.

    I believe the only guarantee for change is a very clear statement from the Dlp telling us that they will change the libel laws in the first term of assuming power and do you know the shameless people in the the Blp will then be clamouring for it because they are no longer under the glare of the spotlight?

  9. Green!

    “Freedom of the Press”
    belongs to those who own one!

  10. of interest

    Lower Burney is one of those site which was originally part of a larger drainage catchment, however after various mitgative measures were put in place permission was granted for the development of certain sections. what has happened is that during the construction phase a lot of debris would have entered the drainage systems which have never been cleaned since they were originally constructed and this would have contributed to the flooding. One only has to pass in the development now where the developers are working and see the high volume of silt being deposited in these wells and culverts.

    With regards to the Murphy Pasture situation thats an area that has always been prone to flooding various studies would have been carried out to alleviate the problem, there are various solutions recommended what is needed is for government to stop taking poor people for a ride and provide the necessary funding for the implementation of these initiatives to alleviate flooding. this project could have been included in the overall Kesington/Fontabelle redevelopment.

    What i find appalling about this situation though is that a number of these houses were ercted with out the Town Planning Permission and were serve enforcement notices some more than 5 years ago but once again because of politics they were allowed to remain now we are hearing of free land at Lower Burney what kind of precedents are we settinh here? we have legitimate persons applying for lots from NHC who are in a position to pay but are not being allocated lots because of the shortage yet we continue to encourage this nonsense of allocating land for squatters. AFTER ALL THIS WE WONDER WHY THE POVERTY CYCLE IS NEVER BROKEN AND WHY THE WHOLE DEPNEDENCY THEORY STILL THIRVES

  11. John

    Maybe the promise of a house spot as a squatter in an electoral district of a politician is an inducement to vote accordingly …. maybe not.

    The guy who made the offer just forgot to mention that the place floods.

    Headley’s land is another example, flooding, then squatters, flooding, then millions, spent out of the public purse to allow the squatters to remain.


    Why not just move the poor people to a safer, healthier district.

    May happen after elections!!

  12. Green!

    Flooding is only a problem when it rains!

    This is ‘Sunny Barbados’.
    Live the tourism propaganda, nuh!

  13. Jerome Hinds

    The house owners in Lower Burney, Mount Poyer and other areas that got a bad deal from this BLP government on housing matters……should follow the lead of the Bahamian electorate !

    Vote out the BLP bastards and demand better from those who follow !