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Peter Wickham Comments On His Most Recent Poll

Intro and bottom line from Peter Wickham as published in The Nation News…


In the wake of the most recent NATION/CADRES poll, I have been asked frequently how I feel about the results of the poll.

I am not naive, so when a person asks such questions I appreciate that this is a tactful way of asking me my political opinion, which I maintain is irrelevant when it comes to a professional analysis of politics.

I can, however, disclose that while I don’t for one moment doubt the data that my company has produced, I was a bit surprised by the results, and the reasons for this reaction are perhaps worthy of discussion in these pages…

Bottom Line…

…The lesson in all this is clear. It would appear that the electorate has not yet made up its mind and is not prepared to change for the sake of change. As it waits to be convinced, improvements and deteriorations in the fortunes of the DLP will depend heavily on how well or how badly the Bees perform, hence the 2005 poll did not reflect the best of DLP times, but the worst of BLP times.

…Read the in-between bits at The Nation News (link here).

Our Take On The Nation/CADRES Poll

An election will be called sooner, rather than later.


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