What Happened To “BLP Blog Announces Live Online Chat With Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur” ???

A reader asks Barbados Free Press…

“What ever happened to that live online chat with the Prime Minister that was announced by the BLP Blog?”

Gosh, we don’t know what happened! Maybe we missed it? Maybe the PM has just been too busy in the past four months?

Maybe it has been scheduled for next week and the BLP just forgot to announce it!

Original Barbados Free Press article: BLP Blog Announces Live Online Chat With Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur


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18 responses to “What Happened To “BLP Blog Announces Live Online Chat With Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur” ???

  1. More sensational headlining, Oh dear what can the matter be????

  2. BFP

    In Barbados it is sensational to actually expect the governing party and the Prime Minister to do what they said they would.

    In the Barbados media, it is totally unheard of to not just let a story drop when the government puts the media on “ignore”.

  3. Dizzy Bajan

    The same thing that happened to the 2003 election promise to finish the polyclinic at Gall Hill – that was actually in their manifesto.

    Ohyeah and so was full employment…

  4. Green!

    Gullible, again?
    You guys actually believe manifesto/platform promises?

  5. John

    The PM was sick on Sunday night and missed the conversation with the Nation in person.

    The Nation newspaper indicates people got vex and flounced out but the guy is only human.

    Give him a break!!

    He has things on his mind.

    These things take time.

  6. whatever!

    “Sick” nuh?
    – maybe he “didnt pack the unbreakables”,instead, dontcha think?

  7. Royalrumble

    It is good to know that the Dems want to hear from the Prime Minister. I would have thought that with thompy and the Dems talking up a storm and all that that they would been all tuned in to DLP station, but it apparently I was wrong. Obviously the Dems are talking they talk so they want to hear from the country most favoured political personality.

  8. angela

    that was just a joke, what chat he is just laughting at us.

  9. Dizzy Bajan

    I think he heard how Dr. David Estwick treated him at the Wotton meeting and he fell ill. (see the hot speech at the DLP’s website – http://www.dlpbarbados.org)

    It seems like Owen can give but he cannot take real licks.

    Keep kick — Dr. Estwick, keep kicking!

  10. Hants

    BFP in the spirit of fairness, you should do some investigative reporting and find out if David Thompson was telling the truth about the sale of the Hilton.

    Nationnews Headline
    Thompson: Hilton for sale?

    He charged: “The minister needs to clarify whether any negotiations have been taking place for the sale of the Hilton Hotel.

    Let the truth be known.

  11. Yo!

    “Maaaan.. sell ERVY-ting.
    – I got naff-naff lil chrildren to feed!”

    What a predicament we’re in.

  12. Velzo

    John, was he really sick? Who Owen fooling? Sick with what? Stupid? Or Cupid?

  13. John


    I am clueless.

    I just reporting what I read in the paper that he had tek sick.

  14. Edgar

    Maybe the sale of the Barbados Hilton is as true as the secret deal Owen Arthur made with the IMF!

  15. Dizzy Bajan

    I am glad that I BFP.

    It only just struck me that weeks before the BLP St. George meeting, Hartley Henry told the same people of St. George how Owen felt about Mr. Tull and Cupid (sorry, the project expert who loves his mother).

    You can see it for your own eyes at – http://www.dlpbarbados.org/cms/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=77&Itemid=2

    When you go to that link just click to view the Hartly Henry speech. I hope the people of St. George don’t have short memories.

    And regarding the sale of Hilton – Mr. thompson has a duty to ask questions and get answers in the interest of Barbadians. This BLP Government is so sneaky that you cannot easily get the simple facts about anything.

    Just call the elections and go please…

  16. Littleboy56@caribsurf.com

    My sympathy and best wishes go out to the PM.
    This illness has a strange way of acting up. He was too ill to attend a recent dinner as patron…but we know there is no love lost between him and the Rector of St Peter Anglican church
    He was too ill to attend the Christ Church East Central nomination or the BLP meeting in St George… we also know that Lovell falls into the same category as Tull and Cupid (“bastard children of the BLP”).
    Let’s take bets on Sunday night coming, Will he or won’t he back Jerome?
    A losing PM needs all the friends he can muster…but then again the condo at Port St Charles or the 200 plus cars at Executive Car Rentals will bring in enough to supplement the pension.And according to his henchman; “yuh don’t have to have friends when yuh got nuff money”.
    Pathetic! Just go before all of you defile this country anymore!

  17. Green!

    A Trini friend commented that when the BLP are eventually replaced,
    that they will be GLAD to get out,
    just as the Eric Williams crew were,
    after (five?) long and arduous terms!

    Then they(Bees) can sit on the sidelines,
    to badger and cat-call The Replacements, and get some mock sport ouka Dem.

    One suspects that if/when they lose this upcoming election,
    they won’t be too sorry that they lost.

    Ever heard the term Blessed Relief ??
    There ARE fates worse than Death,
    and running a country for four long terms gets to be wearying!
    We are fast reaching that point,
    if we haven’t already reached that point.

  18. Dizzy Bajan

    Glad to sit on sidelines for relief?

    It is time for someone in Barbados to go to jail. an example needs to be set.

    If anyone one of them has been found to be involved in the rumors that are going around then the only solution is prison time.

    The young people need to know that the future of Barbados is not about getting rich quick and selling your soul for the almighty dollar.

    Owen Arthur is tired, his team (apart from Duguid who might as well have been in the opposition) does not have a clue what to do and Barbados will vote them out. Then anyone who has been found to steal should go to the new prison.