Three Months Since Water Park Developer Told Of Private Meeting With Prime Minister Owen Arthur


Developer Matthew Kerins Said Government “Cannot Back Out Of Deal”

We just thought we’d point out that it has now been three months since we printed that Caribbean Splash Water Park developer Matthew Kerins had been overheard at a town hall meeting stating that he had a private meeting with Prime Minister Owen Arthur and Mr. Leonard Nurse. (original BFP story here.)

The next day, July 12, 2006, a Barbados Free Press reader who attended the town hall meeting commented that Mr. Kerins also stated that the Barbados Government “Cannot back out of the deal…” – which caused other readers to ask the obvious question…

“Does a written memorandum of understanding exist between the Government of Barbados and the water park developer?”

Three months later, and citizens of Barbados are still waiting for the answers to these important questions. We have had responses to our water park articles at the Barbados Labour Party Blog and comments on BFP articles from official BLP sources – and we heard the Prime Minister on Down To Brass Tacks call-in show… BUT ALL COMPLETELY AVOIDED THE TWO CENTRAL QUESTIONS.

So how about it, Mr. Nurse, Dr. Duguid, Mr. Prime Minister, Mr. Kerins…

1/ What was said at the private meeting between the Prime Minister, Mr. Nurse and Mr. Kerins?

2/ Does a written agreement of any kind exist between the water park developer and the Government of Barbados?

You know how to contact us, gentlemen. (And we are told that the PM reads us every day. Hey there Mr. Prime Minister!)


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14 responses to “Three Months Since Water Park Developer Told Of Private Meeting With Prime Minister Owen Arthur

  1. Hants

    BFP I am sure you will get a reply soon. The one we want is from the ———
    Prime Minister for life and father of First world Barbados.
    However an answer from William should suffice. He is one of the good guys and he is already a D.

    I mean D for Duguid not DLP.

  2. Ralph

    Duguid is one of my favourites among them. I always found him solid.

    His problem though is he has to run public relations for some difficult people….

  3. John

    Wow, this is a new use of the word difficult.

    It is a D.. word too, used to describe some B… people.

    I like William’s contributions too but I would not like to be in his shoes for all the tea in China.


    This is not about Duguid, so leave out the red herring.
    Did OWEN SEYMOUR ARTHUR, Prime Minister and Minister in charge of Town and Country Planning, meet privately with the developer or not?
    Owen is the one who has the final say on appeals against the Town Planning department.
    He is also to say if he overuled the Town Planner and Coastal Zone management on the St Peter Bay development.
    We want Owen to answer not any minion!!!!!

  5. Yo!

    Good Luck getting Owen A. to post on BFP! (can he keyboard..umm..TYPE?)

    This is not about Wm.Duguid
    and yet it is.
    He is one of about 4 or 5 Parliamentary Reps. for various constituencies surrounding the spot.

    The plot thickens, dunnit?!

  6. Crusty

    Stay tuned for more action. From The Nation
    Newspaper, Sunday, 8 October 2006, page 21A:

    Public Invitation: Proposal for a National Park
    at Graeme Hall. The Friends of Graeme Hall
    Committee cordially invite you to join them at
    Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary, Worthing, on
    Saturday, October 14th, 2006 at 3:30 pm.
    For an informative presentation on the proposed
    Graeme Hall National Park.

  7. West Side Davie

    Kerins clearly said that Barbados cannot back out of the deal. That’s quite a statement and it was heard by more than a few peoples.

  8. Jason

    Doctor Duguid only comments on those things where there is an answer. I read on one of the other posts that you can always tell when the Barbados Free Press has hit a target with the truth because Duguid remains silent!

  9. Velzo

    The whole government is silent. The crooked bunch of them … all. WD included.

  10. Environmentalist

    See page 13 of The Barbados Advocate for Friday October 13, 2006. Half page ad titled “LET THE TRUTH BE TOLD” By Matthew Kerins.

  11. Green!

    Haven’t read above article, and probably never shall
    but by now investor Kerins must be fully aware that he’s investing
    into a small country that is
    a veritable CAN OF WORMS!

    Welcome to Wormland, Mr.Kerins, welcome!

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  13. Anonymous

    Why we letting foreign investors dictate their must get to do what tey want in somene;s country …I dont think Barbados needs that type of economic assistance..