Barbados Town Planner Mark Cummins Receives Waterpark Petition

Petition To Halt Caribbean Splash Water Park

A GROUP representing citizens around Graeme Hall, Christ Church, Barbaods has delivered a petition against development of a proposed water park in the area to Chief Town Planner Mark Cummins.

The petition by the “Friends of Graeme Hall Committee”, delivered September 29, contained about 420 signatures and was accompanied by a nine-page document itemising apparent deficiencies in the proposal presented by Caribbean Splash Inc.

Allan Marshall, of Warrens Terrace, said: “We believe there are serious deficiencies with the water park proposal and with the environmental and social impact assessments made by the developer . . . .

“[Caribbean Splash] failed to prove that [the] development would not permanently harm the environment, or safeguard neighbours from health and public safety issues.”

Developer Matthew Kerins has been under fire from residents for his proposal to site a US$22 million water park in Graeme Hall, an area best known for its wetlands and bird sanctuary.

Kerins said the project, for which he is seeking 17 acres of land and Town Planning approval, would boost revenues from tourism by millions of dollars.

Residents have consistently objected to the proposals, citing noise pollution, traffic congestion, water use and the absorption of agricultural land as their main objections to the initiative.

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4 responses to “Barbados Town Planner Mark Cummins Receives Waterpark Petition

  1. Yo!

    The water park will be a roaring success.
    ..for awhile.
    and then it’ll peter out to a big ole white elephant.

    I give it two years.

    Kerins would LIKE to think that it’ll be a gold mine like a Chefette
    or a Jolly Roger,

    but it won’t be: it’s too ‘done’
    too tacky.

    Cool for a place like Illinois where simple folk are *hundreds* of miles away from any decent ocean front, but in Barbados?
    Where God’s free sea and beach right dey?

    Good Luck,Kerins!
    You GOTTA be rich as RamGoat, dude,
    coz you’re about to sink TWENTY TWO MILLION DOLLARS into a dead horse, muh boh!

    You mussee want to live here baaaaad, den!

  2. rightvwrong

    No its called OPM—other peoples money

    you bundle a package together, raise OPM take your fee and an upside and go on to the next deal

    its a no risk deal!!! government permissions guaranteed

    sort of like the present group in power—you don’t have to worry —you just take your slice of the pie going through—and leave the citizens with a whole lot of debt that can never be paid back and they and the lenders must bear the brunt of repayment—its an old ugly game without any ethics or morality!!!

  3. Rumplestilskin

    Aside from the potential adverse effects on the surrounding environment, I wonder where the water for the park will come from.

    Will it be pumped from the sea, as a cost of the park operation?

    Will it be freshwater, supplied by the BWA?

    If freshwater, where will the BWA get this water, in a coast already severely undersupplied with water in the dry season?

    If seawater, what chemicals will be added in the park operations, to be then pumped back into the sea and impacting the shoreline ecosystem?

    But then, questions such as these are apparently considered mindless details, n’est pas?

    At least to those who stand to benefit from the deal….

    Nothing per se wrong with a water park, if the investors think they can make money, IF the investors can position said park in an area appropriate for the use, to the satisfaction of stakeholders, including the Barbados public..IF the investors can provide explanations to show that the resources (mainly water) will be self provided and without draining to the community as a whole, IF the impact on the environment can be protected in whatever OTHER area is earmarked….

    Unfortunately, so many projects today are not thought out, done despite advice from objectors and when its too late…oh well…

    A lasse faire attitude if there ever was one…whatever happen..’appen….

    As long as de money come in nuh…

    Wuh loss…

    As I am Bajan and live here…

    cant even say the old phrase

    ‘will the last one to leave, please turn off the lights’….

    we hey…whether we lik’um or not…

    An’ peoples get vex when Sandi used de phrase ‘like it or lump it’….

    this aint de same, doh?

  4. Green!

    You were describing the Kleptocracy.
    That’s the word you wanted.