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Three Months Since Water Park Developer Told Of Private Meeting With Prime Minister Owen Arthur


Developer Matthew Kerins Said Government “Cannot Back Out Of Deal”

We just thought we’d point out that it has now been three months since we printed that Caribbean Splash Water Park developer Matthew Kerins had been overheard at a town hall meeting stating that he had a private meeting with Prime Minister Owen Arthur and Mr. Leonard Nurse. (original BFP story here.)

The next day, July 12, 2006, a Barbados Free Press reader who attended the town hall meeting commented that Mr. Kerins also stated that the Barbados Government “Cannot back out of the deal…” – which caused other readers to ask the obvious question…

“Does a written memorandum of understanding exist between the Government of Barbados and the water park developer?”

Three months later, and citizens of Barbados are still waiting for the answers to these important questions. We have had responses to our water park articles at the Barbados Labour Party Blog and comments on BFP articles from official BLP sources – and we heard the Prime Minister on Down To Brass Tacks call-in show… BUT ALL COMPLETELY AVOIDED THE TWO CENTRAL QUESTIONS.

So how about it, Mr. Nurse, Dr. Duguid, Mr. Prime Minister, Mr. Kerins…

1/ What was said at the private meeting between the Prime Minister, Mr. Nurse and Mr. Kerins?

2/ Does a written agreement of any kind exist between the water park developer and the Government of Barbados?

You know how to contact us, gentlemen. (And we are told that the PM reads us every day. Hey there Mr. Prime Minister!)


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Barbados Town Planner Mark Cummins Receives Waterpark Petition

Petition To Halt Caribbean Splash Water Park

A GROUP representing citizens around Graeme Hall, Christ Church, Barbaods has delivered a petition against development of a proposed water park in the area to Chief Town Planner Mark Cummins.

The petition by the “Friends of Graeme Hall Committee”, delivered September 29, contained about 420 signatures and was accompanied by a nine-page document itemising apparent deficiencies in the proposal presented by Caribbean Splash Inc.

Allan Marshall, of Warrens Terrace, said: “We believe there are serious deficiencies with the water park proposal and with the environmental and social impact assessments made by the developer . . . .

“[Caribbean Splash] failed to prove that [the] development would not permanently harm the environment, or safeguard neighbours from health and public safety issues.”

Developer Matthew Kerins has been under fire from residents for his proposal to site a US$22 million water park in Graeme Hall, an area best known for its wetlands and bird sanctuary.

Kerins said the project, for which he is seeking 17 acres of land and Town Planning approval, would boost revenues from tourism by millions of dollars.

Residents have consistently objected to the proposals, citing noise pollution, traffic congestion, water use and the absorption of agricultural land as their main objections to the initiative.

Also see The Nation News article Graeme Hall Park Plan”

Previous BFP Caribbean Splash Water Park articles LINK HERE 


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BLP Blog Says Don’t Elect DLP – Because They Fouled Up In 1962!

Don’t elect the DLP because forty-four years ago, they did something that didn’t work out. That is the message at the Barbados governing party’s BLP Blog.

It is pretty bad when the party in power thinks they have to go that far back to find reasons why the electorate should not vote them out.

Read “Full Marks On Energy Pricing” at the BLP blog.

Oh, and while you’re reading the article, don’t you dare think about the increase to the national debt and annual deficit during the last 12 years. Nope… we wouldn’t want you thinking about that.

“Everything gonna be just fine. Really. Trust us. We be the gov’ment…”


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