BFP’s Opinion: United States Eats Crow Responding To China In The Caribbean

The 2003 decision by the United States to cease providing military aid to Barbados and other Caribbean area nations who refused to sign agreements exempting US troops from prosecution under the International Criminal Court ended up being nothing more that a gift to Communist China.

After the U.S. tried to “punish” Barbados and the other nations, China happily stepped in and showered the Caribbean with military equipment, training and co-operation.

Now, after having left the party in a hissy-fit, the gorgeous but ill-tempered Miss America wants to come back and dance with her old boyfriend. She has announced that she will give Mr. Barbados a kiss and maybe even allow a hand on her knee.

Oh, what excitement! But will Mr. Barbados give up that new Oriental girlfriend and go back with the rich man’s daughter? Who knows!

Excerpts from the Barbados Advocate…

The United States government has reversed a 2003 decision which prevented Barbados and several other countries across the Caribbean and the world, from receiving military aid because of their failure to sign the “Article 98″ agreements to ensure that US troops are not prosecuted under the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The US cut military aid to 35 countries that failed to sign exemptions in July 2003, including the Caribbean countries; Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Trinidad and Tobago. …

…Meanwhile, the US argued that its decision was necessary to protect its troops on missions abroad who could be subjected to politically motivated trials. The unpopular move to suspend military aid was expected to eliminate important funding for counter-narcotics and anti-terrorism operations in the Caribbean.

…read the full article at the Barbados Advocate. Link following…


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6 responses to “BFP’s Opinion: United States Eats Crow Responding To China In The Caribbean

  1. I like your take on the situation.

    After a much failed foreign policy around the world, the U.S. is once again trying to win the “hearts and minds” (their slogan, not mine) of the world. The government is even making a deal with the Taliban over in Afghanistan.

    My husband posted about this situation in his blog, and after reading your posting, I’m sure he will post your clever comments:

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  3. Green!

    It’s almost quite funny,really..
    kinda like ‘Spy vs. Spy’ in MAD magazine!

  4. A quick question, what do all these nations need military aid for anyway? Is Barbados being menaced by the Cayman Island hordes? I mean other than keeping somebodies useless brother in law employed what do you actually need the money for?

  5. Green!

    Employment for the masses.
    And Power Control for “Gov’t.-du-jour”, if/when needed.
    AND arms sales for Northern NATO countries,don’t forget that.
    Defence Forces are the trappings of Governmental Power for minor states lookin to make their way fwd. in the white man’s world.
    Kinda like catch-up.

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