Bajans and Tourists Choose Quiet When They Have The Choice

Shouldn’t Each Of Us Have A Choice About Noise?

Traffic jams, noise, vehicle exhaust, increasing crime, bad manners, heggling (that’s heggle, not haggle), water quality & sewerage problems and all the other “changes” that Bajans have come to know over the last couple of decades are taking their toll on this island’s economy and quality of life.

Although we can each do something in a small way about each of these issues, to be effective, one has to pick an issue or two and be a standard-bearer.

For Carl Moore and his friends, the issue is noise and noise pollution, so they formed the Society for a Quieter Barbados. Here is what they have to say on their website…

“The Society for a Quieter Barbados (SQB) was founded in December 2002 with a stated purpose: to foster recognition of the right to quiet as a basic human right; to promote awareness of the ever-increasing problem of noise pollution in Barbados and the dangers of noise to our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being; to work for reduction of noise through better regulation and enforcement of existing laws; to encourage responsible behaviour by Government agencies, corporate entities and individuals; and to advocate and lobby for the expansion of relevant legislation…”

Drop by and see what they have to say (quietly, of course!).



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34 responses to “Bajans and Tourists Choose Quiet When They Have The Choice

  1. Anonymous

    lord wunna really ain got nuttin ta talk about right

  2. ross

    Anonymous, go and sleep or go on sleeping.

  3. CIF

    Everything bout here silent on everything.
    Strikes & Unions
    UWI students Guild issues
    Land issues
    Rent issues – no law to prevent the rises in rent for land and houses, etc.
    Prices on goods
    Violence in school and communities.
    The silence of the church

  4. John

    Came across this interesting article on Dominica and its decision to dissociate itself from the Caribbean when marketing its tourism product.

    Shows some people can think and act independently and what people say about their … and our product.

  5. ross

    Disposable Arts, so why you hate the SQB?

  6. Stuart

    A little factoid: The picture on the Dominican article (John’s web reference) shows one of the most incredible Forestry officers I have ever met, second row, right side: Mr. Stephen Durand, a well-known A.Imperialis (Sisserou parrot) expert. Next to him is Dr. Paul Reillo of the Rare Species Conservatory Foundation in the US. Those two, combined with several volunteer team members, were responsible for motivating the creation of Morne Diablotin National Park in 2000. The Park encompasses over 5% of the nation’s land area, is the last habitat for the rarest Amazon parrot on earth. Amazing geography – a high elfin rainforest surrounding the highest volcanic peak in the Caribbean.

    In terms of this message thread, decibel readings in the forest range from 38 to approximately 75 db, depending on how close you are to the parrots.

    Is this where Anonymous starts to nod off again?

  7. John

    Yeah Stuart

    Dominica is one of the most amazing places to go for a walkabout.

    The colours and scenery are unbelievable, … they almost look fake.

  8. Green!

    Amazing that someone could hate HATE a group of people working to eliminate a source of stress.
    I can only assume,then, that he/she who so hates the Soc. for a Quieter Barbados
    is one of those immature YBM’s
    who replace perfectly good mufflers with stainless steel ‘competition exhaust systems’ – at the great expense of MORE foreign exchange outflow.
    And so we get to ‘benefit’ both from the lil-boy noise created
    AND a worsened ForEx situation.

    IF we had a Police Force,
    the noise problem viz a viz VEHICLES
    could be rectified in a week.

    – “YBM’s” ??
    Young Black Males..
    (acting out what they see on TV and in the movies,
    mainly those with heads fulla Nuthin!
    – there are many of these types around: too many!)

  9. Yo!

    I get the impression that the Yutes think that Peace and Quiet are undesirable
    because THEY equate that with a dull existence,
    and they’re certainly not up for a dull existence.. not after 300 years of Bland Boring Barbados.
    Can’t blame them,in that respect.

    But what must now be done is to show that in order to NOT have a bland boring existence, doesn’t mean that one must now take the exhaust baffle out of that 500 cc. single cylinder Honda motorcycle and go roaring up the hiway at 11:30 p.m.
    waking everyone within 400 yds, on either side of the hiway!

    I think Yutes equate Noise with ‘Action’ (something happening, yuh!) –
    and Quiet with inaction and dullness.

    ‘Quiet’ in neighbourhoods, means an absence on NOISE(my neighbour’s frustrated dogs??),
    but to many, ‘Quiet’ in THEIR neighbourhood
    means rockin Stereo’s at great volume, but an absence of crime – a totally different perception.

  10. Green, you’re obviously an idiot. The wonderful truth is, there’s never going to be a “quieter Barbados”…that’s the price you pay when you become a “developed” country if you and the wonderful people of the SQB want some quiet, go start an Amish community somewhere deep in the country.

    Question, is it just me or does it seem that only people over 40 complain about this stuff?

  11. Pat

    Disposable Arts, what developed country are you talking about? I live in Canada – a developed country. We have noise pollution laws. We have laws on how early/late one can mow the lawn. Any vehicle driving with a noisy exhaust will be stopped, ticketed, asked to get the muffler fixed and report at a police station with said vehicle and new exhaust system. That is what is done in “developed” countries.

    It is common for the public to get your licence number and call the police to report a car that ‘does not sound right’.


    I once lived next to a busy highway, and after moving to a more remote area, discovered that I slept more peacefully. there was a dancehall where I previously lived and almost every weekend someone in my family suffered a headache. Nowadays, headaches gone! Could it have been the loud music and traffic noises?
    You tell me Disopable Arts! Sorry but hearing is not supposed to be “disposable”!
    Why do some of us believe that the whole neighbourhood should hear the music that one person is playing? Should one not be able to sit or sleep in quiet comfort if one so desires?
    Development should be for people to benefit from, not suffer by. Dig it?

  13. John

    Yeah Green

    I agree, ……. head fulla Nuthin.

    Doesn’t even know how a developed country works.

  14. Pat, did your mind even comprehend what I said? If you know my posts, I’m quick to ridicule stupidity and you just made my night. I said that noise pollution was product of becoming developed….kno what? I’m not even going to continue, repost a comment relevant to what I said.

    Little boy, your plain stupid hahaa. I mean, WTF do you expect if you live near a “busy highway”?

    In general I’m just venting, don’t take what I say to heart.

  15. John


    Don’t worry, no chance of that.

  16. Green!

    My dearest Disposable..

    You are entirely correct in your judgement of my intellect.
    Indeed, I’m probably even dumber than you think!
    – but at least I’m not disposable.

    Yes I am over 40, as are many in here.
    I’m over 50! but fortunately for you,
    you’ll never get to that ripe “Old Age”
    as you would see it.

    Just remember,sonny,
    that Youth Beauty and Strength
    are no substitute for
    Old Age,Treachery and Deceit.

    Run along and play with your little friends,now.
    Big kiss!

    (How much did you pay for YOUR ‘oik-y’ chrome-plated exhaust thingy?
    does it get you more girls?
    does it bigup your status wid de ressa yutemen an dem?
    Does it compensate for “Other Inadequacies”?)

  17. Haha. Dude, that was terrible. If it’s one thing I hate, is “stereotypical behavior”, so the only people who has “chrome-plated exhaust”s on their cars are insecure, girl hunting, young men?….could it be the chrome plated exhaust just looks better on the car?….or maybe it helps the car with overall performance? See you aren’t a car enthusiast, so of course you won’t appreciate any of that.

    Inadequacies you say? Is assuming others here are also over 40 helping with yours??


    I’ll help Disposable (f)Arts ADS!
    Sir, the NOISE FACTOR was the point of my discussion. If we do not seek to limit/lower the decibel level we run the risk of doing irreversible damage to our hearing and our nervous system.
    Please, listen (if you are not already hearing impaired-PHYSICALLY AND metaphorically) to some older heads.
    While you can probably teach them something , they can teach you a lot more.

  19. Brownie

    lol…I’m @ work, where I can’t acess e-mail or messenger or anything. You guys are really entertaining…lol. Keep it up…I’ve got 3 more hours of work to go!

  20. John

    Reminds me of the story of the young bull and the old bull.

  21. Pat

    Disposable Arts, I am glad my mind did not ‘comprehend’ what you said. At 60 years old, and retired after 32 years of economic analysis and innovation policy development, including specialist in benchmarking and business diagnostics, I guess it has retired too. Guess what? It has earned it.

    Maybe if your mind gets developed, you can read/comprehend some of my publications. I hope at my age – 60, you still have some hearing left. Goodday to you laddie.

  22. Crusty

    My turn to pick on DA:

    The chrome exhaust pipe might look pretty but its
    performance value is less clear. You don’t mention
    if it is a “tuned system”. Let me elaborate.

    The pipes, from the exhaust manifold to the open
    end, are subject to a pulsing input and an acoustic
    impedance mismatch at the output. Reverberations
    within the pipe have a frequency dependent
    pattern that can improve scavenging or cause
    significant back pressure as seen at the engine
    exhaust ports.

    The key point is “frequency dependent”. For a
    reciprocating engine that corresponds to the
    revolutions per minute (RPM). So at some
    RPM values engine performance is improved
    and at others values, reduced.

    One needs to tune a system by changing the length
    of the pipe and/or the angle of flare at the outlet in
    order to achieve the desired improved value at some
    specified RPM. Guess what? At other RPM values
    the engine performance deteriorates. So, you must
    first choose the engine RPM for which the exhaust
    system will be tuned and that implies a limited
    range of engine speeds and road speeds. That is
    fine for race car driving around an oval track at
    constant speed but is largely wasted effort for
    normal road driving at various speeds.

    Did you notice there is no mention of noise in the
    above? Loud exhaust does not equal performance

    So tell me again why I should have trouble sleeping
    because some jerk with a “performance exhaust
    system” insists on practicing his rally techniques on
    neighbourhood roads in the wee hours of the night?

  23. What the…more ignorance?…”crusty” if you can’t show me where in my post I said that LOUD EXCHAUST equals performance…you just wasted a whole lot of time replying to me. Heres a tip for future replies, if you’re going to reply to someone, make sure it’s 100% relevant to what that person said. How old are you by the way?

    Pat? What are you randomly babbling about? What does you pervious career has to do with this discussion?…100% relevance only, enough said.

  24. ross

    DA are you one of those people who puts up the stickers or sprays the disgusting graffiti all about the place encouraging people to vote for a specific candidate?

  25. Crusty

    DA: The title of this blog is: “Bajans and Tourists Choose Quiet When They Have The Choice”.

    Unless you are just here to your own time as well
    as everyone else’s, your comments are assumed to
    be related to that subject and not taken in isolation.

    To whit: Yo said:

    “… doesn’t mean that one must now take the
    exhaust baffle out of that 500 cc. single cylinder
    Honda motorcycle and go roaring up the hiway at
    11:30 p.m. waking everyone within 400 yds, on
    either side of the hiway!”

    and DA said:

    ““chrome-plated exhaust”s … maybe it helps the car
    with overall performance?”

    and Crusty said:

    “The chrome exhaust pipe might look pretty but its
    performance value is less clear.”

    DA: what is it that you don’t understand in such a
    flow of logic? Do you understand logic or are you
    “In general … just venting” ?

  26. Crusty

    Guess I should edit better. Line 3 should read:

    Unless you are just here to waste your own time as well…

  27. No Crusty, bad editing is the least of your problems. The ability to correctly follow replies on here is….normally I would verbally attack your intelligence for such a stupid mistake, but I’ll let your own post do that for me.

    If you were sensible you would have noticed I was replying to what Green had said…but never mind that, do you know what a rhetorical question is? I’m guessing you don’t.

    And finally, be realistic…no wait, be logistical, we all know the generalization that was made when green said “chrome-plated exhaust”, obviously he didn’t mean just having a muffler with chrome on it, cause then that wouldn’t be a noise issue now would it? LOGIC tells me he was referring to after-market exhaust mufflers which happen to be chrome…hence is stereotypical description “chrome-plated exhaust”.

  28. Pat

    Disposable Arts, you said: “Pat, did your mind even comprehend what I said? If you know my posts, I’m quick to ridicule stupidity and you just made my night.”

    In my opinion, you alluded to my being stupid. I was just agreeing with you. That is what all my babbling was about. Goodbye and good luck.

    p.s. I am glad you are in Bim. I very much doubt you could survive off the rock.


    It would be nice if all this personal barbs come to an end.Let’s trade ideas and information and not insults.

  30. Crusty

    DA: On the evidence available here, I suspect
    you would lose the battle for highest level of intelligence or logical formulations (check your
    dictionary for the meaning of logistical) but you
    might win on misdirected sarcasm. Is that a
    worthwhile goal?

  31. WTf, i thought this with done with -_-. Dude, obviously i know what logistical meant otherwise i wouldent have used it…if it’s not directed at you then sdfu….You call it misdirected sarcasm, I call it misinterpreted sarcasm

  32. Pamela

    I have a roomate who plays loud music every morning and evening just to upset me. I try calling the police on two accassions but as soon as there are gone he turns back up his music loudly. I cannot sleep well because of this noise. It also wakes me up on mornings. I have servere headaches because of this noise and the stress it causes me. The headaches are so bad that my doctor had a catscan done and we are awating the results. I have as this man to lower his music on many accassions but he gets abusive and curses. I need some urgent advice on what I can do before my head explodes.