Graeme Hall National Park – Public Meeting October 14, 2006

Say “YES” to a National Park, and “NO” to Caribbean Splash Water Park

The Friends of Graeme Hall Committee cordially invite you to join them at Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary on Saturday October 14th, 2006 at 3.30 p.m. for an informative presentation on the proposed Graeme Hall National Park.

A presentation made at 4:00 p.m. will outline the proposal to create a new National Park at Graeme Hall. This presentation will highlight a reasonable land use solution for Graeme Hall that will provide a permanent legacy for the citizens and children of Barbados, with opportunities for recreational fishing, bicycle and walking trails, environmental and agricultural education, and more!

The Sanctuary will be open free to the Public beginning at 3:30 p.m. Come visit the nature reserve at Graeme Hall, learn how a National Park can help our community, and experience a part of Barbados that should be preserved forever .

Complimentary refreshments will be provided, and a cash bar will be open until 7:00 p.m.

We hope to see you there.

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17 responses to “Graeme Hall National Park – Public Meeting October 14, 2006

  1. Jane

    It is heartening to see that there are still people around who love Barbados and are willing to make a sacrifice to make it a better place.

  2. Carl Moore

    After – I’d better say, if – we get past the deep-seated envy and jealousy that is part of the Barbadian make-up, there will be one salient lesson to be learned from the current debate on the Graeme Hall matter.

    It is this: If communities want to change things they must organise themselves and speak out. They must make a noise; a strident noise, a persistent noise. Not with loud music and altered mufflers, but with their mouths.

    It can be done whether you come from Hollywood Heights or Haynesville; from Pineapple Gardens or Pinelands; from Breadfruit Terrace or Bayville. Docility is no longer a Barbadian virtue.

    To take a liberty with Clausewitz’s dictum on war, “Governance must not be left up to the politicians alone”, the citizens must let their voices be heard. Loudly, persistently, persuasively, articulately.

    Carl Moore
    President, The Society for a Quieter Barbados

  3. Green!

    “Docility is no longer a Barbadian virtue.”
    – ouch!
    this must be a hard one for a Government to countenance.

    After centuries of ingrained(by the British), hard-won Docility,
    there is A New Bajan on the horizon.


  4. I’m honestly tired of these boring ass posts, something a little bit exciting for the love of god BFP!!

  5. West Side Davie

    Boring, Disposable Arts?

    The largest single act of air terrorism prior to Air India and 9/11 was committed on Barbadian soil and the USA protects the monster who did it for 30 years and you find that boring?

    A National Park to save what little natural beauty we have left and you find that boring?

    The Town Planner and the government ignore the rule of law and do whatever they please and you find that boring?

    Minister Gline Clarke still hides behind the skirts of his woman in corruption where it is open and everybody knows but the two “newspapers” are so frightened by the possibility of government retaliation that they continue their cowardly silence… and that is boring?

    Ho hum to you too!

  6. ross

    Disposable Arts has to be a Barbadian politician – Head in the sand or hand in the jar.

  7. l

    The group at Mullins did it. The folks at Graeme Hall are doing it.The folks at Road View and Porters must do it too or this little rock will be overrun by “investors” who care not for anything but the bottom line.
    Do not forget the words of Errol Barrow…”one of these days we will wake up and not recognize the country we are in…..we will not have a country. Land sale to pay bills,according to Owen Arthur? That is like selling the house to pay for a car! Where will we eventually sleep? All Bajans, regardless of origin, creed or status must join in this fight with the Democratic Liberation Party to remove this wicked government. But why are we surprised? Arthur is in charge of Town Planning and has the final say. Was it not he who overruled the Chief Town Planner and gave permission for the development at Road View to satisfy a”foreign investor”?


    You go BFP! There is nothing boring about yoursite. Only those with exposed toes need fear having them crushed. Like the piggies at the trough. When will we be freed of the yoke of this government. I wonder if the new prison will be big enough to hold these vagabonds!

  9. J

    I hope David Thompson has the courage to take the next step from talking if he wins the election and investigate these shady deals and lock up all involved including and especially the politicians.
    Be prepared people for the ‘lil man’ to pull out all the dirty tricks out of the bag:intimidation,lies,payments as hush money and/or inducements.
    Watch the media too people and see how their coverage of certain subjects change,monitor the call – in programmes and see how the tone of those programmes change and watch to see how those in charge deal with it.
    I would like this election to be a watershed period for barbadians – ie – it should mark the time that bajans took back their country.

    If I was a Blp cabinet member I would want to distance myself from this administration as soon as possible – If I have clean hands,that is.

  10. Easy there Davie. Had you googled up some info on that topic, you would have found that the “monsters” were CIA trained and also were long term friends with the agency…doesn’t take an idiot to see why America is protecting them.

  11. Jane

    Disposable Arts, you do not seem to be bored anymore. What happened?

  12. Pat

    There is a Canadian down there in Bim selling himself as a land developer. Well, he is not. But you know what? Bajans are turning out to listen to him tell them that foreigners are good for the island and they should sell land to foreign developers to raise foreign exchange.

    This university drop-out, who ran a community paper (read neighbourhood weekly) and some special interest monthlies, calls him self a news paper owner, hotel chain manager, etc.

    In fact, he sticks to nothing for too long. He is out for the quick buck and in Ontario is considered a “gadfly”. His name? Bob Verdun. I would suggest Bajans google his name. His CV is on line along with numerous news articles on the character.

  13. Environmentalist

    Hope all you BFP readers and contributors will attend the meeting on October 14 and show your support for this initiative.

    This proposal needs broad based national support if it is to be turned into a reality. Bring your family, friends and generally spread the word.

    Remember you can get a taste of what is being proposed by visiting

  14. Are they goin to be single, attractive females there ?

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