Barbados Government Priorities: New Cricket Stadium, Flyovers, Golf Courses – While Citizens Haul Water In Buckets, Use Outdoor Pit Toilets In The Dark

What was that old song by The Who?

Oh yeah… “Won’t Get Fooled Again… Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss”

No Sewerage Pipes, No Water Lines, No Street Lights – Welcome to Nigeria Barbados Licorish Village

From the Barbados Advocate…

Voices laced with irritation and tears of frustration were plainly evident yesterday as some residents of Licorish Village and surrounding areas raised concerns over the continued lack of running water in their homes.

The situation is a long-standing one in the areas of Odessa McClean Avenue, Blackman Road, Thompson Avenue and the Village, as these fall into the Zone One catchment area where the digging of straight wells is prohibited.

In fact, a number of residents still have to use outdoor pit toilets, while many others have to haul buckets and pails to and from the neighbourhood standpipe or government facilitated water tank on a daily basis.

The conditions, which were shaky before, have now reached the unbearable stage for these persons, many who have been living in the area for over 50 years, as they pointed out that a few neighbours have been granted permission to have wells dug, while others have not.

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Here Is A Barbados Home That Does Have Water & Sewer…

Any idea how much the owner paid for the land, and who he bought it from? 🙂



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16 responses to “Barbados Government Priorities: New Cricket Stadium, Flyovers, Golf Courses – While Citizens Haul Water In Buckets, Use Outdoor Pit Toilets In The Dark

  1. Max

    We need to get out there and protest often on the issues that affect us.

    The problem is that we don’t have a development plan for how communities/districts/ammenities should be laid out.

    Golf courses for example can’t improve and supply productivity nor education. Cause we have big problems that are affecting both.

    Traffic Issues –

    Stop people from parking on the streets in B’town and free up the roads for ‘Operation freeflow’.

    Put Transport Hubs in Warrens and Wildey and to allow people better options for travelling around Barbados. If there was such in place a worker coming from St. Andrew and going to Haggatt Hall could transfer at Warrens and get to work in 5-10 mins rather that going to B’town in a traffic jam, than to walk to another bus terminal and work your way through another traffic jam to arrive at work late and 2.5 hours later from the time they left home, 6am.

    Students getting to school late….. If the Transport Board could up its Public relations and work with schools to to develop a better system for transport system this problem could be reduce.
    If parents knew what times and the number of buses available on a particular route to schools the I am sure parents will encourage their children to be ontime to get the particular bus.

    Owners of private buses need to look at more ways to help with the transport and traffic issues, other than overloading.

    Could someone tell me what is the % of workers that arrive to work late due to traffic issues?

  2. Jupiter

    Could someone please tell me who that house belongs to?B’dos Free Press can you highlight some more of the palatial homes if they are owned through the public purse by questionable means?

    I hope Barbadians realise that politcians are not too concerned about them talking about corruption but unless they ‘up the ante’ and take more mass base action like protests and demonstrations at every level ie university campus,villages,Bridgetown etc we will not see the BLP stirring themselves to listen to the people.
    I believe the church also needs to get up from the pews and realise they also ‘live in this world’.

    But for all those who keep saying the DLP is not ready ,I ask you which is worse – keeping somebody who raping you,stealing from you and hitting you ‘longside the head for good measure – or – getting somebody new who might not be as flashy in their style,articulate in their pronouncement and promises as the rapist?

    Think on these things.

  3. miracle zoning angel

    these poor people don’t know the ropes yet—the way you get rezoning of precious untouchable zone 1 lands is to approach Cox and more importantly David Shorey ( small fee involved ) and get the lands changed in a matter of days ( ie Holders Hill ). We all know who has to sign the land use change!!!. If they only had money and influence instead of poverty, lack of running water etc?


    Several parts of Barbados suffer from lack of running water because of the “Zone 1” policy. However ONE house on the right side of Gibbs Hill in the parish of ST Peter/St James has been zoned differently. But the owner is a German doctor.Surprised?
    A well-known real estate company has just bought a lot of “zone1″land at White Hall St Peter.Why? Do they know something we do not know?
    The area behind the St Albans Church rectory was at one time a zone 1 area, and the owner of some of that land sold it to a well-known person in Barbados. It is now an area of luxury houses.The Dairy Meadows story is well known-David Shorey got the “impossible” done(land use change).
    Too many residents are forbidden from erecting an additional house or expanding their existing house to make their lives a little more comfortable. And this Barbados Labour Party calls itself a people’s party? Shame!!!!.
    There are a lot of systems that can be put in place to protect the underground acquifers, but if you keep people living with the dependency syndrome, the greater the chance of hand-outs influencing their votes at election time. The BLP is truly a conservative organization.

    Check how they live. Try calling to speak to one of them. Harder than FORT KNOX.
    Only a change of government will do.

  5. missinghome

    Could that home belong to HIM?

  6. FYI

    Wunnuh keep fooling with Water Zoning!
    The day will come when Bajans turn on their taps and treated sewage will come out of them.

    THEN yuh gyne hear de cry!
    How dah coulda happen here?
    Dis is Barbados: dah cyan’ happen here!

    I need to remind you guys that Barbados is hardly a country of lakes, rivers,streams and abundant alternative water resources!
    We get little rainfall, as is so evident this year(so far).

    We live on our own water filter.
    We crap into our own water filter.

    Back in the 1940’s, A.Senn the geologist commented that he was surprised that Barbados had not yet poisoned itself,
    via polluting its own aquifer!
    I’d like to echo that same sentiment,
    here in 2006!!
    (Check Senn’s report in Reference section, @ B’dos.Library)

  7. Pat

    Limestone is porous and a natural filter. Houses in the Scotland District wells were lined with limestone blocks, one foot thick. The water leeched through the stone and the solids remained and decomposed with bacterial action. When the system got so that it was not functioning properly, water would come from the ‘overflow’ pipe. Then someone would break the well (remove the cap) and clean out the well. Why cant the same be done for those poor people?

  8. Jane

    I have been told that unfortunately some dnagerous chemicals are not filtered out through limestone.

  9. Green!

    Don’t we have modern Septic Tank technology?

  10. Max


    We would have to deploy an overseas consultant 1st to tell we the same things and then contract an overseas company to carry out the works. Thats how it is done in BIM.

  11. Pat

    Jane, how would dangerous chemicals get into a household well? The water is filtered out and the mud remains behind.

    With modern septic tank technology, you would need a few pumping trucks to pump the tank ever 5 years. If the yeast was added twice a year it may not have to be done for quite awhile. However, you would need to build a leeching bed as well. People may not want this leechate to run on their properties. Then, the lots will have to be big enough to accommodate these.

  12. Jane

    We all are concerned about the plight of the residents of Licorish Village.

    It is not only household waste we need to pay attention to but other hazardous chemicals which find their way into our water supply. Pesticides, fertilizers, petroleum products etc. have to end up somewhere.

    And even worse, is it true that there is a blood and dead animal dump in a feild at Orange Hill near Sailor Gully?

  13. John


    Bacterial contamination and Chemical contamination of water are possible from household activities.

    Salt as an example of chemical contamination, dissolves in water and goes into solution and it cannot be filtered out by natural means. In fact, the salinity levels of wells not near the coast with no salt water intrusion are measurable because salt in the atmosphere, sea spray, ends up in solution in the rain that falls and affects the water wells.

    Read the list of contents on toilet cleaners, dishwashing liquids etc and see if any of these are soluble in water and how safe they are.

    Zoning is supposed to place a buffer area around a public water supply well and its extent is chosen to make sure that much of the live bacteria will die and concentrations will be low at the well. Chlorination then kills the rest.

    With Chemical contamination, there is no reduction similar to bacterial contamination because the chemicals are in solution and not suspension. Agricultural herbicides, pesticides fertiliser etc get in too as do the chemicals used in gardening around a house. Zoning is of no help.

    Adding chlorine to water with some chemicals can create other more deadly chemicals in the water when it combines with some chemicals in solution.

    I am no expert but have managed through reading to pick up this info. If I am corrected I will so stand.

  14. Green!

    Barbados IS AN ECO-DISASTER waiting to happen, people!

    And Max,
    yes, I agree entirely..
    Foreign Consultants and Feasability Studies….
    – to tell you what I could tell Government in one morning,
    and bill them for Bds.$85
    (plus VAT,of course..)

    ‘FTM’ all the way,baby
    Free Taxpayer Money.

    PLENTY more where that came from!
    Lick it OUT,den!

  15. honeybee

    Are we doing all we can to try to rectify this grave environmental situation? Is the Environmental Levy which is collected by government used for the purpose it was intended?

  16. Velzo

    It certainly is not the Rural Development Commission house that wifey was given before her ascension…

    Is there any steel in there?