Barbados Chief Town Planner’s Actions Say “Rule Of Law Not Important”

From our “Everybody knows but nobody cares” files, this little gem (Gem… get it?) of a quote just popped out of a story in today’s Barbados Advocate…

“Under the Town Planning Act, the Chief Town Planner has a legal responsibility every five years to produce a development plan. Since the 1965 act, only two such plans were laid in Parliament, the 1970 and 1986 plans.”

Yup, come and invest here folks. If we don’t like a law that adds to good governance and accountability – we just ignore it, and the government lets us get away with it.

And… where the h*** are Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition on this?

Yes, sometimes I do despair…

Barbados Advocate article link: Release The Land


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15 responses to “Barbados Chief Town Planner’s Actions Say “Rule Of Law Not Important”

  1. t.

    There is a difference between preparing a development plan and having it “laid in parliament”. A development plan has certainly been prepared more recently than 1986; I’ve no idea why the lengthy delay in having it “laid in parliament”, and I don’t know to what extent that is within the Chief Town Planner’s control. I suspect the interval between preparing a plan and actually getting formal approval from Parliament/the government is longer than five years (which makes a nonsense of the five year interval between plans) but, again, I don’t know why that is.

  2. Colonial mindset

    Welcome to neo-Africa.

  3. poor foolish me

    Why would the powers that be in the government show foolish bajans a physical developement plan in advance when they could keep it quiet and make big bucks for themselves before anybody is any the wiser? You think people foolish?

    If I have a little piece of agricultural land which is in an area that the “big boy” wants a big up foreign developer to develop, do you think the “big boy” going want me to know when he could tell his friends before what is to happen to the land so that they could buy it cheap from “poor foolish me” before anybody knows what it is really worth and then sell it to the developer for real cash? Joke!

  4. *dosent get it, re-reads the post*

  5. RRRicky

    All about transparency and those in power having to hold to laws like the rest of us.

    The way it is now, the knowledge that is supposed to be public is held secretly so an inside few can profit from it.

    That is the difference between a true democracy with rule of law and a banana republic where the people are kept in the dark.

  6. FYI

    i.e. a kleptocracy.

  7. Velzo

    Where is opposition? Maybe if you were up and running when the most recent plan was published you would recall the Prime Minister threatening David Thompson with legal action – and attacking the credibility of the retired Chief Agricultural Officer Mr. Lionel Smith – because he questioned both the manner in which the plan was being dealt with and the intent behind government’s land use policy.

    Thompson said that the land use policy was inflienced by campaign contributions to the BLP. Owen went haywire in the House and a letter was written to David Thompson by lawyers representing the Cabinet.

    But, as usual, its the opposition’s fault that you have now stumbled on the issue… I hope now that it is an issue again that Thompy will let the public know the nature of this government’s repression and corruption…

  8. BFP

    It is a sad day when the HML Opposition are such eunechs that a two-penny blog is carrying the flag.


  9. Jane

    BFP, we have to thank God that somebody is carrying the flag.

    It is a very sad day for Barbados and Barbadians when we do not even have an opposition to give us a little hope.

  10. ross

    “I hope now that it is an issue again that Thompy will let the public know the nature of this government’s repression and corruption… ”

    Velzo don’t hold your breath.

  11. Velzo

    Quite the opposite, BFP. I am saying thank goodness someone else is carrying the flag too. When Thompy, Lennie St. Hill and Dr. Lionel Smith raised this issue five years ago, where was Ross, Jane and the people who back BFP? There was no support for the position. Owen’s propaganda ensnared you. The truth is now laid bare again. What is the Opposition to say: I told you so!! Again???

    There are certain people who are now receptive to these issues simply because they have a point to prove about Kingsland. I don’t go for that kind of self interest.

    Remember this issue raised by David Thompson: when Senator David Seale (Chairman of BAMC)occupied Foursquare Factory (controlled by the BACT – a sister company) BEFORE paying for it Barbados heard nothing from the Rosses or Janes. Was Thompy the only person who had the courage then? Come on. A little less selfishness when it comes to our nation’s future would be helpful.

    Corruption is corruption whether it is your personal family business that is connected or it os others.

  12. John


    You forgot to mention Richard Goddard and others (including Lennie St. Hill) who actually did something, bore the victimisation and took the PM to court for acting ultra vires where the Physical development plan was concerned.

    That was over Greenland and my recollection is that it was in 1995, long before things got out really of hand.

    Obviously some Bajans were miles ahead in assessing the true nature of the beast and were dealing with it accordingly. Ever so slowly, we are seeing more and more waking up as the implications of unplanned development become more and more obvious.

    Will it be too late?

    BTW, wasn’t it the DLP, Thompy et al, who decided to go to Greenland in the first place?

    Wasn’t it also the DLP who passed Westmoreland for golf course when it was well known, and planned for, that Barbados was water scarce?

    I note the Rooney’s have sold on their investment a couple years back and received US$100 million, quite apart from the concessions granted by Government and profits made in the construction. Not a bad return on investment over a 10 year period.

    What a killing, and our water issue gets more and more serious by the year!! Earlier this year we were treated to the Apes Hill opening on TV and the spectacle of the developer figuring he would have his return in 5 years. We were even promised full employment as a result of this project.

    Our “leaders have really let us down, … both sets. No vision, no long term planning and worst of all, no understanding of how their own country works.

    I suspect that neither set has got even the slightest clue what they have actually done to their country for a few dollars and will continue to delude themselves and others that they act in the best interest of our country.

    Try Googling “Easter Island Mysteries”. It makes interesting reading.

  13. Jane

    Velzo, do not waste your energy looking back. Keep moving forward and striving for a better future for our country. The struggle is hard, new positive energy is always needed in any struggle. You do not need to go over the ground that has already been covered, you just need to carry on from where you are.

    It does not matter what motivates a person to peacefully agitate for change, it only matters that the change is for the better and that many people benefit from it.

    I believe that the most important tool is a free press to accurately inform the public and bring likeminded people together.

    I do not know who BFP is but I am very glad that they are here. Yes I support BFP but that does not mean that I must always agree with what they say.

  14. ross

    Velzo who rattled your cage? You should really get your facts right before you start pelting. Take care you don’t break one of your own glass windows?