Barbados Government Relaxes Work Permit Law For New Four Seasons Hotel

The Times Online says that the new Four Seasons Hotel has been exempted from work permit laws and will be able to bring in offshore labour instead of hiring Bajans… on the condition that Four Seasons trains 100 Barbadians offshore every year.

Excerpt from the article (link here)…

(Developer) Paterson said the Barbados government had relaxed its tough stance on allocating work permits. It is allowing Four Seasons to fly in its own staff on condition that 100 Barbadians are taken off the island and trained every year.

Hmmmm…. does that mean that every Barbadian working at a Four Seasons hotel anywhere in the world counts as one of “the hundred”? I hope it means that 100 trained Bajans will come on staff every year and that offshore staff will then go back to where they came from…. but like everything on this island, there will be no public accountability or even information offered by either the government or the Four Seasons Hotel chain.

Why did I have to read about this in the British press? Did I miss it in the Barbados papers?

And just why do I sometimes feel that this is not my country?


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6 responses to “Barbados Government Relaxes Work Permit Law For New Four Seasons Hotel

  1. Hants

    labourparty blog says a major announcement will be made at the BLP mass meeting tonight.
    Hope BFP will be there to hear first hand

  2. Rumplestilskin

    We do need large chain hotels.

    However, tis funny, we will bend over backwards re giving work permit concessions, but wont work on new union/labour laws instead? We also would rather give work permit concessions than allow the Hotels to enter our casino industry?

    Things that make you go ..hmmmm….

  3. waver

    Where is this 4seasons hotel supposed to be ?
    And the current “tough” laws with regard to work permits are a farce anyhow.

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  5. ted klejne

    how can be done to get work permit for marble installer and pricast i am canadian

  6. Mr Watson Parkinson

    Work permit should be granted only if the skills required are unavailable in Barbados…! I’m hearing that Sandals Resort Barbados will be bringing its staff from other Sandals Resorts around the world. The 4,000 people that attended the “Job Expo” here in Barbados wasted their time…! It’s time Barbados do all it can for its people…! Don’t be placed between a rock and a hard by investors!