China’s Next Export To Barbados – Men

Why is the long standing practice of killing girl babies in China making problems for Jamaican men ? … from Female Infanticide In China: Jamaican Men Feel The Pain – Jamaica and the World Blog

In our continuing quest to link with other Caribbean bloggers, we recently discovered Jamaica and The World blog, and we’ve added a link on our sidebar. While we haven’t read everything on the blog, and we don’t agree with everything we have read (heck… we can’t even agree among ourselves at BFP!) – we are interested enough that Jamaica and the World will now be part of our daily reading.

Here is a Jamaica and the World post that made us stop to consider all the gifts that China has been lavishing upon Barbados and the rest of the Caribbean lately. As we keep pointing out at Barbados Free Press… Ain’t nothin’ be free…

China’s Major Export In The Coming Decade – Men

Female Infanticide In China: Jamaican Men Feel The Pain

Why is the long standing practice of killing girl babies in China making problems for Jamaican men ?

Because the Chinese Government’s infamous One Child policy has produced an estimated 41 million more adult Chinese males than females.

Human reproduction still requires females, and there are not enough to go around, no matter how many women are kidnapped/trafficked from the cities and neighboring countries.

So what to do ? Well, what you can do is export as many adult males as possible to as many Chinese-government-funded projects around the world as possible. Take, for example, the Greenfield Stadium being built for the 2007 Cricket World Cup in Trelawny, Jamaica…..

Exporting men helps China on its way to becoming the world’s sole superpower sooner rather than later….AND it frees up a little of the pressure on the police state at home….

… read the whole article at Jamaica and the World Blog (link here)


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17 responses to “China’s Next Export To Barbados – Men

  1. It might also have the added bonus that the Chinese might also be spreading their genetic foot print larger as well. Well that is if there is any union between the Chinese men and the local women. Genetic colonization.

  2. Green!

    We ‘neeeed’ more ppl in Barbados.
    – send us your ‘huddled masses’.

    We only have three hundred thousand of our own.

    Send MORE!

    Yours Truly..
    Like a hole IN THE HEAD!


    haha , i like um . We have plenty of canes that want cutting down and putting houses on .More concrete is desperately needed , too much open space .

  4. Crusty

    Let me think a moment. Bajan men working
    on the Panama Canal, Bajans in Cuba before
    Castro, Bajans in Venezuela, Bajans in Trinidad,
    Bajans in England, Bajans in Canada, Bajans in
    America. Did I miss any?

    For a small population that’s a big genetic

  5. Pat

    Yes Crusty, you missed Guyana. Forbes Burnham told me his mother was a Bajan and that he had a fondness for Bajans. My girlfriend here in Ottawa says her grandmother was Bajan and my coo-coo tastes just like hers used to.

  6. China is weird, enough said.

  7. Citizen First

    Well according to news reports on VOB today (6 June, 2007) a large number (in the hundreds) of Chinese construction workers will be coming here to work on the Four Seasons project at Paradise.

    I assume that this is happening with the approval of the Government so what I want to know is –

    “What is the DLP’s position on this development?”

    “What difference (re. large scale employment of foreigners in construction and agriculture) would the DLP have made if it had formed the Government?”

  8. Wishing in Vain

    This is something I raised on this site weeks ago and no one said a work this is a complete joke.
    I have also said that Pemberton and Patterson are two of the biggest con men to set foot on these shores, let us wait and see if this project ever finishes because these two are playing with monies of the buyers of the properties to finance this project.

  9. Wishing in Vain

    See my comment of May 30th as below-:

    Wishing in Vain
    May 30th, 2007 at 2:13 am
    The Paradise project is being sold at a price of US $ 17 million what do you think that you could build for US $ 17 million ?
    Tax breaks or no tax breaks Pemberton and Patterson would still go ahead with the project as they are seeing the monies flowing in mind you this project is being built using many peoples monies to finance it and little or no money coming from Pemberton nor Patterson these guys are two of the best con artist we have one our shores and they want to get work permits for over a 1000 chinese to work onsite and guess what the PM will grant the request may have do so already!!!

  10. Chase


    ya killin’ ma brain man……91 words without a punctuation mark? 🙂

    Was that on purpose?:-)

  11. Wishing in Vain

    no got rushed was going back to do it sorry now back on thanks

  12. J. Payne

    I read about this too…. The problem is the worst– supposedly in the countryside of China because the farming families want boys which they consider as being stronger and better able at being a farm hand.

    But keep something in mind.
    Hindus have 1 billion.
    Chinese have 1 billion.

    There are about 6.5 billion people on earth according to the US census.

    So 2 billion of that 6.5 speak either Mandarin Chinese or various offshoots of Hindi already as it is. I heard that statistic that soon the city of Toronto in Canada will be 40% Chinese.

  13. J. Payne

    I heard that statistic
    (end quote)

    Correction — I also heard the statistic that, ….

  14. J. Payne

    The soo called “Elite” here in the states are starting to teach their toddlers Mandarin Chinese now. So that they’ll be ready for the new global economy. So Spanish is out… Chinese is in…

  15. Straight talk

    Another statistic JP: Spanish will be the most widely used language in the USA by 2020.

  16. decoucoustick

    I wont believe 600 chinese to do what bajans can do .N.I.S should let us know how many local contributions disappeared from their files in the last ten years from the construction sector.If that was in Jamaica, Kingston would stop. Bajans on de block,while our political representatives sign away our work to foreigners.What class of Investors are they dealing with?