Barbados Piggies At The Trough Awards – Judging Panel Announced

Barbados Free Press is pleased to announce the members of the Judging Panel for the 2006 Barbados Piggies At The Trough Awards. The judging panel will determine who will receive the first prize of one thousand US dollars – CASH.

As detailed in a previous article (link here) the “Piggy” as the award is affectionately known, is presented annually to the Barbados politician or civil servant who, in the opinion of the judges, best misuses position, political contacts or internal knowledge to benefit self, family or friends.

How Do We Know The Judging Will Be Fair?

In comments posted on the original “Piggys” article, Barbados Labour Party Senator Lynette Eastmond questioned who would make up the judging panel, and how BFP readers would know that the contest was being judged fairly.

Good point, Senator!

So after not much discussion at all, the staff of the Barbados Free Press have decided to expand the Judging Panel to include one member from each of Barbados’ three political parties.

Senator Lynette Eastmond Nominated as BLP “Piggy” Judge

Senator Eastmond has been nominated by the permanent judging panel (Marcus, Cliverton, Robert, Shona and Auntie Moses) to be the BLP member on this year’s panel. Under the “Piggy” rules, any political party or their representative can, of course, decline to serve on the judging panel, in which case that judge’s seat will remain vacant.

The top nominations will be published online in mid-December, and the judging panel will communicate and vote via email with the results being announce on New Year’s Eve.

The DLP and PEP judges have not yet been announced.



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9 responses to “Barbados Piggies At The Trough Awards – Judging Panel Announced

  1. waver

    Do you guys really think that a government minister will have her name associated with an award that may cast the party in a vey bad light ? Consider this scenario – 2 affirmative votes from DLP & PEP on a scandalous issue as the piggy, and the minister distancing herself from the entire episode.

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  3. ross

    If the minister agrees to be a judge, will this disqualify her from entering the competition? Suppose she has the winning entry.

  4. John

    Suppose she is nominated herself as a candidate to be awarded the prize?

    I guess that’s why all the parties will have a representative so that fairness and equality will prevail.

  5. waver

    Is that what you think ? Fairness and equality ?
    Considering most of the entries will probably be pertaining to either party, by even considering the relevant entry for the award is tantamount to an admission of guilt.

    The only reason PEP could be impartial would be as a result of them not having been in power at any time. Unless someone chooses to consider and submit as an entry Davids Commissiongs method of defence for the individual accused of selling pirated DVD’s ?

  6. John


    Just making a joke by stating the ridiculous.

    Who would you like the B, D or P to nominate to serve as judges?

  7. John


    Just making a joke by stating the ridiculous.

    Who would you like the B, D or P to nominate to serve as judges?

  8. missinghome

    Looks like Senator Eastmond backed herself into a corner by complaining that the judging would not be fair. Clive used the oldest management trick in the book and integrated the one who was being critical into the process.

    But Lynette and the BLP won’t or can’t allow themselves to be part of the process for all kinds of reasons.

    As to Lynette having to nominate herself for the corruption prize, maybe BFP picked her because she is free of corruption that they know? It is not like they invited Gline Clarke to be a judge!

  9. Dear BFP

    Thank you very much for your nomination. My apologies for not responding earlier.

    In order to represent the Party in this matter it would be necessary for you to submit a formal request to the BLP Executive.

    It would then be left to the Executive to accept or reject your proposal and then choose the representative that it considers to be appropriate.

    For the record I raised a number of issues concerning transparency. I at no time accused any of your members of being unfair. Considering some of the comments posted it seems that my language was unclear. In the circumstances I apologise without reservation.

    Best regards and may God bless you in your endeavours.