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The Nation Newspaper Declares Victory For Ruling Party and Current Barbados Prime Minister In Coming 2008 Elections

Hey… why bother with an election now? 

From the Nation News… 

BLP Surge

by ROXANNE GIBBS, Executive Editor

WITH JUST 18 MONTHS to go before a general election must be held, the popularity of the ruling Barbados Labour Party (BLP) appears to be surging.

In fact, if an election were held today, the BLP would be returned to an unprecedented fourth term with Owen Arthur at the helm.

The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) under its leader, David Thompson, while registering a boost in public confidence, is still suffering from a seemingly entrenched public perception among likely voters that it isn’t ready to lead the country.

These are some of the key findings of a public opinion poll conducted for this newspaper by CADRES (Caribbean Development Research Services) in the 30 constituencies of the island last weekend…

… read the rest here.

But Mia Mottley Might Want To Revise Her Outlook On Becoming Prime Minister…

Yup, with a “popularity” rating of about half of what George W. Bush had at his lowest, Mama Mia had better start wondering about whether she can hold onto her seat, let alone become Prime Minister. 

“But if the DLP should be worried about the poll’s result, so too should Deputy Prime Minister Mia Mottley, whose standing with the public has plummeted, going from a 22 per cent favourable rating a year ago to 15 per cent this year, perhaps an indication that her shift from Attorney- General to Minister of Economic Affairs which took her out of the spotlight, may be hurting her image….” 

 It is a long way to the election folks, and we all know what Winston Churchill (or was it John F. Kennedy?) said about poles being for dogs, but the biggest revelation to come out of this pole just might be a question…

…Is Mia Mottley electable next time around? 


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