A Message From Marcus – We’re OK, But I’m Posting From An Internet Cafe

Hi Folks

Robert and I are not yet back home, but we did successfully meet with our mysterious host yesterday – and what a meeting it was.

Our thanks to all our friends who sent advice to be cautious… and especially our little birdie who let us know what’s happening at a certain internet service provider. We hear you five by five and we’ve switched our proxy service…

…Which is why it will be another day before things get back to normal around here.

It seems that “someone” is devoting government resources to discover the origin of Barbados Free Press (Imagine that!), so I’ve slipped into an internet cafe to post this. The new proxy service will be ready tomorrow, and we’ll see you then.


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47 responses to “A Message From Marcus – We’re OK, But I’m Posting From An Internet Cafe

  1. Jupiter

    It seems this Gov’t dosen’t give up trying to intimidate its citizens.Where is free speech in all of this? What are they afraid of anyway? Haven’t they heard ,fear doesnot equal (=) trust or love.

    I have never seen this level of intimidatory tactics by any other previous administration even Tom Adams.Keep up the good work BFP,although I would much prefer some more regular postings from you on this site .

  2. Anonymous

    HAhahhahaHAHa.. Wha I tell ya. Look out. This site ain gine see de end of this year.

  3. ross

    Well Anonymouse, it is only September so we have lots of time before the end of this year to read the news on BFP and I am looking forward to it.

  4. banana bread

    Actually Anonymous … last time you said the site wouldn’t last a week.

  5. Adrian

    Boy wunnuh does mek me laugh. So tell us what resources one would have to use to find out who started this site? It takes less than 5 min. to set up a blog on WordPress.com and you don’t have to use real infomation to do so. I know i did it . Now if you had own the URL, that’s a different story. Like http://www.rumshoplime.org or http://www.barbadosforum.com are registered URL that can be search on various admin sites for the owners name and etc.. Even the IP addresses that the owner of the site would be able to determine are useless without coperation from the owners of the IP addresse, usaully large ISP’s.
    1: How could they get the IP addresses of person posting on here without your help?

    2: They are clear rules that most ISP’s have in order for anyone to get a list if IP addresses and the accounts that use them.

    Seems like more sensational hoqwash to me.

  6. Hants

    If BFP is taken off the web by the BLP Government of Barbados, the fall out from such a comtemptuous disregard for free speech will be spread to every news organisation in North America and Europe and the Offshore Investors will have to wonder if their Financial information and transactions going in and out of Barbados are safe.

    The BLP has no intentions of interfering with the BFP Blog.

    Barbados is a Democracy and the BLP Government democratic.

  7. Hants

    Adrian what are the clear rules for ISPs operating servers in Barbados and what is there to stop the owner of an ISP from providing information to the Government?

  8. Adrian

    Jupiter says:
    September 24th, 2006 at 10:34 am
    It seems this Gov’t dosen’t give up trying to intimidate its citizens.Where is free speech in all of this? What are they afraid of anyway? Haven’t they heard ,fear doesnot equal (=) trust or love.

    I have never seen this level of intimidatory tactics by any other previous administration even Tom Adams.Keep up the good work BFP,although I would much prefer some more regular postings from you on this site .

    You are kidding me right?

    And Errol Barrow passed the Public Order Act for Bobby Clarke and me to stop the meetings and the talk. When it was thought that I might have been a candidate in the 1971 elections, my voice and features were banned from CBC radio and TV. But this in no way stopped the talk. Tom Adams promised to repeal the act when the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) won. He never did and it has never been repealed. Elombe Mottley

  9. Adrian

    Hant tuh tell yuh de truth i don’t know what they are in Barbados, but i would be surprise that government could get such information willy nilly. The question still remains; who would government know which ISP’s which accounts belongs to BFP or that they can tie to posters on this forum?

  10. Hants

    Adrian you are aware that Barbados only has a few ISPs so getting information would be easy.
    It is only a matter of if the Government wants to go down this path.
    Quite frankly I dont think they are that interested in BFP.
    They are leading in the POLLs according to the Nation today so I am sure they are confident enough to dismiss BFP as a nuisance.

    Right William? — our friend Mr. Duguid mave be under a Gag order.

  11. Yo!

    Small island governments are notoriously autocratic.
    They can (and do) do as they like!
    If you guys think anyone in the outside world would fuss-up deyself
    for more than 24 hrs.
    if this website got closed down due to Govern-mental interference,
    please think again.

    And if you think Bobol goes down in Big Pivotal Barbados,
    you need some friends and experience in seriously-small-islands like St.Vincent and Nevis, where..OMG..I’d better shut up right now!! – where/when certain Atty-General’s used to run ships
    (with red funnels and A on the funnel)..carrying..
    oh god de bullet got muh!
    Uh dead!

  12. Yo!

    And if you doubt Gov’t. cud and wud shut yuh down(if possible)
    you have only to visit url
    to see that not one thing has transpired there, since MAY,den!


    His website was based on pokin fun at Bajan Bureaucracy(can u spell that word?)
    and some of his comment was indeed uncalled-for
    (even raucous me hadda admit dat!)
    …so fear not,fools,
    when duh ready fuy yuh, dum comin fuh yuh,
    so keep de house cleeaann!

    And for those who so feel Buhbayduss like ‘Muricuh and de lotta “Free Speech” talk..
    (‘unnuh watching tummuch TeeVee!)..
    I rather doubt we Bajans are blessed with such, even if it IS in our Constitution(river?)
    – I really don’t know if it is/izn’t,
    don’t really care,either..
    coz it’s what’s On The Ground//DeFacto that really matters,
    and we are NOT free to say any and everything whuh duz fly thru yuh brain!

    We have laws against sedition, I think,
    and they can get you on that any time they please!
    – so watch yuh mout’!

  13. Joe

    I like you guys alot, start a rumor to keep ur site interesting, im not hater of the site but love it alot, hope its stays for a long time, BUT….yes BUT, im sure u guys should be smart enough to know u CAN be caught.

    You guys are not even in Barbados to begin with, so thats a good start.

    Tip – !!!, I would suggest u stop using yahoo or upgrade if you not done so already, believe or not hotmail is more secure, sent u guys a email with a hidden image (not attachment) in it, open it up and give me info I want to know, hotmail cant do this, or better yet try using the new yahoo email., I sent u that email that awhile back, but like I said im not a hater.

    I did got hold of your IP address( from my mail with secrect image in it) I then used a simple little program I found on a site to locate the IP address http://www.ip2location.com/free.asp … anyhow I needed more so I then turn to google maps (love those guys) to find out the exact location.

    Anyhow its not for me to try and find you. Goodluck.

    ps. does this make me a geek

  14. Jimmy V.

    I’m all for free speech and holding the government accountable for their actions, but I think your playing a dangerous game with all this cloak and dagger stuff. I for one think if your going to take on the responsibility for speaking out then everyone should at least know who you are.

    If the NY Times writes a piece that say’s “George Bush” is a crook” then at least I know “who” is writing the piece since their name will appear on the top of the article. That person better be able to prove that old George is a crook or else they lose all credibility with their readers. I believe there is even more at stake here in Barbados since the libel laws are different then in the states and if your gonna call someone a crook in a public forum (such as this) you better be able to prove it or else there is nothing to stop them from suing you. I’m not a lawyer, but I’ve gotten that info from someone who knows Barbados law as well as anyone.

    I’m not saying that anything you have written is not true. I can’t say if it is or it isn’t since I don’t read everything you post, but there is a big difference in something being true and you being able to “prove” that it’s true. I’d also consider you more credible if I knew who you were.

    I’m not sure how the law works here with how you’ve set up your BLOG and operate it anonymously, but I would bet if the powers that be want to come after you on it then operating behind a proxy or posting at a internet cafe is not going to stop them. It’s just going to piss them off and make them want to come after you all the more. As you know, everyone in Barbados loves to talk and I’m sure someone’s big mouth will blow your cover eventually. Best to operate in the open.

    Just something to think about.

  15. Adrian

    NO Joe it’s make more likely to be a conspiracy theorist. If the person does not respond to your email you are none the wiser, and if they do, and you do whatever to learn the ip addresse that was use to respond. All you have learnt is the Owner’s address,as in the ISP’s address, not the individual who responded to your email. How much more information can you get beyond the name of the ISP and it’s general location? without the ISP’s assistance?

  16. Adrian

    Yo is your last name Yo? 😀 you are a true believer, do you get solicitations from churches? 😀

  17. John

    Looks like the $90 million bond to have been issued to finance the $36 million dollar Warrens Building has run into a snag.

    I would have thought that the building would have been constructed only after the finance was actually in place.

    Can anyone shed some light on why the horse is behind the cart?

    Guess they needed to know how much it would actually cost first so they went ahead and built it to find out.

    I am hearing that there are more arbitrations on Government projects due!! God help us. Guess they will stretch out for years like the last one.

    Surely the standard claim of good management of the economy that comes out of the mouths of various politicos is a joke.


  18. ross

    I guess we will have to wait and see what happens.

    Some of the people in the Barbados government do not like this site but it had to happen some time because the Nation, Advocate and the rest are not telling people what is really going on in Barbados. People already know that there are big stories which need news coverage and are not getting any.

  19. Hants

    What is really going on is that Bajans have to learn that there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

    However, I am in total sympathy with people in Barbados who keep quiet because of fear of victimization real or imagined.

    The BLP boasts of moving Barbados from 30 million in mortgages in 1994 to 600 million in 2005.

    That means a whole lot more voters with a whole lot more to lose.BLP wins again.

    They are an unstoppable force unless there is another”world Crisis”.

    YO, as long as Barbados is an Offshore Financial Centre, the government will be under the scrutiny of American, British and Canadian Governments.

    Pay attention to Canadian politics and you will understand.

  20. Jimmy V.

    What’s the matter? Didn’t like what I wrote so you sensor it? What about all that freedom of speech stuff that you guys are always yelling about? When you sensor comments that you don’t like to hear, that makes you no better then people like Mia Mottley who your always trashing for wanting to sensor you. Seems hypocritical to me.

    And just when I was starting to like you guys. :-{

  21. John

    I used to think that I would not like my identity known but the more I have been a part of BFP the less I think about it.

    Anyone who knows me will be able to figure out who I am from my contributions and I think I have got to a stage where I really do not care if my identity is known.

    In fact, I will be honest and say that I would like to know that my contributions have caused somebody who can’t figure it out to take the trouble to find out who I am.

    It means I am alive, functional ….. and it feels great!!

    As the saying goes, you never kick a dead dog.

  22. Joe

    Adrain if its one thing bout black people, we love to brag, I told you what I have, I dont have to go into details buddy, I know way more than you might think.

    And other thing, wordpress is opensource code, which means that my daughter can get into it, its not 100% stable, and talk bout changing proxy…hahaha, if you guys want to sound like you know what u doing read up about it first, U might might to own or have access to server first.

    Dont let this get into what I know what u know thing, just do what u have to do. I enjoy the site, I really do.

    Oh, I wrote my own code, it was a small 1×1 transparent pixel image, http://www.trini.com has something simlar to let you know whaen someone reads/opens your email, but I wrote my own code from scratch to give me the info I wanted.

  23. Adrian

    Joe.. am, i, wuh am ok . I am sure you are not bragging. it is just the way i am reading your contributions. Look i am into politics, and don’t care who know wuh bout me, so keep writing your code, and whatever else it is you do. 😀

  24. What’s all this cloak and dagger stuff about? I thought everyone here was in favour of transparency. What does it matter if I know who you are? Transparency stands in direct opposition to corrupt activity of all kinds – including rumour mongering. If you are interested in the transformation and the advancement of the people of Barbados you can not be afraid. If you are afraid you are wasting your time. If you are not interested in transformation and advancement you are operating under false pretences.

    “So don’t you forget no way who you are and where you stand in the struggle”.
    So Much Things to Say; Bob Marley.

  25. Yo – please dont talk about freedom of speech Barbados vs. USA or any other such countries – still so colonial to believe that the blood of the blood of the mother country is better than us. Even they don’t believe that.

    As far as I know Barbados never had any secret prison camps anywhere.

    We’ve really been trodding on the wine press much too long!

  26. Emma

    Why should people trust the Barbados Free Press if they don’t even know who the HELL is behind it? You want transparency and you’re operating under cloak and dagger? If your stories were true to begin with you would have no fear of being found out or held for libel. You slanderous fools.

  27. I don’t think you should trust the Barbados Free Press, just as I don’t think that you should trust the Nation or the Advocate or BBC or CNN and certainly not Fox News. Every source of information has a bais. I look at the BFP as another source information; which may or may not be a factual account but that is for each individual to judge on the balance of the all their other source iformation.

  28. victimized

    BFP keep your identity out of this until the right time. You are doing a great job.

    Do not be fooled, there will never be transparency in Barbados the corruption is deeprooted and there to stay.

    Look at firsthand evidence and documentation of how Barbadians are terrorized, victimized and made to suffer.

    Also ask the Nation newspaper – threats of legal action against them for telling the truth. This evidence is available otherwise if they choose not to provide it.

  29. You dont ever have to pay compensation for telling the TRUTH – TRUTH is an absolute defence.

    If the media house decides to settle that’s a matter for their attorney.

  30. victimized

    In this instance the media house apologised for telling the truth.

    Court cases cost money and take time to fight. They are stressful and frustrating. You should know that.

    The system is in such a mess that the CJ is suggesting that cases be disposed of.
    “(Chief Justice Sir David Simmons) warned attorneys that during the second phase of the project for cases from 1990-2005 where only documents had been filed, a notice would be published in the newspapers after which they would dispose of the cases.”

  31. I was under the impression that truth was not an absolute defense. There was also the “public benefit” side of the arguement. That in order for an alligation not to be slanderous or libelous that it should be True and that there should be a demonstrable public benfit from reveling this knowledge.
    Truth might help you win a legal court battle, after which you may or may not be awarded expenses. But Turth might not help you with any other battle that result from making these statements.
    As much as I would like to see the BFP be able to openly state who they are I am not suprised that they don’t.

  32. Jupiter

    It seems that Political operatives are at work here on this site.It’s one thing for the political supporters to promote their party’s viewpoint,but when they subtly and not so subtly try to intimidate BFP and its contributors into thinking about whether or not their identity will be found out.Right – and then what.
    I hope the BLP understands that citizens have reached their limit and no crap poll with this rubbush analysis that there is a surge in their popularity will satisfy the masses.

    Bajans can see everyday the politicians who went into parliament without virtually nothing and yet on a parliamentarian’s salary can amass huge mansions,drive mercedes benz, own construction and other companies that get Gov’t contracts etc etc. And when the people try to talk you threaten them with scare tactics.
    A word to the wise if the Gov’t is not careful bajans will boil over and then who knows the 1937 riots might look like a sunday school.

  33. victimized

    Jupiter, We hope the individuals in the government who can try to correct the situation will do so before this happens. We all hope this will be a peaceful process but you can only wind a spring so tight before it lets go.

    Victimization in Barbados is real and frightening. Some folks have had enough.

  34. John

    Not trying to take the pot to the boil but did you see the PM in the Nation saying we are selling our land to pay our bills?

    Sounds like Barbados is in liquidation!!

    Wonder who the receivers are and how much they are charging in fees to sell our land.

    Only one liquid he and the receivers are forgetting about and that’s H2O.

    My interpretation of what Professor Suzuki said about an economist destroying a country because he doesn’t take into consideration the environment becomes clearer to me by the day.

    One question to Lynette about the lack of secret prisons in Barbados.

    How many unsolved murders and disappearances are there (I mean like Pele Parris, Mark Stokes etc)?

    How many people have left Barbados, like they have left Jamaica, St. Vincent, Guyana etc. etc, etc to avoid the victimisation?

    Did we ever get to find out the actual cause of death of Tom Adams?

    Actually that’s three questions Lynette, I really must improve on my grammar, but sometimes I get kind of emotional and “carried away”.

    Usage of the word “Colonial” and the imagery of the “wine trodders” suggest Lynette may be a political as well. If you are and can do something about the downward spiral of this country, now is the time.

    The natural factors at work are far greater than any pooh pooh economic considerations of any under done economist.

    Woops, gettin a bit vitriolic, … but it’s Monday morning and looking for a new start.

  35. Velzo

    Guys, don’t get paranoid. But don’t let your guard down either. There are contributors to this site who are issuing skillful veiled threats and, coincidentally, they support the BLP. There are no two ways about it. Put two and two together and read this site from the beginning. Even go on the BLP site – although avoid it at breakfast, lunchtime or dinner – to see their political leanings. BFP poses a real danger to them and their cronies.

    The important thing is that with BFP around the people will get the truth. None of your critics have been able to say you have distorted the truth maliciously or with intent. Yes, you have made errors – and we all do – but you must continue to expose any corrupt practices by any government.

    I believe that the large crowds I am seeing at DLP public meetings is an indication that the people want to know.

  36. Velzo: what you are seeing at these meetings are the remaining DLP diehards in the whole of Barbados. 😀

  37. ross

    I think you are mistaken, Adrian.

  38. Ross I am only human. 😀 Let me rephrase to ask a question cause uh really don’t know.

    Velzo: could it be that who you are seeing at these meetings are mostly the remaining DLP diehards in the entire country? 😀

    Ross: what informs your position that i could be mistaken?

  39. John

    Maybe he had a drink and was seeing double, but then again, maybe not.

    There is definitely disaffection with what is going on in Barbados and what he saw may have been people coming to hear if this set really had anything to offer them.

    Dennis Kellman put it right in yesterday’s paper, “Listen to de people”.

    I think out of the 30 full time politicians in parliament, Hammie La is the only real representative of his constituency!!

    Dennis is one possible exception in the remaining 29 but Dennis is the only one of the 30 who will get up off his backside and say what he believes regardless.

    OK, OK …. so sometimes it is rubbish, but what the heck, all of them talk rubbish. It still is refreshing to hear a man speak his mind and say what he believes.

  40. ross

    Adrian, historically people do not turn out in numbers in Barbados for a political meeting diehards or otherwise unless they are restless. Thas a fact of life.

  41. The Dems continue to point to Mascoll past economic comments, reference portions on his manifesto, that he is no leader, that his position in Government in the PM office is nothing yet they are to my mind continuing to accidently make the case that he is of value to the country.
    Are the various ministries really run/manage by the politicians or does the activities that really matters, the responsibility of the Permanent Secretaries? And are Permanent Secretaries Technocrats?
    According to Dennis Kellman, Clyde Mascoll was a poor politician but a very good technocrat. As a non-partisan politically active taxpaying citizen, who would you vote for out of two candidates one of whom is the consummate politician with a poor track record of accomplishment, and the other technocrat who has made political blunders but has a record of getting things done? [/b]

    Here is what Ronald Jones had to say about Senior Civil servants (Technocrats)Permanent Secretaries in response to Mia’s calls for more members of parliament http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCjIuDIPfTA
    Now if Permanent Secretaries are Technocrats, and Mascoll is liken onto a very good Technocrat, am I the only one making a case for him? 😀
    ————————————————————-Listen to voters, Dems told
    Published on: 9/25/06.

    by TONY BEST

    LISTEN TO THE PUBLIC and be guided by the voters.

    That’s what Opposition parliamentarian Denis Kellman wants the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) to do when it comes to the leadership and plans for the next general election, which he feels will be called shortly after the Cricket World Cup final in Barbados in April.

    “If the public wants David Thompson, there’s nothing the party can do about it. It’s not a personal opinion of mine. It has to do with what the public thinks. If the public believes David Thompson is the best person, I have no choice but to support the public,” he said in New York.

    “I will go along with the public because at the end of the day it will be the electorate that would make the change. It would be very wrong for me to go against the electorate.”

    Kellman, who spent a few days in New York while on his way home from Nigeria where he attended a meeting of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, said the DLP must assume much of the blame for the disruption and other problems caused by the friction involving former Opposition Leader Clyde Mascoll, his eventual resignation from the DLP and his presence today in the Owen Arthur Cabinet.

    However, Mascoll’s departure, he insisted, had allowed the party to settle down, although he was quick to say the controversy wasn’t simply of the former leader’s making.

    “I am not blaming Mascoll. The party has to take the blame for everything that occurred with Mascoll as [it was] forewarned from early. Mascoll in my opinion was a technocrat, a very good technocrat, but a very poor politician.

    “I said that as far back as 1994, but the party thought its advice was better than mine.”


  42. Ralph

    Look BFP there is no anonymity on web or telephone, and particularly in Bim. The Barbados telephone system was organized by Cable and Wireless, which from early in the 20th century has had very close relations with British intelligence, to be open to electronic surveillance. Barbados phone and internet transactions are ‘owned’ by Britain’s GCHQ, which is locked into a global network called Echelon with the USA’s NSA. What this means is that if Owen or anyone else in the Barbados government, really wants to find out who you are, it can be done, proxy or no proxy. All it will need is for Bim’s government to exchange a little favour with the US over something Bush and dem want– maybe opposing Chavez’s bid for a Security Council seat, maybe supporting whatever next bit of illegal warmaking they want to get up to. But nothing you say or do electronically is private, unless you go crazy on encryption, which might even attract more attention.

  43. Anonymous

    I see no reason for any government to fear a site like this – that is governments that are free from corruption, governments that are committed to justice for all of the people.
    Let freedom of expression roll on.

  44. Komeddyk

    Somebody using pheromons to attract women, whether is real it?
    Where they can be got?

  45. nemoforone

    What about the possibility of pulling out of Iraq, letting Iran invade and lose resources fighting their own kind,
    and then come in and mop up the dregs?

  46. Mandy

    With regards to access to private information by unwanted entities … i have always wondered how a certain email message of an opposition leader got into the hands of a ruling governement two elections back. I believe it was the “Crime & Violence” election. hmmm.

  47. To begin with, that I am not a problem-one on my set of problems, which developed as a result of depression and I can never escape from it, precisely vybirayus for a couple of days and then she returns …
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    P.S. Please administrator barbadosfreepress.wordpress.com. If the thread is not to be in category this, I ask you to move my thread to the correct category.